Chapter 460 - Myriad Ancestor Sword

Chapter 460 - Myriad Ancestor Sword

If there were a few more Martial Ancestor Realm experts in a Divine Sect, their strength could ascend by a level.

However, to Nie Li, Martial Ancestor Realm was just the gateway to cultivation.

It was still too early to step onto the Ancestral Demonic Saint Land and confront the Sage Emperor.

The reason why Nie Li gave such large amount of elixirs was firstly to obtain benefits for himself. The other reason would be to increase the strength of those Divine Sects. After all, the Divine Sects were the main force that confronted the Ancestral Demonic Saint Land.

Anyway, Nie Li could produce those elixirs in large batches.

“I will stay in the Heavenly Note Sect for a period of time.” Nie Li looked towards Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er.

Both Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er could not help their faces flushing red and changed the direction of their gazes.

At their actions, Nie Li could not refrain from laughing.

Xiu Ming pondered and continued, “I will send someone back to the Phaseless Sect to obtain our Fragment of the Myriad Ancestor Sword.”

“Then I’ll have to thank Young Sect Master Xiu Ming for the trouble.” Nie Li laughed. Since Xiu Ming was going to obtain the fragment himself, it saved him from quite a bit of inconvenience.

“Sect Master Nie is being too polite.” Xiu Ming immediately cupped his hands.

“Don’t mention it.” Nie Li laughed.

In the coming period of time, Nie Li had been staying in the Heavenly Note Sect, while expanding his reach towards the few other Divine Sects.

When the few other Divine Sects became aware that the Heavenly Note Sect, as well as the Phaseless Sect, had used their Fragment of the Myriad Ancestor Sword to exchange some Sacred Elixirs, they could no longer stay still. Aside from being a symbolic token, the Myriad Ancestor Sword had no other uses. However, the Sacred Elixirs were different. One Sacred Elixir could create a Martial Ancestor Realm expert, that was a genuine benefit.

The other Divine Sects went through various channels and used their fragments of the Myriad Ancestor Sword under their possession to exchange some of Nie Li’s Sacred Elixirs.

In the end, all six fragments fell into Nie Li’s hands more easily than he had imagined. The power of the Sacred Elixirs was way too powerful and no one could resist their temptation. It was not an exception for the Skyblaze Sect as well, despite the fact that they were known as the strongest.

In the eyes of the other Divine Sects, the Divine Feathers Sect became an extremely mysterious existence. They gradually understood the reason why the Divine Feathers Sect had shut themselves off for so long, until their recent activities. In that period of time, the Divine Feathers Sect was probably frantically increasing their strength.

With so many powerful Sacred Elixirs in their possession, and their seclusion for such a long time, only God knows how powerful the Divine Feathers Sect had become. At least in a short period of time, before they could grasp how powerful the Divine Feathers Sect had become, they all had revered the Divine Feathers Sect in their hearts.

Many Sect Masters and Elders of the various Sects all wished to pay Nie Li a visit. However, they were all rejected. To the outside world, Nie Li seemed to have vanished.

In that period of time, Nie Li, Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er spent their time free and easy in the Heavenly Note Sect.

In a hidden Courtyard within the Heavenly Note Sect.

Nie Li stood beside the table and took out the six Fragments of the Myriad Ancestor Sword as he sensed the powerful might that was emitting from the fragments.

A surge of aura was flowing from the Fragments of the Myriad Ancestor Sword. Nie Li could not help knitting his brows as he shut his eyes to sensed them.

“Nie Li, just what are the uses of these fragments?” Xiao Ning’er couldn’t control herself from asking. It wasn’t an easy task to obtain the fragments and she had no idea of the uses of those fragments.

Ye Ziyun also looked at Nie Li in puzzlement. Nie Li had already studied those fragments for half a day and they still didn’t know what Nie Li was going to do with them.

“Can these fragments combine to form the Myriad Ancestor Sword?” Ye Ziyun blinked her eyes as she asked.

“Not now, the Sword Spirit has already dissipated. I’m afraid that it will be hard to restore it.” Nie Li sighed as he shook his head.

“Then, what should we do? Without the Myriad Ancestor Sword, we won’t be able to return to the Tiny World in a short time.” Yu Yan frowned her brows, “Only the Myriad Ancestor Sword could break through the seal on the Tiny World.”

Hearing Yu Yan’s words, Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er both widened their eyes. They had been looking forward to the day that they could return back to the Tiny World. However, they had not heard Nie Li speak about it.

“Nie Li, why didn’t you say anything earlier?” Ye Ziyun looked at Nie Li.

Nie Li gave a bitter smile, “Actually, I had already expected such a situation. I was worried that you guys would be even more disappointed if you had high hopes.”

“Then, what should we do now? Is there no way to restore the Myriad Ancestor Sword?” Xiao Ning’er asked. Vaguely, there was disappointment in her heart. After all, she did want to return to the Tiny World, back to Glory City, which was her home, and also where her father was.

“There is a way.” Nie Li’s eye lit up after some pondering.

“What is it?” Everyone couldn’t help turning their gazes towards Nie Li.

“I will use the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword to absorb the energy of the Myriad Ancestor Sword!” Nie Li lightly smiled as he replied.

“Will that work?” Yu Yan couldn’t help frowning her brows as she fell into hesitation. After all, this was not a simple matter.

“The Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword is a Divine Artifact that is not inferior to the Myriad Ancestor Sword. Therefore, it should be possible. By devouring the Fragments of the Myriad Ancestor Sword, it should also possess a portion of the Myriad Ancestor Sword’s power, possessing the power to break the seal of the Myriad Ancestor Sword.” Nie Li said after a brief consideration.

“There is some feasibility to it. Although it can’t guarantee a total success, it’s still worth giving it a try. After all, there’s no other usage to these Fragments of the Myriad Ancestor Sword.” Yu Yan said with distress. She never thought, in her wildest imagination, that the damage of the Myriad Ancestor Sword would be so serious.

Nie Li placed the Fragments of the Myriad Ancestor Sword on the table before retrieving his Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword.

The body of the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword flickered with light. Within that light was a mysterious energy that was, at the same time, flickering with lightning.

Up till today, Nie Li had not managed to unleash the true might of the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword. However, he was well-aware that it was extremely powerful. Although he had no idea of it's origins, Nie Li still knew that this was not a simple sword.

Every time he used the sword, he could sense a portion of the energy within his body turning restless.

A surge of majestic force was released from the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword. Both Xiao Ning’er and Ye Ziyun could not resist taking a few steps back as that energy gave them pressure.

Nie Li lightly frowned his brows, since he could vaguely sense that the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword was not the same as the past and the Fragments of the Myriad Ancestor Sword that were placed on the table were also becoming restless.

The six flickering lights vaguely felt as if they wanted to break through all obstacles. However, they were completely surrounded by a cage of lightning.

“Nie Li, do you know the origin of this sword in your hands?” Yu Yan was astonished as she asked.

“I have no idea. I only know that this Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword is an ancient sword. Why do you ask?” Nie Li said with doubt.

“Because, it seems to be suppressing the energy of the Myriad Ancestor Sword!” Yu Yan was a little astonished as she spoke.