Chapter 459 - The Miracles of Duan Jian

Chapter 459 - The Miracles of Duan Jian

Hearing Xiu Ming’s words, Nie Li laughed, “Now that you’ve mention it, Young Sect Master Xiu Ming, I do have some relationship with the Phaseless Sect.”

“Hmm? What relationship?” Xiu Ming appeared a little shocked.

“I have a brother currently in your Phaseless Sect, so I’m indebted to the Phaseless Sect for taking care of him.” Nie Li said faintly.

“Duan Jian. I wonder, does Young Sect Master Xiu Ming know of this person?” Nie Li laughed.

“Duan Jian?” Xiu Ming inhaled a mouthful of chilled air. He never thought that Nie Li’s brother would be Duan Jian, that abnormal monster.

It was not surprising for Xiu Ming to be so astonished. In the Phaseless Sect, Duan Jian’s existence was legendary.

It wasn’t long since he entered the Phaseless Sect and had been a lone wolf with little words. So much so that even an extra word would be a debt. The whole time, he had been focused in his cultivation. At the beginning, everyone felt afraid towards this fellow who possessed a pair of wings behind his back. But, gradually, it turned into contempt. They would all tease Duan Jian once in awhile, which he paid no attention to.

Perhaps it was his endurance that made him a good target to be bullied. At one time, dozens of the younger disciples presumptuously surrounded Duan Jian and started attacking him.

At that time, everyone thought that it would be a tragedy for Duan Jian. But what happened next made everyone to be taken aback.

Those dozens of younger disciples was all knocked down. The ones that were injured the lightest had three of his ribs broken, with a few who were nearly crippled by him.

Because of the cruelty towards his own Sect disciples, he suffered the toughest punishment from the Phaseless Sect. The punishment was extremely fearsome. In the past, when someone underwent the same punishment, they were already yelling for their mommy and daddy on their first day. When the third day ends, they would at least wind up in bed for three months. However, Duan Jian did not even utter a single word for the entire three days.

When the three day punishment ended, Duan Jian returned back to his usual life. Eat, cultivate and being a lone wolf.

Was that still a person? That’s simply…

Thereafter, what happened next made everyone speechless.

After those dozens of younger disciples lost, they naturally felt unhappy about it. Many of them had backgrounds behind them and thus, sought out quite a few experts in the Sect to stick out for them. It’s to the point that they even called dozens of experts to surround Duan Jian.

However, the situation remained unchanged. Those dozens of people were bashed up by Duan Jian, not a single one of them went back in one piece.

That caused the entire Phaseless Sect to be dumbfounded.

Those dozens of experts were already experts whose names were widely spread throughout the Phaseless Sect. A few of them were even direct disciples of Elders. However, when those dozens surrounded Duan Jian alone, they were all bashed up by him. This was an outcome which no one could imagined.

According to basis, Duan Jian should’ve suffered another three days of punishment. However…

He wasn’t even the slightest injured from the previous punishment!

Just when the Deacons of the Phaseless Sect were discussing on how to punish Duan Jian, the Grand Elder of the Phaseless Sect stood out. Protecting him and taking him under his wing as his disciple.

After that, Duan Jian did not fight with anyone for a period of time. The next time he did, it was the Battle of Talents in the Phaseless Sect.

In that battle, many talented disciples appeared, nearly all of the talented disciples of the Phaseless Sect acted.

However, the outcome was that Duan Jian took first place. Furthermore, it was done in a manner that made everyone feel extremely speechless. Every single talented disciple was taken out by Duan Jian in a move.

Everyone’s attacks were ineffective against Duan Jian’s body. There was a talented disciple that refused to believe that and used an Artifact to hack down from Duan Jian’s head. However, that Artifact was broken in two.

Monster, that was probably the only word that could be used to describe Duan Jian.

It was not surprising for Xiu Ming to be so shocked after hearing Nie Li’s words.

Xiu Ming inwardly rejoiced. Luckily, he did not create a death feud between him and Nie Li. Otherwise, not to mention the power that stood behind Nie Li, just one Duan Jian was sufficient for him to feel a headache.

“I never thought that Sect Master Nie and Big Brother Duan Jian are friends.” Xiu Ming laughed.

“Duan Jian? Big Brother?” Nie Li stared blankly for a moment.

“I suppose Sect Master Nie still does not know about it. Big Brother Duan Jian is currently the disciple of our Grand Elder, the most outstanding talent amongst the younger generation of our Phaseless Sect,” Xiu Ming laughed. In the future when he wanted to climb up to the Sect Master position of the Phaseless Sect, he would still require the support of Duan Jian.

“So that’s the case.” Nie Li smiled. In the letters, he did read that Duan Jian had gotten the Grand Elder of the Phaseless Sect as his Master. However, he had no idea of the prestige that Duan Jian possessed in the Phaseless Sect.

Also, Nie Li had no idea about the relationship between Duan Jian and Xiu Ming.

Xiu Ming laughed, “If Sect Master Nie has time, you can take a look around the Phaseless Sect. At that time, I’ll act as the host and treat you and Big Brother Duan Jian to some tea.”

“Deal.” Nie Li smiled. With a move of his right hand, he took out a bottle of Sacred Elixirs and threw it towards Xiu Ming.

Xiu Ming immediately catched it.

“This is the Sacred Elixirs, consider it a gift for our meeting.” Nie Li faintly smiled.

At the sight of Nie Li throwing one Sacred Elixirs, Nangong Xianyin could not help having a ripple flashing through her eyes. She’s well aware of the meaning behind the Sacred Elixirs and Nie Li actually gifted one away so casually.

Raising his head to look at Nie Li in doubt, Xiu Ming lowered his head and opened up the bottle. Instantly, he felt a surge of rich fragrance burrowing into his nose.

With just a sniff, Xiu Ming felt the energy within his body surging continuously.

Xiu Ming inhaled a mouthful of cold air. He finally understood why Nangong Xianyin, as the Sect Master of the Heavenly Note Sect, would lose her control towards these Sacred Elixirs to the point that she would even use a fragment of the Myriad Ancestor Sword to exchange.

Just one of these Sacred Elixirs could allow a Martial Ancestor Realm expert to increase his cultivation by two to three levels. Furthermore, it could also directly allow a pinnacle Dao of Dragon Realm expert to step into Martial Ancestor Realm.

Just what kind of concept was that?

Martial Ancestor Realm experts were the pillar power of a Sect!

Facing the Demon God’s Sect, as well as the two other Demonic Sects, the Six Divine Sects have always felt great pressure from them, since they were in the disadvantage compared to those three. Without the protection of Martial Ancestor Realm experts, the annihilation of their Sects was a possibility! And in every Sect, there was only three to five that could cultivate their way to Martial Ancestor Realm, at best.

Xiu Ming deeply glanced at Nie Li and suppressed the emotions in his heart, “May I ask, how many of these Sacred Elixirs does Sect Master Nie have? I wonder if you could sell some of these to our Phaseless Sect?”

“This is something that I can consider, but I wonder what does the Phaseless Sect want to bring out in exchange?” Nie Li faintly smiled. He knew that he had successfully hooked the interest of Xiu Ming.

“Similar to the Heavenly Note Sect, we’re willing to exchange our fragment of the Myriad Ancestor Sword. If Sect Master Nie is also interested in other stuff of our Phaseless Sect, we can also consider it,” said Xiu Ming. His intention was already nakedly exposed, that was to obtain as many elixirs as possible from Nie Li at all costs!