Chapter 46 Nie Li's master?

Chapter 46 – Nie Li's master?

As of now, the only soul enhancing pills that Gu Yan and bunch can refine is called the Soul Assembling Pill, and the effect is extremely limited. Those three soul enhancing pills that Nie Li just listed have already been long lost. Their effects are more than ten times or even several hundreds of times better than the Soul Assembling Pill.

In the Sacred Empire Era, Soul Assembling Pill was one of the low-grade elixirs. Soul Nurturing Pill was an intermediate grade elixir, it's effect is ten times greater than the Soul Assembling Pill. Soul Concentrating Pill is a high-grade elixir, whose effect is at least a hundred times greater than the Soul Assembling Pill. As for the Soul Tempering Pill, it's a top rated pill. Its effect is at least a thousand times more effective than the Soul Assembling Pill. Even Legend rank Demon Spiritists would get an effect out of it.

The Scarlet Body Enhancing Pill is also an extremely valuable elixir. It can refine the body, greatly enhancing the Fighter talent in the body. During the Sacred Empire Era, many Fighters were able to step into Legend rank thanks to the effects of the Scarlet Body Enhancing Pill. And now? Without mentioning Legend rank Fighters, a Black Gold rank Fighter is rarely seen in Glory City.

As for the Nine Transformation Pill, it's an even more legendary elixir. As long as one has the Nine Transformation Pill, when one suffered fatal injuries, one can consume a Nine Transformation Pill and their wounds would immediately begin to slowly heal. Therefore it's a life saving elixir!

Every year, countless Fighters and Demon Spiritists would battle with the demon beasts in life or death battles. With the Nine Transformation Pill, they can save many lives!

"Your honorable master really has those five elixir formulas?" Gu Yan's voice trembled. He clearly knows that the importance of those five elixir formulas would have great significance to Glory City.

"Of course. My master travelled the whole Divine Continent. His knowledge is vast. He only arrived to Glory City a few years ago, however, he does not want to show himself. Therefore, he sent me as his representative. Of the five elixirs, Soul Nurturing Pill can be refined by an Intermediate Alchemy Apprentice. Soul Concentrating Pill can be refined by a Senior Alchemy Apprentice. As for the Soul Tempering Pill and the Scarlet Body Enhancing Pill, only Primary Alchemy Masters can refine it. Last but not least, the Nine Transformation Pill can only be refined by a Senior Alchemy Master!" Nie Li said.

"Your honorable master travelled the whole Divine Continent, and arrived in Glory City few years ago?" Gu Yan was stunned. No wonder he hasn't heard of such a figure before in Glory City. If this kind of person continued to stay in Glory City, then it's a great fortune!

"My master originally wanted to donate these five elixir formulas to the Alchemist Association, however..." Nie Li slightly paused.

"However what?" Gu Yan is a little anxious, unconsciously rubbed his hands together. He clearly knows how great those five elixir formulas will impact the whole Glory City.

Glory City's current situation is not very optimistic. Demon beasts are all around the St. Ancestral Mountains, especially the three powerful Legend rank Snow Wind beasts. Even Lord Ye Mo couldn't fight them. Luckily, those three demon beasts are currently in a hibernating state, but if they were to awaken, Glory City would be in an extremely dire state.

In the history of Glory City, there were a few times when Glory City was almost destroyed and Lord Ye Mo is getting older as time goes on. There hasn't been any new Legend rank Demon Spiritists born since Lord Ye Mo.

"My master wishes to continue his research on alchemy but he requires a large amount of resources. He needs to spend lots of demon spirit coins, therefore, these five elixir formulas cannot be given to the Alchemist Association for free. From now on, those five elixirs that were made by the Alchemist Association, the money that’s made from selling it, my master wants thirty percent of it. I wonder if President Gu Yan has any objections? Even if my master takes thirty percent away, the Alchemist Association would still be able to get a profit of over thirty." Nie Li said. The profit from alchemy is extremely large. Sixty percent profit would be considered as small, some would even be able to get a profit of over ninety percent.

"Definitely, definitely!" Gu Yan hastily replied, "The Alchemist Association is willing to offer fifty percent of the profit to your respected master!"

These five elixir formulas have been long lost. If they were refined, and taken to an auction, any one of those could be sold for a sky high price. The profit is definitely very shocking, therefore, even after taking out fifty percent of the profit, they would still be able to make a lot money off of it.

If they are really able to refine the Soul Tempering Pill, the Scarlet Body Enhancing Pill, and the Nine Transformation Pill, even the Legend rank Lord Ye Mo would look for him to buy some of it. Not to mention those Major families and Noble families! The wealth of those super families is not what an ordinary family can imagine!

Nie Li lightly smiled and said, "My master only wants thirty percent. If President Gu Yan is willing, President Gu Yan can take out some money to help out those commoners who are willing to join the path of alchemy."

Hearing Nie Li's words, Gu Yan's expression was slightly stunned. But immediately expressed out admiration, "Your Honorable is a highly respected elder, do not worry. You can be assured to leave these to me. To finance their alchemy studies, would also affect the power of the Alchemist Association!"

Gu Yan has been wanting to restore their influence in Glory City, bring it back from their decline. However, he was frustrated that the human and financial resources were not enough. If he could obtain the five elixir formulas given by Nie Li, when they get the extraordinary profit later in the future, they would have enough power for those things.

"As for the selling procedures, your honorable master can send someone to supervise. If there is anything that is not up to his satisfaction, we will immediately rectify!" Gu Yan said. Leaving such a huge business to the Alchemist Association, it's normal that he would worry about it.

"Everything will be left to President Gu Yan and Director Yang. My master trusts the two of you. Furthermore, I believe that the two of you aren't short sighted." Nie Li lightly laughed.

"Definitely!" Gu Yan quickly nodded. Is this a joke? An Alchemy Grandmaster is giving such a business to them? Of course they would give it their all! Furthermore, that Alchemy Grandmaster definitely has more elixir formulas in his hand!

"Okay, here is the elixir formulas for the five elixirs, please take a look," Nie Li said, handing the formula over to Gu Yan.

Seeing the formulas, Gu Yan froze for a moment. He never thought that the herbs used in the elixirs would be so ordinary and common! The cost is absolutely shockingly low! Gu Yan emerged into his thoughts for a moment and figured it out. Just like the Purple Haze Grass, before Nie Li sent the article to them, who would have thought that the cheap Purple Haze Grass would have so many effects?

Glancing at these herbs, Gu Yan understood that the first thing that the Alchemist Association needs to do would be to gather as much of these herbs as soon as possible. However, the Alchemist Association isn't united. The elders would often fight for power. However, as long as Gu Yan has the Soul Tempering Pill, Scarlet Body Enhancing Pill and the Nine Transformation Pill in his control, he would be able to make the Alchemist Association become a more consolidated organization.

A moment later, Yang Xin brought the Senior Alchemy Master books, badge and robe over.

"From today onwards, if you have any problems, you can look for Director Yang directly. She will definitely do her best to help with your request," Gu Yan said. With these formulas, he would have to concentrate on refining pills for a while.

"Okay," Nie Li slightly nodded.

"This robe is a little too big for you. Wait for the new robes to be ready, I will personally send it to you. I wonder, where do you live? How do I contact you in the future?" Yang Xin looked at Nie Li and asked.

"I'm in the Fighter Apprentice class at the Holy Orchid Institute. You can look for me there in the future," Nie Li thought for awhile and said.

Hearing Nie Li's words, Yang Xin's mouth widened. Who would have thought that Nie Li is a student of the Fighter Apprentice class? Thinking about Nie Li's frightening knowledge, Yang Xin doesn't know whether to laugh or cry. Nie Li remaining in the Fighter Apprentice class seems a little wrong.

"Young bro Nie Li, if you want to enter Holy Orchid Institute's Genius class, I can personally go and speak with the institute principal!" Yang Xin said. As a Director of the Alchemist Association, her position in Glory City is still rather high. The Holy Orchid Institute would send some students over to the Alchemist Association every year.

"There’s no need for that," Nie Li said, lightly smiling. He has his own plans. The teachings in the school already has no attraction for him. The only reasons why he remains in the Holy Orchid Institute would be because of Ye Ziyun, and another would be because of the treasures in the Holy Orchid Institute.

Hearing Nie Li's words, Yang Xin understood what he is trying to do. Nie Li is remaining in the Fighter Apprentice class to hide himself from the public, he must definitely have a reason for doing so.

"Since there is nothing else, I will leave first. If there is anything else, I will come to the Alchemist Association again," Nie Li said towards Gu Yan and Yang Xin.

"No problem, Director Yang, send Mr. Nie Li off!" Gu Yan said.

"Okay," Yang Xin nodded.

Under Yang Xin's company, Nie Li walked towards the outside of the Alchemist Association. After watching Nie Li's back figure disappear to the entrance, he looked down at the elixir formulas in his hands and looked at the solutions that Nie Li wrote on the wall. Gu Yan was sure he wasn’t dreaming, his heart was unable to calm for a long time.

After Nie Li left, the whole Alchemist Association began to boil.

A crowd of Primary Alchemy Masters noticed that the problems they wrote on the walls have all been solved by someone. They all went back to verify, and the results caused them to be greatly shocked. The solutions were better than what they had imagined.

Everyone was shocked. Could it be that within these hard times, President Gu Yan has reached the level of Grandmaster? One has to know that a lot of the questions weren’t able to be answered, even by President Gu Yan himself. But how did they get answered all of a sudden?

They all wanted to look for President Gu Yan to verify their guesses, but to their disappointment, President Gu Yan suddenly began refining pills, and was not welcoming any visitors. Even Director Yang, who was responsible for the general affairs in the Alchemist Association, was suddenly acting weird. She began mobilizing large amounts of the Alchemist Association's finances to acquire various herbs. Some of these herbs don't even have any uses when refining, therefore, they could not understand why Director Yang would send people to acquire them.

The Alchemist Association's large scale acquisition of useless herbs got Glory City's residence to be excited again. Every day, many people would go to the wild to search for those herbs, although the purchase price is low, they still managed to get something out of it.

Various herbs gradually accumulated within the Alchemist Association. All the alchemists above Intermediate Apprentice rank within the Alchemist Association were gathered up...