Chapter 447 - Provoking the Almighty

Chapter 447 - Provoking the Almighty

They followed the long and narrow path through the deep forest before the trees opened up to a different scene.

This was a long stretch of unbroken mountains blanketed with tall trees. Tens of thousands of Dao of Dragon Realm auras surged and formed a massive, frightening array.

A majestic aura emanated from them.

It was like a powerful tidal wave had crashed down on their heads, as though it could devour anything at anytime.

Even if a Martial Ancestor Realm expert would be killed the instant they entered such a frightening array.

The representatives of the Lingyun Sect dumbfoundedly stared upon this scene — especially Ling Kong. Just what was going on? Why were there so many Dao of Dragon Realm experts in the Divine Feathers Sect?

For a small sect like the Lingyun Sect, they’d be lucky to have ten or twenty Dao of Dragon Realm experts. For something the size of the Divine Feathers Sect, one could expect a few hundred. But right now, the Divine Feathers Sect actually had tens of thousands of them!

Between the auras of the Dao of Dragon Realm experts were the auras of thirteen Martial Ancestor Realm experts.

In the past, the Divine Feathers Sect only had five Martial Ancestor Realm experts. So why were there suddenly eight more?

Before visiting the Divine Feathers Sect, Ling Kong had made his own estimates on the Divine Feathers Sect’s strength. He’d guessed that one of the sect’s critical experts had passed away, and that was why they’d closed their gates. He’d mistakenly believed that the Divine Feathers Sect was growing weaker. It wasn’t until now that he realised that the Divine Feathers Sect was not weakening, but actually strengthening — and that they’d already grown several folds stronger than they’d been before.

The shock he felt was indescribable.

Not until this moment, did Ling Kong understand that Nie Li hadn’t been joking when he said he wanted to start a war with the Demon God’s Sect!

The current Divine Feathers Sect really did have the strength to start a war with the Demon God’s Sect!

Nie Li couldn’t help smiling when he sensed those powerful auras. At first, they only had five Martial Ancestor Realm experts in the Divine Feathers Sect. But thanks to his sacred medicines, many of their pinnacle Dao of Dragon Realm experts had stepped into the Martial Ancestor Realm.

As time passed, more and more Dao of Dragon Realm experts would step into the Martial Ancestor Realm. Eventually, the Divine Feathers Sect would definitely rise to entirely new heights.

The stronger the Divine Feathers Sect became, the closer Nie Li would be to his goal of unifying the entire Draconic Ruins Realm.

That was the only way Nie Li would qualify to confront the Sage Emperor.

Outside of the Divine Feathers Sect, Nie Li had also received news from the other sects; Ziyun, Ning’er, Du Ze, and the rest had began enhancing their influence over their respective sects.

Step by step, Nie Li was slowly becoming the most powerful person in the entire Draconic Ruins Realm.

Nie Li looked at Ling Kong and smiled. “Young Sect Master Ling, I heard that you have feelings for Yuyin. As the Sect Master of Divine Feathers Sect, of course I don’t want to break up a couple. Why don’t I call Yuyin and you can ask for her opinion?”

Ling Kong suddenly felt very awkward. He’d arrived here intending to force a marriage; but now that he’d seen the strength of the Divine Feathers Sect, he suddenly felt that his Lingyun Sect wasn’t even worth a footnote.

And now, would he still dare to bring up the matter? That’s why he felt awkward by Nie Li’s offer. He could hear the small whispers between Lu Piao, Gu Bei and the rest.

Lu Piao said faintly, “Gu Bei, I heard that Long Yuyin has already announced that if the Sect Master doesn’t marry her, then she’d stay single for the rest of her life.”

Gu Bei nodded. “The pride of the Sect Master is a thin road to walk. That’s why he’s still undecided about it.”

Lu Piao faintly said again, “This kid really wants to die. He actually dares to challenge our Sect Master for a woman.”

Ling Kong’s heart trembled as he turned around and saw Nie Li looking at him with a smile that wasn’t quite a smile. Suddenly, the weight on his heart lifted. Regardless of what he chose to do, this subject was a sore spot. It was his fault for suddenly mentioning a marriage, and with Long Yuyin, no less. From Lu Piao and Gu Bei’s whispers, he concluded that Long Yuyin likely already belonged to Nie Li.

Ling Kong felt his scalp tingle.

If this had been the old Divine Feathers Sect, then he wouldn’t have been so afraid. But now, the times have changed and so has the Divine Feathers Sect. Furthermore, Nie Li looked like the type of person who hid knives underneath that smiling face.

Even though Nie Li was acting like he was indifferent, in truth, he might already be enraged.

The moment Divine Feathers Sect ordered this many experts to move, the entire Lingyun Sect would be reduced to ashes.

The current Divine Feathers Sect was a frightening colossus.

Ling Kong immediately cupped his hands. “Sect Master Nie, I didn’t know about the matters between Sect Master Nie and Lady Long…”

Nie Li waved his hand. “Long Yuyin is the Young Miss of the Dragonseal Family and our closest companion. You must ask for her opinion on such a huge matter.”

These past few days, Long Yuyin had been searching desperately for Nie Li, and Nie Li had been having quite a bit of trouble hiding from her. Nie Li was just as troubled without a way to deal with her.

There was already someone else in Nie Li’s heart. Beauty’s favour was always the hardest to bear. If Long Yuyin really got herself tangled up with him, then he figured it’d be hard for him to push her away when the time came.

Ling Kong felt his legs go soft at Nie Li’s words. “Sect Master Nie, forget about the marriage, let’s not mention it anymore. I’ll apologize to Sect Master Nie here.”

Nie Li immediately shook his head. “How can we forget this? What should be mentioned must be mentioned. I’m an open-minded person.”

Ling Kong felt bitter in his heart. He couldn’t understand Nie Li’s intent. He remembered a story from the past. Once upon a time, a Sect Master provoked a member of the Demon God’s Sect and ran to them to offer his apologies. At the time, the Sect Master of the Demon God’s Sect happily accepted his apology. Then, the following day, the offender’s entire sect was massacred!

By making a move on Nie Li’s woman… wasn’t that the same as provoking the almighty? Ling Kong was so scared that he nearly cried out. The more Nie Li acted like he wasn’t bothered, the more afraid Ling Kong became.

Nie Li patted Ling Kong on the shoulder and smiled. “Young Sect Master Ling.”

Ling Kong’s body shook uncontrollably as he asked in a trembling voice, “Sect Master Nie, our Lingyun Sect is definitely the most resolute ally of the Divine Feathers Sect. All Sect Master Nie needs to do is say a word. Even if we must climb bladed mountains or swim fiery seas, our Lingyun Sect will never say a second word.”

“Then the matters with Long Yuyin…” Nie Li continued on the topic.

Ling Kong’s face trembled with fear, “I did not know how important Long Yuyin was to Sect Master Nie. Given the circumstances, Ling Kong definitely wouldn’t dare to have any presumptuous thoughts.”

“But…” Nie Li was stunned for a moment.

“Our entire Lingyun Sect is at Sect Master Nie’s command.”

“Since you guys obey our Divine Feathers Sect’s command, then about joining our war with the Demon God’s Sect…” Nie Li looked at Ling Kong.

Ling Kong felt a bottomless pit of regret open up inside himself. The Demon God’s Sect couldn’t be provoked. But it’d be worst to provoke the Divine Feathers Sect. If Ling Kong rejected Nie Li right now, then who knows whether the Divine Feathers Sect would choose to annihilate their Lingyun Sect? Right now, how could he dare to not agree?