Chapter 445 - Subsidiary Sect

Chapter 445 - Subsidiary Sect

That white-clothed male had his brows tightly knitted together. His name is Ling Kong, Young Sect Master of the Lingyun Sect.

Although the Lingyun Sect couldn’t be compared to powerful sects like the Divine Feathers Sect, it also possessed quite a reputation with one Martial Ancestor Realm overseeing the sect.

The Lingyun Sect could be considered a Subsidiary Sect to the Divine Feathers Sect. Except with the declining of the Divine Feathers Sect these years, the subsidiary relationship became unstable. It wasn’t the Lingyun Sect wanting to betray them, but because of the Divine Feathers Sect’s weak influence, the land of the Lingyun Sect was constantly invaded and occupied by the Demon God’s Sect. Therefore, the Lingyun Sect wanted to find a bigger patron to prevent themselves from being devoured by the Demon God’s Sect.

It was only due to the sensitivity of this issue that the Lingyun Sect did not mention this to the Divine Feathers Sect.

Looking at the tightly sealed doors of the Divine Feathers Sect, Ling Kong couldn’t help sighing inwardly. In this period of time, the Lingyun Sect has been in crisis. Originally, they wanted to seek aid from the Divine Feathers Sect but, looking at it now, the Divine Feathers Sect itself was powerless to defend themselves. This caused his heart to be in deep worry.

“Yan San, pass over our Notice of Visit!” said Ling Kong.

“Yes!” Yan San replied respectfully as he walked towards the door and handed over a Notice of Visit to one of the disciples that was guarding the gate.

The disciple glanced at Ling Kong and his group and said, “Wait here, I’ll ask for instructions from our Sect Master.”

“It’s been half a year since we, Lingyun Sect have paid a visit to the Divine Feathers Sect. I wonder how is Sect Master Situ’s situation?” Yan San smiled as he tried to get information.

“Oh, you guys might not know about it, but Sect Master Situ has already passed the Sect Master’s seat to our new Sect Master!” The disciple lightly smiled.

Hearing the disciple’s words, Ling Kong’s heart jumped for a moment and enquired, “I wonder, what’s the name of this new Sect Master?”

“Sect Master Nie Li is our newly-appointed Sect Master!” the disciple said as he lightly smiled. He wanted to tell others how powerful their newly-appointed Sect Master was. Under Sect Master Nie Li’s leadership, the Divine Feathers Sect’s strength had already reached a new frightening height. However, due to the warnings from the Elders in the sect, he didn’t dare to reveal much.

“Oh!” Ling Kong couldn’t help sighing in his heart. It seems like the times have changed. They actually allowed a nameless guy to ascend to the Sect Master’s position. That lost strength of theirs must have been severe, no wonder the doors of the sect were tightly shut now.

“Wait here, I’ll report back to the Sect Master!” The disciple replied and hastily ran off.

Yan San asked towards Ling Kong, “Young Sect Master, what should we do now?”

After pondering for a brief moment, Ling Kong’s eyes flashed across bright rays of light as he replied, “Later, when we see the new Sect Master, don’t say that we’re here to ask for help. Tell them that we’re here for a marriage proposal!”

“A marriage proposal?” Yan San was stunned for a brief moment.

“Correct, Long Yuyin of the Dragonseal Family!” Ling Kong continued as he nodded his head.

After a brief moment of pondering, Yan San’s eyes lit up, “Young Sect Master is smart. If you’re able to take Long Yuyin as your wife, it’s the same as allying ourselves with the Divine Feathers Sect. We’ll still be able to request reinforcements elsewhere, that’s killing two birds with one stone!”

“Yeah.” Ling Kong nodded. Looking at the towering gate, aside from these intentions, there’s still another reason. After the banquet from before, ever since he took a glance at Long Yuyin, she had always been on his mind. Her beautiful face would appear in his mind from time to time.

Originally, because of how powerful the Divine Feathers Sect and the Dragonseal Family were, he didn’t even dare to think about it. But now, after this thought had risen in his mind, it could no longer be stopped.

A brief moment later, that Divine Feathers Sect’s disciple came out and lightly cupped his hands towards Ling Kong and his group. “On Sect Master’s request, please enter!”

“Thank you for your trouble.” Ling Kong appeared elegant and graceful as he replied with etiquette.

Divine Feathers Sect, Main Hall of the Sect

Nie Li sat at the seat of honor in the Main Hall. He was calmly seated as of this moment and his aura had already fused with his surroundings.

In the gigantic hall, there was only Li Xingyun, Lu Piao, Gu Bei and dozen people present.

When Ling Kong and his group came in, his gaze fell onto Nie Li’s group and his heart went cold.

Nie Li and his group was so young, how could they obtain such a high position in the Divine Feathers Sect? This caused his heart to be puzzled. Could it be that in the Divine Feathers Sect, there wasn’t any experts overseeing them? What made him even more surprised was that, although Nie Li was extremely young, his strength wasn’t that simple. He should possess the strength of Dao of Dragon Realm.

However, to have a Dao of Dragon Realm oversee the sect as Sect Master, where did the Martial Ancestor Realm experts of the Divine Feathers Sect go?

Could it be that all the Martial Ancestor Realm experts of the Divine Feathers Sect have…

This thought frightened the cold sweat out of Ling Kong. If that’s the case, then the sealing of Divine Feathers Sect’s doors could be understood.

“This is the Young Sect Master of the Lingyun Sect!” Nie Li’s gaze fell onto Ling Kong. He already fully understood the situation of the Lingyun Sect. Right now, things were very different in the Divine Feathers Sect. Just when they’re planning to act as needed, Ling Kong made an unexpected arrival.

Ling Kong’s gaze fell onto a beautiful girl among the crowd and his gaze suddenly lit up. That girl was the girl that had been in his mind, Long Yuyin.

The current Long Yuyin appeared even more beautiful compared to before. She no longer had her old cold demeanor, but a warm look. Her every movement carried boundless charm and her fascinating figure was endlessly attractive.

Ling Kong felt as though his gaze could no longer shift away.

“Hey, you from the Lingyun Sect, why have you come here? If you have any rubbish, say it quick. Don’t waste our time here!” Lu Piao cast his mouth to one side as he appeared extremely insolent. He was told to do so by Nie Li, although he didn’t know why Nie Li wanted him to be rude, he still believes that Nie Li definitely had his own reasons!

“Aren’t you guys a little too rude?!” Yan San frowned his brows for a brief moment. Just when he was about to step forth, he was stopped by Ling Kong.

Ling Kong cupped his hands towards Nie Li and appeared with elegance. He did not place Lu Piao’s words in his heart at all. “It’s been half a year since my last visit to the Divine Feathers Sect. I wonder how is Old Sect Master’s situation? To be able to have my first meeting with Sect Master Nie Li, it’s my pleasure. We’ve come with a request in our visit to the Divine Feathers Sect.” Ling Kong examined Nie Li. Nie Li gave him a feeling of being deep, making it impossible to see through him.

Lu Piao being hot-headed was clearly instructed by Nie Li. What’s Nie Li’s intentions?

“Oh? What is it that caused Young Sect Master Ling to make a trip over personally? My brother, Lu Piao was a little rude with his words, please pardon him for that!” Nie Li lightly laughed.

“It’s like this, our Lingyun Sect and Divine Feathers Sect have always been good allies…” Just when Ling Kong was about to continue further, he was interrupted by Nie Li with a wave of his hand.

“Young Sect Master Ling, there’s a point that I have to correct. The Lingyun Sect has always been a Subsidiary Sect to the Divine Feathers Sect.” Nie Li lightly smiled as he looked at Ling Kong, a sharpness flashing within his eyes.

Ling Kong lightly frowned. Nie Li’s words were extremely sharp. If the Divine Feathers Sect had weakened, he definitely wouldn’t dare to speak of such words. Or is Nie Li trying to bluff?