Chapter 442 - Sect Master Nie

Chapter 442 - Sect Master Nie

That outburst aroused the suspicions of the disciples of the Divine Feathers Sect and they all turned to look at Nie Li. True, his wealth was far beyond reasonable. How could an ordinary Divine Feathers Sect disciple possess such wealth?

If he really does have support from the demon clan, then Nie Li must never ascend up to the Acting Sect Master’s position.

Nie Li lightly smiled. “Long Tianming, what else do you accuse me of? Say all you want!”

Long Tianming was simply a thief crying thief!

Long Tianming knelt towards the five Hierarchs. “Five Lord Hierarchs, for the sake of our Divine Feathers Sect, we cannot hand over the authority of our sect to this person!”

The five Hierarchs were silent at Long Tianming’s words. They only felt humor at Long Tianming’s words.

If Nie Li really was a spy from the demon clan, why would be pay such a huge price for just the Acting Sect Master’s position?

Everything else aside, there was the fact that Nie Li had given those priceless elixirs to the five Hierarchs. Those elixirs alone, were far more valuable than the Acting Sect Master’s position! Furthermore, Nie Li had been able to nurture so many Dao of Dragon Realm experts. Such a force would be enough to turn the entire Divine Feathers Sect on its head!

Therefore, Long Tianming’s accusations were baseless!

Hierarch Martialsky laughed, “Long Tianming, you should not accuse a fellow sect member without any evidence!”

“Sect Master, do not be deceived. Give me a month and I’ll definitely find evidence of him communicating with our enemies!” Long Tianming pressed. The position of the Acting Sect Master was about to be stolen from him and he could only watch. He was in extreme despair.

Hierarch Skycloud coldly snorted, “Long Tianming, Nie Li is my own disciple. You say that he’s communicating with the enemy and is a traitor to the sect. Are you accusing me as well?”

“Lord Hierarch Skycloud, I wouldn’t dare. I only hope that you won’t be deceived by this vile person!” Long Tianming was desperate. He simply couldn’t understand why the two Hierarchs would be so supportive of Nie Li. Was it really just because of Nie Li’s strength?

Now, Hierarch Linglong, who’d been standing to the side, spoke up. “Long Tianming, you’re a descendent of my Dragonseal Family. You must show some generosity. Since you’ve lost, the position of the Acting Sect Master naturally goes to Nie Li!”

Even Hierarch Linglong was on Nie Li’s side? Long Tianming was hit by a sudden surge of sorrow. Even his own grandmother was helping an outsider, while he was being left to fend for himself. What else could he do?

He could only surrender the position of the Acting Sect Master over to Nie Li!

He had done so much! So why was fate so unfair to him!

Nie Li’s eyes fell on Long Tianming as the corner of his mouth rose to a smile. According to the trajectory of his previous life, once Long Tianming took the Acting Sect Master’s position, he’d push the Divine Feathers Sect to the abyss of ruin. But now, in this life, Nie Li wasn’t going to let that happen!

No matter how scheming Long Tianming was, how could he possibly compete against Nie Li, who had experienced two lifetimes?

Nie Li’s resources were more than enough to crush Long Tianming beneath his feet!

Once Nie Li became the Acting Sect Master, not even Long Tianming would be able to threaten him!

What Nie Li was concerned with wasn’t some lackey like Long Tianming — it was the entire Demon God’s Sect!

Nie Li looked towards the five Hierarchs and cupped his hands. “Many thanks to the support of the Hierarchs. If I become the Sect Master, then the Divine Feathers Sect will definitely gain more Martial Ancestor Realms! And I will definitely lead the sect towards true glory!”

The five Hierarchs couldn’t help smiling and nodding at Nie Li’s words. They firmly believed that he could achieve those claims.

Long Tianming widened his eyes and lost control of his laughter. “What basis do you have to say that you can take the position of the Sect Master? What makes you think you could lead the Divine Feathers Sect to glory? Who doesn’t know how to spout pretty words? Who’d believe your crap!”

“Long Tianming, you’re too impudent!” Hierarch Martialsky deeply rebuked.

Long Tianming struggled along with his unwillingness to admit defeat. “Sect Master, I only wish for you not to be deceived by this vile person!”

Nie Li, however, smiled as he looked at Long Tianming. It didn’t matter how hard Long Tianming struggled; it was futile! All five Hierarchs were already on Nie Li’s side. Even if Nie Li wanted to quit the position, the five Hierarchs would be begging for him to return.

Long Tianming still couldn’t understand that. He thought Nie Li had only relied on flowery words to get the position.

How could Long Tianming possibly guess that Nie Li had bought the five Hierarchs with a large quantity of elixirs? Each of the Hierarchs had experienced leaps and bounds in their cultivation upon taking those elixirs. How could they possibly let Nie Li go after that?

Forget about Acting Sect Master, Hierarch Martialsky would’ve even handed over the Sect Master’s position! Hierarch Martialsky couldn’t be more eager to retire and become a care-free Grand Elder!

Furthermore, Nie Li had so many Dao of Dragon Realm experts under his command. Those were already sufficient to prove Nie Li’s strength, so what else would they have to worry about?

Hierarch Linglong coldly snorted, “Long Tianming has no respect for his elders. All positions and status are to be revoked and he is sentenced to house arrest for ten months to ponder over his mistakes!”

Hierarch Linglong’s words thoroughly severed all of Long Tianming’s hopes.

“No! How is this possible! How could I lose!” Long Tianming nearly went crazy. Just as the Acting Sect Master’s position was about to land in his hands, it was snatched away in an instant. That drop in elevation drove Long Tianming thoroughly insane.

Several Dao of Dragon Realm experts of the Dragonseal Family restrained Long Tianming and flew him away. What awaited Long Tianming was nothing but a sealed, icy-cold chamber.

The experts of the Divine Feathers Sect exchanged looks. None of them had expected such a conclusion. None of them knew much about Nie Li, and while they weren’t paying attention, he’d casually strolled up and taken the position of Acting Sect Master. The conclusion had been determined; it’d be unwise for any of them to challenge it.

“I, Martialsky, formally announce that I will be withdrawing to behind the scenes. The Sect Master’s position of the Divine Feathers Sect will go to Nie Li!” Hierarch Martialsky’s voice resonated in the ears of every disciple.

Skipped Acting Sect Master and straight to Sect Master?

Did something like that really just happen?

Wasn’t that simply too strange?

However, the Sect Master’s words held enormous weight and there weren’t any objections from the four other Hierarchs. If anyone else objected, wouldn’t they simply be asking for death?

“We pay our respects to Sect Master Nie!”

“Pay our respects to Sect Master Nie!”

The disciples of the Divine Feathers Sect all knelt towards Nie Li.

Nie Li raise his head towards the sky. Hierarch Martialsky’s actions were only meant to express goodwill towards Nie Li. But even so, Nie Li accepted it.

“From today on, I, Nie Li will watch over the Divine Feathers Sect. In a month, I will rewrite the rules of our sect. All disciples are to heed my orders. I, Nie Li, swear to take the Divine Feathers Sect towards glory!” Nie Li’s voice resounded throughout the Divine Feathers Sect.

“Sect Master Nie…”

“Sect Master Nie…” The howling voices of Divine Feathers Sect disciples reverberated throughout the sky.