Chapter 428 - Emperor Tian Yuan

Chapter 428 - Emperor Tian Yuan [1. ‘Tian Yuan’ also means ‘Sky Origin’]

Nie Li sensed that his Heavenly Energy was being consumed at a rapid rate.

Even though it only took him an instant to explode to his greatest speed, the Heavenly Energy consumption was more than ten-fold.

If he continued like this, he’d be forced to stop soon. If that happened, then their pursuers would catch up immediately!

Nie Li looked down and saw towering mountains, precipitous ridges, densely packed trees, strange stones scattered about, and deep ravines.

Nie Li dived towards the mountains and ridges.

He had to hide somewhere first, by either making use of the terrain, entering the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, or even summoning all of the Sky Origin Divine Clan experts and fight those people.


Nie Li turned into a streak of light and entered the dense forest.

This was within the boundaries of the Endless Wilderness. Once they crossed the extended mountain range, there would be nothing but an endless barren plain before them, without even a single plant growing. Countless Sky Origin Divine Clan experts had lived on this barren piece of land for thousands of years.

The mountain range laid there like the skeleton of a giant.

The moment Nie Li and Long Yuyin landed, a seven-coloured luster rolled over the barren wasteland.

“What’s that?” Nie Li was alarmed. He saw the seven-coloured light rolling towards them and hastily attempted to dodge.

However, he couldn’t made it in time!


Nie Li and Long Yuyin collided with that seven-coloured light and disappeared from the area.

The group of black-clothed men finally caught up roughly half an hour later. They searched every nook and cranny of the surrounding area, but couldn’t find Nie Li and Long Yuyin.

“What’s going on?”

“Dammit, we actually let them escape!”

Unable to find Nie Li and Long Yuyin, the only thing they could do was leave.

Time gradually flowed on.

They didn’t know how long they’d been in the darkness.

It was raining. A cold drop fell on his face.

Nie Li slowly regained consciousness and became vaguely aware of something soft and warm. Something was pressing on his body from above. He managed to open his eyes with some effort and saw Long Yuyin lying on top of him. His hand was also coincidentally placed on Long Yuyin’s butt.

A soft sensation on his chest. Nie Li couldn’t help feeling a little awkward.

He had to admit that Long Yuyin’s figure was indeed fiery and hot.

As those thoughts crossed his mind, Long Yuyin groaned. She slowly awoke to the scene, and her face instantly flushed red. She immediately sat up.

Nie Li also propped himself up on his hands. He looked around them and saw nothing but an endless abyss.

“Where are we?” Long Yuyin looked around with a blank expression.

Nie Li also knitted his brows. He’d been flying along with Long Yuyin when they were hit by that seven-coloured light and lost consciousness. After that, he woke up in this place with her.

He noticed a barely discernable rumble through the air.

“I don’t know, either. If things had gone the way they should, we would’ve landed on that mountain range. I don’t know where we are right now, but I’m guessing that it’s some sort of secret dimension!” Nie Li said under his breath.

“En.” Long Yuyin nodded. She remembered her two aunts who’d died and became gloomy again.

Nie Li tried to stand up, but when he looked down, he realised that Long Yuyin was still sitting on top of him. It was an utterly awkward situation. His head was also perfectly lined up with Long Yuyin’s chest. He bitterly smiled. “Long Yuyin, you need to get up first!”

Long Yuyin realised something wrong with this and immediately stood up with her face flushed red.

Nie Li observed the surroundings with his brows knitted. He felt a kind of mysterious energy rippling through the space.

Nie Li got ready to look for an exit, but a voice suddenly sounded from the void.

“There’s no need for the two of you to search for an exit. You are currently within my intent. If I wish to let you out, only then will you leave this place.” the voice resounded.

Nie Li and Long Yuyin felt chills running down their spines.

They were inside an intent?

“Gargantuan Intent Divine Technique!” Nie Li cried out.

“Oh? Brat. So you actually know of the Gargantuan Intent. Who are you? By right, it should be impossible for someone in your world to come in contact with such a powerful divine technique!” the voice resounded with a hint of surprise.

Long Yuyin stared blankly. What’s the Gargantuan Intent Divine Technique? Was it a cultivation technique that only Martial Ancestor Realm experts could cultivate?

Long Yuyin probably never would’ve imagined that this Gargantuan Intent Divine Technique was something that not even a Martial Ancestor Realm expert could come within a hair’s breadth of reaching!

“Indeed, I have understandings towards it. I wonder who this Senior might be…?” Nie Li probed.

“I can see through the thoughts of this little girl. It looks like she’s deeply attached to you. However, I cannot see your thoughts. Your soul realm is unfathomable and deep. But your cultivation is only that of a Heavenly Star Realm. What is this?” The voice was filled with confusion. “With your strength, you were actually able to make the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting yours!”

Nie Li faintly smiled. It wasn’t unusual that the expert couldn’t see through his soul realm. That expert probably never thought that Nie Li was someone who’d arrived here by travelling through space and time.

“Let’s not think about that for the time being. Brat, I want to ask you. Why are you buying so many Sky Origin Divine Clan experts?” That voice was deep with a trace of severity.

Nie Li’s heart shook. Could this expert be related to the Sky Origin Divine Clan?

Weren’t all of the Sky Origin Divine clansmen sealed inside the Endless Wilderness?

“Reply to Senior. I deeply respect the clansmen of the Sky Origin Divine Clan. Therefore, I wish to bring them out of the Endless Wilderness!” Nie Li explained.

The voice turned cold. “I don’t believe you. Young man, you’re lying!”

Nie Li went silent for a brief moment and spoke again, “I know that it’s hard for Senior to believe me. Let me explain it this way. The Sky Origin Divine Clan and I have a common enemy. I can lead these clansmen and make them much stronger, so that they can aid me in dealing with that person!”

“Common enemy! Hahaha! Hilarious. What common enemy would you both have?” The voice coldly laughed.

“Regardless of whether Senior believes me or not, this is the truth.” Nie Li said solemnly.

That voice went silent for a long moment, as if it was weighing the truth in Nie Li’s words.

Nie Li noticed that the voice had gone silent, so he tried to probe again. “I wonder how I should address this Senior?”

The voice hesitated for a moment, then replied, “Tian Yuan! In the outside world, I am known as Emperor Tian Yuan!”

“Emperor Tian Yuan?” Nie Li’s heart trembled. He never expected to meet a figure of legend in a place like this. But something was amiss; Emperor Tian Yuan should be long dead. What was speaking to him right now might only a remnant intent of the original Emperor Tian Yuan!