Chapter 422 - Master-Slave Contract

Chapter 422 - Master-Slave Contract

Perhaps because of how intense the sunlight was in the Endless Wilderness, clansmen of the Sky Origin Divine Clan had tanned black skin. They had mysterious tattoos on their bodies and along with their exceptionally long limbs, it was easy to recognize them.

At this moment, a group of Sky Origin Divine Clan’s clansmen was having an intense argument with a luxuriously dressed merchant.

The amount of people looking at the commotion increased in numbers, but the majority of them coldly looked from the sidelines.

Nie Li stood among this group of people and could clearly hear their argument.

The two clansmen of the Sky Origin Divine Clan that stood in the front were roughly in their forties to fifties. They were flushed with anger and their eyes were as round as a ball. Behind them was a bunch of Sky Origin Divine Clan youngsters. They were roughly 16-17 years old, with dull and desolate eyes.

“We will definitely not agree to your terms. We’ve made so many transactions before and they were all valued by their cultivations. Thirty thousand spiritual stones, nothing more than that. If you guys aren’t selling, then forget it!” Said a fat middle-aged merchant indifferently.

“We’re the Sky Gold Tribe of the Sky Origin Divine Clan. Our tribesmen are all the most outstanding warriors among the clan. These are the most outstanding youths among our clan’s younger generation. You can’t judge their value based on cultivation like in the past!” The two Sky Origin’s clansmen argued, not willing to give in.

Hushed whispering could be heard from the crowd.

“Those clansmen of the Sky Origin Divine Clan are greedy and insatiable. Thirty thousand spiritual stones for one is already a high price and they’re actually still not satisfied with it!”

“If this kind of practice is encouraged, the price would only be more expensive to purchase a Sky Origin Divine Clan slave in the future!”

These merchants from various places were here for the clansman of Sky Origin Divine Clan. Naturally, they would stand on that middle-aged merchant’s side.

As long as they had the money, they wouldn’t have to worry about not being able to buy a Sky Origin Divine Clan slave. Because there were several small towns around the border, there would be a large amount of Sky Origin Divine Clan slaves for sale on a daily basis. Afterall, there weren’t that many rich and powerful people that could offer thirty thousand spiritual stones for a Sky Origin Divine Clan slave.

Nie Li looked at those skinny and boney clansmen of the Sky Origin Divine Clan and couldn’t help sighing in his heart. They were once the most powerful fighting clan in the Draconic Ruins Realm that possessed unrivalled glory, and controlled a matchless and enormous kingdom. Now, they had fallen to such a stage. Arguing to the point of having their faces flushed with anger to compete over the price of their own clansmen. They had lost their glory long ago.

Nie Li wasn’t someone that would feel compassionate for others. But thinking about the Sky Origin Divine Clan that had fallen to such stage because of the confrontation against the Sage Emperor, and yet, not getting any respect from other clans at all, he couldn’t help letting out a sigh.

The Sage Emperor had sealed the endless Time and Space, intending to refine the few hundred realms, with the Draconic Ruins Realm included. Whereas the people of the Draconic Ruins Realm were unknown of this matter and were still having an internal strife with one another.

Thinking of all his experience from his previous life, Nie Li couldn’t help feeling depressed in his heart.

“Where are those two merchants from?”

“You don’t know? Those are from the Dragonbreath Chamber. They are in control of half of the slave transaction shares. That horse-faced middle-aged man is the Vice President of the chamber. It’s impossible for the Sky Origin Divine Clan’s clansmen to discuss price with them. In these few towns, no average person is willing to offend the Dragonbreath Chamber!”

Hearing this, Nie Li looked over and saw a middle-aged man with an arrogant expression, holding his hands behind his back. This should be the Vice-President of the Dragonbreath Chamber that those people were talking about.

Since it turned out that there’s a chance for him to purchase some clansmen of the Sky Origin Divine Clan, Nie Li definitely wouldn’t let such a chance go. Those few youths of the Sky Origin Divine Clan should be at 1-stage Dao of Dragon Realm. Furthermore, their talents were pretty good.

Nie Li forced his way through the crowd.

The leading clansman of the Sky Origin Divine Clan said in resentment, “President Lin, we just wish for a fair price. These few youths are the geniuses among our tribes. If it wasn’t for us landing in such a predicament, we would definitely not be willing to let them become slaves!”

“Fair price? Our price is already fair enough! If anyone is willing to offer a higher price than us, you can sell them to them!” Said a middle-aged man wearing silver luxurious clothing.

The Dragonbreath Chamber’s President Lin said nothing.

“Thirty thousand spiritual stones, that’s the price for ordinary 1-stage Dao of Dragon Realm!”

“They only possess the cultivation of 1-stage Dao of Dragon Realm. You claim that they are geniuses, but who knows if they can reach 2-stage Dao of Dragon Realm in their lifetimes?”

“Forget it! If you’re unwilling to make a transaction, you can find someone else that would offer a higher price!” The few merchants under President Lin said one after another with icily arrogant expressions.

Nie Li had guessed that they’re probably certain that no one would be willing to offend the Dragonbreath Chamber by offering a higher price!

The two clansmen of the Sky Origin Divine Clan had despair and wrath flashing through the depths of their eyes. However, there was nothing that they could do. As for those Sky Origin Divine Clan youths behind them, they all had their fists tightly clenched with tears flickering in their eyes. Being sold off like pigs, it’s definitely a huge humiliation to them!

Those two clansmen of the Sky Origin Divine Clan looked over at the people that were watching the exchange from the sideline; however, everyone turned their heads away in disdain. No one bothered to help them.

Is this a joke? Who’s willing to offend the Dragonbreath Chamber because of a few Sky Origin Divine Clan slaves?

“I offer fifty thousand spiritual stones for one, I’ll take all you have!” Nie Li’s calm voice sounded from the crowd.

In a split second, everyone had directed their shocking gazes towards Nie Li.

Even President Lin of the Dragonbreath Chamber revealed a displeased expression with his brows knitted together. He clearly didn’t expect there to be some ignorant fool coming out and going against their Dragonbreath Chamber.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, the two clansmen of the Sky Origin Divine Clan exchanged a glance and hesitated for a brief moment. Thereafter, they made up their mind.

Nie Li offered fifty thousand, it’s still much better compared to the Dragonbreath Chamber, which only offered thirty thousand!

With so many people present, only Nie Li was willing to increase the price.

Nie Li’s gaze fell onto those youths behind the two clansmen of the Sky Origin Divine Clan. There was a total of six Sky Origin Divine Clan youths. Although they were skinny and didn’t have any spirit, Nie Li felt the auras being emitted from them were still very powerful.

“This is three hundred thousand spiritual stones!” Nie Li waved his right hand and threw an interspatial ring.

One of the clansmen caught Nie Li’s interspatial ring and, thereafter, glanced inside and nodded towards the clansman next to him.

They never expected Nie Li to be so straightforward. Generally, transactions would require them to conclude the contract first, but Nie Li had actually threw out three hundred thousand spiritual stones so easily.

“This is their Master-Slave Contract!” One of the clansmen passed the six Master-Slave Contracts over to Nie Li.

Nie Li took took them and lightly smiled.

When Nie Li had completed the transaction, a cold voice sounded out.

“Brother, it doesn’t seem too right for you to do this!” It was the voice of President Lin and, judging from his tone, he seemed displeased.