Chapter 411 - Opportunity?

Chapter 411 - Opportunity?

Nie Li devoured the area’s Heavenly Energy like a strange mythological beast.

The weather within the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting turned unstable.

Xiao Yu sensed the alarming fluctuations in Heavenly Energy and was deeply shocked. Nie Li’s cultivation progress was indeed amazing. It was hard for her to imagine just how high his cultivation might reach.

But she didn’t want to be left in the dust, so she shut her eyes and began her own cultivation. Within her mind, a distant voice sounded.

Guided by the voice, her consciousness gradually faded into a sleep-like state.

Time slowly flowed on within the painting.

Gu Clan

Eighth Elder, Gu Bai’s secret chamber

Gu Bei smiled to the elder. “Eighth Uncle, I’d like to hear your opinion on the things I’ve discussed with you. I’ve heard that Gu Heng has been treating you so-so, and that the only ones he relies more on are the third and sixth uncles!”

The white-robed elder before him was the eighth elder of the Gu Clan, Gu Bai.

Gu Bai narrowed his eyes as he scrutinised Gu Bei. “Gu Bei, you went too far when you destroyed others’ Deity’s Lakes. Even if it was for the Patriarch competition, you can’t simply destroy everything that belongs to your opponent, and leave him without a path to live. Gu Heng now wants to impeach you. And I, as the Eighth Elder of the Gu Clan, must stand for the justice of the younger generations!”

Gu Bei spat inwardly. Gu Bai was someone who treasured benefits more than relationships. Who knows how many benefits Gu Heng had already given him.

But even with those thoughts in his heart, Gu Bei smiled on the outside. “I’m well aware that Elder Gu Bai has high principles. But that’s simply a one-sided story from Gu Heng. All I did was steal his Deity’s Lake. You can’t blame someone else for his incompetence!”

Gu Bai lightly tapped his fingers against the table and asked, “What are you talking about?”

“I know that Gu Heng has visited Eighth Uncle before. I ask you not to believe in his words. Here is some meager gifts that I have prepared for Eighth Uncle; please accept them. Since this matter seems to be settled, I’ll leave my respects personally!” Gu Bei brought out a cloth sack, pushed it towards Gu Bai, and cupped his hands.

The corner of Gu Bai’s mouth twitched in disdain. “What does nephew Gu Bei mean by this?” With a move of his right hand, dozens of spiritual stone essences and a Grade 6 artifact revealed themselves.

At the sight of this, Gu Bai’s brows twitched. As an elder of his rank, his total assets only amounted to a few hundred thousand spiritual stones. The dozens of spiritual stone essences that Gu Bei had handed over were equal to several tens of thousands. The Grade 6 artifact alone was equal to half his assets!

“I heard that cousin Gu Heng gave Eighth Uncle a few thousand spiritual stones. That’s too stingy. As long as the Eighth Uncle supports me to the end, I’ll certainly prepare a most generous gift!” Gu Bei smiled. “I heard that Eighth Uncle has had difficulties in cultivation and needed a large amount of cultivation resources. If there’s anything I could possibly do to aid you, please speak!”

Gu Bai laughed. “What is nephew Gu Bei talking about? As your uncle, of course I wouldn’t shirk from your matters!”

“Good. With these words from Eighth Uncle, I’ll be relieved!” Gu Bei stood up. “I must head over the Ninth Uncle’s place. By your will, I’ll take my leave!”

“Very well. Take care!” Gu Bai stood up, saw Gu Bei all the way to the door, and watched as Gu Bei’s silhouette faded away. Then, he turned back, glimpsed into the cloth bag on the table, and murmured to himself, “I never imagined that Gu Bei could have such an imposing presence. Gu Heng, Gu Heng, it’s not that I don’t want to help you, but how could you possibly win against Gu Bei?”

Gu Teng stood beside Gu Bei and spoke softly in his ear. “Young Master, did Gu Bai listen to your request?”

“Gu Bai values benefits over relationships, a rat to the end. As long as I give him something, I refuse to believe he won’t follow!” Gu Bei smiled. All these years in the Gu Clan had given him a good grasp on the elders’ characters. “Gu Heng is vicious and cunning. ‘Birds of a feather flock together’; those elders that supported him aren’t good people, either. We’ll bring them down, one by one!”

Together, they went to another elder.

Gu Heng’s Courtyard

A servant hurried in. “Report! Gu Bei has just finished his visit to the Eighth Elder and is now heading towards the Ninth!”

Gu Heng snorted disdainfully, “Gu Bei thought he could gain their support just by paying them a visit? He’s too naive! Those elders have done business with me for over ten years, and I’ve been sending gifts every year. Gu Bei thought he could overturn that with just one visit? That’s impossible!”

Gu Heng paused for a brief moment, then ordered, “Continue watching Gu Bei!”

“Yes sir!” the servant nodded and backed down.

Within the Gu Clan, quiet shifts were in the works.

Most of the Gu Clan’s elders were neutral. They didn’t bother themselves with the affairs of daily life and instead chose to focus on cultivation. Those who stood firmly with Gu Heng were only few in number.

If Gu Bei didn’t have huge support from someone like Nie Li, then there would’ve been nothing he could do. But with Nie Li behind him, Gu Bei could charge ahead without worries. Nie Li had already given him enough spiritual stones to last several years.

It was hard to imagine where Nie Li had amassed his fortune from. It was probably related to the Deity’s Roots he’d obtained. Gu Bei had some ideas, but he didn’t press Nie Li for details. If Nie Li wanted him to know, then he’d naturally tell him.

Dragonseal Family

Long Tianming was seated on a chair with a grey-robed elder beside him. They were listening to a servant’s report.

That elder had bushy brows, ashen-grey skin, and cold eyes that shined with a piercing chill.

The elder shook his head and sighed, “The Demon League’s recent growth is truly shocking. In my opinion, I don’t believe that Gu Heng can stand up to Gu Bei!”

Long Tianming responded in a firm tone, “He’s just a piece of trash, if he can’t even handle the likes of Gu Bei. I’ve wasted my efforts in nurturing him!”

The elder agreed with knitted brows, “Gu Heng is a key part to our plans in controlling the Gu Clan. We can’t allow him to lose to Gu Bei so easily. Otherwise, all our planning will go to waste! But Gu Heng also cannot proceed with his current assets!”

“I recently took a trip to the Void Illusionary Divine Palace and returned with an ample harvest. Here are thirty thousand spiritual stones. I request elder to deliver them to Gu Heng. Gu Heng might still spoil our plans in the end, but at least he’ll buy us some time! Then, when the time is ripe, we’ll turn Gu Bei into a cripple, just like his sister!” Long Tianming smiled as a cold light flashed across his eyes.

The grey-robed elder looked at him in surprise. “Oh? Could Tianming have acquired some sort of opportunity from this trip to the Void Illusionary Divine Palace?”

“No, I didn’t receive any opportunity. Just a lot of spiritual stones.” Long Tianming’s eyes flashed with a strange light as he smiled.