Chapter 410 - Fate Star

Chapter 410 - Fate Star

The power of the Primordial Bloodline surged through Nie Li’s meridians like scorching lava, bubbling as it flowed.

The burning energy travelled throughout his limbs and meridians.

The power of the Demon Blood Sacrifice strengthened Nie Li’s cultivation.

Within his soul realm, the fate star at the center of his nine fate souls began shining with a dazzling light. Nie Li felt as though his entire body was exploding, over and over. Every part of his body glowed with that starlight, as if it was ready to detonate.

Each person’s body contains millions upon millions of units, each of which harbors boundless energy.

Under the shine of that starlight, the energies within those units began showing signs of breaking out.

Nie Li abruptly opened his eyes as a vast energy surged out. His aura soared as the fate star shined ever brighter, until its light covered the nine fate souls.

1-stage Heavenly Star Realm!

His cultivation had surged by several notches, compared to before.

Most people who’d just reached the 1-stage Heavenly Star Realm would be impatient to consolidate their cultivations. But Nie Li wasn’t the same as them. He injected his Heavenly Energy into his fate star, which began glowing brighter and brighter. Stimulated by that fate star, the energy within his body’s units surged even more violently.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Nie Li’s strength raged as if it wanted to explode.

However, he knew that with the Primordial Bloodline of the Demon Clan, his body wouldn’t break so easily. He continued pushing his fate star.

If he missed this chance, he wouldn’t get another one!

He continued mobilising his Heavenly Energy to stimulate his fate star while practising the [Heavenly God]’s second stage mental cultivation technique at the same time.

“The body of the formless comes from the depths of the heart, which is equally formless...” Nie Li contemplated these lines over and over again as he incited the power of the Demon Blood Sacrifice to refine his physical body.

As Nie Li was cultivating, an indistinct intent fell onto him.

The intent softly lauded, “To possess such a treasure as the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, while cultivating a supreme technique, and holding the power of the Demon Blood Sacrifice... This person really aren’t simple.”

It’d be hard to find another Heavenly Star Realm with such luck!

“Too bad, your physical body is mine, now!” the intent laughed as he turned into a streak of cold light and shot towards Nie Li.

Just when that cold light was about to reach Nie Li, Nie Li suddenly opened his eyes and vanished.

The cold light landed on empty space. As it stopped and tried to sense Nie Li’s location, he reappeared several meters away.

Nie Li observed the intent. “So, I’ve finally found you.”

Even though he’d been cultivating, he’d also been paying close attention to everything inside the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

Nie Li finally laid eyes on his opponent: a cyan mist with no physical form to speak of.

The mist said languidly, “I didn’t think you’d be on guard against me, even during cultivation! It looks like I’ve underestimated you!”

It was the voice of the Void Illusionary Divine Palace!

Nie Li had also taken the intent of the palace into his painting!

“You didn’t just underestimate me; you’ve made a fatal mistake. You shouldn’t have entered the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting. The space within here is my domain!” Nie Li lightly smiled. The painting had already become a part of Nie Li’s existence; everything inside was under his control.

“Even if the painting is your domain, you still don’t know what I am! You can’t catch me!” the intent proudly announced.

Nie Li tried to restrict his opponent with the power of the painting, but to his dismay, he discovered that the intent felt like nothing. He could sense it, but he couldn’t restrict it.

“This may be your domain, but I can come and go as I wish. It’s as if it’s my domain! You’ve also made a huge mistake by moving the Void Illusionary Divine Array and the palace into the painting. The space within the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting may be your domain, but the palace is my domain. What could you possibly do to me?” the intent laughed. “So what if I failed this time? It’s not a big deal. I still have another chance, and one fine day, I’ll succeed!”


The intent vanished once again.

Nie Li saw it clearly this time. The intent had entered the palace.

He attempted to scan the palace, but quickly realised that his intent was being blocked out.

The corner of Nie Li’s mouth twitched into a smile. Did the Void Illusionary Divine Palace’s intent really think it was safe in there? Right now, Nie Li was only a Heavenly Star Realm, so, of course, he couldn’t touch it. But he wasn’t going to be a Heavenly Star forever. Once he grew strong enough… did that intent really think it could still hide from him?

Nie Li paid it no attention as he sat down and continued to cultivate.

In the Void Illusionary Divine Palace

The intent watched with a sinking feeling as Nie Li sat down and began cultivating. After all, it was only an intent; it could never win in an actual fight against Nie Li. But he also hadn’t expected Nie Li to take so many precautions.

It originally planned to provoke Nie Li to attack the palace; but Nie Li hadn’t fallen for that.

That guy was only a human, fifteen or sixteen years old. So why was he so difficult to deal with?

Nie Li continued cultivating. As of now, he was no longer aware of the flow of time.

He incited the Demon Blood Sacrifice to strengthen his physical body. Suddenly, Nie Li opened his eyes. Three gold spiritual stone essences floated around him, then exploded, releasing a violent rush of Heavenly Energy into his body.

Immediately, the space around Nie Li swirled into a massive vortex. All the Heavenly Energy within the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting surged and gathered towards him.

It was as if a mythical beast was swallowing everything.

The flow of Heavenly Energy stirred up a huge gale that rustled the trees beneath him. The few demon beasts that lived in the area were frightened and fled in all directions.

Those three pieces of gold spiritual stone essence served as a lure. Nie Li began devouring the Heavenly Energy with a fervid appetite. His soul realm ballooned in size.

The Heavenly Energy continued to swell.

It continued to feed that fate star.


In the space right next the first fate star, a second one lit up.

Nie Li’s brows twitched. He didn’t think it’d be that quick. In his previous life, he’d spent two years between his first and second fate stars; in this life, it’d taken only a brief moment. But it made sense. Even though he possessed the Temporal Demon Spirit Book in his previous life, it wasn’t an object that could aid his cultivations. Plus, his old cultivation techniques hadn’t been that powerful either.

But this life was different. Aside from the [Heavenly God] cultivation technique, he had the Demon Blood Sacrifice, the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting, and various other treasures. On top of that, he had rare cultivating materials, like gold spiritual stone essences. So, of course, his cultivation speed wouldn’t be the same as back then.