Chapter 41 - Shen Fei

Chapter 41 - Shen Fei

If Chen Linjian is reluctant to give up on treasures and continue to explore the underground palace, then their situation would be very dangerous.

Fortunately, Chen Linjian is a decisive person.

When they returned to the stone fort, Huyan Lanruo's tears flowed non-stop when she saw Nie Li.

"Nie Li, you're back. That's great!" said Huyan Lanruo as she threw herself towards Nie Li, tightly hugging him. That rich chest of hers was tightly attached onto Nie Li's chest.

"Thanks for sacrificing yourself to save me! Otherwise, I would probably have ended up in the stomach of that Giant Blue Armed Ape!" Huyan Lanruo with her face flushed red, lovingly looking at Nie Li.

"I'm about to be strangled to death by you! Let go of me!"

Nie Li face palmed. Huyan Lanruo was showering her love at the wrong party. The reason why he sacrificed himself to block that Giant Blue Armed Ape was because he wanted to let Ye Ziyun get to safety, not her!

Seeing Nie Li's distressed look, Ye Ziyun couldn't help laughing. Nie Li didn't even care about a beauty like Huyan Lanruo throwing herself to him. His brain is seriously jammed. However, seeing Huyan Lanruo closely clinging onto Nie Li, Ye Ziyun's heart slightly felt sour, and she lightly snorted.

"It's the Dark Guild!" Chen Linjian's men shockingly said, sucking in a cold lump of air.

Chen Linjian looked towards the outside of the stone fort and saw several black robed people appearing in their sight. With his face colour slightly changed, he lowered his voice and said, "This way!"

Chen Linjian brought the group into the dense forest behind the stone fort.

"Be careful! Do not leave any trace!"

Under the threats of Dark Guild, the group frantically ran, skimming quickly. They all knew that the consequences would be dire if they were caught by the Dark Guild.

Nie Li glanced behind them, pondering in his heart. Although it's just a face to face meet, Nie Li had already remembered the aura of the leader. The leader had also seen his face. Therefore, even if he returned to Glory City, he still had to be very careful. Otherwise, if he is recognized, he'd be targeted.

Other than the Sacred Family, there is also the Dark Guild constantly threatening Glory City. There's a sense of urgency building up within Nie Li's heart. He has to enhance his strength as fast as possible. Otherwise, when the danger arrives, he won't even have the strength to protect himself.

After obtaining the Shadow Devil Spirit Lamp, he has to quickly enhance his cultivation to Silver rank. After integrating with the Shadow Devil, he will have the capabilities to protect himself.

Silver rank may be extremely difficult to reach for ordinary people, but for Nie Li, it's not that difficult.

Until Nie Li and bunch return to the Glory City, those people from the Dark Guild did not manage to catch up to them. Only then, everyone felt relieved.

The news of Chen Linjian's group returning was quickly spread across Glory City. What’s even more shocking is the harvest of Chen Linjian and his group. There are lots of treasures that are very shocking. A grand auction was held and many of Chen Linjian's harvest was sold at a high price.

The enthusiasm of Glory City was fired up. Many people began to travel to the Ancient Orchid City Ruins with hopes of getting some harvest of their own.

The storm did not have any relation to Nie Li. He got the Shadow Devil Spirit Lamp that he coveted after, and also, unexpectedly, gained a remnant page of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book. The harvest he gained on this trip were far beyond his expectations.

At the same time, there was other news which left Nie Li deeply thinking. He heard that before Chen Linjian and bunch returned to Glory City, Shen Yue had already returned. Furthermore, there wasn't anyone that returned with Shen Yue.

This is a little bit too strange!

With Shen Yue's strength alone, how is it possible for him to pass through all the dangerous areas and return to Glory City?

Thinking back to when they found those people from the Dark Guild in the Ancient Orchid City Ruins, Nie Li suddenly thought of one possibility. Perhaps, there is some secret associating between the Sacred Family and Dark Guild. He should have thought of this earlier on.

The various signs about the Sacred Family in the previous life and their betrayal towards Glory City all showed that they had long ago forsaken their responsibility as guardians of Glory City. If that is so, then they have high chances of colluding with the Dark Guild.

In his previous life, Nie Li did not have much knowledge about the Dark Guild. It's said that the Dark Guild has built a base within the St. Ancestral Mountains, in an extremely secretive and safe location.

Perhaps when the Sacred Family betrayed Glory City in his previous life, they decided to go over to the Dark Guild. Otherwise, where else could they have gone to?

Damn it! Why did he just now realise it?!

Nie Li tightly clenched his fists, exposing the veins on his arms. The day Glory City fell, he saw his family die by the claws of the demon beasts with his own eyes. Afterwards, he was together with the survivors from Glory City and entered the Endless Desert where he saw Ye Ziyun die before him and cause him to drift around the Divine Continent like a nomad.

A light flashed across Nie Li's eyes. Whether if it's the Sacred Family or the Dark Guild, they have to be destroyed!

Holy Orchid Institute, Library

After Nie Li returned, he once again concentrated on training together with Du Ze, Lu Piao, and the others.

After returning, Nie Li's cultivation had grown leaps and bounds daily. That remnant page of Temporal Demon Spirit Book continuously played it's part non-stop, operating Nie Li's soul realm.

With the operation of his soul realm, his soul force slowly grew.

Three days later, with the help of many Purple Haze Grass and elixirs, Nie Li's cultivation had finally reached 2-star Bronze rank.

If they could reach 3-star Bronze rank before the exams in two months time, and exposing it during the exams, then Nie Li and bunch would be able to gain high-level attention from the institute, and be treated as geniuses to culture. No matter if it's the principal of Holy Orchid Institute or the higher levels of Glory City, everyone would have high attention towards geniuses. Once Nie Li had been identified to be a genius, the Sacred Family would not be able to touch him easily.

There is still plenty of time until the test in two months. Nie Li has more than enough time.

Aside from Nie Li, Du Ze, Lu Piao and other's cultivation had also raised leaps and bounds.

At this moment, Shen Yue is no longer within Nie Li's eyes. As time passes, Shen Yue will realise that his distance with Nie Li will grow larger and larger, and finally, out of his reach.

At this moment, a message was spreading wildly across the institute.

"Did you know? Miss Huyan Lanruo has been looking for Nie Li daily in the Fighter Apprentice Class!"

"Have you heard? Miss Huyan Lanruo publicly announced that she wants to chase Nie Li, and ended up having conflicts with Miss Xiao Ning'er.”

"You know? Miss Huyan Lanruo and Miss Xiao Ning'er fought over a boy! And I heard that the boy is student from the Fighter Apprentice Class!"

The news became more and more outrageous, not knowing if it's even true.

Gossip was crazily spread across the whole institute. After all, matters about two girls snatching for one guy is quite rare. Further more, the key is that it's Huyan Lanruo and Xiao Ning'er. Both of them are beauties rarely found in the Holy Orchid Institute. Such talented ladies. If the one they are after is a genius, then it's fine. However, the one that the both of them are after, turns out to be a Fighter Apprentice Class's student. This caused everyone to be astonished.

Recently, Nie Li has been in the limelight. First, he discredited the Sacred Family. Next he provoked his teacher. Thereafter, news about the Sacred Family wanting to kill him came out, and now, two beauty are after him. This simply caused Nie Li to become a well-known throughout the whole academy.

Huyan Lanruo visited the library in Holy Orchid Institute a couple of times and was dodged by Nie Li. It's said that afterwards, everyday when school is dismissed, Huyan Lanruo will be guarding the academy gate, waiting for Nie Li.

"Nie Li, if the school's law enforcing team finds out that you have been climbing the wall out, the consequences won't be good!" Lu Piao said, laughing as he looked at Nie Li.

Nie Li had a bitter look and said, "If I were to leave by the gate, I will run into that crazy woman. Troublesome!"

"Nie Li, honestly tell us, how did you mess with that Miss Huyan Lanruo?" Lu Piao asked, simply because he was jealous, envious, and hated Nie Li. Being pursued by a beauty like Huyan Lanruo, and Nie Li still acting too indifferent, caused Lu Piao to be speechless. If it's Lu Piao, there would be no need to be pursued by Huyan Lanruo, he'd send himself to her door. Not to mention Huyan Lanruo's temptation. Just touching that heavy chest of hers alone would be exciting. If Nie Li did not tell them about him liking Ye Ziyun, they would no doubt think that Nie Li likes men.

"I didn't even mess with her... This woman is simply ridiculous!" Nie Li said with a bitter smile.

"No choice then. It seems that we have to climb the wall out with you from today onwards," Du Ze laughed as he shrugged his shoulders. He did not bother himself with all this gossip, he only wanted to focus on training, and change his family's fate. And Nie Li gave him the chance to do so, therefore, he would serve Nie Li with his life.

At this moment, a few people with badges a good distance away shouted, "Hey, which class do you belong to? What are you doing here? Hold up!"

Nie Li and bunch gave a glance towards each other. *shu shu shu* Six figure flew over the walls of Holy Orchid Institute and bolted away.

Holy Orchid Institute, Talented Genius Class

A few students are currently gathered together.

"Haha! Shen Fei, heard that your fiancée fought with Huyan Lanruo over a guy. Is that true?" ridiculed a valiant, tall sixteen-seventeen year old teenager as he walked over, and began to laugh.

The Holy Orchid Institute's Genius class was divided into several groups, and the relationship between the groups was not very harmonious. This guy is called Ye Hong, a family cousin of Ye Ziyun's. He is still rather prestigious in the Genius class, with a group of people following him. Usually, he's enemies with Shen Fei.

Hearing Ye Hong's words, Shen Fei tightly clenched his fist, almost squeezing the blood out of his palm. Although this hasn't been confirmed for it's authenticity. But even so, regarding this crazy gossip within the Holy Orchid Institute made Shen Fei the most humiliated one!

"I heard from my sister that that girl doesn't like you. In that case, why force them? Just let her free, so that you avoid becoming a cuckold one day!" Ye Hong laughed. He's a family cousin of Ye Ziyun's, therefore, he has heard a thing or two about Xiao Ning'er's issue. Under Ye Ziyun's influence, he has been opposing Shen Yue in the class whenever he can.

Although Shen Fei is depressed, he wondered why Ye Hong pester him all the time. However, he doesn’t have no choice. Ye Hong's identity is firmly pressing him down. Therefore, even with how furious he is, he still avoided direct confrontation with Ye Hong.

However, regarding this matter, Shen Fei could not endure it any longer. He snorted, "No one can snatch my woman. If I can't get it, then others can dream on having it!"