Chapter 40 - Shadow Devil Spirit Lamp

Chapter 40 - Shadow Devil Spirit Lamp

Chen Linjian and bunch reached the military ground. This is a flat military ground, which usually made it uneasy for it to be noticeable.

"Dig three feet down!"

Chen Linjian's men began retrieving their tools and started digging.

Underground Palace

"Nie Li, where is the exit?" Ye Ziyun asked. They had been searching around for two days, but have yet to find where the exit is.

"There is no exit," Nie Li shook his head saying, "If there was an exit, those people would not have been trapped to death in the main hall."

"No exit?" Ye Ziyun was stunned for a moment, and sadly asked, "Then, we won't be able to get out?"

"Not necessary. Those people from the hall came from outside, which means that the people from outside can dig an exit out. We can only hope that Chen Linjian will be able to help us dig an exit out. If I'm correct, the exit should be at the military ground area," Nie Li lightly smiled and said, "They will definitely find the place!"

"How can you be so sure that he will definitely find the place?" Ye Ziyun asked back. Nie Li seems to be extremely confident, as though everything was in his grasp. He even stubbornly thinks that Ye Ziyun will fall for him. If everything goes as he expects, then isn't he an almighty god?

Just when Ye Ziyun finished talking, the stone wall suddenly slightly trembled.

"It has begun!" Nie Li lightly smiled. He can determine the location of the exit base on the source of the tremor, he turned and said to Ye Ziyun, "Lets go!"

After speaking, Nie Li began to walk.

Ye Ziyun opened her mouth, not knowing how to evaluate. Nie Li is simply a monster! How can he know everything? Would there be one day where she will really become his girlfriend? Ye Ziyun could not tell what she is currently feeling. Her cheeks slightly heated up and she lowered her head in silence.

Dong dong dong!

Chen Linjian and bunch's mining operation is still rather huge!

"So the exit is there!" Nie Li said together with Ye Ziyun. Both of them went towards the direction of the source of the sound and finally stopped in front of a stone wall. He examined the wall for awhile, the stone wall should be a hidden door. Before, when they passed by here, they did not realise anything.

Nie Li placed his hands onto the stone wall and slowly pushed inwards.

Rumble rumble rumble!

The stone wall slowly turned. A huge stone chamber appeared in front of Nie Li and Ye Ziyun.

Within the stone chamber, there's a staircase connecting upwards. However, the exit has been blocked by some huge stones, and behind it came a burst of tinkling sounds. There should be someone trying to break open the entrance.

The things in the stone chamber left Nie Li and Ye Ziyun in a state of shock.

This place was filled with all sorts of bronze and silver armours. There are even a large amount of inscription scrolls, demon crystals, furs and horn-type materials. It was also full of precious metals and piles of gold coins, which was naturally the currencies of the Sacred Empire.

There are also many unknown valuables which should be precious treasures of the Sacred Empire.

If someone obtained these treasures and brought it back to Glory City to sell it, they would definitely make a fortune out of it!

"Ziyun, go pick some stuff!" Nie Li looked at Ye Ziyun and said. The amount of treasures here is too much. Their interspatial rings could not contain all these things. And if they were to clear all the treasures here, it's inevitable that Chen Linjian and bunch will have some comments about it.

Nie Li isn't greedy, he only wants to take the stuff that he wants and leave the rest.

Nie Li's gaze fell onto a stone platform. At the top of the platform, a lamp was blinking with light, and the light was filled with mystery.

Upon seeing this lamp, Nie Li's face was filled with joy. It's really a Shadow Devil Spirit Lamp!

Shadow Devil is an extremely rare and mysterious demon beast. It's said that when the Snow Wind Empire was already extinct, only seven Shadow Devil demon spirits were left and were made into seven lamps that were placed in a temple in the Divine Continent. Later, these lamps were stolen by thieves and were leaked out throughout the world.

The reason why Nie Li cared about this Shadow Devil Spirit Lamp is because he wants the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit inside it!

After reaching Silver rank, Nie Li would be able to integrate with one demon spirit.

The <<Heavenly God Cultivation Technique>> can allow Nie Li to integrate with seven different demon spirits. Therefore, for the first spirit, Nie Li doesn't wish it to be some ordinary garbage demon spirit! However, if the spirit is too powerful, Nie Li wouldn't be able to integrate with it, hence the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit is the most suitable.

Although the Shadow Devil is not particularly strong in its fighting capability, it is the most mysterious one. It has many unique abilities, therefore, after integrating with it, even if Nie Li reached the pinnacle of cultivation, the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit can still play a powerful role.

With the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit, Nie Li would be able to learn some special martial arts!

In his previous life, the Shadow Devil Spirit Lamp ended up in Shen Yue's hands and was sold in an auction by Shen Yue. And in this life, it was taken by Nie Li.

Nie Li kept the lamp, putting it into his interspatial ring. He turned his head and saw Ye Ziyun choose several items. With the abstruse gemstone, she was not interested in any other gem related items. She only chose some demon crystals and a demon tooth anklet.

Ye Ziyun had good eyes. The few demon crystals she took were the crystals of Black Gold ranked demon beasts. Black Gold ranked demon beast are extremely rare. If those demon crystals are made into battle weapons or armour, there are chances of them ending up as a Black Gold demon weapons and armour.

As for that bone tooth anklet, it was the bone fragments of the Legend Ranked Snow Wind Giant Beast. Even though it's only bone fragments, it is also extremely rare and can greatly enhance the demon spirit force.

After picking the items, *boom* the huge stone wall next to the huge boulder had opened an entrance. Dazzling light shot into the chamber, Chen Linjian and bunch soon filled the place.

"It's you guys!" Chen Linjian said, stunned for a moment when he saw Ye Ziyun and Nie Li. He never imagined that Ye Ziyun and Nie Li would be the first things they came upon after entering.

After seeing Ye Ziyun, Chen Linjian became relieved. If anything were to happened to Ye Ziyun, even if he had some gains here, he would still have to face the anger of the City Lord and Lord Ye Mo. Since Ye Ziyun is safe, it's fine.

"Boss, we're going to be rich! There's so many treasures!"

Chen Linjian's underlings exclaimed. The treasure filled chamber caused them to be dazed.

Chu Yuan and bunch also came in and was also stunned by the scene in front of them. The stuff here was piled as high as a small mountain. A lot of the stuff here was also extremely valuable. They could sell tens of millions or even billions for it.

"Nie Li, as according to our agreement, you'll take the first pick!" Chen Linjian looked at Nie Li and said. He's someone who upholds his promise, furthermore, he values the friendship between him and Nie Li.

"I have already chosen, the rest is yours!" Nie Li lightly smiled and said. Those mountain piled treasures seems to have no temptation to him.

"I have also taken some stuff." Ye Ziyun said, "I also do not need the rest!"

Chen Linjian slightly nodded and ordered his men to fill their interspatial ring with the treasures.

Chu Yuan walked to the side of Chen Linjian, lowered his voice and said, "Young Master Chen, are you willing? The two of them have been here for so long, they definitely took a lot of good stuff! They probably took the most valuable stuff, hence they don't care about any of this stuff!"

"What are you implying?" Chen Linjian frowned his brows, staring at Chu Yuan.

Chu Yuan coldly said, "You have to call them to take everything out before leaving, the most valuable stuff was probably taken by them!"

Hearing Chu Yuan's words, Chen Linjian snorted and said, "They were here first before us, and found this place first. Even if they were to empty the whole chamber, we have nothing to say. Them leaving so much stuff for us is already humanly possible!"

"Young Master Chen, I guarantee that the stuff they have, every single one of it is priceless treasures! Don't regret it." Chu Yuan agitatedly said.

"Get lost. Don't think that I don't know what you are thinking. You have conflict with Nie Li and want to use me as proxy. Fat chance!" Chen Linjian raised his foot and kicked Chu Yuan's chin, kicking him and making him fly out.

*Peng* Chu Yuan fell face first and one of his teeth was knocked out, filling the insides of his mouth with blood.

Chu Yuan furiously raised his head and glared at Chen Linjian, but soon retracted his anger. Chen Linjian is a member of the major family, a direct descendant of the Divine Family. How can he be rampant towards Chen Linjian?

‘Nie Li, it's all your fault! I'm not letting you go so easily!’

Chen Linjian emptied the treasure room. Although Nie Li took the Shadow Devil Spirit Lamp, and Ye Ziyun also took some stuff, there is still quite a lot of valuable stuff left in there and can be sold for quite a sum. Therefore, Chen Linjian's harvest is still very good.

Chen Linjian patted on Nie Li's shoulder and said, "Brother, if it isn't you that guided me to this military ground, I wouldn't be able to gain so much stuff. This round, I, Chen Linjian owe you one. If there is anything in the future, just find me directly!"

Chen Linjian never asked anything about what Nie Li took, but only thanked him. This made Nie Li have a good impression of him in his heart. No wonder Chen Linjian managed to become the most outstanding person among the peers of the three major families.

"Okay!" Nie Li also replied straightforward, "You guys have to hurry and take the stuff, we have to quickly leave!"

"Why?" Chen Linjian curiously asked.

"I  ran into some people from the Dark Guild. They are currently looking for us!" Nie Li said, "Luckily that Spiritual grade Giant Blue Armed Ape blocked them, otherwise I wouldn't have been able to escape!"

Hearing Nie Li's words, Chen Linjian was slightly surprised. He knows what sort of people the Dark Guild has. If they were to be found out by the Dark Guild, then it will be troublesome.

"No wonder we found that Giant Blue Armed Ape injured, so that's the case!" Chen Linjian's underling said.

Fortunately that area of the Ancient Orchid City Ruins is rather large. Those people from the Dark Guild don't know of their whereabouts. They are probably looking around for them, which means they have to leave immediately.

Chen Linjian took a glance towards the underground palace's direction.

"There isn't anything there, I have already explored it." Nie Li said.

Chen Linjian nodded, turned his head facing the crowd and shouted, "Lets go!"