Chapter 370 - Reinforcements

Chapter 370 - Reinforcements

As Nie Li was laying down his inscription patterns, Gu Heng arrived with his men.

The moment Gu Heng saw Nie Li and his army gathered at the center of the Lightning Deity’s Lake, he immediately flew into a rage.

Gu Heng didn’t know what methods Nie Li was using to destroy his Deity’s Lakes, but he instantly knew what Nie Li was trying to do when he saw him standing in the middle of the Lightning Deity’s Lake. Nie Li must trying to destroy the Lightning Deity’s Lake right this moment!

Now that the Heiyun and Guyu Deity’s Lakes were gone, Gu Heng only had the Lightning Deity’s Lake left!

And now, Nie Li was preparing to take away even that!

Gu Heng went insane.

“Kill them! Slaughter them all!” Gu Heng furiously roared as he pointed the long sword in his hand towards Nie Li and his guards. With that, ten thousand people charged the Lightning Deity’s Lake, snarling as they went.

Li Xingyun led his men and formed a tight, defensive formation and said anxiously, “Nie Li, we’ll do our best to obstruct them! You need to act quickly! Gu Heng and his men are already here!”

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

An intense battle broke out. There were simply too many people on Gu Heng’s side — three to four times the number of the Heavenly Path and the Demon League members. The enemy frantically launched siege attacks towards them. Under Gu Heng’s lead, over three hundred Heavenly Axis Realm experts charged towards the Lightning Deity’s Lake.

Over at the Lightning Deity’s Lake, experts from the Heavenly Path and Demon Leagues sank into a bitter battle.

Gu Heng’s three hundred Heavenly Axis Realm experts were an unstoppable force; they slaughtered open a path in their charge towards the Lightning Deity’s Lake’s.

“Nie Li, we can’t hold them off any longer!” Gu Bei anxiously reported.

Gu Heng simply had too many Heavenly Axis Realm experts.


A bolt of lightning struck Nie Li and electricity branched in all directions.

Luckily, Nie Li was wearing a set of Grade 6 artifact armour, and a surge of protective energy rebounded the lightning. Otherwise, Nie Li would’ve been killed.

Gu Heng was utterly dejected when he realised that his lightning had no effect on Nie Li. It’s that damned Grade 6 artifact again!

“Block them!” Gu Bei urgently ordered.

A group of experts charged towards Gu Heng in an attempt to cut them off.

Nie Li attention were focused on laying down the inscription patterns. The array was quickly completed and formed a pattern of revolving light.

“Success!” Nie Li grinned. He could see the vague shape of the Deity Root floating upwards and extended his hand to grab it.

Suddenly, a curtain of dragon flames hit the inscription patterns array. With a *boom*, the array broke apart.

“What happened?” Nie Li frowned his brows for a brief moment, then realised that a few hundred meters away, one of Gu Heng’s Heavenly Axis Realm underlings had merged with a Dragon Bloodline demon spirit while fighting with the experts of the Heavenly Path League. He was the one who’d released the dragon flames.

Nie Li didn’t know if it was by accident or on purpose, but the dragon flames had destroyed his array. The emerging Deity Root hid itself back within the soil.

Nie Li quickly began rewriting the inscription patterns, trying to repair the array.

“Nie Li, we can’t hold them off anymore!” Lu Piao and the rest yelled anxiously.

The three thousand of the Heavenly Path and Demon Leagues would probably be entirely annihilated within a short amount of time!

“All of you, die!” Gu Heng showed a vicious expression as he ferociously pounced towards Nie Li. The moment right before Gu Heng’s sword landed on Nie Li, Li Xingyun flew out of nowhere.


Gu Heng’s sword hit Li Xingyun’s body and activated Li Xingyun’s protection barrier. Gu Heng’s attack was rebounded.

Gu Heng felt depressed. He had no idea where Nie Li, Li Xingyun, and the rest of those guys had gotten so many Grade 6 artifacts from. Although Gu Heng was much stronger than Li Xingyun, he still couldn’t penetrate Li Xingyun’s set of Grade 6 artifacts. Not with his own strength!

Another set of Grade 6 artifacts, another Dragon Bloodline Extraordinary Level demon spirit. The more he fought with the Heavenly Path League and the Demon League, the more frustrated he felt.

Gu Heng wasn’t frustrated with how powerful the Heavenly Path and Demon Leagues were; he was frustrated by the fact that they were just too rich!

If he had that much money, he’d be able to make such an awe-inspiring force too!

What made him even more frustrated was the fact that he didn’t know how much money his opponents actually had. They could afford to recruit six thousand people in such a short amount of time; furthermore, many of their new recruits were Heavenly Axis Realm experts. If the Demon League was allowed to fester on its own, how formidable of a force could they become?

Due to the shelter of the Divine Feathers Sect, although Gu Heng could manage to restrict the Demon League’s development to a certain degree. However, he couldn’t completely kill the Demon League’s unstoppable momentum!

“Kill him!” Gu Heng furiously barked. Six Heavenly Axis Realm experts charged at Li Xingyun.

“Protect Boss Xingyun!” the surrounding allies all gathered towards Li Xingyun.

By now, both the Heavenly Path and Demon Leagues combined had suffered over a thousand deaths. However, Gu Heng’s forces had also suffered quite a bit. So far, the total death toll was two thousand.

The members of the Heavenly Path and Demon Leagues weren’t afraid of death; they firmly blocked Gu Heng’s men with their lives on the line. Even though they were outnumbered, they had momentum. Their fighting spirits soared like a rainbow[1. This is not as weird in Chinese, we promise.]. Even though every last one of them was going to die, they were determined to take a few enemies with them. Gu Heng’s forces were all rather disheartened at the pack of suicidal wolves and tigers that they’d encountered. How could they not feel that way?

Even if a member of the Heavenly Path or Demon League died, they’d receive a reimbursement that totally covered their losses. If they managed to take one or two with them, then they’d even make a profit. So why wouldn’t they do their best?

By now, the Heavenly Path and Demon Leagues were almost wiped out. However, a wave of people suddenly appeared on the horizon and headed towards the lake like a dark cloud.

“Reinforcements from the Heavenly Path and Demon Leagues have arrived!”

Eight to nine thousand reinforcements charged towards the Lightning Deity’s Lake.

“Boss Xingyun! Boss Gu Heng! We’ve come to reinforce you guys!”

Murderous shouts filled the air.

Almost all of the Heavenly Path and Demon Leagues’ forces had been sent out. In terms of quality, they were inferior to Gu Heng’s; however, in terms of quantity, they weren’t inferior.

Gu Heng’s face turned dark at the sight of this. Since when did Heavenly Path and Demon Leagues have so many people? Even he wasn’t aware of it until now!

The Demon League had only been established a short while ago. Back then, Gu Heng didn’t place them with much regard. However, the Demon League had now grown into a full-blown threat for him. If you added the Heavenly Path League to that, then they became a force that could match evenly with the dozen or so forces that he’d managed to rope in!

Gu Heng had an urge to vomit blood. If he’d known this earlier, he would’ve poisoned Gu Bei too, and turned him into trash, just like his sister!

There were over two hundred enemy Heavenly Axis Realm experts surrounding Li Xingyun; however, hundreds of allied Heavenly Axis Realm experts suddenly rushed out from nowhere and attacked Gu Heng’s forces.

Where had those Heavenly Axis Realm experts come from? Since when did the Heavenly Path and Demon Leagues possess so many Heavenly Axis Realm experts? After all, Gu Heng had only managed to borrow two hundred for himself with great effort. Who would’ve imagined that the Heavenly Path and Demon Leagues would’ve had so many mysterious reinforcements emerging?