Chapter 369 - Taking Drastic Measures to Deal with Situation

Chapter 369 - Taking Drastic Measures to Deal with Situation

Guyu Deity’s Lake

By the time Gu Heng and his entourage arrived, the place was already empty. There wasn’t a single trace of the Guyu Deity’s Lake.

Gone again?!

Gu Heng had practically gone insane. Gu Bei really wasn’t sparing a single patch of dirt! It wasn’t just the Heiyun Deity’s Lake! Even the Guyu Deity’s Lake had been destroyed!

“They definitely left just a short while ago!” Gu Heng said hysterically. “Search the area, within a dozen kilometres. Everyone else follow me to the Lightning Deity’s Lake. We’ll slaughter them all!”

But even slaughtering Gu Bei and his friends wouldn’t be enough to dissolve Gu Heng’s hatred. Even if he killed them, they’d revive back in the Soul Hall. However, the Deity’s Lakes were gone for good!

Gu Heng clench his teeth. “Gu Bei, I’m not finished with you!”

As he thought of his destroyed Deity’s Lakes, he felt like he’d been stabbed through the heart.

Gu Heng’s forces began combing the area for traces of Nie Li and co., especially in the direction of the Lightning Deity’s Lake.

Flying on the way to the Lightning Deity’s Lake were the Demon and Heavenly Path League’s members.

Li Xingyun looked at Nie Li and said, “Gu Heng’s men have already caught up. What should we do?”

By the time they reach the Lightning Deity’s Lake and take it down, Gu Heng and his men would’ve arrived. After that, it’d probably be a fierce battle.

“No worries! Continue onwards to the Lightning Deity’s Lake. It’s Gu Heng’s last one. It’ll be worth it, even if we’re all wiped out!” said Nie Li. The destruction of all three of Gu Heng’s Deity’s Lakes would cause him to take drastic measures against them. But what were they afraid of?

“After we take his last Deity’s Lake, we’ll just sit back and watch how he keeps his footing in the outside world!” a trace of strong hatred flashed through Gu Bei’s eyes as he recalled the image of Gu Lan sitting in a wheelchair.

Gu Heng had poisoned his sister. He should’ave expected this day!

Everyone flew towards the Lightning Deity’s Lake.

At the Lightning Deity’s Lake

When Nie Li and his men arrived, they realised that something was off. There was a total of three thousand people guarding the Lightning Deity’s Lake!

Back when Gu Heng was rushing towards the Guyu Deity’s Lake, he’d had the foresight to send a portion of his force to strengthen and protect the Lightning Deity’s Lake!

Li Xingyun frowned and said, “There seems to be more people here than we expected!”

Nie Li briefly considered the situation, then said, “Escort me in!”

Even if their opponents had greater numbers, Li Xingyun and his men still shouldn’t have a problem protecting Nie Li until he reached the center of the Deity’s Lake. After Nie Li took the Deity Root, everything would be over!

“Everyone from the Heavenly Path League, listen up! Protect Brother Nie Li as he goes in!” Li Xingyun barked.

“Everyone from the Demon League heed my orders! Protect Boss Nie Li as he goes in!” Gu Bei also yelled.

By now, the Lightning Deity’s Lake’s guards had already formed a powerful defence. They eyed the Heavenly Path and Demon Leagues.

“Kill them!”

Murderous shouts filled the air as Li Xingyun, Gu Bei, Lu Piao rushed in with a group of Heavenly Axis Realm experts. Since the three of them possessed Grade 6 artifacts, so even if they encountered enemy Heavenly Axis Realm experts, they wouldn’t need to be afraid. The two sides clashed.

Nie Li and Xiao Yu followed behind and charged into the heart of the Deity’s Lake.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Xiao Yu helped Nie Li kill several Heavenly Fate Realm experts who charged towards them.

“Thanks!” Nie Li faced Xiao Yu with a bright smile.

“Hmph!” Xiao Yu’s face was dark and he turned his head away.

‘Why does Xiao Yu’s attitude remind me of a woman’s? He was even holding the grudge in the middle of a battle!’ Nie Li was speechless and he brandished the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword and shot out bolts of lightning.

*Roar!* *Roar!* *Roar!*

The experts at the very front merged with their demon spirits. Gigantic beasts appeared, one after another, and fought in the sky. Fresh blood rained, it was like a meat grinding machine as deaths occurred on both sides.

Protected by the Heavenly Axis Realm experts, Nie Li and his group quickly approached the Lightning Deity’s Lake.

“Don’t let them in! Boss Gu Heng will be here soon!” A guard wearing golden battle armour yelled as he lead a small party and charged towards Nie Li.

Nie Li’s Heavenly Axis Realm guards noticed their approach and also merged with their demon spirits.

*Roar!* *Roar!* *Roar!*

Again, massive beasts filled the sky, one after another. All of them were Extraordinary Level growth rate Dragon Bloodline demon spirits. The sinister auras of the huge beasts suppressed their opponents so much that they couldn’t breath.

The guards of the Lightning Deity’s Lake were all dumbfounded.

Dragon Bloodline God Level demon spirits were extremely precious; there were only few of them in the entire Divine Feathers Sect. Second to them were the Dragon Bloodline Extraordinary Level demon spirits. However, they were also extremely rare. There were probably only a few hundred among the younger generations of the Divine Feathers Sect and that would already be considered pretty good. Furthermore, the only ones who could obtain such demon spirits would definitely be the important members of the various families!

But now, there stood more than twenty Dragon Bloodline Extraordinary demon spirits before their eyes!

To most people, Dragon Bloodline Extraordinary Level demon spirits were next to impossible to find on the market. However, it wasn’t hard for Nie Li to obtain them.

Now that Nie Li had more powerful Deity Root, his bank of spiritual stones had already reached a frightening amount. With Gu Bei’s help, he’d used spiritual stones to purchase Dragon Bloodline Ordinary Level demon spirits, then refined them into better leveled ones.

Nie Li had given Gu Bei and Li Xingyun each fifty or sixty Dragon Bloodline Extraordinary Level demon spirits, and had pick most trustable members in the respective leagues to integrate with those demon spirits.

After their Heavenly Axis Realm experts had integrated with those demon spirits, they became even more loyal. Each of them deeply realised that joining the Demon League was definitely the right choice! How could they receive such treatment if they’d joined other forces? As for those who’d yet to receive a Dragon Bloodline Extraordinary demon spirit, Gu Bei and Li Xingyun would continue to test them.

Regardless of whether those people had joined for the benefits or had other motives, they began pouring their greatest efforts into their respective league. Now, in the fight with Gu Heng’s underlings, they fought like wolves and tigers and charged without regard for their own lives.

Over twenty Heavenly Axis Realm experts merged with their Dragon Bloodline Extraordinary demon spirits and pounced upon their enemies. The people guarding the Lightning Deity’s Lake were instantly intimidated. Was this a joke? A Heavenly Axis Realm expert was already strong enough; now they had Dragon Bloodline Extraordinary demon spirits on top of that? How were they going to fight back?

When the guards died in battle, they only received a dozen or so spiritual stones as reimbursement. So why should they risk their lives?

They’d heard the rumors, too. When a member of the Demon or Heavenly Path League dies in combat, they receive five to six times what Gu Heng gives! Furthermore, those guys were also rewarded for every kill they made!

It was really frustrating to compare themselves to their enemies!

The ones guarding the Lighting Deity’s Lake all fled.

Protected by the Heavenly Axis Realm experts, Nie Li finally reached the heart of the Lightning Deity’s Lake and began writing inscription patterns using demon blood. The patterns slowly floated down into the Lightning Deity’s Lake.