Chapter 37 - Emperor Kong Ming

Chapter 37 - Emperor Kong Ming

Within Ye Ziyun's heart, she bore a deep frustration. Being the little princess of the City Lord Mansion, as well as the Legend rank demon spiritist Ye Mo's granddaughter. She had seen many secret ancient books. Her experience was also much more profound compared to her other peers. Within her heart, she still has a little pride in her. However, comparing herself to a monster like Nie Li, she felt that she was simply too ignorant.

But it's no wonder that Ye Ziyun had this kind of thought. It's not possible to appraise Nie Li with an ordinary person's eye.

Through the cracks on the stone walls and the layout of the floor tiles, Nie Li easily distinguished where the traps were.

"This level of traps simply does not pose any difficulty!" Nie Li said, moving forward. He picked up a rock and threw it out five-six meters and *pa* it smashed onto a cyan brick.

Sou sou sou!

Dou dou dou!

Arrows were flying about at the passage in front of them like a storm. The tip of the arrows flashed with green light.

‘All the arrows were smeared with poison,’ Ye Ziyun realized, her face turning slightly pale. She can imagine what would’ve happened if they had continued moving forward, how miserable they would be if they were to accidentally activate the traps. From top to bottom, their body would’ve be nailed with arrows.

‘How did Nie Li discover where the trap was located at such a far distance?’ she asked herself.

"Okay, we can move forward now!" Nie Li said, lightly smiling as he looked towards Ye Ziyun.

Although the traps were all hidden in the darkness, Ye Ziyun had a weird feeling. As long as she followed behind Nie Li, she would be safe. Any problems that arise would not be a problem.

Seeing Nie Li's back, even though Nie Li is slightly thin, seemed to have given people a sense of security.

Ye Ziyun lowered her head and began to think of something.

‘Perhaps, being together with Nie Li might not be that bad...’

However, after a moment, she quickly shook her head to expel this kind of thinking.

‘What the heck am I thinking! Ning'er seems to have some feelings for Nie Li, and in just a few days, Huyan Lanruo expressed that she wants to chase after Nie Li. How many girls did this skirt-chaser Nie Li mess with?’

She does not believe that Nie Li only loves her!

Ye Ziyun proudly raised her head, she will not be superficial like the other girls.

The two of them continued forward, moving towards the depth of the passage.

Just as Nie Li and Ye Ziyun were exploring the passage together, outside in the jungle, "You group of wastes! You actually allowed that Giant Blue Armed Ape to run away with heavy injuries!" Yun Hua Deacon cursed his men in displeasure. Spiritual graded demon beasts have spirits within them. Even if it's only a Silver ranked demon beast, it could still be sold for hundreds of thousands of Demon Spirit coin.

In the end, six people were injured and the Giant Blue Armed Ape managed to escape.

They felt more angry towards Nie Li. If it wasn't for Nie Li who lured the Spiritual grade Giant Blue Armed Ape to them, they wouldn't be so miserable.

"Forget it, it's just a Giant Blue Armed Ape. Those children of nobility are definitely worth more than that ape! Search the place! If you guys are unable to capture even one of them, don't come back to see me!" Yun Hua Deacon shouted in anger. The group of people immediately split up and began to search the forest.

A vague fire a good distance away attracted their attention.

Fire can be used to deter demon beasts in the night, causing them to not approach. However, it also became a highly visible target in the dark.

"Why did you capture me? Who are you people?"

Hastily, several black robed men captured someone and brought him to Yun Hua Deacon.

Yun Hua Deacon laughed. The person in front of him dressed luxuriously, his identity definitely wouldn't be simple.

"Tsk tsk, this son, you have probably heard of us Dark Guild. The ones we catch are children of nobility like you. Tsk tsk. Now then, should I exchange you for money... or should I kill you?"

The one who was caught was Shen Yue.

Hearing the name Dark Guild, Shen Yue's face paled. His voice trembled, "Don't kill me! I'm a member of the Sacred Family, my family can give you lots of money!"

"The Sacred Family?" Yun Hua Deacon was slightly stunned. A faint light of disappointment flashed across his eye as he began to talk to himself. "I thought that we could make a killing, but it turns out to be a person of the vice-president. What bad luck!"

Yun Hua Deacon faced his underlings and thundered, "Continue to search!"

Shen Yue thought that the Dark Guild would make things difficult for him, but he never expected that they would totally ignore him. They had only one person watch after him. Shen Yue was relieved in his heart. It seems that the Dark Guild was still a little afraid of the Sacred Family.

He thought that the name of the Sacred Family scared those Dark Guild's men. His expression, once again, turned proud. He became totally different from the previous person who almost wet his pants.

Nie Li brought Ye Ziyun forward. Roughly about five-six hours later, Nie Li and Ye Ziyun stared at a magnificent hall from a distance away.

"So the Ancient Orchid City was built on top of this underground palace. Those upper levels of the Ancient Orchid City definitely know of this palace. Therefore, it's highly possible that they will keep all their valuables here!" Nie Li said. Judging from their current location, they should be at the bottom of the military ground.

Just as Nie Li predicted. The City Lord and the upper levels definitely hid all their valuables below the military ground.

Walking into the hall, the scene before them caused the both of them to feel deeply shocked. Bones were everywhere around this hall. There were bones of adults as well as bones of children. They were densely stacked together. It seemed like they had a painful struggle before they died.

"What happened, how could this be?" Ye Ziyun questioned as her eyes began to redden and tears began to fall down from her cheeks. She saw a lot of children huddling in a corner. The children that should be very lovable when they were alive, were all dead.

Nie Li sighed and said, "This should be the temporary refuge of the Ancient Orchid City. They moved the elderly, women and children here.They were, probably, going to get them out after the war. However, Ancient Orchid City was destroyed, therefore, these people could only be trapped here, and starved to death."

Ye Ziyun opened her mouth, revealing a painful expression.

Nie Li took a deep breath. At this moment, his heart fluttered, making it hard to calm down. Wasn't Glory City like this too, in his previous life? Before the battle began, they moved a lot of people into the refuge area. Later, when Glory City was destroyed, they were forced to shift their location. He didn’t know what happened to those elderly, woman, and children, but they had probably died in the refuge from hunger as well.

The tragic scene of Glory City being destroyed was still so clear. Nie Li clenched his fist tightly, ‘I will not let the same thing happen again!’

"I think, we should go," Ye Ziyun said, she couldn't bear to stay here any longer.

"No, we can’t go. We need to take all of the treasure here!" Nie Li firmly said. "The treasures here can enhance our strength. Once our strength is enhanced, only then can we guard Glory City. Otherwise, Glory City will become the second Ancient Orchid City!"

Hearing Nie Li's words, Ye Ziyun was stunned. A thought flashed across her mind, ‘Glory City will become the second Ancient Orchid City? Although Glory City is still rather safe, there are still demon beasts that often lurk around and even break the walls sometimes.’ Ye Ziyun's expression firmed. They have to enhance their strength at all cost. Only then can they protect Glory City. Although it's shameful to be a looter, what can it be compared to the countless lives in Glory City?

Nie Li and Ye Ziyun began to search the whole hall.

"There's a bronze armour here!"

"There are several bottles of elixirs here! It’s a pity that they have all spoilt!"

"Heavens! This is a piece of soul stone!" Ye Ziyun exclaimed, her hands coming together, and prayed for a moment. After that, she removed the soul stone from the little girl's neck. This soul stone is very delicate, tied onto a silver chain. The identity of this little girl, when she was still alive, is definitely a noble.

However, she is already dead. If this soul stone is to be given to a Gold rank expert, it might be able to assist that Gold rank expert to go even higher in his cultivation.

Nie Li also, more or less, had some harvest. In bronze armour and weapons alone he had collected a lot. There was a Silver rank dagger that was very well preserved, undamaged. Other than that, there were also demon crystals and many other valuable things. However, Nie Li has yet to find the Spiritual Lamp that he has been searching for.

Nie Li's gaze fell to the center of the hall. At the center of the hall lies a huge stone coffin that was three meters long and about one meter in height. The surface of the coffin was covered with mysterious incarnations. Those incarnations were quite familiar, but he was unable to recognize it out.

‘What are these incarnations?’ he asked himself.

Moving closer to Emperor Kong Ming's stone coffin, Nie Li felt a mysterious force rushing towards him. It felt, as he stood beside the stone coffin, like he was standing in the middle of the roaring ocean and could fly out any time. It was no wonder that those who died around here did not get close to the stone coffin.

"Nie Li, what's wrong with that stone coffin?" Ye Ziyun asked.

Just when Ye Ziyun was coming over, about three meters away from the coffin, her face suddenly turned pale and had to step back.

"What's wrong?" Nie Li asked, puzzled by Ye Ziyun’s actions.

"When I got closer, I felt a splitting headache!" Ye Ziyun replied.

Hearing Ye Ziyun's words, Nie Li's eyebrow twitched. This kind of force is very familiar. Its as though some unknown expert had laid a powerful restriction on the center of the stone coffin. Therefore, Ye Ziyun was unable to get close to it. However, why is it that when he got closer to the stone coffin, nothing had happened to him?

Could it be that this restrict only works on females and not males? Or is it that the restriction is invalid towards Nie Li?

Nie Li guessed within his heart. He turned his head and said to Ye Ziyun, "Go explore the other areas, leave this one to me!"

"En," Ye Ziyun nodded and walked towards the other side.

Nie Li checked the stone coffin. The stone coffin was completely sealed with all kinds of mysterious inscription patterns on the top. Even though Nie Li's knowledge is vast, he has never seen these inscription patterns before.

‘Is this stone coffin the coffin of Emperor Kong Ming? Why does the incarnation on top of it looks as though it isn't from the Sacred Empire Era?’