Chapter 36 -Numerology

Chapter 36 -Numerology

While running along with Ye Ziyun, and avoiding the normal Giant Blue Armed Apes, the night deepened. If they were to continue moving forward, it would be easy for them to encounter dangers.

"Lets camp in this place!" Nie Li looked towards Ye Ziyun and said.

Although it's dark in the night, Ye Ziyun still displayed courage far from normal girls. Her clear eyes looked towards the distant dense forest, a shadow caught her eye.

"What's that?" Ye Ziyun asked, puzzled.

"Seems to be a building!" Nie Li said with a  slight frown. It should be a dilapidated building.

"Lets go have a look," suggested Ye Ziyun as she strode towards that direction. For her be alone with Nie Li, made her a little nervous. After all, it's her first time staying the night with a boy. Although she believes that Nie Li wouldn't do anything to her, her heart still beats wildly. Hence, she tried to divert their direction. Nie Li followed behind Ye Ziyun and headed towards that direction.

"This place could’ve been a statue!" Nie Li said. He couldn't make out what the sculpture was since it had already collapsed.

Here vague remnants the civilisation before the Age of Darkness remained.

"What are these words?" Ye Ziyun looked at Nie Li and asked.

There is a stone tablet below the statue. Nie Li brushed off the dust on the surface and, with the aid of the moonlight, he was able to clearly make out the words on it.

"This was the language of the Sacred Empire,” he explained, “It says: Those who follows me, shall be honoured. Those who oppose me, shall be perished. What big words!"

These words were probably left behind by some tyrant. The power and position of that tyrant should be very high. But even so, so what? He and his empire were eventually engulfed by the tide of demon beasts. Once a formidable person ended up as dirt, and left a broken statue behind.

"Nie Li, how did you learn the language of Sacred Empire?" asked Ye Ziyun, filled with curiosity regarding this matter. There are only a few that know a little bit of the Sacred Empire language.

"How did I learn it?" Nie Li smiled. He couldn't really say that he learnt all of Divine Continent's era, language and cultivation techniques, right?

"Since you're unwilling, forget it!" Ye Ziyun said, pouting.

Nie Li shrugged. It’s not that he wasn't willing to tell, it’s just that even if he were to tell her, Ye Ziyun wouldn't be able to understand.

Ye Ziyun bypassed the statue. Just when she is preparing to check out the ruins, she suddenly screamed.

Nie Li realised that the place that Ye Ziyun was standing in was rapidly sinking in. His face changed, and he immediately rushed towards Ye Ziyun. However, the ground seemed to sink even more. A powerful suction sucked the both of them downwards. The bottom seemed to be a bottomless abyss.

‘Why would Ancient Orchid City have a place like this?’ Nie Li silently asked himself as he hugged Ye Ziyun tightly, and drew out his sword, nailing it into the cliff beside them.

When he attempted to nail the sword into the stone wall, *snap* it broke. The stone wall was too tough.

‘What the heck is this place?’

He looked down to see what's at the bottom and he realised that beneath them was complete dark, unable to see anything.

At this moment, Ye Ziyun took advantage of the moment, since the speed of their descent had temporarily dropped. She quickly took out a rope from her interspatial ring, and hooked it onto the bulged area on the cliff. *Peng* both of them pulled onto the string, and managed to stop falling.

‘Icy Snow Spider Demon silk. It’s no wonder it has such toughness!’ thought Nie Li, relieved. Although they still felt the suction force from below, they had managed to stop.

"Nie Li, where is this place?" Ye Ziyun nervously asked. Both Nie Li and her were hanging in the air. However, due to the cliff being so smooth, it was simply impossible to climb and they couldn't see what's at the bottom.

"I have no idea!" Nie Li bitterly replied, smiling. He didn't know that there was such a place in Ancient Orchid City nor did he hear about it from Ye Ziyun in his previous life. They had accidentally broke into a secret area within the Ancient Orchid City.

Remembering the things that just happened, Nie Li suddenly understood. The words that he had just read, must have been the "key" to enter this place!

"We can only go downwards!" Nie Li said, since they couldn't go back up with the rocks being so slippery.

Nie Li raised his head. Under the moonlight, he could clearly see Ye Ziyun's quick-witted pupils, slightly tilted eyelashes and flawless crystal clear skin. This scene had a kind of indescribable charm. Her pink lips were as though they had a thin layer of rouge on them. At this moment, the two of them were closely stuck together. Nie Li could vaguely feel the pair of softness in front of Ye Ziyun's chest, and a girl's fragrance coming from her.

Ye Ziyun also felt their affectionate posture and her cheeks suddenly blushed.

"Don't move, I'll go down first!" Ye Ziyun quickly said.

Seeing Ye Ziyun's cramped and reserved look, Nie Li couldn't help to think back to his previous life when he and Ye Ziyun just got together and had a tender affection for her from the depths of his heart.

He bluntly grabbed onto Ye Ziyun's waist, smiled and said, "Hold onto me tightly, we'll go down together!"

‘Nie Li is too much!’ Ye Ziyun thought as she felt Nie Li's right arm bluntly lift her butt. She was furious, however, if she were to struggle, both of them would most likely fall.

‘Nie Li this scoundrel, rogue!’ Ye Ziyun cursed in her heart. She knew she was helpless.

Seeing Ye Ziyun's furious look, Nie Li lightly smiled. The softness from his hand caused his heart to flutter and couldn't help to pinch it a little. Ye Ziyun's hip is already very curvy, and in a few more years wouldn't it be more rich?

"Nie Li, if you shamelessly touch me again, I'll go all out with you. At most, we'll drop together!" she declared, knitting her brows and staring at Nie Li. Even the elegant Ye Ziyun couldn't stand it any more.

"Okay okay, I won't touch you, again!" Nie Li laughed. Recalling back to his previous life. Whenever Ye Ziyun got angry, she she had the exactly same temper. He slowly let go of the rope, and the two of them slowly moved down.

After about ten minutes, Nie Li had finally reached the ground with his feet. Feeling disappointed, he had no choice but to let Ye Ziyun go.

Gritting her teeth, Ye Ziyun did not say anything and began to explore the surroundings. Ever since she was young, she had never been taken advantage of by others like this. And the most hateful thing is, Nie Li acted as though nothing had happened and began to look around the surroundings. She got more and more angry when she thought about it, and ruthlessly stepped onto Nie Li's foot.

"Ouch!!" Nie Li yelled, inhaling a lump of cold air while he held his foot and jumped around.

Seeing Nie Li's exaggerated reaction, Ye Ziyun couldn't help laughing.

"If you dare to not be honest again, be careful. I might not forgive you!"

The scene of Ye Ziyun laughing made her even more beautiful and charming, and caused Nie Li to be dumbfounded.

Feeling Nie Li's peculiar gaze, Ye Ziyun immediately recovered her gaze. Her cheeks felt slightly hot, not knowing why, and her heart beat became somewhat accelerated.

"Hurry up and look for a way out, otherwise we won't be able to get out!" Ye Ziyun hastily said.

"Okay!" replied Nie Li as he took out a torch from his interspatial ring and lit it up. Using the light, he examined the surroundings. It appears that they have fallen into an underground palace. Just like a deep maze, there were five to six passages they could take, but they did not know where they would lead to.

‘ I can’t imagine how large the internal structure of this maze is,’ Nie Li thought.

He found a line of text on a stone wall by his side.

"Emperor Kong Ming's resting place," Nie Li murmured, and was suddenly surprised. "This is the tomb of the Sacred Empire's Emperor Kong Ming!"

"Emperor Kong Ming?" Ye Ziyun asked, full of curiosity.

"Right" Nie Li slightly nodded and continued, "He is the most mysterious emperor within the history of the Sacred Empire. As an emperor of the Sacred Empire, he actually used his title as his form of address, which is a very strange thing. This particular emperor left the Sacred Empire in the middle of his rule and passed his throne to his son. It's said that he had already cultivated to a frightening extent, becoming immortalized. Even his descendents couldn't find his tomb. I never thought that he would actually be buried here."

"Is there really anyone that has cultivated to the extent of immortalization?" Ye Ziyun questioned, looking towards Nie Li.

"No, that's just a myth. Even if one cultivated to the realm above Legend rank, they can only live for two-three hundred years. They still couldn't escape the cycle of heavens!" Nie Li laughed.

"A realm above Legend rank? What kind of realm is that?" Ye Ziyun asked, full of doubts right now. In her mindset, Legend rank is already the strongest existence.

"You will know it later on!" Nie Li smiled, shaking his head and did not continue talking.

Ye Ziyun was puzzled. Could Nie Li have seen an existence stronger than Legend rank? But Nie Li is the same as her. He has never been outside of  Glory City. Did he see it in a book? Although she had her doubts, Ye Ziyun did not pursue any further.

"This should be a maze. Therefore, there should be pitfall related traps. We must be careful. You can only step on the place that I've previously stepped!" Nie Li looked towards Ye Ziyun and said.

Although she is depressed that Nie Li always talked to her in a commanding tone, sounding as though he was much older than her, she obediently nodded her head and answered, "En!"

Even Nie Li wasn't aware that due to the fact that Ye Ziyun was still young, he had a kind of protective mindset towards her. Therefore, the tone of voice that they are using is inevitably different compared to his previous life.

"There are five-six passages here, which one should we take?" Ye Ziyun asked, looking at the surrounding deep passages.

"That's simple, we should be moving towards the north. Because of Emperor Kong Ming's fate, his tomb was built facing the south."

"Why?" Ye Ziyun asked, puzzled, "Why must Emperor Kong Ming's tomb be built facing the south?"

"Because that is written within the Sacred Empire's Book of Numerology. Every fate has something that will benefit and harm them. This includes the location of tombs and so on! People from the Sacred Empire believed in this stuff!" Nie Li said, lightly smiling.

‘The Sacred Empire's Book of Numerology,’ Ye Ziyun couldn't help muttering this phrase, ‘Just how many books has Nie Li exactly read?’

"Then, which is the north? We are currently in underground. How are we supposed to tell the directions?" Ye Ziyun asked.

Nie Li lightly smiled and said, "This is very easy to distinguish. St. Ancestral Mountains are towards the north-south direction. By looking at the vein lines in the rocks, we'll be able to tell the direction. Over here!" Nie Li strolled towards one of the passages.