Chapter 352 - Frost Dragon Beast

Chapter 352 - Frost Dragon Beast

“Now, we’ll choose Nie Li’s next opponents to test his true strength!” Nanmen Tianhai solemnly said. “In this competition, artifacts above Grade 3 are not allowed!”

Nie Li frowned upon hearing Nanmen Tianhai’s words.

Lu Piao and Gu Bei exchanged glances.

“There wasn’t such a rule before!”

“Is someone trying to make things difficult for Nie Li?” Gu Bei raised his guard.

Nie Li had a rough idea of what was going on. Venerable Flameless probably did something. However, he couldn’t back off at a time like this. If he did, then people would say that he’d only relied on artifacts to win, and didn’t have any genuine strength.

Although this competition within the East District wasn’t terribly significant, there were probably many higher-ups who were paying close attention to it. If they fixed a negative impression of him today, then it’d only hurt him once he started competing for the Sect Master’s position.

Since someone else was going to choose his opponent for him, then it looked like Nie Li wasn’t going to have his own freedom to act anymore.

Nie Li looked at Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai and asked, “How many opponents will the two Elders arrange for me?” If they sent an endless river of opponents, then Nie Li would just get annoyed to death!

Nanmen Tianhai paused for a moment, as if he was waiting for someone else’s reply. Then he said, “Just two opponents.”

Nie Li nodded. “Understood.”

Since they were only sending two, that meant that those two had extreme confidence in their own strengths. However, the opponent should still underestimate Nie Li’s strength to a certain degree!

The students of the East District focused their attention in Nie Li’s direction. They had no idea who Elder Nanmen Tianhai was going to send to deal with Nie Li. They couldn’t help the expectations that were rising in their hearts.

If Nie Li couldn’t use artifacts, then he’d definitely get a merciless beating. Right?

Every newcomer to the East District should be taught a ruthless lesson. Otherwise, they won’t know how to show respect!

A well-built youth in his twenties leapt onto the stage.

“It’s Ye Chong! His ranking is even above Murong Yu’s. To think that they’d send such a high level opponent in one go! This is definitely going to be a miserable experience for Nie Li!”

“Even Murong Yu wasn’t Nie Li’s proper opponent. So of course the two elders aren’t going to send anyone weaker!” One of the East District student sneered, “There’s a price to pay for winning by relying on artifacts!”

These seniors of the East District definitely couldn’t stand there after watching one of their own get beaten by a newcomer.

Since that was the situation, then Nie Li probably wouldn’t be able to get out of this!

Nie Li put away his artifacts, changed into a new set of clothes, and leapt onto the stage. He exchanged looks with Ye Chong.

Venerable Flameless transmitted his voice to Ye Chong and said, “Ye Chong, there’s no need to hold back. Go ahead and kill him. I’ll take responsibility!”

Venerable Flameless didn’t know if Nie Li had a fate soul in the Soul Hall. If Nie Li didn’t, then he was definitely doomed! Flamess could use Ye Chong to remove Nie Li from the picture entirely. As for what came afterwards, as far as Venerable Flameless was concerned, Ye Chong could be easily sacrificed.

Ye Chong’s heart shook upon hearing Venerable Flameless’s words. He never thought that Venerable Flameless would actually want to kill Nie Li. The punishment for killing someone inside the Skysoul Institute was extremely severe. Perpetrators would be locked inside the ice house. However, Ye Chong couldn't disobey Venerable Flameless’s instructions. He lightly cups his hands towards Nie Li and said, “Excuse me!”

An imposing manner exploded from Ye Chong. His aura rose rapidly.

Nie Li felt pressured as he looked at Ye Chong. Ye Chong’s eyes glazed over with bloodlust. Nie Li’s heart shivered as he understood what was going on. Ye Chong was trying to kill him on the martial field! Nie Li didn't have any grudges with him, so why was he trying to kill Nie Li?

If you killed someone inside the Skysoul Institute grounds, the punishment would be extremely severe. Even if it was just an accident during a competition. However, Ye Chong had still decided to do it. It looked like Venerable Flameless had issued death commands to Ye Chong!

Because Nie Li’s fate soul was still unstable, he hadn't placed it in the Soul Hall! He couldn't help raising his guard; Venerable Flameless definitely wasn't going to let go until he achieved his goal!

Even if Ye Chong lost, Venerable Flameless could still send someone else up!

Ideas quickly flashed through Nie Li’s mind as he thought of how to deal with the situation. This was the first time he’d felt that his life was threatened, since coming to the Skysoul Institute. Indeed, attacks from hidden enemies are harder to defend against!

Boundless Heavenly Energy spiraled around Ye Chong, blowing like a tidal wave towards Nie Li. He took a step forward, as if he didn't want to give Nie Li any time to react. He let out a low growl as icicles grew out from his body, turning him into a huge beast

*Rumble* *Rumble* *Rumble*!

The Heavenly energy on the field surged strongly, as a bone piercing chill tried to freeze everything over. The flow of air instantly solidified, as if he’d just waded into a muddy pond.

Countless fragments of ice gathered with a speed visible to the eye, reflecting blue lights as they spun through the air. The ice gathered on the frontal limbs of the beast, spreading sharp chilling aura.

“It's the Frost Dragon Beast!” At the sight of it, Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai were shocked. This Frost Dragon Beast also had an Extraordinary Level growth rate!

They couldn’t help glancing over at Venerable Flameless. If this really was just a test, then there wasn't a need to send someone so strong from the get-go. Although Nie Li had won against Murong Yu, Venerable Flameless should’ve been able to tell that Nie Li had won by relying on artifacts!

That Frost Dragon Beast took a step forward. A freezing energy quickly spread throughout the entire field. Nie Li felt as though even the Heavenly Energy within him had been frozen, as he found it difficult to take even a single step.

This was a suffocating ice aura!

“Die!” Ferociousness flashed through the Frost Dragon Beast’s eyes as it waved its huge fist towards Nie Li.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Huge icicles rain down like a storm, engulfing Nie Li with an indescribably frightening energy.


The ground ruptured and cracks spread out. The Frost Dragon Beast’s huge fists had landed, shattering the ground into pieces.

The spectators couldn't help taking a step back and fearfully inhaling a mouthful of cold air as they sensed the frightening energy fluctuation.

Ye Chong was simply too frightening. That attack seemed even stronger than Murong Yu’s. Could Nie Li block it without his artifacts? Everyone focused their attention on Nie Li.

Ye Chong really was stronger than Murong Yu. It looks like Venerable Flameless wasn't planning on giving Nie Li a single chance!

The moment the Frost Dragon Beast’s huge fist was about to land on Nie Li’s body, he suddenly merged with the Shadow Devil, turned into a streak of light, and disappeared.


The Frost Dragon Beast’s fist landed and the frightening energy swept out with a thick layer of ice to instantly cover the ground. However, the attack missed.

Nie Li sensed the Frost Dragon Beast’s powerful strength, and understood that if he didn't dodge, then the consequences would definitely be very severe! He quickly flew around to the back of the Frost Dragon Beast, instantly emerged with his Fanged Panda, and spat out a black and white sphere of light.

The sphere of light danced as it hurtled towards the Frost Dragon Beast.