Chapter 351 - New Assessment

Chapter 351 - New Assessment

While Nie Li and Murong Yu were fighting, two people were quietly seated in another corner of the field, enjoying tea as they watched the fight.

One of them was Long Tianming. The other one wore a silvery long robe and bore a graceful manner that was even higher than Long Tianming’s.

“I never thought that Brother Beiyan would be interested in these newcomers.” Long Tianming looked at the youth next to him and lightly smiled. His words carried thorns; his relation with the other party was obviously not harmonious.

“I only came to watch. But the fact that even Long Tianming yourself would care about this makes me wonder which is the formidable genius.” Situ Beiyan was calmly seated. “It seems that this youth is interesting indeed.”

“The only reason he won against Murong Yu was because of his full-body artifact,” Long Tianming said with a smile. “So he’s also gained Brother Beiyan’s appreciation?”

“This boy came from the Tiny World without any background worth speaking of. Yet, he managed to get himself a set of Grade 6 artifact battle armour before he entered the East District and also became Hierarch Skycloud’s disciple. Isn’t that enough?” Situ Beiyan smiled and continued, “I also heard that he’s established a force with Gu Bei, and that it grew to a few thousand members within a few days. It looks like the outside world is bustling with activity!”

Long Tianming looked at Situ Beiyan in confusion. Situ Beiyan should be on alert if someone was rising up. However, he was sitting there and just enjoying the show. Therefore, Long Tianming didn’t know what Situ Beiyan was planning.

But regardless of what Situ Beiyan thought, Long Tianming wasn’t going to allow the Demon League to rise. Long Yuyin had just established her Profound Note League [1. Profound Note League = Xuan Yin Meng. “Yin” as in Long Yu“yin”, but also means “music note”.] which was probably instigated by Nie Li. Although Long Tianming didn’t know what Nie Li’s motives were, he could sense that Nie Li’s goal wasn’t a simple one. Whatever it was, it was threatening him! At the very least, Long Tianming wasn’t going to let Long Yuyin threaten his position as the future Patriarch of the Dragonseal Family!

Back then, Nie Li had gifted him three words. However, Long Tianming still didn’t see the profound intent in them, and was starting to think that he’d been tricked; however, he couldn’t verify it. Therefore, he didn’t have a very good impression of Nie Li.

Right now, there were only three people qualified to fight for the Sect Master’s position: Situ Beiyan, Long Tianming, and Li Yufeng. However, recently, there had been a few others who’d popped out from nowhere and thrown things into disarray. Especially Gu Bei, who’d just become the first-in-line successor to the Gu Clan. Now, Long Yuyin had also emerged and Li Xingyun didn’t look very resigned either. All three of them were related to Nie Li!

Since Situ Beiyan was also here to observe Nie Li, it proved that he wasn’t as indifferent as he claimed. Well, at least he was paying some attention to the rising Nie Li!

About half an hour later, the battle between Nie Li and Murong Yu finally ended. The flames and lightning also died down.

Nie Li appeared in the field, already wearing a new and tidy set of clothes. Murong Yu was a short distance away, laying on the ground like a dead dog without a scrap of cloth on his body. He was covered in wounds and looked unconscious.

The spectators blankly stared at the scene.

“Heavens! What happened?”

“Murong Yu lost?”

“He’d already merged with his Saint Blood Draconic Falcon, so why is he still in such a miserable state?”

They all looked at Nie Li with reverence in their eyes. Murong Yu was an expert ranked within the top two hundred of the East District. He was the most talented expert from their previous year. But he was actually beaten so miserably by Nie Li? Didn’t that mean that Nie Li would be ranked within the top two hundred upon entering the East District?

Seeing the naked Murong Yu on the ground, many of the East District’s girls blushed red and immediately looked away.

Xiao Yu couldn’t help feeling his face boil. He looked at Nie Li. That guy was definitely doing this on purpose!

Even the usually cold Long Yuyin’s face was red.

Once Murong Yu regained consciousness and realised what was going on, he probably wouldn’t have the decency to look anyone in the eye anymore. That humiliation was definitely worse than death.

“Back then, you stole my soul scales in the Ghastly Ruins. Today, I’ve gotten back at you in the martial field. We’re considered even,” Nie Li lightly said as he glanced at Murong Yu, who was still laying on the ground.

When the nearby students of the East District heard what Nie Li had said, they felt the urge to vomit blood. It was normal to have your soul scales stolen. But Nie Li had stolen Murong Yu’s clothes!

Nie Li leapt down from the stage and walked towards Gu Bei and the rest.

Gu Bei and Lu Piao winked at Nie Li. This move from Nie Li really had the right flavour!

Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai couldn’t help smiling bitterly. They had to set new rules now. Otherwise, wouldn’t Nie Li end up challenging the entire East District? After all, Nie Li owned an entire set of Grade 6 artifacts!

As Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai were discussing amongst themselves, Venerable Flameless walked to their side and spoke in low voice, “Elders, Hierarch Skycloud has called me to pass on a few words. He wants you to send several people to test Nie Li!”

Upon hearing Venerable Flameless’s words, Huang Yu and Nanmen Tianhai were shocked within their hearts.

Who was the Hierarch Skycloud, you ask? He was one of the five major existences in the Divine Feathers Sect! People of Nanmen Tianhai and Huang Yu’s level didn’t even have the qualifications to meet Hierarch Skycloud!

Venerable Flameless was the eldest disciple of Hierarch Skycloud; therefore, his words couldn’t be doubted. Furthermore, how would they dare question Hierarch Skycloud’s words?

“Rest assured, Venerable Flameless. We’ll make arrangements for it!” Huang Yu immediately replied.

“Very well.” Venerable Flameless lightly replied as he sat down in the seat behind them. A chilly light flashed through his eyes as he swept them over Nie Li, who was sitting with Gu Bei. He coldly smiled.

The competition continued.

Nanmen Tianhai stood up and his voice echoed throughout the entire stage. “Take Murong Yu away. A new rule has been made for this competition. No one is allowed to use any artifact above Grade 3!”

At Nanmen Tianhai’s words, the students of the East District were slightly stunned. There wasn’t such a rule before. Could it be because of Murong Yu’s case? As they thought about the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword in Nie Li’s hands, they realised that Nie Li had used artifacts to win against Murong Yu! Even Elder Nanmen Tianhai couldn’t put up with it any longer and, therefore, forbid the use of artifacts above Grade 3!

No wonder Nie Li was able to win against Murong Yu! Only then did the students of the East District understand what was going on. Based on strength alone, Nie Li probably wasn’t Murong Yu’s proper opponent!

When Nie Li heard this, he looked towards Nanmen Tianhai and Huang Yu. One familiar figure in that direction made him narrow his eyes.

He never expected Venerable Flameless, who he’d confrontated in the Skycloud Hall, had also arrived!

“So we can’t use artifacts anymore. I planned to bully those people from the East District like Nie Li was doing!” Lu Piao said a little regretfully. He never thought that they’d forbid the use of artifacts so quickly. How boring!

Li Xingyun couldn’t help rolling his eyes. If Nie Li, Gu Bei, and Lu Piao were to wear their Grade 6 Artifacts in battle against the students of the East District, then it’d be weird if Nanmen Tianhai and Huang Yu didn’t do anything. Li Xingyun remembered when he first arrived in the East District; back then, he’d also gotten beaten by his seniors. He couldn’t bear remembering that experience. However, Nie Li and the other two didn’t show up to get bashed; they were there to bash others!

This was simply untolerable?!

Nanmen Tianhai coughed and calmly said, “By right, Nie Li should replace Murong Yu in rank, now that he’s defeated Murong Yu. However, after discussing it with Elder Huang Yu, we’ve decided that Nie Li should undergo another test. He may only replace Murong Yu’s position if he passes that test!”

It seemed that Elder Nanmen Tianhai couldn’t stand it either; therefore, he’d given Nie Li a difficult problem. Everyone wondered what kind of test it’d be?

The students of the East District couldn’t help raising their expectations. Earlier on, Nie Li had beaten Murong Yu up so badly, and left the students of the East District like themselves with no pride. It looked like Nie Li was going to pay the price now!