Chapter 336 - Failed to Steal the Chicken

Chapter 336 - Failed to Steal the Chicken [1. The full idiom is “failed to steal the chicken, and ended up losing the rice”. Means that they tried to gain an advantage, but ended up worse off than before.]

Nie Li violently charged into the middle of Gu Heng’s group.

An instant later, the Infernal Lightning Winged Snake Emperor caught up and smashed into them too.


“Save me!”

Gu Heng’s large army instantly devolved into chaos.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

The Infernal Lightning Winged Snake Emperor was simply going way too fast. When its titanic body slammed into Gu Heng’s army, it instantly crushed dozens of them. When it bellowed out flames, dozens more were instantly turned into ashes.

It was a was an invincible existence!

Gu Heng was dumbstruck as he stared at the scene. He lead a small group of people, turned tail, and fled.

Gu Heng didn’t have any thoughts about confronting that Infernal Lightning Winged Snake Emperor. After all, it was a Dao of Dragon Realm existence!

Nie Li’s eyes located Gu Heng. The slight lift at the corner of his mouth turned into a faint smile. Nie Li knew that he couldn’t escape death. But since Gu Heng was here, then Nie Li have to be sorry. He flapped his black and white wings, turned into a streak of light, and charged in Gu Heng’s direction.

Realising that Nie Li was behind him, Gu Heng started cursing in rage. “Bastard! Don’t follow me! If you follow me, I’ll guarantee you a gruesome death! Nie Li, I’ll definitely have your soul destroyed!”

Although Nie Li was only at Heavenly Fate Realm, he was extremely fast. His speed wasn’t any inferior to Gu Heng’s!

However, what made Gu Heng even more afraid was the Infernal Lightning Winged Snake Emperor’s speed. It was gaining on them.

Nie Li flapped his wings as he charged onward, closely tailing Gu Heng. He said fakely, “Young Master Gu, I’m not going this on purpose. That Infernal Lightning Winged Snake Emperor keeps following me and I have no idea where to run!”

“Go die by yourself! Don’t drag me down with you!” Gu Heng continued cursing as he flew.

“I’m not trying to drag Young Master Gu down, I don’t really have a choice. Why don’t you send some men over to delay it for a bit? If you’ll do that for me, then I won’t follow you anymore!” Nie Li was grinning. He couldn’t help feeling joy at the sorry state of Gu Heng and his men.

Gu Heng’s lungs nearly exploded from the anger. Nie Li was simply shameless! He wants him to send people to delay that snake so that he can escape?

“Everyone, delay that man! Stop him here!” Gu Heng roared. Several of his underlings turned around and went to stop Nie Li.

Powerful aura locked onto Nie Li, which slowed him a little.

After all, Nie Li was only a 3-fate while Gu Heng had many Heavenly Star Realms serving him. They thoroughly blocked his path.

It looked like Nie Li wasn’t going to be able to escape. However, everything had already gone as expected. Making Gu Heng lose so many men was the cherry on top.

The Infernal Lightning Winged Snake Emperor behind them suddenly opened its mouth and breathed out blazing flames.


The flames penetrated through Nie Li’s body. He instantly blacked out.

Since coming to the outside world, this was his first death.

After killing Nie Li, the Infernal Lightning Winged Snake Emperor was confused for a moment. Nie Li’s aura had completely disappeared; however, nothing fell from his body. This human definitely took something from the Deity’s Lake. So why couldn’t it find the stolen object?

From a distance, the Infernal Lightning Winged Snake Emperor could see its Deity’s Lake crumbling, but it didn’t know why or how to stop it. Its heart was filled with rage.

This bunch of cunning humans! That one must have passed the item to someone else while escaping!

A ferocious light flashed through the Infernal Lightning Winged Snake Emperor’s eyes. In a fit of rage, it turned into a streak of light and massacred the surrounding people.

Gu Heng felt a sense of peace when he saw Nie Li die. That hateful fellow finally wasn’t chasing after him anymore. That means that the Infernal Lightning Winged Snake Emperor should stop chasing them too!

However, when Gu Heng turned around to look, he was frightened stiff. After Nie Li was killed, the Infernal Lightning Winged Snake Emperor had gone on a rampage and started a massacre. It chased after his men and killed them one by one.

After all, it was an Infernal Lightning Winged Snake Emperor of the Dao of Dragon Realm; Gu Heng’s underlings didn’t stand a chance.

After it’d killed several dozen of his men, and started coming towards Gu Heng himself. Gu Heng became scared stiff.

“Hurry! Protect me as we retreat!” Gu Heng barked.

Gu Heng’s men nearby gathered around him, desperately running while protecting him.

After that Infernal Lightning Winged Snake Emperor killed dozens of people, its eyes landed on Gu Heng’s small entourage. Thanks to its intelligence, a single look told it that Gu Heng was the most important person among that group. All the others were protecting him in his escape!

The Infernal Lightning Winged Snake Emperor flapped its wings, ignoring the other experts and chased after Gu Heng.

At the sight of this, Gu Heng instantly understood what was going on and gloomily cursed, “Don’t follow me, lure that snake away!”

*Woosh!* *Woosh!* *Woosh!*

The group dispersed.

But even after the group had dispersed, the Infernal Lightning Winged Snake Emperor continued to chase after Gu Heng.

At the sight of this, Gu Heng was simply speechless. There were so many people, so why was this Infernal Lightning Winged Snake Emperor going after him? He felt the urge to cry.

The Infernal Lightning Winged Snake Emperor quickly pounced on him.

As that was going on, Li Xingyun had completed the evacuation with his subordinates. They’d lost over two hundred men this time. As for Gu Heng’s side, Li Xingyun didn’t give a damn. It’d be wiser for them to leave before the Infernal Lightning Winged Snake started eyeing them.

Soul Hall of the Skysoul Institute

The Soul Hall was a majestic construct, with a spacious interior. Pitch-black metal boxes hovered around, densely packing the air. The few hundred of them crowded together looked like a strange world.

Suddenly, a yellow soul emitted a dazzling luster as a body gradually formed.

Six to seven hours later, Nie Li walked out from the Soul Hall.

His cultivation had dropped to 2-fate. For the time being, his fate soul was still unstable; therefore, he couldn’t place it in the soul hall. Which meant that he couldn’t head for the outside world.

He had to wait for his fate soul to stabilize!

Although his cultivation had returned to 2-fate, Nie Li felt that something was off. There were still three fate souls inside him: red, blue, and yellow. Except that the yellow fate soul seemed to be slightly weaker.

Usually, when dropping from 3-fate to 2-fate, a fate soul should be extinguished. However, Nie Li’s fate soul was still there.

Since his fate soul hadn’t been extinguished, he could cultivate it back very quickly!

Nie Li stretched his body a little. The profits from this trip to the outside world this time were enormous. He’d acquired a medium grade Deity Lake’s Deity Root. He wondered how many spiritual stones that Deity Root could produce in the Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting? Even though he’d died to get it, it was still worth it.

Li Xingyun and his men saw Nie Li from far away and stood up.

“Pity, we weren’t able to protect you. That Deity Root was also lost, right?” Li Xingyun bitterly smiled at Nie Li.

Nie Li shook his head as he smiled, “I still have the Deity Root! Many thanks to Brother Xingyun!”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Li Xingyun was slightly stunned. He didn’t know how Nie Li had kept the Deity Root, even when he died. However, since he had the Deity Root, this trip wasn’t wasted.

“Let’s head to Brother Xingyun’s courtyard!” Nie Li lightly smiled.

“Okay.” Li Xingyun nodded.

Just as they were about to leave, a stream of people flowed out from the Soul Hall.

They were all Gu Heng’s men!

From far away, they saw Gu Heng coming out with a black expression. When he saw Nie Li and Li Xingyun, he was as if he’d seen his enemy.

Li Xingyun smiled when he Gu Heng’s condition. “Oh, if it isn’t Young Master Gu? What happened to you? Why’d you come out from the Soul Hall?”

“Li Xingyun, Nie Li, remember this. I’ll definitely remember this!” Gu Heng said as he ground his teeth.

“Young Master Gu is too heavy with your words. How have we offended you, that you’d say something so heartless?” said Li Xingyun as he faked innocence. But in his heart, he was beyond happy. Gu Heng and his men tried to steal his peaches while his back was turned. But in the end, they failed to steal the chicken and ended up losing the rice; they paid for it with their lives.

Gu Heng felt like his heart was bleeding. He’d brought over seven hundred people with him. Although he didn’t know how many had died, he knew that it was more than just three or four hundred. He knew that if he stayed in front of the Soul Hall, he’d only be mocked by Li Xingyun and Nie Li. He said with a sullen face, “Don’t get too happy. Better start watching your backs from now on!”

Gu Heng led his men and left.

As they watched Gu Heng and his men leave, the corner of Li Xingyun’s mouth turned up. In the outside world, he’d experienced all sorts of battles. At least tens of thousands of them, or at the very least, thousands. There wasn’t anyone who he feared!

Nie Li smiled, “This will probably make Gu Heng depressed for a long time. Let’s go!”

Together, they headed for Li Xingyun’s courtyard. Nie Li did a few quick calculations and estimated that he’d spent at least tens of thousands of spiritual stones for Li Xingyun’s subordinates. However, that was nothing but a hair from nine oxes to Nie Li.

After finishing his business, Nie Li returned to Xiao Yu’s courtyard and concentrated on his cultivation.

The day gradually darkened and the bright moon rose into the sky.

*Knock!* *Knock!* *Knock!*

The sound came from outside.

Nie Li opened his eyes and stood up. When he opened the door, he saw Long Yuyin standing there. She wore a white dress and appeared so different from her usual self that Nie Li was almost unable to recognise her. Usually, she like to wear tight-fitting clothes, which made her look heroic and formidable. But today, she gave a different impression.

The white dress gave her a touch of gentleness. Nie Li had to admit that Long Yuyin truly was a beauty. No matter what she wore, she’d always look good in it.

“Master, could you help me open my meridians today?” Long Yuyin looked at Nie Li with eyes of hope. Nie Li had told her that he could open her meridians and unleash all of her potential. For someone like her, who was obsessed with the Martial Dao, there was no way that she could endure waiting. She rushed over the moment she’d heard that Nie Li had returned.

She wondered what it’d feel like once her meridians were opened.