Chapter 32 - Relic

Chapter 32 - Relic

What kind of monster is he?!

Huyan Lanruo is already a 2-star Silver rank Demon Spiritist. Her soul realm is integrated with the Snow Sakura Demon Spirit. This  extremely rare demon spirit lived in the depths of the St. Ancestral Mountains. It has strong charming abilities. All kinds of creatures couldn't help going near the Snow Sakura Demon Spirit and were swallowed by it. Huyan Lanruo, later, integrated with the Snow Sakura Demon. Charming a demon spiritist of the same level was an easy thing to do.

If Huyan Lanruo were to exert a little trick, there would be a lot of men willing become her escorts. Her charming technique hasn't failed a single time and she never thought that she would actually fail today!

Not only was the charming technique seen though, her demon spirit was also seen through by Nie Li with one look. Isn't this boy in front of her a little too mysterious? The Snow Sakura Demon Spirit is an extremely rare demon spirit caught and given to her by her grandfather. Most people wouldn't have even heard of it before, let alone knowing it's abilities and origin.

Huyan Lanruo felt like she was struck by lightning. She remained speechless for a long while.

The main point is that, the receiver of the charming technique was only a little boy who's not even a 1-star Bronze rank!

There are two kinds of people that wouldn't be affected by the charming technique. One kind would be a person who has a mind not corrupted with impurities, for example a 5 years old boy. Another kind would be a super expert who is well knowledgeable of the charming technique.

Nie Li is already 13 years old and already has some knowledge between man and woman matters. Therefore, he shouldn't be able to achieve the pure mind of a child. The only possibility would be the second kind.

But... How is that possible?

Huyan Lanruo would have never imagined that inside the shell of this small boy in front of her, lies the soul of a super expert. A super expert that even surpassed legend rank.

Seeing Huyan Lanruo's startled expression, Nie Li faintly smiled and continued to walk pass Huyan Lanruo's side.

"Nie Li, was Huyan Lanruo not pretty?" Ye Ziyun looked at Nie Li, blinking her eyes with a curious baby look.

Under that kind of temptation, Nie Li actually refused. Nie Li couldn't have some special unspeakable secrets, right?

Nie Li smiled, looked at Ye Ziyun and said, "Huyan Lanruo is indeed very pretty, but how can she be compared to you?"

Hearing Nie Li's rubbish, Ye Ziyun stamped her feet onto the ground and said, "I can't be compared to Huyan Lanruo. There are a lot of people that fancy her!"

Ye Ziyun clearly knows that. Even some of her cousins in Snow Wind Family fancy Huyan Lanruo.

Nie Li knows that Ye Ziyun meant the body aspects. Ye Ziyun's temperament and beauty has far exceeded Huyan Lanruo. However, in terms of figure, she is still a little less compared to Huyan Lanruo. Nie Li couldn't help but laugh. He smiled as he looked up and down of Ye Ziyun. In just a few years, Ye Ziyun's figure wouldn't lose to Huyan Lanruo and only Nie Li knows how sexy and beautiful Ye Ziyun will be at that time. Ye Ziyun wouldn't be like Huyan Lanruo flaunting her sexyness, but would be kind and elegant, which isn't what Huyan Lanruo can compete to.

Seeing the strange and perverted look in Nie Li's eyes, Ye Ziyun pouted in dissatisfaction. Becoming friends with Nie Li isn't bad, however, going a step further, she have never thought of it before. Ye Ziyun only thinks about practising in her heart. She wants to become a Legend rank Demon Spiritist like her grandfather.

The [Nine Revolving Ice Phoenix Technique] that Nie Li gave her, allowed her to be one step closer to her dreams. Therefore, in her heart, she is very grateful towards Nie Li. If it was any of the other boys that glibbed towards her, without any sense of seriousness, she would have already turned around and left.

Huyan Lanruo turned her head and looked at Nie Li's back. Angrily she said, "I don't believe that I can't subdue a small kid like you!"

Huyan Lanruo felt a little indignant in her heart. Could it be that her charm can't be compared to Ye Ziyun?

Huyan Lanruo turned around, pointed at Nie Li and exclaimed at the crowd, "Nie Li, I will one day make you a slave under my skirt! I have decided, I will chase after this kid. In the future, this kid will be mine. Anyone that wants to touch him would have to ask if I agree to it! If anyone snatches him from me, I'll not let them off!"

Hearing Huyan Lanruo's domineering declaration, everyone became dumbfounded.

Huyan Lanruo actually wanted to chase after Nie Li? Everyone looked at Nie Li, then stared at Huyan Lanruo again.

A beauty like Huyan Lanruo would only need to wave her finger and a lot of men would surround her like flies. However, Huyan Lanruo wants to reverse it and chase after Nie Li? This is too weird.

Ye Ziyun look at Nie Li with a 'wanting to smile yet did not' expression, it seemed that Nie Li has a lot of romance. First, it was Xiao Ning'er taking the initiative to send breakfast and now, he's being chased by Huyan Lanruo. She can't really see that Nie Li would actually be so attractive.

Huyan Lanruo's declaration caused a ripples among everyone and became the topic of talk. Even Chen Linjian couldn't help but to be astonished.

The group continued moving forwards, passing through several mountains.

"Nie Li, this is an apricot cake, do you want to eat?"

"Nie Li, are you tired? Do you want me to lay a cushion for you to rest?"

Huyan Lanruo would appear by the side of Nie Li from time to time, like a ghost, and would, from time to time, rush here. The well developed chest would occasionally graze Nie Li's arm  accompanied by the fragrance of a woman’s scent that would linger around. If it was any other boys, after being provoked by such a sexy beauty, they would definitely be unable to control and eat Huyan Lanruo up already.

However, Huyan Lanruo's seduction techniques seemed to only annoy Nie Li.

"I say, can you not be so annoying. Go, go, go! Go do what you want! Go further away!" Nie Li waved his hands and said impatiently.

Huyan Lanruo's eye turned red. Since when has she ever been treated like this before? Is Nie Li blind? Blind to her beauty? The more she thought about it, the more she felt unhappy and indignant. She threw the mat onto the ground and walked away.

"Whew... Finally, some peace!" said Nie Li, relieved that the troublesome woman was finally gone.

But after walking a few steps, Huyan Lanruo turned her head around and said, "Nie Li do you want a drink? I have excellent quality apricot wine here."

Hearing Huyan Lanruo's words, Nie Li almost collapsed.

‘What's wrong with this woman?’ he asked himself, ‘Why can’t I shake her off?’

"Can you not be so silly? Are you that bored?" Nie Li said, rolling his eyes.

Huyan Lanruo blinked her eyes and said shyly, "I realised that I have fallen for you. Although you don't like me now, it's fine. Who wouldn't like a beauty like me? ,I'll pretend that you are blind, for now. However, not long from now, you will realise how beautiful and cute I am!"

"I'd be blind if I were to fancy you!" Nie Li spatted and quickly walked away.

‘This woman is simply beyond hope!’

Of course, Nie Li did not think that Huyan Lanruo has really fallen for him. She probably finds him fun to play with. He estimates that after a while she'll lose her interest and leave.

Nie Li ran to the side of Ye Ziyun. No matter if it's the previous life or the current life, Ye Ziyun is his most beloved. The few girls beside Ye Ziyun smilingly looked at Nie Li and started discussing softly.

"This is the one that Huyan Lanruo is chasing?"

"He looks pretty handsome."

"Matching with Huyan Lanruo is enough!"

Listening to their discussion, Nie Li couldn't help sweating.

Ye Ziyun raised her head, looked at distressed Nie Li, and faintly said, "Weren't you together with Huyan Lanruo?"

"Ziyun, you know that I have nothing to do with Huyan Lanruo!" Nie Li bitterly smiled. ‘Huyan Lanruo that ** annoyance, if Ye Ziyun were to misunderstand anything, I'll be depressed.’

"What has this got to do with me?" Ye Ziyun shrugged turned her head and left. The corner of her mouth slightly rose, revealing a teasing smile. She finds it quite interesting seeing the distressed look on Nie Li's face.

Nie Li opened his mouth but didn't manage to get anything out. Looking at Ye Ziyun's tender back, his heart felt depressed. When can he be like the previous life, hugging this pretty girl in his arms? The road ahead is still long!

He'd better raise his strength first. After a few years, Glory City will be under the threats of demon beasts. Even Ye Ziyun's grandfather, who is a Legend rank Demon Spiritist, also dies in the battle. Therefore, Nie Li has to reach Legend rank before that. For him, this is a huge challenge as the time is too short.

He must use all the methods available to enhance his strength, which includes this this journey to the Ancient Orchid City Ruins! He must get the spirit lamp!

For the next few days, Nie Li continued to refine the soul force that he got from Chu Yuan. However, Huyan Lanruo, this woman was too annoying. When Nie Li is practising, she would stand guard beside Nie Li and not moving a step. Hence, Nie Li can only choose to ignore her.

Walking through the mountains for two days, and passing through a deep canyon passage. A distant plain valley, finally, appeared in their sight.

This is a piece of relic from the ancient city. The place covered a radius of a hundred miles. Most of it was covered in dense woods, only leaving some mottled walls. The roar of demon beasts could be heard from within the ruins. The demon beasts that are above Gold rank have already left the place. What remained in the ruins were Bronze and Silver ranked Demon Beasts.

These remains from the Age of Darkness vaguely told the story of the glory of humanity at that time.

Seeing these broken walls and scattered bones lying around, everyone couldn't help but feel desolation. If Glory City were to be broken through by demon beasts, it would become the same as this ruin. Only leaving behind bones and ruins everywhere.

The rampant demon beasts during the Age of Darkness destroyed all of the human’s empire. Only leaving behind several lucky survivors who were still struggling with the demon beasts. However, much of the knowledge and civilization has been lost in the disaster. For example, many of Glory City's cultivation techniques, martial arts, and inscription patterns are all incomplete. Therefore, it's very possible to get some stuff left behind by the Age of Darkness, if they were to explore these ancient ruins!

What Nie Li wants is the spirit lamp. It was a powerful item left behind by a Legend rank Demon Spiritist of the Age of Darkness!