Chapter 317 - Probing out

Chapter 317 - Probing out

Nie Li looked at Gu Bei and asked, “How was your comprehension?”

In Nie Li’s previous life, Gu Bei had been cultivating the path of sword intent, so his understandings towards swordsmanship had reached an extremely high level. The reason why Nie Li reminded Gu Bei to carefully comprehend the word ‘sword’ was because he hoped that Gu Bei would be able to benefit from it.

“I sensed the majestic sword intent. However, it was too profound and I couldn’t completely comprehend it all at once.” Gu Bei’s face was red with shame.

It was normal for Gu Bei to be unable to fully comprehend it. The intent contained in that word wasn’t something that could be comprehended in just one or two days. Furthermore, everyone would have different comprehensions of it. Therefore, Nie Li had no idea what Gu Bei, who excelled in sword intent, could comprehend from it.

“I’ll write you another one when we get back.” Nie Li smiled.

“Nie Li, thank you!” Gu Bei said in a serious tone. That word of Nie Li’s had been sold for a hundred fifty thousand spiritual stones, an astonishing price. Gu Bei himself had benefited quite a bit from Nie Li and he was someone who always repaid others. Nie Li’s graces had been forever engraved in his heart.

“We’re brothers! What is there to be polite about?” Nie Li smiled.

Long Yuyin watched Nie Li and Gu Bei chat. There were several times when she wanted to intervene, but she ended up holding back her words.

What qualifications did she have to ask for a word from Nie Li?

A single word from Nie Li had been sold for a hundred fifty thousand spiritual stones. Could she afford that amount? If she wanted that word from Nie Li, what could she give in exchange? Her relationship with him wasn’t that close, not like how it was between him and Gu Bei.

However, the longing for that word within her heart became more and more intense. That intense curiosity was like ants biting at her heart. To a martial obsessed person like her, it was simply too hard to bear. Earlier, when Nie Li exhibited that word in front of the crowd, Gu Bei had comprehended something; but she couldn’t understand anything at all.

To someone like Long Yuyin, who was eager to be the strongest, that was just too depressing. Was her aptitude that bad?

Just what was concealed within Nie Li’s word?

In the end, Long Yuyin managed to gather her courage and said to Nie Li, “Nie Li, can you let me take a look at that word of yours?”

Nie Li couldn’t help lightly smiling in his heart, as Long Yuyin had finally said it aloud. Actually, with Long Yuyin’s character, it was impossible for her to not be curious about that word. But right now, it still wasn’t ready; therefore, he only gave Long Yuyin a glance and calmly said, “You’re still unable to comprehend that word, let’s talk about it in the future!”

At Nie Li’s words, Long Yuyin’s face turned red. Aside from Nie Li, no one her age could say that to her, since she would definitely give them a thorough beating. However, when Nie Li told her that it wasn’t possible, she had no temper, despite the dejection in her heart.

That was because Nie Li had the qualifications to say that!

Long Yuyin turned her head and fumed with anger. Although she was unconvinced about what Nie Li had said to her, she couldn’t do anything about it.

Xiao Ning’er glanced at Long Yuyin, shifted her gaze to Nie Li, and lightly smiled. Normally, Nie Li would appear to be indifferent, but he treated his friends extremely well. Under this kind of situation, it was absolutely normal for many girls to fall in love with him.

She lightly sighed in her heart as she wondered what kind of position she had in Nie Li’s heart?

The hearts of both girls were tangled messes, but no one else knew about it. Murong Yu and Ye Xuan pretended not to notice Nie Li as they shifted their gaze elsewhere. Sitting together with Nie Li was simply too shameful for them. However, they couldn’t just stand up and leave. If they did that, they’d be looked down on by others. Therefore, even if they felt depressed, they remained here.

Li Xingyun gave Nie Li a thumbs up, “In the entire Divine Feathers Sect, you’re the only person I admire!”

Nie Li smiled and said, “Brother Li is praising me too much.”

Every genius of the Divine Feathers Sect within the side chamber directed their attention on Nie Li as a single thought rose within their hearts. Gu Bei and Li Xingyun truly did have foresight, since they built good relationships with Nie Li beforehand. As the saying goes, “the pavilion closest to the water enjoys moonlight first”. [1. Benefitting from a close relationship with a person.] Thanks Gu Bei and Li Xingyun’s relationship with Nie Li, it should be easy for those two to get a word from Nie Li.

Many of them were wondering how they could get close to Nie Li. Even if they weren’t able to make friends with him, as long as they could obtain one of his words, they’d already have profited.

After all, Nie Li was a disciple of the Divine Feathers Sect; therefore, they had lots of time.

It wasn’t just the disciples of the Divine Feathers Sect, even the disciples of the two other sects had similar thoughts.

Qin Yue stood in front, pursed her lips, and smiled. “I never thought that Junior Brother Nie Li’s Dao intent would’ve reach such a level. Earlier, I have judged wrongly. It’s a pity that I’m slow-witted and couldn’t comprehend any profound meaning from his word.” Qin Yue eased the awkwardness a little as she continued, “If it weren’t for the fact that Junior Brother Nie Li sold the word for a hundred fifty thousand spiritual stones, even I wouldn’t be able to hold back from requesting one to fulfil the curiosity within my heart! However, Junior Brother Nie Li has already said before that the profound within that word is meant for those who are fated with it. It seems that I’m not of those fated ones!”

Because of this, Nie Li’s name thoroughly rang throughout the three major sects.

Hearing what Qin Yue just said, Nie Li transmitted his voice to Xiao Ning’er. “Before you return to the Heavenly Note Sect, I’ll write some for you as well. When you get back to the Heavenly Note Sect, you can sell them if you wish. Otherwise, you can gift it to people who are worthy of them!”

“Okay.” Xiao Ning’er nodded. She was an intelligent person and understood what Nie Li was thinking about from his actions. Since that was the case, she decided to be his helping hand. If she could make a place for herself within the Heavenly Note Sect, she would definitely be able to help Nie Li.

“I never imagined that there’d be such a talented genius in the Divine Feathers Sect. I wonder if I’d still be able to meet Junior Brother Nie Li again in the outside world!” Qin Yue lightly smiled as she gave Nie Li a look filled with interest.

At Qin Yue’s words, Nie Li’s mind drifted far away. The outside world was naturally something he had to step into as the disciples of the various sects would contest over one another. If they could stand out, they’d be able to assemble their own forces.

At that time, only then would he be able to qualify to fight for the power and position within the Divine Feathers Sect.

Qin Yue’s words should be trying to probe him out. Disciples of the three major sects, including Long Tianming, directed their gazes at Nie Li as they awaited his reply.

Nie Li lightly smiled. “Many thanks to Senior Sister Qin Yue’s concern. For the time being, I still don’t have any plans to head out for the outside world!”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, everyone was slightly relieved. If Nie Li headed to the outside world, he’d become a formidable opponent for many of those gathered in the chamber. There were also some people who’d noticed the way Nie Li had placed his words. “Not having any plans for the time being” didn’t mean that he wouldn’t have any in the future. Nie Li was rather precise with his words and did not speak himself into a dead end.

Yan Yang’s voice sounded, “If Junior Brother Nie Li heads to the outside world, disciples of my Skyblaze Sect won’t make things difficult for you. If there’s anything I can help with, do come and look for me!”

His words slightly dazed everyone. The Skyblaze Sect wouldn’t make things difficult for Nie Li? The weight of this words were already extremely heavy. Furthermore, Yan Yang actually said that he was willing to help Nie Li. Was Yan Yang trying to take advantage of this opportunity to raise another force?

Long Tianming’s eyes slightly narrowed. He didn’t know how he’d offended Yan Yang, but he could vaguely sense a trace of enmity from him. It couldn’t be that Yan Yang was trying to direct this at him, right? Long Tianming glanced at Nie Li. If Nie Li actually had any thoughts of contending for power, then he definitely wouldn’t allow Nie Li to grow.

Nie Li lightly smiled, “Then I’ll have to thank Senior Brother Yan Yang for that. I already said earlier that I don’t have any plans for the outside world, for the time being.”

At Nie Li’s words, a weight was lifted from Long Tianming’s heart. It looked like Nie Li was still somewhat smart.

The topic seemed to have drifted a little too far as those within the side chamber could sense the peculiar atmosphere. Qin Yue swept her gaze over the crowd as she chuckled, “Who still wants to demonstrate their skills in this segment?”

At Qin Yue’s words everyone smiled bitterly. Only an exceptional person like Nie Li would dare to try standing out after Yan Yang and the other two. The rest of them wouldn’t dare do something like that. After Nie Li’s demonstration, who else would dare to go out there?

After a long pause with no reply, Qin Yue smiled, “It seems like there won’t be anyone else then. Today’s segment of Dao will end here! Many thanks for attending this gathering and I hope that everyone will participate in the banquet tonight as well!”

The gathering finally dispersed.

Nie Li lowered his head as he said to Xiao Ning’er, “Let’s head to my place first!”

As for the evening banquet, he wasn’t really interested in participating. The moment he showed up, social interactions would be unavoidable.

“Okay.” Xiao Ning’er’s face was slightly red as she nodded. After she recalled the her misunderstanding from earlier, she felt a little embarrassed again.

Gu Bei, Lu Piao, and the other also stood up, preparing to leave together with Nie Li.

“Brother Nie Li, I’ll take my leave first!” Li Xingyun slightly cupped his hands at Nie Li as he continued, “If there’s any news from brother Nie Li, do notify me anytime! As for the one hundred thousand spiritual stones, I’ll send someone to deliver it.”

“Alright. If there’s any news on my side, I’ll definitely inform Brother Li.” Nie Li nodded as he understood that Li Xingyun was talking about Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirits. However, getting Li Xingyun a demon spirit was second to getting one for Ning’er, of course.

As everyone in the side chamber dispersed, they continued to enthusiastically discuss today’s events.

Nie Li’s actions were like a black horse that’d charged out, attracting endless attention. No matter what, Nie Li’s name was made known within the three major sects.

Only Yan Yang and Mingyue Wushuang could sense the Dao intent concealed within Nie Li’s “sword”. But Long Tianming was unable to sense it? This caused everyone to be extremely curious.

Yan Yang glanced at Nie Li, who was among the crowd a far distance away. He retracted his gaze and sighed, “It’s a pity that such a person isn’t in our Skyblaze Sect and could only have his talent neglected in the Divine Feathers Sect. If he was in my Skyblaze Sect, he’d definitely become one of our powerful pillars.”

“Senior Brother Yan Yang isn’t worried that he would steal your position?” Several disciples of the Skyblaze Sect asked beside him.

“What is there for me, Yan Yang, to fear? If there was someone whose talent was above mine and could lead the Skyblaze Sect towards glory, then even if I had to give up my position as the Holy Son, why wouldn’t I?” Yan Yang lightly said as his gaze drifted into the distance.