Chapter 316 - Selling words

Chapter 316 - Selling words

While all the geniuses in the side chamber were still perplexed, Nie Li was preparing to return to his seat after storing the word.

Nie Li lightly smiled as he glanced at Long Yuyin from afar. He had a full grasp of Long Yuyin’s character. Aside from letting Gu Bei comprehend the word, he also meant to arouse the curiosity within Long Yuyin’s heart. Before long, she would take the initiative to come to him and get to the heart of the matter. At that time, Nie Li would guide Long Yuyin slowly and systematically to transform some of her ideologies!

Controlling a Martial Dao obsessed Long Yuyin was simply too easy.

Aside from satisfying those two motives, Nie Li also managed to successfully arouse the interest ot Yan Yang and Mingyue Wushuang. He definitely didn’t believe that Yan Yang and Mingyue Wushuang wouldn’t try to get to the heart of it as well.

“Wait a moment!” Yan Yang’s voice suddenly sounded to stop Nie Li.

Everyone curiously looked at Yan Yang. Nie Li had already stored that word of his, so what was Yan Yang trying to do now?

Nie Li looked at him and asked, “Senior Brother Yan Yang, is there anything else you need?”

“I wish to purchase this word. I wonder if Junior Brother Nie Li is willing to part with it? I’m willing to make an offer of a hundred thousand spiritual stones!” Yan Yang said. Originally he wanted to offer fifty thousand, but after pondering it over, he realised that fifty thousand didn’t seem too sincere; therefore, he offered a hundred thousand spiritual stones instead.

Yan Yang was willing to offer a hundred thousand spiritual stones for Nie Li’s word?

The entire hall was in an uproar as all the geniuses in the side chamber were shocked!

A hundred thousand spiritual stones for a word!

Hearing Yan Yang’s words, Nie Li hesitated awhile. A hundred thousand spiritual stones definitely wasn’t some small temptation. After all, it was just a word. Nie Li wouldn’t lose anything by selling it, so why not?

Yan Yang’s words also shocked Long Tianming. He wasn’t able to see through the profound intent of that word before Nie Li rolled it up so he couldn’t tell what profound was contained in that word. However, he never imagined that Yan Yang would actually be willing to offer a hundred thousand spiritual stones for it. Could it be that in Yan Yang’s opinion, the intent contained that word was worth more than a hundred thousand spiritual stones?

Mingyue Wushuang’s clear eyes had also landed on Nie Li. Although she wasn’t able to get into the intent, she did feel the boundless sword intent contained in that sword. It was definitely worth more than a hundred thousand spiritual stones!

Seeing that Nie Li was hesitating, Yan Yang said again, “If Junior Brother Nie Li is unwilling to sell it, then what if I offer one hundred fifty thousand spiritual stones? Although this price is still far from your word’s true worth, I still hope that Junior Brother Nie Li is willing to part with it!”

It was understandable that Yan Yang would want the word so urgently. Nie Li understood its true worth. It’d be weird if Yan Yang didn’t feel so desperate for it, since he’d managed to comprehend a little before Nie Li put it away.

Hearing Yan Yang’s words, Long Tianming’s brows twitched as he lightly smiled. “Since Junior Brother Nie Li doesn’t want to sell it, then Junior Brother Yan Yang shouldn’t try to force him!” Long Tianming could sense Yan Yang’s urgency; based on his urgency alone, this word was worth way more than that Myriad Miles Rivers and Mountains Painting.

Only by leaving that word alone, Long Tianming had thousands of ways to get it and keep it from landing in Yan Yang’s hands.

Of course Nie Li wasn’t going to let Long Tianming have his way. He wrung his hands and said, “Senior Brother Long and Senior Brother Yan Yang are being too serious. I can write dozens of these words in a day. It’s just a word, after all. If every Senior Brother and Senior Sister wants one, I can give everyone one!”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, whether it was Long Tianming or Yan Yang, both of them were stunned. That’s right, he could write many of these in a single day, because he doesn’t need any Dao intent to write it at all!

Although Long Tianming didn’t want Yan Yang to obtain it, because he could tell that Yan Yang would be able to comprehend an extremely profound intent from it. However, Nie Li had already said that he’d be able to write several of these in a day; therefore, he couldn’t prevent Yan Yang from obtaining it anymore. He became rather dispirited. Was Nie Li lacking some wires in his brain or was he just pretending to be stupid?

Yan Yang looked at Nie Li with a deep gaze as he understood the meaning in Nie Li’s words. Indeed, Nie Li could write many of these in a day, but the worth of that word in his hand was still undeniable.

“No matter how many words Junior Brother Nie Li can write in a day, I’m still willing to pay a hundred fifty thousand spiritual stones for it!” Yan Yang said calmly. This had always been his way of doing things. He was sincere with making friends, so how could he accept such a precious calligraphy word from Nie Li for nothing in return?

Seeing how serious Yan Yang was, Nie Li pondered for a brief moment. Originally, Nie Li only planned to build a good relationship with Yan Yang; there was no meaning to it by selling the word. After pondering for a moment, Nie Li opened his mouth, and said, “Let’s do this then. Since Senior Brother Yan Yang is willing to spend so many spiritual stones on it, I’ll gift Senior Brother Yan Yang a second word!”

Nie Li walked back to the table, spread open the scroll, and quickly wrote the word “martial” below the “sword”. Then, he rolled it up and passed it to Qin Yue at his side. “Please pass it to Senior Brother Yan Yang!” The Dao intent contained in the “martial” word was far more profound than the Dao in the “sword”.

Qin Yue was overwhelmed by the favor and respectfully accepted it, carrying it with both hands as she walked towards Yan Yang.

Previously, she’d held a little contempt for Nie Li, but now, she realised that she couldn’t see through him. She’d gained a little more respect for him, and began treating Nie Li as someone of the same level as Yan Yang.

Yan Yang took the scroll from Qin Yue. When he saw the “martial” written on the lower right, he suddenly experienced a vast and majestic sensation that rocked his heart. After being stunned for a brief moment, he re-rolled the scroll and stowed it away.

“Many thanks, Junior Brother Nie Li!” The shock in Yan Yang’s heart was indescribable. This “martial” seemed even more profound than the “sword”. Yan Yang never thought that Nie Li would give him another great gift. He took an interspatial ring and seriously said, “Compared to these two words given to me by Junior Brother Nie Li, all ordinary items are too insignificant. From this day onwards, Junior Brother Nie Li is a friend of mine, Yan Yang’s!”

Yan Yang looked at Qin Yue and said, “Miss Qin Yue, please pass this over to Junior Brother Nie Li!”

Nie Li received the interspatial ring from Qin Yue with a casual smile. “In that case, I’m honored to have Senior Brother Yan Yang as a friend!”

Everyone couldn’t help the itch that formed in their heart. They had no idea what Nie Li had written as Yan Yang’s second character, since they couldn’t see it from their positions. However, judging from Yan Yang’s expression, it shouldn’t be anything simple. However, the crowd couldn’t even comprehend anything from the first word; therefore, even if they were given the second word, it’d still be useless to them.

Long Tianming was extremely depressed in his heart. Not only was he unable to prevent Yan Yang from obtaining Nie Li’s word, Yan Yang even got two of them.

Mingyue Wushuang smiled sweetly. “I wonder if Junior Brother Nie Li would be willing to write one for me as well. I’ll also offer one hundred fifty thousand spiritual stones!”

“Of course! To avoid favouring one and discriminating against another, I’ll write two words for Senior Sister Mingyue too!” Nie Li wrote another “sword” and then a “bright”. This “bright” implied being as bright as the moon. In terms of Dao intent, it was roughly the same as Yan Yang’s “martial”.

Nie Li then obtained another one hundred fifty thousand spiritual stones from Mingyue Wushuang.

“Junior Brother Nie Li seems to have feelings for Junior Sister Ning’er. From today onwards, I’ll take good care of her!” Mingyue Wushuang glanced at Xiao Ning’er as she smiled.

Hearing Mingyue Wushuang’s words, the girls of the Heavenly Note Sect all looked at Xiao Ning’er with extremely envious expressions. Mingyue Wushuang had an extraordinary position within the Heavenly Note Sect: the Holy Maiden! Under Mingyue Wushuang’s special care, Xiao Ning’er would definitely have boundless prospects!

Although Xiao Ning’er’s shocking talent had attracted the attentions of some higher-ups, it wasn’t the same as being taken care of by Mingyue Wushuang.

“Then I’ll have to thank Senior Sister Mingyue!” Nie Li said with his hands cupped. He thought inwardly, he was able to build two connections by simply writing a few words. On top of that, he was able to obtain three hundred thousand spiritual stones. That was definitely a good deal. Why did he feel that selling words could be even more profitable than selling high-grade demon spirits?

Ye Xuan saw Nie Li skillfully dealing with Yan Yang and Mingyue Wushuang, and felt inferior to Nie Li. Just a short while ago, he’d been mocking Nie Li and calling him a poor bastard. But in the end, Nie Li only had to write a few words to obtain three hundred thousand spiritual stones from them!

Long Tianming slightly furrowed his brows because both Yan Yang and Mingyue Wushuang had obtained Nie Li’s words. He could only give up, since he hadn’t been able to prevent it from happening. As for Nie Li, it was impossible for Long Tianming to spend a hundred fifty thousand for those words.

Nie Li was a disciple of the Divine Feathers Sect. After this event, all Long Tianming had to do was to send some people to get the words from Nie Li. How could Nie Li not give him any?

Not only would Nie Li have to give Long Tianming some words, Nie Li would have to give him even more, unless he didn’t want to remain in the Divine Feathers Sect anymore.

Long Tianming began observing Nie Li. If Nie Li really had some talent, getting him as an underling would be a pretty good idea. As for oppressing Nie Li, Long Tianming didn’t have those kinds of thoughts at the moment. After today, once the higher-ups heard that Yan Yang and Mingyue Wushuang had bought words from Nie Li, they’d definitely get in on the action and ask for some words to study. With Nie Li’s ability, trying to get a connection with one or two higher-ups should be a very simple task for him.

In the Divine Feathers Sect, Long Tianming still wasn’t able to cover everything up.

What Long Tianming cared about the most aside from Nie Li writing those word was just what was his talent? After all, Nie Li didn’t produce even the slightest ripple of Dao intent when he wrote those words; therefore, Long Tianming couldn’t see through his cultivation.

Even if Nie Li was the ranked first among the newcomer geniuses, he still couldn’t attract Long Tianming’s attention. If Nie Li’s insights towards Dao intent were that profound, it makes no sense that Nie Li still wasn’t able to step into the Heavenly Fate Realm. Or could it be that Nie Li was hiding it?

Since Long Tianming was unable to see through Nie Li, he decided to send some of his men to investigate him.

After Nie Li walked down from the stage, he returned to his table and exchanged glances with Ning’er, Gu Bei, and the rest with a smile on his face.

Both Gu Bei and Li Xingyun had completely accepted Nie Li.

When Nie Li returned, Murong Yu was still gnashing his teeth. In the Ghastly Ruins, he’d done all he could to obstruct Nie Li from obtaining spiritual stones. In the end, despite all his hard work, Nie Li had obtained three hundred thousand spiritual stones from a few casual words, ruining all of his efforts.

That was three hundred thousand spiritual stones! Even if Murong Yu saved up for dozens of years, he still wouldn’t be able to reach that amount!