Chapter 309 - Tricked

Chapter 309 - Tricked

Xiao Ning’er quietly said to Nie Li, “Nie Li, I also brought plenty of Heavenly Note Dew with me, so you can have a few dozen when we get back!” Because of her high talent, the Heavenly Note Sect had provided Xiao Ning’er with a nearly infinite supply of Heavenly Note Dew for training. Although she’d used quite a bit for her own cultivation, she still had a lot left over.

“Alright.” Nie Li casually smiled and nodded, accepting Xiao Ning’er’s goodwill. When she returned to her sect, she’d definitely be able to acquire more. Before she returned, Nie Li would definitely gift her plenty of treasures, including a Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirit. As for Heavenly Note Dew, Xiao Ning’er probably didn’t need them anymore.

The auction continued. After the bottles of Heavenly Note Dew, there were several more Dragon Bloodline Extraordinary Level growth rate demon spirits, accompanied by some Grade 1 and Grade 2 artifacts, and an assortment of elixirs for cultivation injuries.

The auction was extremely intense. After all, the items in this auction were things rarely seen elsewhere. Under the shocked eyes of everyone present, Gu Bei continued purchasing items that priced from fifty to sixty thousand spiritual stones.

As far as Nie Li was concerned, he already had more than enough spiritual stones for his personal use. So wouldn’t he exchange part of his fortune for some actually useful items that could further enhance his strength?

The vine within his body had greatly delayed his cultivation speed. Right now, Ning’er had already reached the 5-fate realm, while he, himself, had only entered the Heavenly Fate Realm not long ago. At the same time, when Nie Li had ranked up, his strength had increased to several or even several dozens of times stronger than those of the same level as him!

Because of that vine within his body, Nie Li’s need for things like spiritual stones and elixirs had reached a frightening height. An ordinary person would show an obvious growth in cultivation after refining with a few dozen of spiritual stones. Nie Li, on the other hand, needed a few hundred or even thousands. However, he had a nagging feeling that when the vine inside his body had grew to its full form, it would be absolutely extraordinary.

Take for example, the thirty bottles of Heavenly Note Dew that Gu Bei had just bought for him. Such a supply would last a long time for an ordinary person. However, in Nie Li’s hands, it’d probably all be gone within a few days.

This wasn’t really a problem that Nie Li could help. Therefore, he needed to acquire enormous quantities of cultivation resources.

As Gu Bei continuously bid item after another, Murong Yu and Ye Xuan turned their heads and pretended that nothing was happening. Sitting together with Gu Bei, they no longer had any face left whatsoever. Originally, Ye Xuan believed himself to be quite wealthy; however, when he compared himself to Gu Bei, he have utterly lose his face.

Murong Yu was hating Gu Bei more and more, to the point that his teeth were really starting to itch. Murong Yu wanted to buy a few items to take back, but every time he started to bid, Gu Bei would directly raise the price far higher than he could afford, forcing him to stop halfway. After all, Murong Yu’s spiritual stones had all been obtained through hard work by hunting Ghouls in the Ghastly Ruins. They weren’t some good fortune blown to him by the wind! Murong Yu was dying to slam his fists on the table and curse Gu Bei. However, he endured it.

‘If you aren’t going to let me have an easy time, then I won’t let you have an easy time, either!’ Murong Yu began periodically raising the prices for Gu Bei. This tactic had its limits, but as long as he could make Gu Bei spend a little more money, Murong Yu felt satisfied.

Li Xingyun, however, saw right through them. He knew that even though Gu Bei was a direct descendant of the Gu Clan, there was no way he actually had that much money. But based on how close Gu Bei was with Nie Li, he could guess that he was actually bidding all of those items at Nie Li’s request. After all, Nie Li definitely had quite a bit saved up from selling those ordinary God Level growth rate demon spirits.

As of that moment, the item on the auction stand was a Grade 3 artifact: an Amethyst Weight Vest. Gu Bei looked rather interested in it, as his eyes glowed with desire. He started bidding for it, eventually topping his opponent by raising the price to eleven thousand spiritual stones!

“Eleven thousand spiritual stones, going once, going twice...?” Qin Yue smiled as she faced the crowd. She couldn’t help sending a few more glances in Gu Bei’s direction. Gu Bei was one hell of a moneybag. In this auction, at least a solid ten percent had all gone to him!

Murong Yu’s brows twitched when he saw that the Amethyst Weight Vest was about to land in Gu Bei’s hands. “Twelve thousand spiritual stones!”

He was only trying to annoy Gu Bei. Anyways, it was Gu Bei’s fault that he was obstructing him.

Gu Bei glanced at Murong Yu in annoyance as he coldly snorted, “Thirteen thousand spiritual stones!”

“Fourteen thousand spiritual stones!” Murong Yu increased the price again. Murong Yu had already jacked the prices of several times that Gu Bei had wanted. And each time, Gu Bei had bought the item anyway. So, of course, Murong Yu wasn’t going to give up this chance to get back at Gu Bei.

It only took one look to realise that even though Gu Bei was rich, he was obviously a brainless fool. If he saw something he liked, then he’d go ahead and bid for it without hesitation.

An Amethyst Weight Vest was, at most, worth around ten thousand spiritual stones.

People would laugh at Gu Bei when they heard that he’d spent so much money on an

Amethyst Weight Vest! Murong Yu didn’t consider a good-for-nothing like him to be very much!

Murong Yu waited for Gu Bei to continue bidding, but instead, he only saw him sitting there, yawning, without the enthusiastic look that he’d had earlier. Murong Yu instantly realised that something was wrong.

“Since you want this Amethyst Weight Vest so much, then go ahead and take it. I, Master Bei, am a generous man, so I won’t bother arguing with you!” Gu Bei waved his hand. Earlier, Gu Bei had only been aiming at Murong Yu’s bids just to provoke him. Therefore, whenever Gu Bei wanted to buy something, he would retaliate by raising the price. Gu Bei had also slowly made calculations on the amount of money that Murong Yu had, which was roughly fifteen thousand spiritual stones.

Although the Amethyst Weight Vest was a Grade 3 artifact, it didn’t have many practical uses due to its weight. Furthermore, such an artifact could easily be purchased elsewhere for ten thousand spiritual stones. The actual reason Gu Bei displayed so much interest in such an item was to convince Murong Yu to take the bait.

Originally, everyone had been secretly laughing at the fight between Gu Bei and Murong Yu. With Gu Bei’s good-for-nothing character, he’d definitely buy what he wanted, even if he had to spend more money. However, Gu Bei suddenly stopped, just as the crowd was waiting for him to return the bid. Everyone was a little surprised.

Suddenly, it hit them.

Murong Yu had been fooled by Gu Bei!

Earlier, Gu Bei had spent huge quantities of money. Although the items he bid for were rather expensive, he’d actually gotten them for a fairly decent price. This Amethyst Weight Vest was the only exception. The moment Murong Yu raised the price to fourteen thousand spiritual stones, Gu Bei suddenly backed off and allowed Murong Yu to trip headfirst into his hands!

How could Murong Yu not see that coming? He berated himself as his forehead filled with beads of sweat.

Murong Yu had treated Gu Bei as a rich second generation [1. In Chinese, “rich second generation” is an insult for good-for-nothing kids of the self-made millionaires and billionaires. This applies to Gu Bei, since he’s the “second generation” who’s living off of his clan.] who only knew how to throw money around, and found it impossible to not look down on him. But now, he’d fallen headfirst into the grave he’d dug for himself.

The Amethyst Weight Vest was actually a decent Grade 3 Artifact, but its practical uses weren’t very significant. Furthermore, Murong Yu already had a set of battle armour. He didn’t have any use for the Amethyst Weight Vest. Furthermore, if he actually bought it, then his entire fortune of spiritual stones would be depleted.

“Are there certain people here who’re too scared to raise the price?” Murong Yu coldly smiled as made his last struggle by trying to provoke Gu Bei.

Gu Bei waved his hand. “This Amethyst Weight Vest is only worth ten thousand spiritual stones at most. Only a dumbass would be willing to spend fourteen thousand spiritual stones to buy it!”

“You…” Murong Yu was well aware that he’d been tricked by Gu Bei. But getting tricked was only the secondary problem; at such a huge event, he, Murong Yu, had become a public joke! His eyes nearly spouted flames.

Nie Li couldn’t help laughing at the situation. As far as others had been concerned, Gu Bei had always been a perverted good-for-nothing, giving others a strong impression of a useless second generation. Otherwise, Murong Yu wouldn’t have fallen for it.

Gu Lan had recently been completely healed; therefore, Gu Bei finally decided to show his teeth and fight for power and a position within the family. However, he hadn’t reversed his public image yet, so it was no surprise that Murong Yu actually fell for it.

Between Gu Bei and Gu Lan, one of them had to stand out and fight for the Patriarch’s position of the Gu Clan. Gu Bei wasn’t going to sit idly by and watch Gu Heng take the seat and gain control of the Gu Clan!

Thanks to Nie Li’s extended treatment, Gu Lan had already been completely healed. However, she still had to conceal herself and, furthermore, Gu Bei had now integrated with a Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirit. Gu Bei had all the qualifications to stand out and fight for the Patriarch’s seat; therefore, he no longer had to conceal his strength like he did in the past.

In the context of the auction, even if Murong Yu knew that he’d been tricked, the only thing he could do was swallow it down. However, deep down in his heart, he was so infuriated that he wanted to swallow Gu Bei alive.

Regardless of his anger, that was fourteen thousand spiritual stones down the drain! Even if Murong Yu managed to sell the Amethyst Weight Vest and get back some spiritual stones, he’d still lose four to five thousand spiritual stones. As he thought about it, he simply wanted to vomit blood!

Ye Xuan whispered in Murong Yu’s ear. “Brother Murong, it’s a little reckless to actually buy this Amethyst Weight Vest!”

“It’s only fourteen thousand spiritual stones, nothing much.” Murong Yu forced a smile as he drained his wine cup in one gulp. He wasn’t a moneybag like Gu Bei. Throwing away so much money made him nearly vomit blood from his pained heart.

Gu Bei glanced at Murong Yu again. “I wonder what they’re going to auction next? Since Murong Yu is so confident, why not bid for a few more items?”

Lu Piao was crazily overjoyed within his heart and internally gave Gu Bei a thumbs up.

Xiao Ning’er couldn’t help chuckling as she looked at Nie Li. This friend of Nie Li was indeed like the man himself, just full of awful ideas and absolutely unwilling to draw the short end of the stick.

Several of the Gu Clan’s younger generation, who were sitting in the corner, glanced in his direction and engaged in soft discussion.

“That looks like Gu Bei, right?”

“Gu Bei’s sister has already been stripped of her position as successor and he’s always been a licentious guy, so he could never obtain the qualifications for successor! Before, I always thought of him as a licentious good-for-nothing, but now that I’m looking at him, he doesn’t sound like the guy from the rumors at all!”

“Yeah! He’s buying so much stuff all at once, and just relying on his own wealth! That’s something to be respected!”

The younger generations of the Gu Clan suddenly realised that they had to re-evaluate their opinion of Gu Bei. The Gu Clan was one of the three most powerful families of the Divine Feathers Sect, and their strength was undoubted. Back then, Gu Bei’s sister, Gu Lan, had extraordinary talent, and was an existence who could rival Long Tianming. However, heaven was jealous of geniuses. One day, a problem had occurred during her cultivation that left her lower body paralyzed. Despite the fact that Gu Heng’s talent was still acceptable, he was still inferior to the super genius Long Tianming. After that, the family had always been worrying and hoping for another genius to appear in their younger generations.

And now, Gu Bei, who no one had ever paid much attention to, had suddenly, and unexpectedly, revealed his sharp fangs!