Chapter 308 - A Rich Good-For-Nothing

Chapter 308 - A Rich Good-For-Nothing

Ye Xuan looked at Xiao Ning’er and smiled. “If Junior Sister Ning’er needs a Dragon Bloodline Extraordinary growth rate demon spirit, I can bid for this one and gift it to you.”

“I don’t need it.” Xiao Ning’er shook her head as eyes didn’t linger on Ye Xuan for even a moment.

Nie Li whispered softly in Xiao Ning’er’s ear. “Later, I’ll get you one with a God Level growth rate.”

Xiao Ning’er flushed slightly red as she nodded. A feeling of sweetness filled her heart. She didn’t care about the demon spirit; what she liked was the fact that Nie Li was obviously concerned for her. Otherwise, he wouldn’t have said something like that after Ye Xuan’s offer. As for how Nie Li might’ve gotten a God Level growth rate Dragon Bloodline, Xiao Ning’er didn’t think too much about it. In her heart, Nie Li had always been an omnipotent existence.

Ye Xuan tightly clenched his right fist when he saw Xiao Ning’er act all bashful at whatever Nie Li had said to her as he couldn’t hear their conversation. An unsuppressable jealousy rose within his heart. She only showed such an expression when she was in front of Nie Li.

In the end, that Extraordinary Level growth rate demon spirit was sold for twenty-seven thousand spiritual stones, to a disciple from the Skyblaze Sect.

Following that one were five more Extraordinary Level growth rate Dragon Bloodlines, each of which sold for over twenty-five thousand spiritual stones. The crowd became rather confused. In the past, such powerful demon spirits only appeared in ones or twos, so why were there so many this time?

All the Dragon Bloodline Extraordinary Level growth rate demon spirits were purchased by the Skyblaze Sect’s disciples. They must certainly be wealthy to afford so much, or at least much wealthier than the disciples of the Divine Feathers Sect. Indeed, the Skyblaze Sect deserved to be the head of the six major sects!

Gu Bei made some rough calculations. If there were twenty Extraordinary growth rate demon spirits, didn’t that mean over five hundred thousand spiritual stones? That was simply a shocking amount of wealth. Except he didn’t know how much the manufacturing costs were, since he had always passed the spiritual stones back to Nie Li.

Nie Li knew that Dragon Bloodline Extraordinary Level growth rate demon spirits were rare, but he’d originally thought fifteen thousand spiritual stones would already make a great sale. He never expected its actual price to be so high. Although, of course this was also linked to the fact that the Skyblaze Sect’s disciples were all rich.

After all, Extraordinary Level growth rate Dragon Bloodline demon spirits aren’t easy to find. As long as those demon spiritualists didn’t already have one, they definitely won’t let go of such a chance.

“Next, we will auction a bottle of Demon Soul’s Essence. This bottle has already been appraised, and has been determined to be of the Heavenly Star level. The starting bid is ten thousand spiritual stones!” Qin Yue lightly smiled as she continued, “Is anyone interested?”

Demon Soul's Essence can greatly enhance a demon spirit’s strength. Now that Nie Li had a Dragon Bloodline God Level growth rate demon spirit, of course he wasn’t going to be stingy. Furthermore, a Heavenly Star level Demon Soul’s Essence would have an extremely powerful effect on a Heavenly Fate Realm demon spirit.

Nie Li never expected that the auction would start with such a precious item. The auction was probably trying to bring the excitement up first. Everyone in this side chamber was among the elites of the three major sects. Therefore, ordinary items definitely wouldn’t incite their interests.

Nie Li pondered a bit, then transmitted his voice to Gu Bei, “Get that Demon Soul's Essence for me!”

Murong Yu seemed to be interested in the Demon Soul's Essence too, since he made a bid. “Eleven thousand spiritual stones!’

“Eleven thousand one hundred spiritual stones!” Gu Bei immediately followed.

At Gu Bei’s words, Murong Yu frowned, gave Gu Bei a side glance, and said, “Twelve thousand spiritual stones!”

“Twelve thousand one hundred spiritual stones!” Gu Bei continued to raise the price in a calm and composed manner.

The crowd couldn’t help looking over to their table. Those two who’re sitting at the same table don’t look too friendly with each other. Well, since there seemed to be something entertaining going on, they stopped their own conversations to watch just how high the two of them would raise the price.

“Thirteen thousand spiritual stones!” Murong Yu was a little infuriated since Gu Bei was obviously going against him!

Murong Yu glared at Nie Li, then at Gu Bei, feeling furious in his heart. Gu Bei was probably trying to help Nie Li make a fool out of him!

Anything over ten thousand spiritual stones would already be considered a huge sum for Murong Yu. Even after he’d saved for so many years, he only had a rough total of fifteen thousand spiritual stones!

“Thirteen thousand one hundred spiritual stones!” Gu Bei continued ignoring Murong Yu’s existence and made another bid.

“Fifteen thousand!” Murong Yu nearly slammed his fists on the table.

Ye Xuan couldn’t help giving Murong Yu and Gu Bei weird looks. Even Ye Xuan only had a little over thirty thousand spiritual stones and would’ve carefully considered the thought of buying this bottle of Demon Soul’s Essence. This Gu Bei seemed to be pretty rich.

“Fifteen thousand one hundred spiritual stones!” Gu Bei bidded without even batting an eye.

Veins popped out from Murong Yu’s neck. Even though he was well aware that what Gu Bei was only doing this to piss him off, he didn’t have enough money to bid higher. What really enraged Murong Yu was Gu Bei’s contemptuous attitude.

“If Brother Gu needs it that much, then I’ll let you have it,” Murong Yu breathed with a cold smile.

Right as the price suddenly stopped increasing, a voice came from a distant spot in the room. “Sixteen thousand spiritual stones!”

Gu Bei glanced at Murong Yu. “Letting me have it? You’re too conceited. There seems to be many others also bidding for it. If you don’t have money, then don’t join in the bidding. What a joke!” Gu Bei was aware that Murong Yu had snatched Nie Li’s spiritual stone rewards inside the Ghastly Ruins, so of course he wouldn’t look kindly on Murong Yu.

Murong Yu tightly clenched his fists. He’d always been proud and aloof, so of course he couldn’t swallow mockery from other people. But in this kind of situation, he didn’t dare to flip in rage. Not to mention that Gu Bei was also someone from the Gu Clan.

“Then Brother Gu can continue competing over it!” Although Murong Yu hated Gu Bei so much that his teeth itched, he still swallowed his rage.

“Of course I will! Seventeen thousand spiritual stones!” Gu Bei glanced at Murong Yu as he continued bidding.

That was quite a high price already, so much that the other voice hesitated briefly, then decided to stop bidding. In the end, the Demon Soul's Essence was successfully sold to Gu Bei.

After that came five more bottles of Demon Soul’s Essence, but all were of the Heavenly Fate level, leaving none of the Heavenly Star level. They priced somewhere around two to three thousand spiritual stones each. Murong Yu was rather dispirited. Although Heavenly Fate level Demon Soul’s Essence had some uses, there weren’t terribly many. If it wasn’t of the Heavenly Star level, then there wasn’t any point in buying.

However, Gu Bei still didn’t stop there. Those five Demon Soul’s Essences entered into his pocket as well.

As of then, Gu Bei had already spent nearly thirty thousand spiritual stones!

“Brother Gu, Demon Soul’s Essence is indeed good, but if you spend all your money now, you’ll lose your chance for the good stuff!” Ye Xuan lightly smiled, not knowing what his aim were.

“You don’t have to be worried about that!” Gu Bei glanced at Ye Xuan unhappily. Who asked him to show interest in Xiao Ning’er?

Xiao Ning’er should be Nie Li’s woman and this Ye Xuan was clearly trying to snatch his brother’s woman. So, of course, Gu Bei wouldn’t be kind to him! As far as Gu Bei was concerned, this Ye Xuan didn’t seem to be some hotshot either. According to other people, Gu Bei was just a lousy good-for-nothing; so, of course, he proceeded to put on a good-for-nothing act. Otherwise, he’d be letting down that nickname! Gu Bei sneered. “I hate people who like to pretend to be rich, but in reality aren’t!”

Ye Xuan coughed as fury rose within his heart. Who did this Gu Bei think he was? He was just a descendant of the Gu Clan, but he was actually daring to be so arrogant? If they weren’t inside the Divine Feathers Sect’s territory, Xe Yuan would definitely have him grow some brain.

However, on this occasion, Ye Xuan still showed a refined attitude as he said, “I’m only reminding you out of goodwill. Since Brother Gu isn’t appreciating it, then forget it!”

After such intense conflicts, the atmosphere by the table was naturally rather sour. A few people from a neighboring table looked over and immediately understood the situation when they saw Gu Bei. Gu Bei was a famed good-for-nothing. It’d actually be unusual to see him not having an argument or in a fight with someone. Not to mention that there were two beauties currently sitting at that table. No wonder the smell of gunpowder was so heavy.

Long Yuyin quietly sat beside Nie Li, seemingly uninterested in the items being auctioned. She realised that she was a little unnecessary over here. Nearly everyone’s attention was involuntarily focused on Xiao Ning’er.

Long Yuyin recalled her grandmother’s words. “Yin’er, with that fiery temper of yours, no one will like you, regardless of how beautiful you are. You have to change.” In the past, she was never bothered by it, and was even somewhat disdainful of the advice. Since when did she, Long Yuyin, need a man to love? But, now that she re-examined and compared herself to Xiao Ning’er, she couldn’t help feeling inferior.

It was normal for Nie Li to like Xiao Ning’er, but this fact slightly annoyed Long Yuyin’s heart.

The auction continued with the next item, a bottle of Heavenly Note Dew. The Heavenly Note Dew is a product refined by the Heavenly Note Sect’s alchemists using various herbs. Its herbal effect is even more effective than spiritual stones. However, the crucial part was the fact that the Heavenly Note Dew could be easily absorbed; that was why it’s effects were even more obvious!

Qin Yue lightly smiled, “Please, everyone, you don’t all have to be anxious over this one bottle. On this trip to the Divine Feathers Sect, we brought a hundred bottles and will be selling in sets of ten. If you’re interested, but cannot buy all ten together, then you’re welcome to bid with friends!”

Soon, the atmosphere tensed up as people started forming groups in preparation to buy the Heavenly Note Dew. After all, buying ten altogether would be too difficult for the majority of those present.

The starting price for ten bottles of Heavenly Note Dew was ten thousand spiritual stones. However, the bidding didn’t raise the price terribly high and stopped at around eleven to twelve thousand spiritual stones. After all, there were still eighty bottles left! Furthermore, all of the Heavenly Note Sect’s disciples had backed off on this bid, leaving only the Skyblaze and Divine Feathers Sect disciples. Therefore, there was no need for such an intense competition.

However, to everyone’s dismay, Gu Bei took thirty bottles of Heavenly Note Dew all for himself. Gu Bei secretly had to admit that he felt great when buying all of it. He’d never felt this great at spending money, even though all the money belonged to Nie Li.

Thirty bottles of Heavenly Note Dew, that was over thirty thousand spiritual stones!

Gu Bei didn’t look terribly bothered as he tossed out massive sums and sums of spiritual stones. On the contrary, he still looked like he intended to buy more!

Regardless of whether it was Murong Yu or Ye Xuan, both were quite dejected as they wondered just how much money this Gu Bei had.