Chapter 301 - Reward

Chapter 301 - Reward

After the lesson, Long Yuyin headed back to her own courtyard. Nie Li’s teachings continued to revolve through her mind. The more she thought about them, the more profound she found them.

She finally understood that she’d always been a frog in a well[1. Chinese idiom. A frog lives in the bottom of a well. It can only see the sky through the round opening of the well and thinks that the sky is only as large as the well opening is. In reality, it doesn’t know a thing about the vastness of the world.]. Nie Li’s broad knowledge far surpassed her imagination. In this world, the only people who were able to give her that feeling were her Master and Nie Li. She’d even be willing to accept Nie Li as her Master.

While Long Yuyin was in a rather dazed state of mind, a figure suddenly appeared before her.

Long Yuyin’s expression went solemn. “Hu Yong, it’s you?”

Hu Yong’s face was twisted. “Long Yuyin, I heard that you went to train with Nie Li? You even talked to him in a soft voice? Are you cheating on me?” When he heard that Long Yuyin and Nie Li were together during their lessons, he’d nearly gone crazy from anger. He felt like he was wearing an oily-green hat[2. In Chinese culture, green hat meant cheated on.].

Long Yuyin’s face turned cold at Hu Yong’s words. “Hu Yong, do you want me to cripple you again? Nie Li fought me and won. He can guide me in my cultivation. I admire him. If you have the guts, why don’t you come and fight me one-on-one?”

Hu Yong sensed the strong fighting intent emanating from Long Yuyin’s body. His heart couldn’t help quivering in fear.

Was she joking? One-on-one? With his strength, how could he possibly be Long Yuyin’s opponent? He doesn’t even have a Heaven Spiritual Root! As he faced her, he no longer dared to say anything else; on the other hand, he hated Nie Li even more. However, there was nothing he could do to Nie Li. His lungs felt ready to explode from all the pent-up anger.

Hu Yong yelled in anger. “I’m your fiancé!”

Long Yuyin’s brows twitched as she coldly looked at Hu Yong. “I’ve never accepted that marriage engagement! How could trash like you be my fiancé? If you want to be my fiancé, then say it after you beat me!”

Hu Yong’s heart couldn’t help shivering at Long Yuyin’s murderous eyes. She had the same expression back then, when she’d wasted him. He felt fear!

Hu Yong made up his mind. He was going to get revenge against this adulterous couple, Nie Li and Long Yuyin! “Long Yuyin, you better remember this. I’ll make you regret it!”

However, he was afraid to go face-to-face with Long Yuyin. He could only turn around and leave with a depressed heart.

Long Yuyin snorted. “Hmph, I’d like to see how you’re going to make me regret it!” She’d always been doing things her own way. Even the adults of the Dragonseal Family couldn’t touch her, since she had an extremely special position in the family. She was disqualified from becoming first successor due to some of her personality traits; however, no one dared touch her anyways.

She wasn’t interested in conflicts in the slightest. She was only obsessed with the Martial Dao. Her talent in it was dazzling too; at least before she met Nie Li. Before then, no one her age could stand on par with her.

Furthermore, once Long Yuyin reaches the Heavenly Fate Realm, she’ll be able to integrate with a Dragon Bloodline God Level demon spirit. The one that had been personally willed to her by her late grandfather. From there, Long Yuyin’s position within the family would no longer be the same.

Therefore, she never regarded Hu Yong very highly. From her point of view, he was just a piece of trash who couldn’t threaten her at all.

Back then, she’d first learned that some people within the Dragonseal Family were trying to marry her off by arranging a marriage with Hu yong and she wasted him. Even then, neither Hu Yong’s family nor the Dragonseal Family could do anything to her!

A day passed quickly.

In all the subsequent lessons, every time the students needed to partner up for something, Long Yuyin would take the initiative to look for Nie Li. Because of that, He Yinyin couldn’t get close to him. She could only stand in the sidelines, hating Long Yuyin.

Sometimes, when Long Yuyin had encountered problems in cultivation, she sought out Nie Li for answers. He would give her few pointers and she’d always listen respectfully which gave her a feeling of sudden insight in her Dao, making her feel even more admiration for Nie Li. Occasionally, he reprimanded her, but she never dared to talk back. She also became gentler towards Lu Piao and Gu Bei.

However, aside from Nie Li and his friends, Long Yuyin didn’t see them with much regard.

As this went on, Nie Li continued to cultivate while accumulating spiritual stones. Occasionally, he gave pointers to Long Yuyin during their lessons. Time passed quickly.

In just ten days, Lu Piao had stepped into the Heavenly Fate Realm. A month later, Nie Li had still yet to step into the Heavenly Fate Realm, despite the shocking rise in his cultivation. However, by now, he’d already collected the reward from the Saint Soul Board.

Nie Li was ranked third on the Saint Soul Board; therefore, he obtained a Grade 4 artifact, three spiritual stone essences, a Dragon Bloodline Excellent Level demon spirit, and one thousand spiritual stones.

Grade 4 artifact - Celestial Armour. It was a breastplate with powerful defensive capabilities. An ordinary expert would never be able to penetrate it. The Celestial Armour could protect the Fate Soul from dispersing, thus creating a chance to escape. Back in the Tiny World, after the Demon Lord’s limbs were chopped off, he’d managed to escape using a Grade 3 artifact to guard his Fate Soul. As for Nie Li’s Celestial Armour, it was slightly better than the Demon Lord’s.

An ordinary 5-fate Heavenly Fate Realm expert would find it difficult to penetrate the Grade 4 Celestial Armour. But that’s only if his opponent doesn’t have a high-grade offensive artifact.

The Grade 4 artifact was so precious that you’d only encounter such a thing by extremely sheer luck; it would be next to impossible to find such a thing, even if you were looking for it. It priced for at least ten thousand spiritual stones, probably more. To ordinary cultivators, ten thousand spiritual stones was an unimaginably vast fortune.

Then, there were the three spiritual stone essences. A single piece was roughly equivalent to a thousand spiritual stones. In addition, he’d received a Dragon Bloodline demon spirit with an Excellent Level growth rate. That was also priceless.

Nie Li had already accumulated thirty thousand spiritual stones by selling God Level growth rate ordinary demon spirits. Added to the reward he received today, his fortune was shocking.

It was as many spiritual stones as a single low-grade Deity’s Lake could produce in an entire year!

If Hu Yong, Jin Yan, and Hua Ling knew that Nie Li had so many spiritual stones concealed within his interspatial ring, they’d probably vomit blood from jealousy.

Nie Li put the Celestial Armour on and slowly began refining it, merging it with his soul aura. With a Grade 4 Artifact to protect himself, he’d be much safer when he headed to the outside world.

Nie Li brought out the three spiritual stone essences and began absorbing them. His cultivation continued to refine. After absorbing all three, he still hadn’t crossed that doorstep. However, he could sense that the Heavenly Energy was filling his soul realm to the brim. All he needed was the hint of an opportunity for a breakthrough.

According to the cultivation speed of his previous life, Nie Li should definitely have made a breakthrough after absorbing so many spiritual stones. He never thought that the vine in his soul realm would make the cultivation process so much more difficult.

As for the remaining Excellent Level growth rate demon spirits with Dragon Bloodlines, Nie Li wasn’t planning to save them for himself, of course. Dragon Bloodline demon spirits of that quality were too poor for him. Once he reached the Heavenly Fate Realm, he’d definitely find a way to get his hands on a God Level Dragon Bloodline demon spirit.

Nie Li brought out his Excellent Level Dragon Bloodline demon spirit. Not including this one, he still had over thirty thousand Ordinary Level growth rate demon spirits with Dragon Bloodlines. All of this was thanks to Gu Bei’s continuous efforts. Some of them were taken directly from the Gu Clan’s warehouses. Such powerful families had no use for Ordinary Level Dragon Bloodline demon spirits. They were trash that no one wanted.

Nie Li originally planned to reach the Heavenly Fate Realm before he started refining God Level Dragon Bloodline demon spirits; however, even until now, his cultivation hadn’t reached that step. Therefore, Nie Li could only get started on refining them.