Chapter 300 - Respect

Chapter 300 - Respect

Long Yuyin just stood there for a while, before she finally began to walk quietly towards Ying Yueru’s home. Nie Li’s words had set her mind thinking. Ying Yueru’s fate was in Long Yuyin’s hands; but did she really want her dead?

She thought over this question for an indeterminant amount of time. After all, Ying Yueru was her Senior Sister. As for the matter concerning the their Master, Long Yuyin also felt that there was a story behind it.

It was just like Nie Li said; Ying Yueru was someone who’d rather hurt herself than hurt others.

Nie Li returned to Xiao Yu’s courtyard.

Xiao Yu saw him and enquired, “Nie Li, where did you go?”

Nie Li smiled. “I went to meet an old friend.”

“Old friend?” Xiao Yu was rather puzzled. Nie Li had only come to the Skysoul Institute not too long ago. How did manage to get an old friend?

Nie Li didn’t bother to give Xiao Yu much of an explanation. Instead, he looked past Xiao Yu, saw Huang Ying, and immediately greeted her. “So you’re here?”

“Nie Li, hello!” Huang Ying immediately exposed a lovable smile as she grabbed Xiao Yu’s arm with both hands, like a cute and helpless baby bird.

Nie Li gave a meaningful smile as he said, “I’ll get back to cultivating. You guys can get busy!”

Xiao Yu’s face flushed red. “Nie Li, don’t misunderstand!”

Nie Li laughed as he waved goodbye. “Misunderstand? You’re just having an honest conversation, right?” He gave Huang Ying a wink, then returned to his own room.

Huang Ying blushed slightly red, but she still held onto Xiao Yu’s hand, refusing to let go. Xiao Yu, however, looked helpless and depressed.

When Nie Li entered his room, he saw Goddess Yu Yan hovering in the air as she cultivated. However, what really surprised him was the fact that her entire body was enveloped in golden flames. These flames continued to burn, raising the room temperature to a frightening degree.

A powerful energy churned throughout the room.

It never crossed Nie Li’s mind that Yu Yan might reach the Heavenly Fate Realm before he did. Furthermore, her Heavenly Fate Realm seemed to be slightly different from ordinary ones. Therefore, Nie Li had no idea just how strong she was, as he had no basis for comparison.

The golden flames seemed to be melting the air.

When he saw that Yu Yan was in the middle of cultivating, he didn’t disrupt her. He looked down and saw that Jindan was curled up in a corner, asleep. That guy’s daily routine was just eat and sleep, eat and sleep. However, what surprised Nie Li was the fact that Jindan took really long naps after every meal. Each time he woke up, his aura would be several times stronger.

This little guy was getting stronger at a frightening speed!

Through his soul realm, Nie Li sensed that Lu Piao was about to reach the Heavenly Fate Realm after he’d absorbed so many spiritual stones. However, Nie Li himself still wasn’t able to step through that doorway.

Usually, after absorbing so much Heavenly Energy, his cultivation should’ve also increased at a quick pace. However, all that Heavenly Energy from the spiritual stones have been absorbed by the vine in his soul realm; not much was left for him.

The only thing he could do was concentrate on his cultivation.

Time slowly flowed by.

Although the new batch of students had caused waves within the Skysoul Institute, the excitement died down pretty quickly. After all, cultivation was still most important.

After being warned by Li Xingyun, Hua Ling also showed more restraint and immersed himself in cultivating.

Murong Yu was sulking, despite the fact that he’d made a new record in the Ghastly Ruins. It never crossed his mind that after escaping his clutches, Nie Li might exit the Ghastly Ruins instead of continuing to hunt. Even if he wanted to make more trouble for Nie Li, he no longer had a chance to do so.

The others also calmed down for the time being to focus on their cultivation.

One day passed after another.

Nie Li had been depleting anywhere between one to two hundred spiritual stones a day. However, the supply of stones within his interspatial ring was actually constantly increasing. This was because Nie Li was still refining God Level growth rate demon spirits every day. He either let Gu Bei help him sell them, or he sold them directly to Li Xingyun. There was also a portion that had been dissolved into the market.

The quantity of spiritual stones inside his interspatial ring continued to increase at a frightening rate. Nie Li continued to purchase large numbers of demon spirits with Dragon Bloodlines; however, all had ordinary growth rates.

The more God Level demon spirits Nie Li sold, the higher Li Xingyun regarded him. Li Xingyun didn’t know where Nie Li was getting the God Level demon spirits from, nor did he ask for an answer. After all, such things involved secrets. So there isn’t any point in asking; on the contrary, it would hurt their business relationship.

Hu Yong was a little intimidated by Nie Li’s close connections to Gu Bei and Li Xingyun.

Today, Venerable Redsoul’s lesson was, once again, on the topic of physical training.

Everyone had immediately turned to look at Nie Li and Long Yuyin. In their previous lesson, Nie Li and Long Yuyin had gotten into a fight that had even left the grounds destroyed. The two of them weren’t going to do it again, were they?

Long Yuyin hesitated for a moment and her steps paused. However, she finally approached Nie Li with her face flushed red and asked in a soft voice, “Can I practise with you?”

Her outfit made her look formidable and valiant. In addition to her beauty, her image could definitely topple any boy in the class. In the past, Long Yuyin’s fiery character had distanced herself from everyone else. But now, the fact that Long Yuyin was actually speaking in such a soft voice made all the observer’s jaws almost fall off.

Was Long Yuyin still that tigress that they’d known? Was this girl the wrong person?

It wasn’t just the other students: even Lu Piao and Gu Bei were dumbfounded.

Lu Piao rubbed his eyes. “I don’t think I’ve woken up yet! I must be dreaming!”

Nie Li couldn’t help smiling when he saw how nervous Long Yuyin was. “Sure!”

Everyone was dumbfounded at this reaction. Their brains couldn’t process the situation. Just what was going on?

Was this still the same Nie Li who’d told Long Yuyin to stay as far away as possible?

This transformation was too fast. Just what had happened in such a short amount of time? There must be a hidden story to it!

“I smell adultery. Nie Li, you couldn’t have done something behind Goddess Ziyun and Ning’er’s backs, right?” Lu Piao scrutinised Nie Li, but was heavily rewarded by Nie Li.

Even Venerable Redsoul was rather puzzled. These two had been so vehemently against each other, so why had they suddenly calmed down? Anyways, it was all good news for him. After all, he didn’t want to have constant conflicts between his students, even if it was absolutely normal for such prideful geniuses to butt heads. Even he couldn’t stop them completely if they wanted to do so.

The drills began and everyone fought each other.

Long Yuyin’s expression slowly turned serious. She leapt and threw a chain of roundhouse kicks towards Nie Li.

“You might have a long attack range, but there’re still a lot of flaws. You’re too slow!” Nie Li said as he dodged and returned three punches. One to her calf, one to her inner thigh, and one to her abdomen. “All three of these are flaws!”

Long Yuyin’s face turned slightly pale as she suffered the three attacks and took several steps back. She felt numb from the three hits and her heart shivered. So it turned out that Nie Li was so much stronger than her! Previously, he was already going easy on her!

Actually, Nie Li was much weaker than Long Yuyin. After all, Long Yuyin possessed the Blood Dragon lineage. However, Nie Li’s insight towards the Martial Dao was at a level that Long Yuyin couldn’t compare with.

Long Yuyin’s expression gradually became respectful as she carefully thought over Nie Li’s advice. With a little more comprehension than the last time, she resumed her attacks on Nie Li.

Nie Li’s voice turned solemnly strict. “Here, here, and there. Your reactions are too slow and your attack angles aren’t right! That’s wrong!”

Again and again, Long Yuyin was smacked onto the ground. However, she became more and more excited and ready each time she got up. Although Nie Li was being strict, she could sense that her combat techniques were steadily improving under his guidance. He taught way far better than any other teachers.

The rest of the students exchanged looks when they saw Long Yuyin’s excited and somewhat frenzied expression. That woman must have gone crazy!

Venerable Redsoul watched their battle in utter shock and an expression that could only be described as ‘ashamed’ was on his face. He felt like he could no longer look anyone in the eye again.

Even he didn’t have that much understand towards physical strength. Not compared to Nie Li.

As a mentor, he felt that he had nothing to teach Nie Li in terms of confrontations between physiques.

He could only pretend that he didn’t know, since the other students couldn’t see through it.

Long Yuyin’s heart was filled with respect for Nie Li. Every attack that seemed perfect to her was filled with flaws to Nie Li. His guidance had given her great insights, especially since she was a quick-learner. Through their fight, she sensed that his attainment on cultivation highly surpassed her own by several realms!

In her heart, she was also secretly dejected. Nie Li was Ying Yueru’s disciple? Didn’t that mean that Ying Yueru was actually much more powerful than she thought?

She continued to absorb Nie Li’s teachings like a sponge. She sensed that Nie Li was the only one who could guide her strength towards an endless height.

Nie Li also realised that this woman could be taught. Since she was young, no one had really been able to lecture her properly; that had resulted in her domineering character. However, she respected those who were stronger than herself. Although there were others, like Murong Yu, who fit that description, as far as Long Yuyin was concerned, it was only because of age. However, Nie Li was the same age as her and could also defeat her in terms of physical strength. That was why she accepted him.

No matter how Nie Li reprimanded her, she continued to quietly endure. As they continued on, she actually became more respectful towards Nie Li, just like a diligent and respectful disciple to her Master’s teachings.

The other students were speechless. None of them could figure out how Nie Li managed to tame such a tigress. When Long Yuyin dealt with other people, her bloodlust would terrify them. However, she was as docile as a sheep when facing Nie Li.

Soon, the lesson was over.