Chapter 27 - Leave it to me!

Chapter 27 - Leave it to me!

In the 10 meters radius space in the depth of the forest, various kinds of branches were scattered all over the area. The smell of urine still lingered in the air and there was also grey coloured fur on the branches.

The length of these furs was of two inches.

Seeing these furs, Nie Li immediately identified that it as the Fox Bear demon beast!

"Who is it?" Suddenly, an alert voice sounded.

Nie Li looked towards the direction of the voice, and a figure appeared from behind the tree. Seeing the other party, Nie Li was slightly surprised that it's actually Chen Linjian. Shortly after, a few people appeared behind Chen Linjian, two of them were the underlings of Chen Linjian, and one of them was actually Shen Yue.

"How come are you here?" Chen Linjian looked towards Nie Li and asked.

"When I was practising, I smelled a trace of strange odor around the air and followed it here!" Nie Li said as he swept his gaze between Chen Linjian and Shen Yue. Chen Linjian and Shen Yue are only familiar with each other and were not a group, otherwise Chen Linjian wouldn't have killed so many of Sacred Family's member in the previous life.

Shen Yue coldly looked at Nie Li, that gloomy gaze of his were filled with darkness.

Strange odor? Why haven’t they smelled it earlier??

"When two of my underlings were searching the place, they found this place so Shen Yue and I came together to take a look!" Chen Linjian said. The relation between the current him and Shen Yue is still quite good. Both are the direct descendants  of the major family, so they both maintained a clear relationship on the surface.

Shen Yue coldly said, "Alone here in the middle of the night, you might be harbouring ulterior motive." Shen Yue couldn’t wait to pour all the foul water onto Nie Li.

Nie Li was too lazy to refute. This kind of speculative words that have no evidence backing it, as if Chen Linjian would believe it.

Chen Linjian looked at Shen Yue, then looked at Nie Li again. He had heard of the conflict between Shen Yue and Nie Li. Someone with little background actually dared to confront the Sacred Family, is Nie Li self-confident or is he ignorant?

"This demon beast nest has already been abandoned for a long time." Shen Yue glanced around the area. After Nie Li coming here, he is too lazy to stay any longer. Since this trip is to the Ancient Orchid City Ruins, he would have plenty of chance to deal with Nie Li. There was no point talking to much nonsense with Nie Li here.

"This demon beast nest is indeed abandoned for a long time!" Chen Linjian said nodding his head while looking at the surrounding scattered branches. Suddenly, he seems to have noticed something. He turned towards Nie Li and asked, "How do you see it?" as Nie Li's knowledge is still quite vast.

"On this side of the trunk, there is some fur residue. Also with how the nest is being stacked, according to my judgement, it should belong to demon beasts called Fox Bear. The size of Fox Bear isn't too big, an adult Fox Bear have the height of one meter and two meters would already be very strong build. This nest is so huge, so there should once have a whole population of Fox Bear living here." Nie Li analysed.

Hearing Nie Li's words, whether if it was Chen Linjian or the two underlings behind him, they were all looking at Nie Li dumbfounded. With so little information, Nie Li was actually able to analyse what kind demon beast once lived here. This is simply too scary. After all, in St. Ancestral Mountains, there are if not tens or hundreds of thousands of species of beasts around.

Seems that the decision of bring Nie Li here was correct, Chen Linjian thought.

"With so little information and you were able to deduce that this was once the nest of Fox Bears. Isn't that too arbitrary!?" Shen Yue refuted at one side. As long as it was Nie Lie's words, he will oppose it.

"Continue talking." Chen Linjian did not bother with Shen Yue as he faced Nie Li and asked.

Shen Yue opened his mouth in discontent but he did not say anything. Although both him and Chen Linjian are the direct descendants of major families, there were seven direct descendants in Sacred Family that are at the same age as him and he isn't the one being paid attention to. If he is able to marry Ye Ziyun, only then his position in Sacred Family will rise, becoming one of the candidates to the next house master. Chen Linjian was not the same as him, since his birth, Chen Linjian had already been determined to become the next house master of his family and his talent is extraordinary. Therefore, Shen Yue did not dare to strain their relationship.

Nie Li completely treated Shen Yue as invisible and continued, "Generally, adult Fox Bear are of silver rank demon beasts. Based on Fox Bear's living habits, three fifths of Fox Bear's time every year would be in their cave hibernating, passing the time when St. Ancestral Mountains is at its coldest. Only in the early summer would they would then come out from the caves and hunt in the forest."

"Is it this at time of the year?" Chen Linjian asked astounded.

"Correct" Nie Li nodded his head, "The air in this area carries the smell of urine, if this is left last year, after long time of wind and rain, the smell would already be long gone. Fox Bears are very conscious of their area, marking them with urine. I guess they will appear soon!"

Nie Li thought carefully and only through careful observation he was able to obtain so much information, which caused Chen Linjian to admire him. He looked at Nie Li in a different light. Nie Li is simply a Demon Beast Encyclopaedia!

"Then what should we do?" Chen Linjian asked, he began to seek the views of Nie Li.

"We have to leave this place immediately, go in the night. The Fox Bear's sense of smell is very sensitive, if the Fox Bear found out that someone has invaded their area, I'm afraid that they will go on all out war with us. Although we have sufficient strength to kill this Fox Bear group, it's inevitable that we will also have causalities. Our goal is the Ancient Orchid City Ruins!" Nie Li recalled, in the previous life, Ye Ziyun mentioned that on their trip to Ancient Orchid City Ruins, they were once attacked by Fox Bears, which killed a few people. This allowed Nie Li to be even more assured that this area was dangerous.

Chen Linjian drifted in his thoughts for a moment and said, "Okay, we'll leave by the night!"

"Chen Young Master, don't listen to his nonsense. Since this place is empty, there wouldn't be any Fox Bear appearing. It would be even more dangerous to travel in the night. We should wait until daybreak before traveling!" Shen Yue immediately rebutted.

[TLN: This doesn't mean that Shen Yue is the subordinate of Chen Linjian, just a more respectful calling.] [ED: Of course he would be respectful to Lin Jian, he is a wimpy s*uck up a** kisser. Sorry not sorry for all the hate. Do let me know if it bothers you at some point, and I shall cease and desist in my blunt manner.]

Nie Li spread both his hand up. Staying or not is Chen Linjian's decision. Anyway,it wouldn’t be a threat to him.

"Leave!" Chen Linjian firmly decided. Without a question, he chose to believe in Nie Li's judgement more.

Chen Linjian is a wise man, he knows who to believe and who not to.

Back to the camp, Chen Linjian gathered everyone who were still dreaming moments before..

"Chen Young Master, what's going on?"

"Yeah, why did you get us to travel in the dark?"

Everyone was filled with endless doubts.

"Never mind anything, just listen to my order!" Chen Linjian said firmly. Disregarding the persuasion of others, he led the group towards the exit of the forest.

Nie Li was together with Ye Ziyun and although Ye Ziyun was also a little confused, she did not ask anything.

After the group of people just stepped out of the forest, they felt the trembling earth tremors and roars of bears sounding from the forest. Instantly, everyone understood what happened.

"Chen Young Master is wise!"

"Fortunately Chen Young Master brought us out, otherwise, we would have inevitably had a war with those Fox Bears!"

Everyone commended Chen Linjian. However, Chen Linjian clearly knows that it all was to Nie Li's credit. If it wasn’t because of listening to Nie Li's words, they would have definitely been attacked by those Fox Bear. Although they can win against those Fox Bears, it was inevitable that there would also be causalities!

At this moment in Chen Linjian's heart, he was already full of admiration for Nie Li. Since young, he had always been a excellent leader among his peers. However, for the first time, he had to admit that his knowledge was far from Nie Lis'. One must know that Nie Li's age is still lower than him by a few years!

At this moment Shen Yue felt depressed. He would have never thought that Nie Li really hit the spot and Fox Bears actually appeared. After several confrontations with Nie Li, he had been below Nie Li. This built up more and more resentment in his heart.

Fortunately, the Main Affairs Elder sent 3 silver ranked expert to follow behind. Shen Yue's gaze was gloomy. Once Nie Li separates from the group, he will find the opportunity to kill Nie Li!

Nie Li is quietly walking at the back of the group together with Ye Ziyun. He looked backwards and his mouth revealed traces of sneers, he is already well aware that there are people following behind the group. Seeing Shen Yue's unfocused look, Nie Li could guess that the few following behind are definitely from Sacred Family.

They are probably looking for a chance to lay their hands on Nie Li!

Ye Ziyun and the others still did not notice that they were being followed; however, all this could not escape the keen sense of Nie Li. If he was being followed by several silver rank and was unable to notice it, then he would have lived in vain.

"One, Two, Three... Three silver ranked!" Nie Li walking quietly.

The dawn gradually arrived. Chen Linjian slowly walked to the side of Nie Li, looking at Nie Li and said, "Thanks to the foresight of Nie Li Bro, otherwise we would have surely been attacked by those Fox Bears. Although we wouldn't be annihilated by them, we would have been inevitable had  causalities. I, Chen Linjian owe you one." If there were casualties in the first day, then the morale of the team would be greatly affected.

Hearing Chen Linjian's words, Ye Ziyun looked at Nie Li astounded. She would have never expected that it was actually Nie Li whom noticed the Fox Bears.

"Chen Young Master is too kind." Nie Li calmly said without t a hint of arrogance.

Chen Linjian slightly nodded. Since coming into contact with Nie Li, he realised that Nie Li is quite capable. Seeing Nie Li's calmness from the praise, he admired Nie Li even more.

Nie Li lowered his voice saying, "Chen Young Master, we're being followed."

Hearing Nie Li's words, Chen Linjian got surprised. He turned his head and looked at the forest behind.

"Don't look, there are three silver ranked. I don't know who they were sent by." Nie Li said immediately.

Chen Linjian quickly retracted his gaze, pretended to be at ease, saying, "What are their motives?" Chen Linjian frowned, he didn't offend anyone in Glory City!

"They might be from the Dark Guilds!" Nie Li said. Although is can determine that those three were from the Sacred Family, Nie Li still said that those three silver ranked people are from the Dark Guild.

After hearing Nie Li's words, Chen Linjian's eye flashed cold. Dark Guild is notorious in Glory City since they are a secret organization created by criminals. Dark Guild generally doesn't dare to appear in broad daylight so they secretly do all kind of evil deeds and are the common enemy of all Glory City's families!

"You can leave this matter to me!" Chen Linjian patted on Nie Li's shoulders and walked to the front.