Chapter 26 - Soul Forming

Chapter 26 - Soul Forming

Xiao Yi stared coldly at Xiao Ning'er. "This wouldn't be an excuse, right?" Xiao Yi then threw a glance at Xiao Yunfeng. This father and daughter are definitely hiding something!

Xiao Ning'er's brows slightly twitched while she stared at Xiao Yi and said, "Uncle, isn't what you say a little bit too much? I, Xiao Ning'er swear to the heavens that every single word I've said is absolutely the truth!"

After hearing Xiao Ning'er's words, Xiao Yi slightly believed in her words as he thoroughly understands the character of Xiao Ning'er. Xiao Yi went silent for a moment before continuing. "Since that friend is Ning'er Niece's friend, why doesn’t Ning'er Niece go and ask for those Purple Haze Grass back?"

Hearing Xiao Yi's words, Xiao Ning'er's expression changed. "Uncle what do you mean?! He was the one that asked me to buy those Purple Haze Grass. If I were to ask him for it back, wouldn't I become someone who goes back on her words?"

"This matter concerns the interest of the family!"Xiao Yi's face reddened as he argued.

"Xiao Yi, let this matter rest. Even if we were to ask him back for it, would he give it back?" Xiao Yunfeng's eye lightly swept past Xiao Yi. Naturally, he wouldn't allow Xiao Yi to force Ning'er like this.

"Not necessary, we must see the origin of the other party!" Xiao Yi slightly sneered and continued, "If the other party doesn't have any origin, this does not necessarily mean that we can't try to get them to take it out!"

Hearing what Xiao Yi had said, Xiao Ning'er's anger within her began to surge. The [Lightning Winged Dragon Technique] within her could not be suppressed any longer and began to operate, her soul realm constantly shook. Faint sounds of wind and thunder could be heard, a cyan light burst into the sky, powerful aura began spreading throughout four directions.

In just a moment, being affected by intense emotion caused Xiao Ning'er's soul force to jump, her soul realm seemed to be undergoing transformation.

"What happened? What's happening to Ning'er?" Xiao Yunfeng widened his eyes and looked at Xiao Ning'er in astonishment. Xiao Ning'er had just stepped into 1-star bronze rank not long ago. How could she have such powerful soul force? The soul force emitting out from Xiao Ning'er's body caused even a gold rank demon spiritist like him to feel pressured!

Xiao Yi also stared at Xiao Ning'er in astonishment. What cultivation technique did Xiao Ning'er practice? Such powerful soul force isn't from someone who had just stepped into the 1-star bronze rank.

Streams of light overflowing all over four directions with Xiao Ning'er as center. Soul force were as ribbons surrounding Xiao Ning'er making her look sacred, as though the arrival of heavenly fairy. As the soul force condensed, it gradually gathered at the back of Xiao Ning'er forming a pair transparent wings.

"Soul forming!" Seeing this scene, including Xiao Yi, the six elders all stood up from their seat, with a faces full of shock.

Even Xiao Yunfeng was shocked by this scene. He would have never thought that his daughter's cultivation would be this rapid. Actually reaching the level of soul forming!

Soul forming. This is the caused by the ultimate pureness of soul force! Demon spiritist that could soul form is extremely rare and normally only can be done by gold ranked genius demon spiritist. Within every ten gold rank demon spiritist, there might not even be one that could reach the realm of soul forming. However, once a demon spiritist gain the ability to soul form, his soul force would be extremely powerful. The future achievements are at least a black gold rank demon spiritist and above, there are even possibility of reaching legend rank!

Xiao Ning'er raise her head, coldly looked at Xiao Yi and firmly said, "That person entrusted me to acquire Purple Haze Grass is my benefactor. If uncle plans anything unfavourable against him, then even if my cultivation is far from uncle's, I will still fight with my life to stop uncle!"

The expression on Xiao Ning'er is resolute, her voice was as solid icicles, directly striking at people's heart.

Bronze rank and could already soul form. That proves that the talent has reached an unimaginable level. Not to mention that Xiao Ning'er is still only 13 years old; however, what would it be like in a few years? This kind of genius cultivation speed is extremely shocking. In a few years she would be able to reach silver rank, gold rank or even much high rank!

Xiao Yi flinched. According to the family rules, as Xiao Ning'er has shown the ability to soul form, from today onwards, her place in the family would be even higher than Xiao Yunfeng!

In the ancestor teachings of Winged Dragon Family, no matter when is it, the status of martial genius in the family is extremely high. If there is any cyan or azure soul realm, the family would have spared no effort to nurture them and their position in the family was very important. This was because only a genius could allow the family to reach the peak of it's peak!

Despite Xiao Ning'er only having green soul realm, she was able to soul form at green soul realm, which is even more rare than cyan soul realm! Because in history, there are a lot of cyan soul realm demon spiritist; however, they are all unknown. Only a tenth of them managed to reach the realm higher than gold rank. Which is completely different from one that can soul form since those who can soul form are capable of achievement which are all not below gold rank!

Once the family confirmed that a certain young generation member is a genius, then the whole family would have to pave the way for this super genius at all cost!

The group of elders looked at each other and even the two elders who opposed Xiao Yunfeng also did not hesitate to agree with him.

" Ning'er is only at bronze rank and is already able to soul form. Her future achievements would be extraordinary!"

"Congratulations to house master, congratulations Ning'er. Our Winged Dragon Family will finally have its day!"

Even the few elders who originally wanted Xiao Ning'er to hand over the Purple Haze Grass all revealed a pleased smile on their face and couldn’t help to speak words of praise for her! The talent that Xiao Ning'er revealed was too shocking. No one can imagine to what extent that Xiao Ning'er can grow to.

Hearing the praise of the few elders, Xiao Yunfeng felt comfortable and laughed.

“What about the wedding agreement with Sacred Family?” Xiao Yi murmured. As Xiao Yunfeng only had one daughter, if Xiao Ning'er were to be married off to Sacred Family, Xiao Yi would be able to take the house master position. But now, the situation was not as he had expected.

“Xiao Yi, must we give our only genius young generation that could make the comeback of our family to Sacred Family?” One elder retorted. If Xiao Ning'er were to be wed off to Sacred Family, then she would become one of Sacred Family’s and will have nothing to do with Winged Dragon Family anymore. Therefore, they absolutely cannot let that happen.

Xiao Yi felt depressed since he originally had gathered several elders as preparation to snatch the house master position from Xiao Yunfeng. But after Xiao Ning'er’s display of her talent, it caused those all elders to go to Xiao Yunfeng.

“With the good news which Ning'er has brought us, how can that be compared to some Purple Haze Grass?” Another elder chuckled.

Xiao Ning'er was a little surprised by the sudden changes in the Elders’ attitude. Earlier on under the overflowing emotion, her soul force inadvertently had a breakthrough, causing her to actually reached the level of soul forming. If it wasn’t for the [Lightning Winged Dragon Technique], Xiao Ning'er definitely wouldn’t even be able to release the powerful talents in her soul realm!

Even with practising [Lightning Winged Dragon Technique], the chances of soul forming is still very low. Xiao Ning'er can be considered to have been granted a blessing in disguise.

Xiao Ning'er became even more grateful towards Nie Li. If it wasn’t for him, Xiao Ning'er wouldn’t know how her current situation to be like.

“Regarding Sacred Family, we still currently can’t afford to offend them. There’s still two years from the engagement, so we’ll drag it first, need not worry!” Xiao Yunfeng proudly laughed. Although he’s the house master, he had been under the pressure of several elders. However, today he can finally lets out a breath since Ning'er hasn’t disappoint him.

“ Ning'er, what’s your current soul force?” Xiao Yunfeng asked.

“The last time I took a test, it was 105.” Xiao Ning'er replied. It seems the after soul forming, her soul force appeared to have grown stronger.

“Take the soul crystal out and test it!” Xiao Yunfeng lightly smiled.

Xiao Ning'er took out the soul crystal and injected her soul force into the soul crystal. The soul crystal got more and more dazzling and bright, faint sounds of wind and thunder can also be heard.

But Xiao Yunfeng and the rest were only focused on seeing the strength of soul force.

“Soul force of 362?!” Whether it’s Xiao Yunfeng or the other elders, all gasped in surprise.

Few days ago, Xiao Ning'er’s soul force was only at 105 and in a few days time it had reached 365? Already a 3-star bronze rank?

“Indeed worthy of being the genius that comprehended the soul forming!” The group of elders are all both surprised and overjoyed, only Xiao Yi who was gloomy.

Xiao Ning'er was also very surprised by the results. She would have never imagined that her soul force would enhance so rapidly. With this, the elders in the family wouldn’t force her to be married to Sacred Family again. Thinking again that all of this is given by Nie Li. Thinking back of everything that Nie Li has done for her, she couldn’t help but to feel sweetness in her heart.

Xiao Ning'er clenched her fist tightly. She must continue to work hard! Only by having sufficient strength would she be able to get rid of the need to succumb under the pressure of Sacred Family and be married off to Shen Fei!

In the silent night.

Nie Li is currently practising while sitting cross-legged. Gradually entering into the meditation state, his soul realm is also in a very calm state.

Operating the [Heavenly God Technique], the heaven and earth energies around began to converge in Nie Li’s body. His soul force continued growing constantly.

Slight breeze whistling pass, the night became increasingly quiet.

Under Nie Li’s control, the soul force hovered around the body. The muscles throughout the body began to tremble in a rhythm and growing stronger, just like a zithers’ string after being struck. This is the effect caused by [Heavenly God Technique], able to train both the soul force and enhance the strength of the physical body together.

Nie Li stopped practising after midnight. He had to do so until the soul force is strong enough, otherwise practising in midnight would cause side effects.

He took  out the soul crystal and began to test his soul force. His soul force already reached 82. It seems that the results of these few days of practice is quite good.

Looking afar, there are a few shadows talking back and forth. They are the people who are in charged of staying watch.

Suddenly, a trace of strange odor came over, it seemed to be some kind of demon beast’s scent. Nie Li’s face became alert and he stood up.

It would be troubling if the camp were to be under demon beast’s attack!

Nie Li immediately stood up and walked towards the depth of the forest.