Chapter 262 - Gift From Nie Li

Chapter 262 - Gift From Nie Li

Nie Li was deeply submerged in his thoughts. If he manages to return from the Draconic Ruins Realm, then he would certainly take a look inside the Black Devil Forest, discover what was concealed there, and unveil the riddle around Xiao Ning’er’s previous life!

Xiao Xue and Lu Piao were also bidding their farewells.

“Xiao Xue, wait until I reach the Martial Ancestor realm! Then I’ll head for the Divine Note Sect to take you as my wife!” Lu Piao’s eyes flickered with tears as he looked at Xiao Xue.

Xiao Xue pulled Lu Piao’s ear as she snorted, “Beat it! By the time you reach Martial Ancestor, I would’ve already turned into an old woman! Lu Piao, are you planning to not take me as your wife?”

“Ow-ow-ow, Xiao Xue! Hurry up and let go! Why would I dare to do that!” Lu Piao immediately replied.

“Lu Piao, what are you implying? Are you saying that I’m forcing you to take me as your wife? You better give me a good explanation!” Xiao Xue placed a hand on her hip, while her other hand pulled on Lu Piao’s ear.

Lu Piao could only stand on tiptoe as he quickly followed, “I mean to do it. Nono, I meant that I willing. Xiao Xue, I certainly will take you as my wife.”

Xiao Xue coldly swept her eyes over Lu Piao’s crotch as she snorted. “Lu Piao, you better listen up. While I’m not around, if you dare take some other woman, then I’ll make sure to lay waste to you when I get back!” She then walked towards Ling Yun.

After Xiao Xue left, Lu Piao still felt the chill in his crotch as a bitter expression was plastered on his face. He glanced at Nie Li. They were both men, so why was there such a huge difference between them? They were both bidding their farewells. Nie Li hugged both Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er and neither goddess had an objection. But when Lu Piao bid his farewell, he ended up getting scolded. He had such a bitter life!

Nie Li wanted to ask Xiao Ning’er a question. However, just as he raised his head to do so, he saw Ling Yun fly away with Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, and Xiao Xue in tow.

He could still see the reluctant expressions of the two girls as their eyes flickered with tears.

Nie Li waved his hand and bid farewell as he watched Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, and Xiao Xue enter the vortex. “Goodbye! I’ll make sure to find you guys after we all reach the Draconic Ruins Realm!”

The two girls who had their destinies intertwined with his own proceeded to disappear into the vortex. He couldn’t help feeling melancholy.

So it turns out that both of the girls already occupied important places in his heart.

After another group of people had gone, Du Ze walked to Nie Li’s side and said, “Nie Li, I’ll have to leave soon!”

“Alright,” Nie Li patted Du Ze’s shoulders and smiled, “Good brother, we’ll meet again in the Draconic Ruins Realm!”

“Yes!” Du Ze seriously agreed with a nod. In his heart, Nie Li had already become his most important brother; this fact will forever stay the same.

As Du Ze and Nie Li were speaking, Hua Huo walked over. She wore a tight-fitting red gown with a high collar. Her fair legs were vaguely outlined, but still harboured boundless temptation. Her tall figure attracted others’ gazes and made them unable turn away. She was undoubtedly extremely beautiful and had pointy purple-red ears. All this gave her the unique charm of a lady from a different tribe.

She walked to Du Ze’s side and stretched out her hand. “Nice to meet you, my name is Hua Huo. From now on, we’ll be in the same sect. Please do take care of me.”

Du Ze was stunned as he beheld Hua Huo. Although he was unfamiliar with the other party, when he saw how sincere she appeared, Du Ze stretched out his hand in a handshake and said, “Yes, please take care of me too!”

“Let’s go.” A smile blossomed on Hua Huo’s face as she turned around.

Du Ze was at a complete loss. Seeing his friend in this situation, Lu Piao, who stood next to him, gave Du Ze a kick in the rear as he lectured, “Stupid, are you not going to hurry up and follow her?”

Lu Piao was simply being resentful towards Du Ze for not acting properly and was impatient to see him fix his behaviour [1. The raw used a Chinese idiom with a literal translation of “hating iron for not being steel”.]. Such a beautiful lady was taking the initiative to greet him and Du Ze was acting like he was at a complete loss.

Du Ze paused for a moment as he waved his hand and said, “Nie Li, I’ll make a trip first then!”

Right after those words, he quickened his steps and followed Hua Huo.

Du Ze was also gone now.

Thereafter, Zhang Ming also bid farewell to Nie Li and left behind another expert.

Du Ze and everyone else are now gone. Currently, there were only four people: Nie Li, Lu Piao, Yu Yan, and Duan Jian. At that moment, a white clothed youth slowly strolled over. This youth was the Demon Lord that Nie Li had sent fleeing for his life.

The Demon Lord flashed a chilling gaze on Nie Li and his group. Ever since he entered the Abyss Prison Realm at a young and and came out, the only other time he had ever been injured was in his fight at the City Lord’s mansion. If it hadn’t been for his treasured armour and the fact that he had used a special technique to hide his body, he would’ve already died in the hands of Nie Li.

Those who had inflicted injuries on him, he would definitely shred to pieces!

Upon seeing the Demon Lord, a towering rage surged within Nie Li’s heart and an unsuppressable wrath caused his veins to pop out all over his body. As he looked at Ye Zong’s murderer, Nie Li wished nothing more than to be able to able to kill him with his own hands, right here, right now. However, he thought of what the Nether Master said. If he took any actions against the Demon Lord right now, he would be playing into the Demon Lord’s hands.

With Nie Li’s current strength, he was still unable to confront the Demon Lord’s master.

“Enemies are indeed on a narrow road!” The Demon Lord coldly said. His gaze harboured a fathomless killing intent and a bloodlust filled craze as he made eye contact with Nie Li.

“I never imagined that you’d still manage to escape even after having your bitch head chopped off the last time. How about it, do you still want to fight?” Nie Li’s frigid glare bore into the Demon Lord.

The Demon Lord lightly smiled, “Last time, you managed to gain an advantage over me. But do you really think that you’re capable of killing me? Hilarious joke! You’re overestimating yourself a little too much. If I hadn’t been reserving some of my cards, do you really think that you’d be able to gain that sort of advantage? I do admit that you’re indeed resourceful! But so what? Until now, you’re the only one who’s been able to arouse my interest. I’ll kill those by your side, and save you for last! After all, watching an ant struggle in the water before it drowns is all the more interesting.”

The Demon Lord had practically said the same thing that the Sage Emperor had told him in his previous life. Nie Li still remembered the Sage Emperor’s words, that he would first kill those around him, one by one. Nie Li tightly clenched his fists until his veins popped out.

Although the Demon Lord had very high talent, Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, Du Ze and the rest would definitely receive protection from the sects they had joined. They would be safe for at least the next few years. During that time, Nie Li would have to cultivate like crazy and utterly obliterate the Demon Lord’s existence before the threat disappears.

His anger would only delight the Demon Lord. Nie Li suppressed his rage as he stared at his enemy and coldly said, “You’re so confident just because you have the Supreme Body? What a pitiful joke! All that confidence comes from this body? The Supreme Body is certainly powerful, but so what? If you don’t have a compatible soul, then in the end, it’s all just a waste. The higher you climb, the more you’ll realise that your soul is weak and is unable to match the cultivation of your body. We’ll see, if your Supreme Body is stronger or I’m stronger!”

Nie Li’s [Heavenly God] cultivation technique was still at its starting stage. Once he reached the Heavenly Fate Realm, the might of the [Heavenly God] cultivation technique would then be released bit by bit. How could the Supreme Physique compare with the might of heaven?

The Demon Lord’s expression was chilly as he coldly laughed, “You think that by putting things like that, I’d be concerned? How can the might of a Supreme Body be imaginable by a mortal like you?”

Although the Demon Lord said it so confidently, in reality, he felt uneasy in his heart. Nie Li’s words had hit a sore spot. The higher his cultivation rose, the more he could sense how weak and incompatible his soul was with the Supreme Body. But so what? No matter who his enemy was, no one can stop him from getting stronger!

Nie Li coldly smiled as he observed the Demon Lord in silence. If his actions hadn’t been restricted here, he would’ve already killed him. However, not long from now, he’ll be able to personally finish the Demon Lord! The Draconic Ruins Realm shall be the final destination of the Demon Lord!

The Demon Lord coldly snorted as he turned around.

Nie Li looked at Duan Jian and said, “While you’re in the sect, don’t ever fight with him. As long as you’re within the sect, it’s impossible for him to touch you.”

Duan Jian was a little unresigned in his heart. Although the Demon Lord was powerful, he still felt that he could put up a match with the Demon Lord.

“If you want to fight, then do it after reaching 2-Fate, Heavenly Fate Realm!” Nie Li cautioned in a solemn voice, “This is an order!”

“Yes.” Duan Jian lowered his head and seriously answered.

“Go then.” Nie Li said. As he watched the Demon Lord’s back, his eyes became filled with an icy killing intent.

Duan Jian walked towards the Demon Lord. Under the guidance of a powerful expert, they rose into the air and entered the vortex.

Nie Li looked towards the Nether Master.

The Nether Master said to Nie Li, Lu Piao, and one other Demigod rank expert, “The place that you guys are about to go is called the Divine Feathers Sect. I will continue to keep watch in the Nether Realm while Xiao Yu leads you. Once there, there will be specialised experts to guide you! However, upon reaching the Divine Feathers Sect, I trust that you won’t shame me!”

The Nether Master was not going to the Draconic Ruins Realm?

As he thought about it, he realised that he was lucky that the Nether Master wasn’t coming. If the Nether Master headed for the Draconic Ruins Realm with them, then no one would be left to protect Glory City. However, Nie Li was still a little worried. Would Glory City still encounter that large calamity that was supposed to happen in two years?

As long as the Nether Master was still alive, Glory City would remain safe. But if he’s dead…

Just who would be able to kill the Nether Master?

If the opponent was so powerful, then even if Nie Li remained behind, it would still be totally useless. Nie Li thought for a brief moment, then retrieved an item from his interspatial ring and presented it to the Nether Master with two hands [2. In Chinese culture, presenting things with two hands is a sign of respect.], “Master, before I head for the Draconic Ruins Realm, please accept my gift!”

The Nether Master’s gaze fell onto Nie Li. A brief moment later, he took the object from Nie Li and casually said, “I have accepted your gift, you all should be going now!”

Xiao Yu was a little puzzled. Just what did Nie Li give to his foster father? However, he did not enquire.

When he saw that the Nether Master had received his gift, Nie Li stretched his body a bit before flying up behind Xiao Yu. Lu Piao and the other Demigod rank expert had also followed and the four of them disappeared into the vortex without a trace.

Seeing that Nie Li and the others had left, the Nether Master retracted his gaze and glanced at the item in his palm. It was a pouch. Objects from the Tiny World were worthless to the Nether Master; therefore, he naturally did not place Nie Li’s gift with much concern. He casually opened the pouch and glanced at its contents.

Instantly, the Nether Master’s pupils shrank in deep astonishment. He raised his head towards the sky, but Nie Li had already left.