Chapter 261 - Bid farewell

Chapter 261 - Bid farewell

Another month quickly passed by. After Nie Li and the others bid farewell to their families, they set foot on their journey towards the Nether Realm.

Ye Zong’s death still left a vague ache in everyone’s hearts.

Although they lived in chaotic times, when death was a common occurrence, humans were not like plants, which are able to live without emotions.

A thought suddenly appeared in Nie Li’s mind. Within the Tiny World, the most mysterious power would be the Law of Space and Time and the most mysterious person would be the Spiritual God of Space and Time. Only he would be able to stir the trajectory of time and alter a person’s destiny. Perhaps Ye Zong could be saved if they found the Spiritual God of Space and Time!

Even in his previous life, Nie Li had only had heard quiet whispers of the Space-Time Spiritual God, since he was such an extremely mysterious existence. However, Nie Li had heard that this Spiritual God wasn’t very powerful in terms of battle strength, since he was forced to pay a huge price every time he altered the flow of space or time.

The garden on the ninth floor of the Nine-Layered Deathlands

Nie Li and the others were gathered, including all seven of the powerful experts, such as the Nether Master.

Nie Li’s chilling gaze swept around the area, searching for any trace of the Demon Lord. If the Demon Lord appeared again, Nie Li would kill him without hesitation!

However, the Demon Lord did not show himself!

The Nether Master’s gaze fell onto Nie Li and appeared to understand his intentions. He warned Nie Li from the side, “Nie Li, I can tell that you want to kill someone. But I must warn you that even though you are my disciple, I cannot favor you. If you lot started killing each other, the opposing party’s master would definitely have you killed! If someone wanted to kill you, I would also do the same.”

Upon hearing the Nether Master’s words, Nie Li clenched his fists tight and said, “Master, I have to ask, even if the other party murdered our parents, are we still not allowed to take action?”

The Nether Master’s gaze was directed at Nie Li as pondered for a brief moment, “Not for the time being. If your grudges are absolutely irreconcilable, then I would recommend not taking any action for the time being and wait until you’re in the Draconic Ruins Realm. Furthermore, your cultivation must reach a certain level before you settle your grudges. That way, even us masters won’t be able to stop you!”

As per the Nether Master’s suggestion, it was impossible for them to settle their personal grudges for the time being, unless their cultivations have already surpassed the Demon Lord’s master. That way, even the Demon Lord’s master won’t be able to stop Nie Li. Nie Li suppressed his hatred for the Demon Lord as he nodded his head, “I will heed master’s advice.”

At Nie Li’s words, the Nether Master nodded in praise, “Not enduring would spoil greater plans. If you are able to endure the personal grudge for now, you will certainly be able to attain huge accomplishments in the future.”

When he saw how indignant Nie Li was, Xiao Yu walked over and comforted him, “Revenge is a dish best served cold [1. The literal translation for this Chinese idiom is “ten years isn’t too late for a man to take vengeance!”]!”

Hearing Xiao Yu’s words, Nie Li nodded and didn’t say anything else. Ye Zong’s death wasn’t easy for him to endure. He moved to Duan Jian’s side and whispered in his ear, “Duan Jian, you and the Demon Lord have the same master. Be careful, since the Demon Lord might plot against you.”

Duan Jian nodded as a chilling light flashed across his eyes, “Master can rest at ease. I will definitely not let him have a good time. If there’s a chance, I’ll kill him!”

“With your strength alone, I’m afraid that it’s impossible for you to deal with him. You’ll have to take care and protect yourself,” Nie Li warned. Duan Jian is a rather steady person and with the addition of his physical strength, he should be fine.

“Yes, I understand.” Duan Jian nodded.

When he glanced at Ye Ziyun, Nie Li could sense the sorrow in her heart. After heading to the Draconic Ruins Realm, he won’t be able to take care of her anymore. However, Nie Li understood Ye Ziyun very well. She is a strong person who will be able to walk out of her own sorrow.

Furthermore, Nie Li told Ye Ziyun that reviving Ye Zong wasn’t impossible. Therefore, he believes that she will definitely work harder for her father.

He thought back to his previous life. Although both her grandfather and father had died, Ye Ziyun still remained strong as she led her clansmen through the St. Ancestral Mountain range and never gave up a shred of hope. Back then, her eyes had been filled with unwavering determination that even Nie Li admired. That was also why Nie Li managed to persevere through the desert alone, before finally stepping into the Desert Palace. It was Ye Ziyun’s conviction that influenced him and Ye Ziyun who had taught him to never give up.

Nie Li looked at Ye Ziyun and said, “Ziyun, after you guys reach the Draconic Ruins Realm, you must take good care of yourselves!”

“En.” Ye Ziyun nodded her head.

Nie Li gave her a light hug. After such a short time together, they were going to split up again. However, for the future and the futures of the others, they were all determined to work even harder.

Sensing the warmth of Nie Li’s embrace, Ye Ziyun tightly hugged Nie Li. Her heart drifted off into her memories, if it hadn’t been for him, she would be lost. It was Nie Li who gave her something to rely on and made her feel that she wasn’t alone. It was he who gave her hope.

She gradually realised that Nie Li had already become an irreplaceable person in her life. Right now, she was his fiancée. As she thought about that, she felt a strong desire. She would wait a little more, until she was older, then she would put on a wedding dress and be forever by his side.

The closer they drew to the farewells, the more unwilling she was to let go.

When the time came, a huge vortex appeared in the sky above the Nine-Layered Deathlands. No one knew where this gloomy and deep vortex would lead them.

At the sight of it, the Nether Master, Ling Yun, Tian Hun, and the remaining experts all raised their heads towards the vortex. Their eyes blossomed with divine light as though they could see through the void.

Suddenly, a silver robed expert, who stood nearby, said, “Alright, the gate of the Tiny World has been connected to a location near the Phaseless Sect. The time has come for us to depart.”

This grey robed expert is the master of Wei Nan and Zhu Xiangjun.

Wei Nan and Zhu Xiangjun looked at Nie Li and the others and bid their farewells. “Nie Li, Du Ze, we’ll make the trip ahead of you!”

“Alright, take good care of yourselves over there,” Nie Li nodded.

Du Ze, Lu Piao, and the others also bid their farewells to the two of them.

The grey robed expert waved his right hand. Together with Wei Nan, Zhu Xiangjun, and another Demigod rank expert, they flew into the sky and entered the vortex.

A brief moment later

“The gate of the Tiny World is now within the vicinity of the Heavenly Note Sect! It is time for us to go as well!” A trace of a smile was expressed on Ling Yun’s face as she looked at Ye Ziyun, Xiao Ning’er, and Xiao Xue. When she saw how reluctant Ye Ziyun and Nie Li were to part, she couldn’t help letting out a sigh. It was truly nice to be young. After living for so long, she had already forgotten the emotion of love.

Xiao Ning’er quietly stood to the side and looked at Nie Li. Her field of vision had already turned fuzzy from tears. Vaguely, she could see that youth with a brilliant smile who had immersed himself in treating her illness. That image saved her from endless pain.

Ye Ziyun gave Xiao Ning’er a gentle and encouraging push with her eyes.

“Ning’er, when you’ve reached your destination, you have to take good care of yourself too.” Nie Li lowered his head and stared into Xiao Ning’er’s beautiful face. This pure girl will one day glow with dazzling light!

At Nie Li’s words, Xiao Ning’er suddenly took a step forward and hugged him, burying her head deep in his embrace. Although Ye Ziyun and Nie Li were already engaged, her feelings for him weren’t any less than Ye Ziyun’s. At this farewell moment, she could no longer suppress the emotions in her heart.

“” Nie Li looked at Xiao Ning’er in his embrace with a slightly stunned expression. When he recovered, there was a gentle expression in his gaze. How could he not know of Ning’er’s feelings?

Xiao Ning’er was currently in Nie Li’s arms. A brief moment later, she muttered, “Nie Li, you don’t have to say anything, I understand. Sometime ago, I had another long dream. I dreamed that I had been turned into a ugly person. No matter how much I struggled, I was in the midst of an endless battle until I met you. Since you gave me the meaning to live, I chose to give myself to you and fought for you until I died on the battlefield. Although I’m aware that all of that was just a dream of mine, I feel that it was predestined. Nie Li, farewell! After reaching the Draconic Ruins Realm, I will definitely become stronger!”

After finishing her speech, Xiao Ning’er turned around, wiped the tears off her face, and walked towards Ye Ziyun.

After hearing Xiao Ning’er’s words, Nie Li was still stunned and stood there speechless for a long while. His mind had been slightly blown and he was a little unsure of what had just happened. Suddenly, endless memories surged up.

In reality, in his previous life, Nie had a woman after Ye Ziyun. At that time, he had already become one of the pinnacle experts of the Draconic Ruins Realm and had encountered a masked woman. Although he didn’t know of her origins, the other party recognised him with a glance. Initially, Nie Li raised his guard against the masked woman and didn’t dare to get close to her. However, the other party saved him again and again. Because of Ye Ziyun’s death, it was already impossible for Nie Li to hold any feelings for another woman. However, in the end, Nie Li accepted this woman and lived with her for a long time. In the end, she died for him during battle.

Nie Li had always felt regret over it. After all, while the two of them were together, he had never truly loved her. In the time after her death, Nie Li would constantly recall her. However, since she had always been wearing a mask, he didn’t have any memories of her appearance. He only knew that her name was Xiao Ning.

In this life, Nie Li had the intention of finding Xiao Ning in the Draconic Ruins Realm. At the very least, he wished to make up for their previous life.

But, what was with Xiao Ning’er’s dream? Could it be that Xiao Ning’er didn’t die in the Black Devil Forest and had gone to the Draconic Ruins Realm? Or had Xiao Ning’s memories gone into Xiao Ning’er?

“Xiao Ning’er, Xiao Ning [2. The author uses two different characters for “Xiao”. The character for Ning’er’s original surname means “similar to”, whereas her alias surname means “miserable or desolate”.]...” Nie Li muttered. Slowly, he fit two and two together. No wonder why she instantly recognised him when they first met. After that, regardless of what he endeavored in or which side he was on, Xiao Ning would always help him without any hesitation or comment.

However, back then, it never occurred to Nie Li that Xiao Ning might have actually been Xiao Ning’er. That was because the gap in the timeframe had become so wide that he had already forgotten.

Xiao Ning once mentioned before that her face was destroyed by a dark forest. Her soul had also been ignited and she had sank into an endless curse. That dark forest concealed a very frightening thing that surpassed the limits of all the experts in the Draconic Ruins Realm.

Just what secret was concealed in the Black Devil Forest? How did Xiao Ning’er manage to survive and how did she manage to reach the to Draconic Ruins Realm? In their previous life, just what kind of curse did she encounter?