Chapter 233 - Ancient Tomb

Chapter 233 - Ancient Tomb

Xiao Yu took out a semi-transparent cloth from his interspatial ring and said, “Use this.”

The piece of cloth was roughly two meters square and was embroidered with an assortment of patterns.

“This is [Shadow Misleading] inscription pattern!” Nie Li said as his gaze fell on the inscription pattern, his eyebrows twitching in surprise.

Xiao Yu stared at Nie Li in astonishment. He never thought that Nie Li would be able to recognise these inscription patterns. Nie Li’s knowledge of inscription patterns is really astonishing!

“We’ll cover ourselves with this cloth and activate the inscription pattern. It will allow us conceal our traces!” said Xiao Yu.

“Okay.” Nie Li nodded. Xiao Yu’s method could indeed bring them into the tomb without being intercepted by the skeleton. The effect of the [Shadow Misleading] inscription pattern was extremely powerful.

Nie Li’s Shadow Devil demon spirit is also an extremely rare demon spirit that has the ability to conceal its tracks. Even without the cloth, Nie Li could still enter the tomb. However, he still wasn’t certain if Xiao Yu is an ally or a foe, so Nie Li won’t display the power of the Shadow Devil demon spirit in front of him.

“We shouldn’t delay any more. Let’s head in,” said Xiao Yu. With a motion of his right hand, he covered the two of them with the semi-transparent cloth and activated the inscription pattern.

Both of their figures immediately disappeared.

The Demigod rank experts were still battling with the skeleton. The skeleton was simply too powerful and actually managed to ensure that they couldn’t approach the tomb. However, while they were fighting intensely, Nie Li and Xiao Yu slowly crept closer to the entrance of the tomb.

Nie Li hid behind Xiao Yu as the two of them slowly moved forward.

A delicate fragrance wafted through the air. Nie Li sniffed and a weird expression appeared on his face. For a man to actually have such a fragrant scent, indeed, Xiao Yu really was a sissy.

Nie Li placed both of his hands on Xiao Yu’s waist as he moved forward.

“Just where do you think you’re putting your hands?” Xiao Yu said with anger tainting his tone.

“This cloth is too small, it’s simply not enough to comfortably cover us both. I can only move closer. What’s wrong with where I’m placing my hands? We’re both men.” Nie Li said in an exasperated voice. Xiao Yu was really troublesome.

“Move your hands!” Xiao Yu growled in a low voice, anger contained in his tone.

Tsk! Nie Li curled his lips in disdain. Xiao Yu thinks too highly of himself. It was just a little physical contact and he reacted as if he was a cat whose tail had been stepped on.

Nie Li was in gloomy mood, but he still retracted his hands. The two of them slowly approached the entrance of the tomb, marked by a huge stone door. The stone door was tightly sealed with a variety of mysterious inscription patterns carved on its surface. There were also two grooves that seemed to form a keyhole.

“How are we going to open this door without the key?” Nie Li said as he furrowed his brows.

“Of course, I have a method to deal with this,” said Xiao Yu as he began to study the inscription patterns on the stone door, pondering over how to break the inscription patterns on it.

As for the inscription patterns, Nie Li should also be able to break it, if only he was willing to spare a moment to look it over. However, since Xiao Yu was acting so confident, he decided to let Xiao Yu do the job.

Nie Li was bored stiff as he raised his head to observe the battle in the sky. The battle of Demigod rank experts was simply havoc. The entire sky had darkened, there wasn’t even a trace of light, as wayward beams of Law Energy constantly collided in midair in terrifying explosions that sounded as if they’d tear the sky apart.

Nie Li was somewhat affected by the scene; he quietly focused on the two black and white Law Energies within his body. When would he be able to use Demigod rank power like that?

Although the current Nie Li fully comprehended the two Law Energies and his cultivation has reached 3-star Black Gold rank, his true strength hasn’t reached the level of Demigod rank, yet. Thus, the amount of Law Energy he could mobilise is still very limited.

“You’re still not done?!” Nie Li frowned as he asked Xiao Yu.

“Of course not. Did you really think that it could be opened so easily? There are over three hundred inscriptions on this door and all of them are extremely unusual and unorthodox. I’ll have to solve them one by one. Do you think that’s something that can be done so easily?” Xiao Yu said, his emotions verging on speechlessness.

Nie Li shrugged and said, “Then, by all means, continue!”

Xiao Yu leaned over to study the inscription patterns on the stone door, leaving his backside wide open and sticking out. Nie Li unintentionally gave it a glance. Xiao Yu’s butt was very well shaped, round like the tray of an ancient millstone. The perfectly rounded curve would leave others dumbfounded upon staring at it.

Nie Li smacked himself. Just what was he thinking? Xiao Yu is a man!

But even still… it wasn’t Nie Li’s fault that Xiao Yu had a face that even ladies would be jealous of. Furthermore, that figure and skin... would even tempt men!

Some time had passed and Xiao Yu’s brows were still tightly knit. He seemed to have sunk deep into thought.

“Hey, be quick. If this continues, we’ll definitely get caught by that skeleton!” Nie Li urged.

Xiao Yu frowned and said in an unhappy tone, “Stop pressuring me. You’ve disrupted my thoughts! I’ve already broken over fifty inscription patterns.”

“You’ve only dealt with a little over fifty by now?” Nie Li gaped, “There are over three hundred inscription patterns! Just how long are you planning to take?”

“Stop pestering me. Why don’t you take over instead?” Xiao Yu said with his brows furrowed.

“Move it,” Nie Li said as he pushed Xiao Yu away.

The space under the cloth was simply too little. Nie Li shoved Xiao Yu’s chest, and subconsciously gave it a squeeze. Hmm, very flat and without any feeling. This guy was definitely a male.

“What are you doing?” Xiao Yu jumped as his face blushed red all the way to his neck. He nearly fell out from under the cloth.

“Careful, what if we’re discovered? So what if I pushed you a little? Are you even a man?” Nie Li said in indignation.

“You…!” Xiao Yu was enraged to the point that he had to take heavy breaths. He snorted and moved behind Nie Li.

“En, your butt is bumping into me. Can you shift a little?” Nie Li felt Xiao Yu’s backside against his body. That soft and luxurious sensation. Reminding himself again that Xiao Yu was male, Nie Li broke out in goosebumps.

“Pot calling the kettle black! Obviously. you’re the one who is squeezing here!” Xiao Yu glared at Nie Li in indignation.

“The space here is too narrow. Are you going to try and tell me that I need to keep three meters away from you at all times?” Nie Li glared back in irritation. Two grown men squeezing under such a small cloth, just what have they gotten themselves into!

Xiao Yu felt depressed. Why did he have to come up with this awful idea that resulted in this situation?

“You…” Just as Xiao Yu was about to retort, he realised that Nie Li had already begun examining the inscription patterns and was in heavy concentration. He turned his head away in a sour mood as he thought inwardly, ‘Fine. Let’s see how long it takes you to undo these inscription patterns.’

Although Xiao Yu was aware that Nie Li had a very high level of understanding towards inscription patterns, he figured that at best, Nie Li would be on par with himself. ‘Humpf. You actually called me slow. Then take a look for yourself at just how complex these inscription patterns are.’

Just as Xiao Yu was thinking those words, Nie Li turned to him and said, “The inscription patterns have been broken. However, we don’t have the key, so we still can’t enter.”

“What?! You’ve already broken the inscription patterns?!” Xiao Yu was dumbstruck. He looked at the spot Nie Li was pointing his finger against and noticed that all the mysterious inscription patterns stemmed from that one point.

“There’s no need to break the inscription patterns individually. Even if you did them one by one, eventually you’d realise that you’d have walked in a circle and ended up right back where you started. Remove the misleading ones and you’re left with only the foundational ones. Among the three hundred or so inscription patterns, there are only five foundational ones; the rest are only placed there to mislead people. If you’ve dealt with the five foundational inscriptions: problem solved!” Nie Li calmly explained.

Xiao Yu slowly traced the breaking inscription patterns, he was simply astonished. He originally thought that he had to break them one by one; however, he never imagined that everything would be so simple. It turns out that he was only mislead by the complicated appearance of the puzzle!

Nie Li shook his head and sighed, “To think you spent so much time on something that could be resolved with just a few breaths.”

“You…!” Xiao Yu now felt extremely depressed as he was choked by Nie Li’s words yet again. However, Nie Li’s comprehension of inscription patterns had indeed surpassed his imagination. Although Nie Li’s had a coarse mouth, he was still skilled. Xiao Yu knew that bringing Nie Li along was a right decision.

“Move, I’ll open the door!” said Xiao Yu.

Hearing Xiao Yu’s words, Nie Li said in doubt, “Are you sure that you can do it? Simply breaking the inscription patterns is useless; we still have to find the key in order to open it!”

“I bet you don’t know about this. This keyhole is actually made for a common key in the Nether Realm. Nearly every Demigod rank expert has a set!” Xiao Yu said as he retrieved two stone-like items from his interspatial ring. He then placed them into the keyhole on the door.

The inscription patterns glowed as light gathered onto the two stone keys. The door gradually opened.

Seeing this, Nie Li was dumbfounded, “Commonly used key… Fine, you win.”

Xiao Yu smiled proudly. After having been choked by Ni Li after all this time, Xiao Yu had finally managed to pull one over him.

“Let’s go in!” he said.

The stone door only opened a little, creating a gap that was only large enough for one person to enter at a time. Xiao Yu tilted his body sideways to slide in and Nie Li followed behind.

A disturbance began to spread among the Demigod rank experts after they saw the door crack open. Many of them wanted to break through the defense of the skeleton and enter the ancient tomb. However, they were all intercepted by the skeleton and couldn’t do a thing about it. They never imagined that someone would be able to enter the tomb before they did.

When the skeleton realised that someone had managed to open the ancient tomb’s door, it roared in rage and dived down. Although it didn’t have any intelligence, it possessed a natural instinct to guard the tomb.

“An opening! Let’s rush in!”

“We’ll kill that skeleton first! Take the God of Death’s broken Divine Spark that’s on that skeleton!”

The Demigod rank experts all charged down one after another. Some tried to enter the tomb while others wanted to kill the skeleton first. In an instant, the entire area was thrown into chaos.

At this moment, Nie Li and Xiao Yu had already entered the tomb and they were walking further into its depths…

In the serene and deepest bowels of the dark tomb, who knows what might be lurking inside…