Chapter 232 - The entering method

Chapter 232 - The entering method

Most Demigod rank experts have a high level of comprehension towards Law Energy. They only lacked an opportunity that would let them step into the realm of Spiritual God rank.

After being suppressed by the law, there might not even be one person among thousands of Demigod rank experts,who will succeed in ranking up.

However, if they were able to obtain a piece of a broken Divine Spark, the situation would be entirely different! They might be able to become an immortal Spiritual God upon merging with the Divine Spark!

The huge skeleton before them had eyes burning with scarlet flames, giving off a kind of strange suffocating pressure. The ever-changing sharp bone spikes sent chills through their hearts.

The skeleton didn’t make any movements and floated silently in place. Meanwhile, an extremely sinister and frightening aura was emitting from the enormous tomb below.

There were broken Divine Sparks on the body of this skeleton. Could it be that the one buried in the tomb was...

These Demigod rank experts’ eyes blazed with passion and nervousness. The God of Death is an ancient Spiritual God! Who knows what kinds of treasures were left behind?

Nie Li and his group stood several hundreds of meters away. He raised his head and saw the huge tomb and his eyes displayed utter shock.

Xiao Yu’s gaze flickered with a chilly trace.

Nie Li looked at Xiao Yu and asked, “I never imagined that there’d be such a tomb concealed in the first layer. Brother Xiao Yu, what are you planning to do about it?”

“Brother Nie Li, do you have any interest in going on an exploration with me?” Xiao Yu said as he laughed.

Nie Li pondered for a brief moment, then said, “No problem! But we can’t take Ziyun and Ning’er with us. However, if I leave them here, I’m concerned that they might encounter danger!”

“Nie Li, you’re planning to enter the tomb?” asked Ye Ziyun, furrowing her brows.

“Nie Li, it’s best if you don’t go in!” Xiao Ning’er’s heart was also filled with worry.

Xiao Yu looked at Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er again, lightly sighed, and said, “Brother Nie Li, to have so many people concerned about you, you should feel delighted.”

Xiao Yu said it in an almost depressed way which Nie Li couldn’t help chuckling at.

Xiao Ning’er said, “If you treat someone sincerely, you will also be able to obtain the sincerity of others. Nie Li has selflessly helped us many times before. Therefore, he has obtained the admiration of us all.”

Hearing Xiao Ning’er’s words, Xiao Yu looked at Nie Li in astonishment and laughed, “Treating someone with sincerity would let me obtain obtain the sincerity of others?”

Xiao Yu had an amused expression on his face as his right hand shook, retrieving a golden scroll from his interspatial ring and passed it to Ning’er. “You two can have this. If anyone tries to harass you, all you need to do is to take this out and show them. They’ll definitely leave.”

Nie Li looked at the golden scroll in Xiao Yu’s hands and said, “Is that true? You couldn’t be using this to bluff us, right?”

At Nie Li’s words, Xiao Yu’s face went dark. He asked, “Do I look like someone who would lie?”

“Yeah, you do.” Nie Li said seriously, nodding his head.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Xiao Yu was infuriated. After a moment, he calmed his heart and said, “If you don’t believe me, you can give it a try!”

“No need for that,” Nie Li said as he shrugged. Truthfully, he still had a certain amount of trust in Xiao Yu’s words. Though he has no idea as to Xiao Yu’s true identity, Nie Li was certain that he was no ordinary guy. If he said that the golden scroll was useful, then there should definitely be a use for it.

Xiao Yu snorted. If Nie Li intended to keep provoking him, he was going to get pissed.

Drifting off into his thoughts, Xiao Yu couldn’t help repeating to himself, “A sin, a sin.”

Why was it that after he encountered Nie Li, his mental state would be disrupted so easily?

“Ziyun, Ning’er, you guys should remain here for now. I’ll take a look in there with this sissy. We’ll be back soon.” Nie Li said towards Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er.

Appearing to have heard Nie Li’s conversation, Xiao Yu widened his eyes as he said in discontent, “Nie Li, what did you call me?”

Nie Li looked at Xiao Yu in pretend surprise. “Ah? Xiao Yu, of course, what else can I call you?”

Xiao Yu turned his head around and snorted, “Hmph, you dared to say it once, but don’t dare to admit it afterwards!”

Looking at Nie Li and Xiao Yu, Ning’er couldn’t help laughing lightly. Since the moment those two had met, Nie Li and Xiao Yu seemed to have a barrier between them. However, she could feel that Xiao Yu wasn’t a bad guy. And who knows, he might be able to become their friend in the future.

“Nie Li, won’t you encounter some danger inside?” Ye Ziyun worriedly asked.

“There’s no problem. With Xiao Yu around, there won’t be any dangers. You guys have also seen his strength. As for me, any ordinary danger won’t be able to hinder me. Even if Xiao Yu dies inside, I won’t.” Nie Li confidently said.

“Who did you just say will die in there?” Xiao Yu glared at Nie Li.

“I’m was just stating a metaphor. As a cultivator, I try not to be so hot tempered like you. It would be easy to go berserk and die from a bodily explosion.” Nie Li looked Xiao Yu and gave what seemed like a sincere warning.

“Death by bodily explosion…” Hearing Nie Li’s words, Xiao Yu’s lungs nearly explode from the anger. Only after repeatedly telling himself to calm down did he manage to recover his composure.

“I won’t listen to your nonsense anymore. I’ll wait for you at the front!” Xiao Yu leapt towards the tomb.

“That guy has finally left. The two of you have to pay attention to your own safety and hide nearby. Don’t go anywhere. If you encounter anyone from the Nether Realm, do as Xiao Yu instructed. Take that golden scroll out. That guy’s origins are definitely not ordinary, so his name should carry some weight.” Nie Li warned Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er in a low voice.

“Then, you be careful inside too.” Ye Ziyun still couldn’t feel assured and reminded him.

“En, rest assured.” Nie Li confidently smiled.

Xiao Yu was simply too powerful. With him around, Nie Li would definitely be a lot more assured. Although Xiao Yu’s identity is still a mystery, he shouldn’t have any malice towards them.

Nie Li instructed Ye Ziyun and Xiao Ning’er for a brief moment before skimming to the side of Xiao Yu and saying, “Let’s go.”

Xiao Yu remained silent and leapt towards the tomb in the sky.

“Hey, I still haven’t learned how to travel on air!” Nie Li yelled at Xiao Yu’s back.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Xiao Yu was stunned for a moment. He looked at Nie Li with a strange expression as he took some white silk out and tossed it to Nie Li. He then said, “Hold onto the end of the white silk, I’ll pull you up.”

Seeing that white silk, Nie Li gave a weird glance at Xiao Yu and said, “We’re both guys, is it really that difficult to pull me up by the hand and to the point that you have to take out a rope of white silk? It’s not like we’re trying to hang ourselves [1. In Chinese culture, suicide hangings are often done with silk.].”

Xiao Yu lightly glanced at Nie Li and said, “I have mysophobia, the fear of having my hands dirtied.”

“Fine then. In that case, I’m the same as you.” Nie Li curled his lips. This Xiao Yu was indeed too weird. Nie Li took a glance at the white silk; it was roughly a meter long and Nie Li’s only course of action was to hold on to its end.

Xiao Yu pulled on the other end, lifting Nie Li with him as he flew towards the tomb.

That rope of white silk seemed to have silver flowers embroidered on it. Nie Li couldn’t help making a weird expression. This Xiao Yu truly was a sissy. He even has embroidered flowers on some silk. But then his thoughts turned. These silver flowers might actually be the emblem of Xiao Yu’s family!

Nie Li secretly memorised the emblem and prepared to ask Luo Xiao when he returned, to see if he knew anything about the origins of this pattern.

Xiao Yu pulled Nie Li and landed on the tomb. They were only a few hundred meters away from the entrance. Above the tomb, the huge skeleton was still floating in place, giving off a terrifying and oppressive air.

As one, the Demigod rank experts all rushed forward.

Law Energy shaped every attack and were launched towards that giant skeleton.

Suddenly, a huge battle axe materialised in the skeleton’s hand and it swung the axe. The Law of Death formed a huge shockwave as it slashed towards the Demigod rank experts.

*Boom!* *Boom!* *Boom!*

Law Energy kept exploding in the sky.

Heaven and Earth were drowned in devastating power.

Countless waves of dispelled Law Energy strayed towards Nie Li and Xiao Yu. Just when Nie Li was prepared to take action, Xiao Yu slightly pulled back his right hand, then pushed out. A palm energy burst forth and the stray Law Energy exploded in the sky, dissipating without a trace.

Witnessing Xiao Yu’s actions, Nie Li was speechless. The strength of this Xiao Yu was simply too frightening. Nie Li had no idea what kind of energy Xiao Yu had used to destroy the Law Energy released by the Demigod rank experts.

However, he could be certain that Xiao Yu’s strength had at least reached the Demigod rank level. As to whether he had reached the Spiritual God rank, Nie Li couldn’t tell. At Nie Li’s current strength, it was impossible for him to discern the depth of Xiao Yu’s cultivation.

The huge skeleton continued to slash out shockwaves, preventing the Demigod rank experts from getting close to it and the tomb.

“With that skeleton guarding, we probably won’t be able to enter. Let’s go back.” Nie Li said, standing beside Xiao Yu. Nie Li himself wasn’t actually frightened; rather, he was just trying to test Xiao Yu.

Xiao Yu stared at Nie Li and said, “We’ve already come this far. You want to go back without going into the tomb?”

“Then what can we do? Unless you get rid of that skeleton!” Nie Li said. The strength of that skeleton was so powerful that not even fifty to sixty Demigod rank experts were able to kill it. Nie Li intended on testing Xiao Yu’s strength.

Xiao Yu’s identity was simply too suspicious!

Xiao Yu stared at Nie Li and said, “Do you have any brains at all? That skeleton is so powerful that even fifty to sixty Demigod rank experts can’t do anything to it. How could I handle it myself?”

“Then what do you suggest? Since we can’t go in, why are we still wasting time here?” asked Nie Li. However, the truth was, Nie Li did have a method to get in. All he needed to do was summon the Shadow Devil demon spirit and everything would be settled. However, Nie Li didn’t want to do so because he wished to see what Xiao Yu intended to do first.

Xiao Yu looked at Nie Li and pondered for a brief moment before saying, “In that case, we can only use that method!”