Chapter 216 - Mysterious Egg

Chapter 216 - Mysterious Egg

With the Wugui Family gone, Glory City was able to recover its serene state for now.

However, no one dares to be too relax because they have no idea when the Wugui Family will come again. The attack of the Wugui Family caused the citizens of Glory City to be at a loss of what to do. They just became aware that there is a path that connects to an underground world in the depth of the St. Ancestral Mountain with many families and that these families have Demigod rank experts.

The Wugui Family is just one of the many forces. In the future, Glory City will face an even more troublesome situation.

However, they have undergone the many baptisms of demon beast horde attacks. This just simply means that they have more enemies to deal with. With the tumor known as the Sacred Family removed, the remaining families can be considered working together as one.

One day, a long parade of people were slowly walking on the roads of Glory City. This parade amounted to several hundreds with fifty to sixty who have extraordinary strength. These people were carrying various chests that were fully packed.

These people were wearing bright coloured clothes that looked celebrative.

As this parade slowly walked, it attracted the attention and discussion of countless people.

“Who are they?”

“You don’t even know that? They are from the Heavenly Marks Family! They’re preparing to head to the City Lord’s Mansion and send the betrothal gifts!”

“Betrothal gifts?”

“Yeah, Nie Li from the Heavenly Marks Family and the City Lord’s daughter, Ye Ziyun are getting engaged.”

“So that’s the case. I know of that Nie Li, heard that the Ten Thousand Demonic Beast Array that protected Glory City this time was laid down by him. They are truly an ideal couple!”

By right, the Heavenly Marks Family shouldn’t have any qualifications to be related by marriage with the Snow Wind Family. However, Nie Li’s extraordinary talent made him rise like a comet. Therefore, no one in Glory City felt that this marriage was inappropriate. They even felt excited. Now that Nie Li is the number one genius of Glory City, he’s the hope of the entire city!

“Have you heard? The Heavenly Marks Family is really rich! Three days before sending the betrothal gifts, the Heavenly Marks Family spent a countless fortune to purchase all kinds of treasures and demon spirits as betrothal gifts! The few auction houses in Glory City were basically cleared out by them!”

“Is the City Lord’s Mansion even lacking in anything?”

“They aren’t lacking; however, since the Heavenly Marks Family is able to purchase so many gifts, it’s proven their financial resources!”

The parade continued down their path.

When the various families’ younger generation saw such a spectacular scene, they couldn’t help being filled with envy, jealousy and hate. Ye Ziyun is the goddess of their hearts and they were filled with adoration for her. However, they also understand that they don’t have a chance with her. In the past, they didn’t dare to compete against the Sacred Family. Now that Sacred Family is destroyed, they thought they finally got a slight chance, however, that was immediately taken away by Nie Li.

Nie Li is someone that has saved the Glory City! How can they compete with him? They can only watch as the goddess of their hearts is snatched away.

While watching the Heavenly Marks Family’s parade walking by, one of the nobility’s young men stood up and said in a depressed state, “Don’t come looking for me. I don’t have the mood to eat out anymore.”

“Me too, don’t look for me!”

Several young men stood up, one after another, until there were only two people left who were depressingly drinking wine.

“Only one goddess has been taken, there’s still Xiao Ning’er!’

“If it’s the Winged Dragon Family, then it’s not that high to reach!”

“Damn you, haven’t you seen the past few banquets where Xiao Ning’er stood behind Nie Li? It’s said that before the Sacred Family was destroyed, Nie Li had bashed Shen Fei up because of Xiao Ning’er.”

“Damn, snatching Ye Ziyun was bad enough, now he’s even snatched Xiao Ning’er away! I’m going all out on him!”

Voices of grief howled throughout the city; however, after thinking about Nie Li’s identity again, they can only hang their heads down in depression and forget fighting him.

At this moment, the Winged Dragon Family.

Xiao Xue hurriedly ran into Ning’er’s room and saw her sitting on her bed, cultivating. After her soul realm came in contact with the powers of law, her soul realm had undergone changes and she already stepped into Black Gold rank. She’s currently consolidating her cultivation.

“Ning’er, you still have the heart to cultivate?” asked Xiao Xue, perturbed by the scene.

“What’s wrong?” asked Xiao Ning’er, opening her eyes filled with confusion.

In this small period of time, they have already become best friends.

“It’s said that the Heavenly Marks Family have gone to the City Lord’s Mansion to send their betrothal gifts. Nie Li and Ye Ziyun are getting engaged!” Xiao Xue said a little emotionally. She knows that Xiao Ning’er is in love with Nie Li.

“But, even if I know about it, what can I do?” A trace of sadness flashed across Xiao Ning’er’s eyes.

“Ning’er, you can’t give up like this!” Xiao Xue said in an urgent voice, “It’s not that you can’t fight Ziyun. It’s only that Ziyun’s family that’s better than yours. You don’t have to be discouraged, take these!” Xiao Xue took out a medicine bag and passed it to Xiao Ning’er.

“What is this?” Xiao Ning’er asked in doubt.

“This bag holds medicine called the Enchanting Passion Powder. Since Ye Ziyun is snatching your man away, you must force yourself upon Nie Li before anything else can be said! At that time, when the rice is cooked, how is Ye Ziyun going to fight for him with you?” Xiao Xue snorted and said, “We have no idea when Glory City will be destroyed. Don’t care about a simpleton’s view. To be together with the one you love, even for a second or a minute longer is enough!”

Hearing Xiao Xue’s words, Xiao Ning’er cried out in shock with both of her cheeks scarlet red. She quickly threw the medicine bag that Xiao Xue gave her on the floor. Just what is Xiao Xue thinking? How can she do something so shameful? Thinking about the matter between Xiao Xue and Lu Piao, this really is Xiao Xue’s style of handling matters. However, how can she do something so shameful?

Xiao Xue shrugged, “I can only help you come up with some ideas, how you’re going to do it will depend on you. Since you love Nie Li so much, when Nie Li and Ye Ziyun are married, won’t you be all alone?”

Xiao Ning’er raised her head and looked at Xiao Xue as both of her eyes flashed with tears.

Looking at Ning’er, Xiao Xue’s heart had instantly softened. She quickly patted her on her back in a comforting way and said, “Okay, okay. Ning’er, stop crying.”

Xiao Ning’er sighed in her heart as she looked at the medicine bag thrown onto the ground by her. Her cheeks couldn’t help feeling heated. Her heart was like a rabbit that had been frantically hopping.

The City Lord’s Mansion, Ye Ziyun’s courtyard.

Ye Ziyun was sitting cross-legged; however, she wasn’t into her training. At this moment, her heart couldn’t help feeling panicky. She never thought that she would be engaged to Nie Li. In this matter, her grandfather, father and the rest of the Snow Wind Family’s elders have agreed to it and even she couldn’t do a thing to change it.

In the past, no matter what decision was made, there would be at least one opposing voice; however, in this marriage matter, the opinion of the entire Snow Wind Family was unanimous.

In the future, how should she face Nie Li with her identity as his fiancée?

She still wasn’t prepared to accept this entirely new identity in her heart. Thinking about the fact that she’s engaged with Nie Li, Ye Ziyun’s heart wasn’t able to calm down anymore and she has no idea how to face him.

In the yard, Nie Li is already aware that Nie Hai and Nie En went to meet with Ye Mo and Ye Zong. In this kind of matter, there shouldn’t be a need of his and Ziyun’s presence. Ye Ziyun has locked herself in her room for a long time now and Nie Li can understand her thoughts. Thinking about their happy moment in his previous life, he couldn’t help smiling.

He is currently cultivating, trying his best to become stronger and gain even more strength so that he can protect everything.

Suddenly, he recalled something and searched for a while, until he found the mysterious egg that he got from the treasury of City Lord’s Mansion.

Nie Li still has no idea what kind of creature is in this demon beast egg. However, ever since he injected a portion of his soul force inside it, he obtained some sort of connection with it.

Yu Yan, who was floating above Nie Li, had her eyes on the egg. She had a shocked expression on her face and couldn’t shift her eyes away from it.

“Nie Li, what kind of demon beast egg is this?” Yu Yan asked. She could vaguely sense a very mysterious and powerful aura emanating from it.

“I have no idea either.” Nie Li said as she shook his head. He searched his brain, but couldn’t find anything matching the description of this egg.

Yu Yan slightly frowned her brows. She has no idea where Nie Li got this strange egg from, but she felt a little uneasy about it. It’s as though if this egg hatched, there would be some kind of terrifying creature coming from it.

“Nie Li, what are you preparing to do about it?” Yu Yan asked.

“Hatch it, of course.” Nie Li lightly smiled.

“I advise you not to do something so dangerous,” Yu Yan said as she nodded her head.

“Why?” Nie Li lightly smiled. Yu Yan is still a little too careful. Nie Li has never seen any living creature that would start killing someone the moment it’s hatched. If it’s some dangerous creature, then at most he’ll kill it right after it hatches.

Also, there are many Legend rank experts here, how can they not kill a creature that has been freshly hatched?

Furthermore, Nie Li could sense that he had generated some sort of connection with the egg. Who knows, maybe this egg contains some powerful demon beast.

Since Nie Li is determined to hatch it, Yu Yan shook her head. Sometimes it’s impossible to obstruct the curiosity of a human’s heart.

“How are you going to hatch it?” Yu Yan asked, looking at Nie Li.

Nie Li pondered for a moment and suddenly got an idea. In the past, he had injected his soul force into it; this time, he can try injecting the power of law into it!

Thinking about it here, Nie Li utilized the power of law and sent it towards the mysterious egg. When the power of law entered, the egg suddenly burst forth with a dazzling lustrous light. The inside formed a vortex and sucked Nie Li’s power of law in.

“I’ll take a look at how much you can absorb!” Nie Li mobilized the surrounding power of law and injected all of it into the egg.

The vortex inside constantly absorbed this power of law and Nie Li could sense that strange changes were occurring on the egg. There seems to be a force of energy trying to break the shell and come out as cracks filled the surface of the egg.