Chapter 209 - Father and Son

Chapter 209 - Father and Son

Glory City, City Lord’s Mansion

A guard ran in, bowed and said, “City Lord, we received a letter from a mysterious person, it seems to be designated to you.”

Ye Zong opened the letter after scanning it with his soul force, find nothing wrong with it. When he opened the letter, clear and distinct handwriting was projected into his eyes. His eyes shot out a chilling ray of light because this handwriting belongs to Ye Han.

“Lord Father, that day, when I left Glory City, I have been pondering over the past and future and couldn’t sleep that night. In fact, back then, when I returned to Glory City, I was already aware that it’s impossible for me to obtain the City Lord’s position anymore. During the period of my training, in order to protect me, master died. He was also one of the elders in the Snow Wind Family that was willing to support me. Without his support, it’s useless, even if you wanted me to inherit the City Lord’s position; however I’m not willing to resign it! Although you have treated me well, I have no other choice. In order to get Ziyun, I will not hesitate to do anything, even if it means I have to destroy Glory City. From the moment you brought me to the City Lord’s Mansion, and the first moment I saw her, I already decided that I will have her as my wife in this lifetime!”

“Although I have failed to kill you, after I arrived at the Dark Guild, I have found a new world, the Nether Realm. It turns out that the most powerful force here isn’t the Dark Guild. The Demon Lord of the Dark Guild also isn’t that formidable. There are many families here that have Demigod rank experts.”

“Foster father, do you know what Demigod rank is? They are pinnacle experts that wield the inexhaustible power of law, an existence second only to the Spiritual Gods.”

“I have been placed in an important position by the Wugui Family. The Wugui Family has also shown great interest towards Glory City. If foster father is willing to submit, you can definitely become an existence second to the Patriarch. With a small city like Glory City, why don’t you give it up? At that time, foster father might even be able to step into the Demigod realm! If you don’t agree, then the experts of the Wugui Family will descend onto Glory City and will turn it into a barren wasteland. I hope foster father considers this carefully.”

Seeing this letter, Ye Zong smacked the table with the veins on his arm popping out and both of his eyes red.

After being betrayed by the person he trusted the most, it’s difficult to bear the aftertaste. It’s felt like a knife mercilessly stabbed his heart, especially when he saw Ye Han as his own child. He never thought that Ye Han would be so cold blooded. With the intelligence of Ye Zong, he figured out that this Wugui Family was probably lured by Ye Han.

Ye Han is even more malicious than the Dark Guild that has been wanting to occupy Glory City for themselves!

Thinking that Glory City will soon face danger, Ye Zong’s heart felt as though it got slashed by a knife. The origin of all these problems is himself, for not being able to see a person’s nature carefully. He thought that Ye Han was only a deep schemer, he never thought that Ye Han would be a traitor and betray Glory City.

He has no idea where Nie Li disappeared to. Ye Zong suddenly realised that after Nie Li left, he doesn’t have anyone to discuss tactics with. When Nie Li was still around, Ye Zong wished he could give him a beating. However, when Nie Li left, he couldn’t help missing him a little.

As the City Lord, even the closest people around him, like Ye Xiu and the others, were all respectful in front of him, always showing a small gap between him and them. Nie Li was the only one that never placed his position as the City Lord in his eyes. Although Nie Li always went against him, it allowed him to feel close.

“Ye Zong!” a deep voice shouted.

Hearing this imposing voice, Ye Zong’s eyes lit up. He raised his head and saw a man at the door of the main hall. Although he’s old, he still has an imposing figure. Ye Zong then went up to him happily.

“Father, you’re back?” Ye Zong respectfully bowed. When he was at wits’ end, the sight of Ye Mo gave him some backbone.

“En, I came back with grandson-in-law.” Ye Mo nodded.

Grandson-in-law? Which grandson-in-law? Ye Zong had a strange expression on his face. At this moment, a young man walked up from the back of Ye Mo and smilingly said to Ye Zong, “Father-in-law, long time no see.”

Nie Li stretched his waist. Because the air in Glory City was so much better compared to the Nether Realm, he was feeling intoxicated by it.

Seeing Nie Li, Ye Zong’s face immediately went dark and solemnly said, “You stinking brat, what have you told my father?”

Although Ye Zong’s expression can scare other people, it’s useless against Nie Li. Nie Li shrugged and said, “I told him everything.”

Ye Zong can almost imagine the scene of Nie Li flowery talking to Ye Mo. Who knows if Ye Mo was cheated by Nie Li? Ye Zong’s face immediately went strict and was just about to reprimand Nie Li; however, Ye Mo snorted and said in a solemn voice, “Ye Zong, a peaceful family will prosper. What kind of attitude are you showing by putting on that long face all day towards a family member?”

Ye Mo’s imposing manner instantly frightened Ye Zong, making his heart trembled. Afterall, the person that Ye Zong was most afraid of, ever since he’s small, was Ye Mo. Even though he has already become a Legend rank expert, the fear that penetrated deeply into the bones isn’t that easy to get rid of.

“Yes, father.” Ye Zong didn’t dare to argue with Ye Mo and immediately replied as he respectfully stood by the side.

Nie Li discovered that in this world, one subdues the other. Even though he’s a City Lord, Ye Zong is still afraid of Ye Mo! Next time, when he’s facing Ye Zong, he would have a backer.

Seeing Ye Zong’s manner of trembling in fear, Ye Mo dryly coughed and said, “I’m pretty satisfied with the grandson-in-law that you’ve chosen. He has extraordinary talent and knowledge. Although the Heavenly Marks Family is just an Aristocratic Family, my Snow Wind Family shouldn’t care about a simpleton’s view. Furthermore, grandson-in-law has taught me how to comprehend the power of law.” Ye Mo glanced at Nie Li, feeling full of appreciation towards him.

Ye Zong opened his mouth, wanting to say something, but only nodded his head at the end, “Yes.”

He didn’t know what kind of enchanting potion Nie Li gave Ye Mo to cause him to think so highly of Nie Li. Since this is already the case, there was nothing he could do to change it.

Regarding the power of law, Ye Zong does know a thing or two about it. However, Ye Zong was curious about how Nie Li taught Ye Mo to comprehend the power of law. Could it be that Nie Li began cultivating the power of law since he was small? Thinking about it this way, it all makes sense. If he wasn’t cultivating the power of law, how could Nie Li’s strength grow so quickly?

What Ye Zong doesn’t know is that Nie Li’s strength has no major link with the power of law.

Ye Mo looked at Ye Zong and coldly said, “I haven’t been too satisfied with you, since you were small. Although you have extraordinary talent, you have always been very inflexible in handling things. There is a problem in how you treat people. Regarding the matter with Ye Han, you couldn’t see through his nature. Do you know your wrongs?”

“I’m at the wrong.” Ye Zong felt his face burning. Even though he’s the City Lord, he was being lectured in front of Nie Li, how can he keep his prestige after this?

“I wasn’t fond of Ye Han and yet you still insisted on pushing him to the City Lord’s position. Now look at what you’ve done? Luckily, he did not manage to become the City Lord. If such a person managed to become the City Lord, can you imagine how things could end up?” Ye Mo coldly snorted, “Now, Ye Han told the Wugui Family about our Glory City. If it’s just only the Wugui Family, I might be able to deal with them. However, what if the other families of the Nether Realm decide come? How will we ward them off?”

With how angry Ye Mo is, how can Ye Zong dare to refute him?

“You have a good kid like Nie Li doing his best for Glory City, yet your attitude is still so nasty. What would happen if you frightened the child? You still treat that traitor, Ye Han, with so much more trust, it’s ridiculous!” Ye Mo straightforwardly scolded, becoming more and more agitated the more he talks.

Ye Zong was depressed in his heart. Although he was a little fierce to Nie Li, he still didn’t do anything to him. Nie Li frightened? If he doesn’t climb on top of his head, he would already be thanking the gods. Furthermore, he has been fooled by Nie Li many times, filling his heart with indignation. However, he didn’t dare to refute his father.

“Grandpa Ye Mo, don’t be so angry. The City Lord’s attitude has always been like this. I have already gotten used to it.” Nie Li said, in attempt to comfort Ye Mo while pretending to not notice Ye Zong staring at him with widened eyes.

“Look at how obedient he is. A thirteen-fourteen-year-old kid is even more sensible than you!” Ye Mo snorted again and said, “Go back and reflect on it! As for the marriage between Nie Li and Yun’er, it’ll be fixed like this. We’ll wait for the matter with the Wugui Family to be settled. Then, I’ll visit the Heavenly Marks Family and discuss the wedding day.”

Ye Zong felt bitter in his heart and quickly said, “Isn’t it a little improper for our Snow Wind Family to take the initiative to visit the Heavenly Mark Family? Anyhow, it have to be the Heavenly Marks Family to visit us and propose the marriage; otherwise, how can Yun’er have her position? Furthermore, isn’t Yun’er’s age a little too young?”

“A simpleton’s view!” Ye Mo waved his sleeve and coldly snorted, “With so many families out there, which family’s lady doesn’t get married at such a young age? Because you’ve been hanging out with that brat, Huyan Xiong, for too long, you want to make Yun’er to become an old lady like that Huyan Lanruo and can’t be married?”

Ye Zong’s expression was strange and Nie Li was holding back his laughter. No wonder Huyan Lanruo was always sticking to him. It turns out that it’s because she can’t be married out. If Huyan Lanruo knew what Ye Mo said, what kind of reaction would she have?

How could Ye Ziyun not marry out? If Ye Zong let the news out, how many families would stand on the City Lord’s Mansion’s doorstep?

“Yes.” Ye Zong respectfully replied. Originally, he planned to push Nie Li down a little to get him to be more well-behaved. In the end, when his father returned, he suddenly realised that it was him that was in the weaker side. Since Ye Mo has agreed to this marriage, who would still oppose it?

Nie Li immediately said with sincerity, “Grandpa Ye Mo, about the matter of proposing marriage, it naturally have to start on my Heavenly Marks Family’s side. After this matter is over, I will have the Patriarch and my father come to you personally.”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Mo smiled and nodded his head, “Good, good, good. As for the betrothal gift, anything would do. The City Lord’s Mansion isn’t lacking of any items!” Ye Mo swept his eyes at Ye Zong. In front of his father, how can Ye Zong refute anything?

“As for the matter with the Wugui Family, we have to come up with some methods to deal with them as fast as possible. But first, I’ll go take a look at Yun’er.”

After seeing Ye Zong’s respectful manner, Ye Mo no longer had any interest in lecturing him. After finally returning after such a long time, he has to visit his beloved granddaughter first, then immediately begin his seclusion training.

Ye Zong looked at Nie Li, “Nie Li, you remain. I have some matters to discuss with you.”

Seeing the anger in Ye Zong’s eyes, Nie Li felt a little tingling in his heart and said, “I also haven’t return for some time, I’ll visit Ziyun first.”

Ye Mo pondered and said, “Nie Li, you stay behind. If Ye Zong dares to do anything to you, come and tell grandpa and I will teach him a lesson.”