Chapter 208 - Structure of the power of law

Chapter 208 - Structure of the power of law

“Grandpa Ye Mo, the Wugui Family are dispatching people to deal with Glory City, we have to quickly return!” Nie Li said, looking towards Ye Mo. Since he has stayed in this Nether Realm for so long, he should have more understanding towards the current situation compared to Nie Li.

Ye Mo’s face went slightly solemn and coldly snorted, “Ye Han, that traitor! He actually revealed the information of Glory City to the Wugui Family, making our Glory City eyed by the Wugui Family. With the current strength of our Glory City, we can’t deal with the Wugui Family, we can only delay them as much as possible and then think of something else.”

If he knew that Ye Han had the heart of a traitor, Ye Mo would have personally killed him long ago!

“Grandpa Ye Mo, how long have you been in the Nether Realm?” Nie Li asked, looking at Ye Mo.

“I have already realised the existence of the Nether Realm five years ago……” Ye Mo still couldn’t confirm Nie Li’s identity; therefore, he did not say too much.

So it turns out that Ye Mo already discovered the Nether Realm long ago. Now wonder he wasn’t in Glory City all the time, with Ye Mo’s ability, he couldn’t have been doing nothing during these five years. He might even have some arrangements made.

In Glory City, Ye Mo is the spiritual pillar of everyone. From the moment Nie Li could understand, he had heard of all kinds of Ye Mo’s achievements. As an ordinary citizen, he rose up with his own talent and comprehension towards cultivation and then married the daughter of City Lord, becoming the City Lord himself, and becoming the most pinnacle existence in Glory City. Therefore, Ye Mo could be considered a legendary figure.

As for the matters with marrying the City Lord’s daughter, Nie Li felt that he should discuss that a little with Grandpa Ye Mo.

Ye Mo couldn’t endure anymore and asked, “Kiddo, which family are you from?”

“The Heavenly Marks Family.” Nie Li smiled.

Ye Mo recalled, among the Aristocratic families, the Heavenly Marks Family is ranked the lowest. He never thought that they would produce a genius like Nie Li. It has really caused him to view Nie Li at a whole new level. Although Nie Li belongs to the Heavenly Marks Family, based on Nie Li’s accomplishments of gaining cooperation with the Jade Seal Family and having Luo Ming and two other Legend rank experts as his followers, he has already gained sufficient qualifications to speak with the Snow Wind Family.

“Not long ago, Ye Han tried to assassinate Lord father-in-law, poisoning him with the Draconic Tongue Herb. Luckily, I was able to cure the poison. However, I never imagined that after Ye Han betrayed Glory City, he would actually sell the information of Glory City to the Wugui Family. This is simply unforgivable!” Nie Li’s eyes flashed with a hint of killing intent, “Thereafter, the Sacred Family colluded with the Dark Guild and betrayed Glory City. Fortunately, Shen Hong was killed by Lord father-in-law. Only a few of them escaped with heavy injuries.”

Ye Mo knitted his brows for a moment, so for the time that he wasn’t in Glory City, so many incidents actually happened.

“Ye Han, that absolute disgrace! It was Ye Zong that spoilt him. Ye Zong couldn’t see a person’s nature properly, and yet he actually intend to pass the City Lord’s position to such a person. For not killing Ye Han in time and plunging Glory City into such danger, it’s all his fault. When I get back, see how I’ll lecture him!” Ye Mo coldly snorted. If it wasn’t for Nie Li, the Draconic Tongue Herb would have taken Ye Zong’s life. Even he, himself has no cure for the Draconic Tongue Herb. Nie Li saved Ye Zong, no wonder he betrothed Yun’er to him.

Members of the Snow Wind Family always knows how to be grateful and abide to their promises. Since Ye Zong has already betrothed Yun’er to Nie Li, he has also accepted this marriage in his heart.

Skimming at high speed towards Glory City, Nie Li and Ye Mo were at the front, leading the way. After drawing a certain amount of distance with Luo Ming and the other two, Nie Li started a conversation with Ye Mo.

“Grandpa Ye Mo, you have comprehended the Law of Snow Wind?” Nie Li asked, looking at Ye mo. Previously, he sensed the Law of Snow Wind emitting from Ye Mo.

“Correct, but it couldn’t be consider comprehending. I have only touched a corner of it. I still have a long ways to go to reach Demigod rank.” Ye Mo said as he shook his head.

“Furthermore, I sensed two rather powerful auras from Grandpa Ye Mo. If Grandpa Ye Mo could comprehend the power of law, your strength would probably receive a surging increase.” Nie Li smiled.

A trace of shock flashed across Ye Mo’s eyes. He never thought that Nie Li would have such keen perception, aside from sensing the power of law on his body, he was able to sense the other two auras. Shock filled his face as Nie Li is just a fourteen year old kid! Could he be someone that has used the Spiritual Constellation Technique like the Demon Lord?

Ye Mo examined Nie Li; however, he couldn’t feel an aura from the Spiritual Constellation coming from his body.

Ye Mo’s view caused Nie Li to feel a little uncomfortable and said, “Grandpa Ye Mo, I’m not someone that used the Spiritual Constellation Technique. Those who use the Spiritual Constellation Technique would have pale faces and the blood in their body would constantly boil with their soul force overflowing. I don’t have any of those symptoms.”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Mo embarrassedly smiled. He never thought that his thoughts would be seen through by Nie Li.

Nie Li’s heart blushed with shame. Although he’s not a Spiritual Constellation expert, but his soul did undergo a rebirth. In this world, the most profound things would probably be the soul.

“I have comprehended the Law of Darkness and Light; therefore, my spiritual wisdom is stronger than an ordinary person’s.” Nie Li thought of an excuse, with a move of his right hand, the Laws of Light and Darkness flashed across his fingertips.

Ye Mo felt the Laws of Light and Darkness and immediately looked at Nie Li in astonishment. One must know that he has cultivated for several decades before he could comprehend even a trace of the power of law, and still has a long distance before he could use them as he wished. However, Nie Li already comprehended two powers of law and is able to use them freely.

He is really not getting wiser as he aged, Ye Mo sighed in his heart. Nie Li is the real genius here!

To be able to comprehend two powers of law, he will certainly stand on the pinnacle in the future. Even in the underground world, the Master of the Nether Realm couldn’t achieve controlling two powers of law at the same time, right?

In Ye Mo’s heart, Nie Li’s position has utterly changed. Betrothing Yun’er to Nie Li, Ye Zong still has a little foresight. Nie Li has such extraordinary talent and isn’t arrogant about it, he doesn’t have much problem regarding his nature.

“Nie Li, there is a small piece of the Divine Spark from the Snow Wind Spiritual God on Ye Mo. Except that the Snow Wind Spiritual God is probably already dead. Although the might of this small piece can’t be comparable to the pinnacle time, the power of this is still very great. Furthermore, there is also a very mysterious aura coming from him that even I can’t be sure of it.” Yu Yan transmitted to Nie Li with a little sadness in her tone.

The Divine Spark of the Snow Wind Spiritual God? Nie Li was shocked in his heart, no wonder. It turns out that there is a small piece of the Snow Wind Spiritual God’s Divine Spark in Ye Mo’s body! As for the other aura, neither Yu Yan nor him could tell what it is. It’s very likely that it came from another world.

“The fundamentals of the power of law is actually some small inscription patterns. All kinds of law have their own special inscription pattern structures. The structure of the Law of Snow Wind should be something like this.” inscription patterns formed on Nie Li’s palm, this is the deconstruction of what Nie Li has towards the power of law.

Seeing the small inscription patterns moving on Nie Li’s palm, Ye Mo said in shock, “So the power of law is actually some inscription patterns!”

Seeing the structure of these inscription patterns, Ye Mo suddenly had an insight. Afterall, Ye Mo is a intelligent person and has cultivated the power of law for so long, he should already have some knowledge of the power of law. Nie Li’s words were like waking a dreaming person, causing him to be enlightened.

So that’s the case…Ye Mo deeply glanced at Nie Li. Just a few words from Nie Li and it might even allow him to reach the Demigod rank that he has yearned of!

Ye Mo naturally knows that Nie Li is intentionally telling him all this. He had a trace of gratefulness flash across his eyes. After cultivating for so many years and his body is deteriorating with age, he thought that he would no longer be able to step into that level.

Ye Mo was worried that when he past away, there would no longer be anyone guarding Glory City. Ye Zong wasn’t able to breakthrough into Legend rank after all this time and even if he had reached Legend rank, he still wouldn’t be able to be the opponent of the Demon Lord. The Demon Lord can have an endless life; however, his life is only a hundred years, not to mention that Glory City is being eyed by the Wugui Family right now. However, if he managed to stepped into the Demigod rank, Ye Mo’s lifespan would be able to increase by a hundred years or even more. Furthermore, they would have more capital to fight the Wugui Family. There should still be some difficulty for Wugui Family to dispatch two Demigod rank experts to deal with Glory City, unless they are forsaking their roots and breaking their means of retreat.

To be able to have a younger generation like Nie Li, Ye Mo also felt gratified. Adding on that Nie Li is his grandson-in-law, Ye Mo is more and more fond of Nie Li.

Nie Li told Ye Mo in detail about the trick to comprehending the power of law.

Ye Mo is naturally a intelligent person, after comprehending the essence of the power of law, his cultivation immediately soared leaps and bounds. The Law of Snow Wind was also gradually taking shape in his body.

It turns out that comprehending the power of law is actually so simple!

In many things, before understanding it, it’s possible to not find the direction. However, once they have an understanding towards it, they will realise that it’s actually very simple, so is the power of law.

Luo Ming and the two others followed behind were feeling curious about the conversation between Nie Li and Ye Mo. If they were to know that Nie Li was talking about the secrets of becoming a Demigod rank expert, they would probably have their intestines greened from not going up and eavesdropping on their conversation.