Chapter 199 - A trace

Chapter 199 - A trace

“Sister goddess, you’re not lying to me, right?”asked Nie Li, letting out a breath in relief after feeling the temperature of his body quickly cooling down. That feeling earlier was too frightening, it even caused him to have a lingering fear.

“Why would I lie to you? This is how we sensed of the power of law in the past.” Yu Yan frowned as she spoke with displeasure. She has no idea what happened to Nie Li earlier. Could it be that Nie Li failed to sense the power? However, even if he did fail, it wouldn’t cause his body to feel like it was burning up to the point that he would jump into the water, right?

“Okay, okay,” Nie Li waved his hand as he depressingly said, “You said to sense a trace of light in the darkness.”

“Right.” Yu Yan nodded her head and said, “It should be like this for you to be able to sense of Law of Light.”

“You said a trace!” Nie Li said in depress.

“It is a trace!” replied Yu Yan. The method to sense the law shouldn’t be wrong. Back when she first started, she trained for decades to be able to sense the Law of Fire.

“How is that a trace? It simply felt like a sun. My eyes were almost blinded. What warmth? My entire body felt as though it’s being roasted. Too scary, cultivating your power of law is too dangerous.” Nie Li said, fear still lingering in his heart. That scorching sun feeling earlier nearly had him cooked from the inside.

While looking at Nie Li, Yu Yan made a weird expression as she fell into a daze. How could that be? Just how much of a freak is he? Many people require several dozens of years of training to be able to sense even a trace of power of law and that would be considered pretty good. Even those with heavenly gifted divine bodies would require at least several years of training.

However, Nie Li sensed it on his first try. Furthermore, what he sensed wasn’t a trace of the Law of Light, but actually a blazing sun.

It’s once said that when the Light Spiritual God cultivated to the limit, he was able to control a blazing power similar to the sun. Every time he sensed the law, he would be immersed in a blazing sun.

However, Nie Li only just began cultivating the power of law!

Even Yu Yan felt her brain wasn’t enough to process it all.

Nie Li recalled the events earlier. Indeed, it’s a little dangerous, but he felt how powerful the laws are. It turns out that this world is made up from the power of law. The soul force of humans is treated as the foundation of cultivation.

Nie Li went back in the Black Spring to soak his body as he slowly comprehended and deconstructed the power of law. He can feel that there is actually a mysterious inscription pattern forming on his palm. A strand of an extremely small Light inscription pattern was flowing on his palm.

“So this is the essence of laws!” Nie Li was astonished. These flowing inscription patterns proved that the essence of laws isn’t natural energy, but was created by some supreme existence. It filled the world with mysterious inscription patterns and formed the laws.

These inscription patterns filled the entire world, just like the air.

No wonder when people like Yu Yan were able to gather their Divine Sparks together upon being broken. Yu Yan is the Law of Fire in both heaven and earth, the Law of Fire is her! Once a certain amount is gathered up, Yu Yan will be reformed!

Technically, in his previous life, when Nie Li wanted to breakthrough above Legend rank, he was required to cultivate the power of laws since this world was already shrouded with the power of law, like a huge cage that everyone was trapped in. However, Nie Li was fortunate and entered into the Temporal Demon Spirit Book, made contact with a completely new cultivation technique and was able to break himself away from this world.

When she looked at the inscription pattern on Nie Li’s palm that was containing the blazing Law of Light, Yu Yan originally thought that he wrote it himself, and was shocked. Nie Li was actually able to grasp the Law of Light in such a short amount of time? This is simply unimaginable!

What Yu Yan doesn’t know is that these inscription patterns were obtained by Nie Li through the deconstruction of the laws. The essence of laws is actually just an inscription pattern. Since this supreme existence is able to lay this inscription pattern all around, the power of this supreme existence should be even stronger than the pinnacle him from his previous life.

“Power of law? Interesting.” The corner of Nie Li’s mouth revealed a trace of a smile. A *psh* sound was heard and Nie Li’s right hand became shrouded in small balls of white lights. These white lights were like blazing fairies, constantly moving around.

‘Wherever there is light, there is darkness. Since the two inscription patterns are opposites, it should be easy to deconstruct it.’ Nie Li thought inwardly in his heart as he continued to cultivate and sense the power of darkness.

In the endless void, the coldest and deepest darkness.

Gradually, Nie Li fully immersed himself in the dense Law of Darkness.

Since Nie Li did not speak a word and continued to cultivate the power of law, Yu Yan couldn’t help sighing in her heart. In her thousands of years of life, this was the first time she had seen a person with such shocking talent, and was able to grasp the Law of Light in such a short amount of time. It’s hard to imagine what Nie Li’s cultivation would be like in the future. Would he surpass the Light Spiritual God at his pinnacle? She continued her own cultivation.

Slowly, Nie Li deconstructed the Law of Darkness. After all, no matter if it’s the Law of Light or the Law of Darkness, they are an energy second to the power of heaven and is a level higher than soul force. It’s not hard to grasp them.

A moment later, Yu Yan suddenly opened her eyes and looked at Nie Li in disbelief.

Nie Li slowly opened his palm and a dark light ignited above his hand, like a lump of black coloured flames moving around on his palm.

Light and darkness, Nie Li went deep within his thoughts. He wondered, which supreme expert was it that created the power of law and what was his motive? In this world, cultivating the power of law is indeed needed to reach the Heavenly Fate realm to mobilize energy that doesn’t match your own. With such power existing, it caused this world to be sealed. Even if one was able to cultivate to the Heavenly Fate realm, they might not be able to accumulate enough power to breakthrough the balance of law and enter an even higher realm.

If it wasn’t because he had the Temporal Demon Spirit Book in his previous life, Nie Li would not be able to breakthrough the balance of law after an incident and enter another realm.

Forget it, let’s not think about this for now.

Nie Li continued to play with the Law of Light and Darkness, controlling them to turn into different shapes. With these power of laws with him, even if he encountered a supreme expert, he would have some methods to deal with them.

Up on the Black Spring, Yu Yan was dumbfounded as she stared at Nie Li. At this moment, she has no idea how to describe her feeling.

A person was actually able to sense the Law of Light on his first try, and his first try became the equivalent of a blazing sun. Furthermore, in such a short amount of time, he already knows how to control and use the Law of Light.

What’s more ridiculous is that after he gained control of the Law of Light, this fella gained control of the Law of Darkness as well.

Is he still human?

In the tens of thousands of Yu Yan’s years, she has never seen someone like Nie Li, who was able to grasp both the Law of Light and Darkness, before. If he was given sufficient amount of time, what extent would he grow to?

Even Yu Yan couldn’t imagine it.

In this world, there hasn’t been anyone that could grasp two kinds of laws like this before! Not to mention it’s the Law of Light and Darkness, two powers of law that are in the top ten ranks.

Yu Yan’s heart, as of this moment, couldn’t calm down anymore. She originally thought that Nie Li would require at least dozens of years to be able to sense even a trace of the Law of Light. She never imagined that he would reach such a level so quickly.

She stared at Nie Li, a little depressed. Even if she has lived for tens of thousands of years, she couldn’t help losing her composure by Nie Li’s frightening cultivating speed. How much effort and suffering did she have to go through when she had been cultivating?!

Nie Li raised his head, looked at Yu Yan and noticed that something was not right with her expression. He curiously asked, “Sister goddess, what’s wrong with you?”

“N-nothing.” she stuttered.

In fact, this hasn’t had anything to do with Nie Li’s cultivating speed. In the eyes of people like Yu Yan, the power of law is the law of heaven and earth. They have already lost the ability to think and question it; however, it’s a different case for Nie Li. He used an overlooking angle to understand the power of law, which is why he was able to grasp it so quickly.

After grasping the Law of Light and Darkness, he will be able to exhibit even more powerful combat abilities within the Legend rank realm. After all, the power of law is at a higher level compared to soul force.

Nie Li continuously trained in the Black Spring, refining his physique and soul realm with the Law of Light and Darkness. At this time, his cultivation had also undergone some changes, from 4-star Gold rank to 5-star Gold rank.

Sure enough, once he cultivates a different level of energy, his cultivating speed can’t be compared to what it previously was.

Even Black Gold rank isn’t far from his reach.

Nie Li thought inwardly in his heart. If he’s able to reach Black Gold rank, with the methods up his sleeves, even when facing Legend rank experts, he would have the strength to protect himself.

After reaching 5-star Gold rank, Nie Li felt that the Fanged Panda gained a new ability. There are the Light and Darkness powers in the abdomen of the Fanged Panda. At the same time, one of its hands can control the Darkness energy while the other one controls the Light energy. If both energies land on a person’s body, it would unleash a formidable power that’s dozens of folds stronger.

Nie Li is intending to develop a new combat ability with this special ability.

As for the Shadow Devil demon spirit, Nie Li realised that the changes on it was the biggest after he comprehended of the Law of Darkness. It extended the Shadow Devil’s void-form ability’s time, causing the concealing effect to be even stronger and making it harder to detect. The Shadow Devil demon spirit also seems to have cultivated a stronger combat ability.

Nie Li has been lost in his thoughts all along while Yu Yan was on top of the Black Spring, staring at him, and lost in her thoughts as well.

Back when Nie Li said that he had a method to help her reconstruct her divine body, she didn’t believe him. However, after seeing Nie Li grasp the Law of Light and Darkness in such a short amount of time, she started to believe in his words.

Nie Li was deep in his training for a while and, soon, twenty plus days quickly passed by. Although his cultivation stopped at 5-star Gold rank, after being refining the power of law, his physical body already reached the Black Gold rank level.