Chapter 198 - Sensing the Laws

Chapter 198 - Sensing the Laws

Nie Li became filled with curiosity about Goddess Yu Yan’s divine body. If he could analyze the constitution of Yu Yan’s divine body, it will definitely have large benefits for his own cultivation.

‘Since Goddess Yu Yan has lived for so long, she should be open-minded to this kind of thing.’ With a move in Nie Li’s heart, it’s even harder suppress the idea in his heart.

At this moment, on top of the Black Spring, Yu Yan was slightly knitting her brows. Although her consciousness is in the air, above the Black Spring, she can still see everything going on within the spring. As the Fire Spiritual God, she’s an existence high above, even mortals wouldn’t dare to look at her in the eyes, so when has she been profaned like this before?

However, her divine body hasn’t been able to fully recover, yet. So, even if Nie Li does anything to her, she can’t do anything to to stop him. She frowned as she watched Nie Li lift his hand. What is Nie Li thinking about doing? If he wants to play with her divine body, she wouldn’t have any strength to resist him.

If it’s an ordinary person or even a Legend rank expert, Yu Yan would only need to release a trace of her divine might and it would already be sufficient to intimidate them. However, her divine might has no effect on Nie Li and she has no idea why. She can only watch as Nie Li continued to stare at her divine body.

‘What is the structure of this Divine Spark?’ Nie Li thought in his heart as he lifted his hand, touching the scarlet light ball. He used his hand to feel the changes in the ball, and figure out the structure.

‘Is the divine body of Goddess Yu Yan the same as a human’s?’ Nie Li thought inwardly as he used his finger to poke it. The feeling of softness came from his finger, that smooth and exquisite skin was the same as a human’s.

It feels the same as an ordinary human’s flesh?! Curiosity rose within Nie Li’s heart. Stuff like the Divine Spark is indeed miraculous.

Yu Yan, who had her eyes closed to sense the things going on in the pond, issued a soft cry the instant Nie Li touched her divine body. She suddenly opened her eyes and felt her soul is trembling. For tens of thousands of years, she’s been the respected goddess of the human clan. Yet, Nie Li actually touched her divine body, this is too presumptuous!

She never thought that Nie Li would have the ability to penetrate the protection of the power of law and use his hand to touch her. If Nie Li had any ill-intentions and decided to take her Divine Spark, she would be utterly finished.

However, Nie Li was only a fourteen-year-old kid, it’s normal for him to be a little curious. The instant Nie Li made contact with her divine body, she felt a mysterious and strong shock of current circulate within her entire body.

This is the power of law. This is actually the power of law that she was so familiar with, and it seems to be very deep and powerful!

Yu Yan was mused, could it be that inside Nie Li’s body, there’s a power of an even higher level? In this world, the only power that’s above the Spiritual Gods was probably the World Creator’s. Could it be that Nie Li is a descendant of that World Creator?

Yu Yan stared at Nie Li. Because her divine body was being profaned, she became a little angry about it. If it wasn’t because there wasn’t any vulgar expression’s on Nie Li’s face, only a pondering look, she probably wouldn’t be able to hold herself down.

Nie Li closed his eyes as he streaked his finger across Yu Yan’s divine body, feeling the structure, and suddenly understood something.

‘No wonder there is basically no one cultivating the power of law in this realm. By cultivating the power of law, it’s possible to breakthrough the Legend rank into Heavenly Fate realm; but that’s only the primary possibility. Just cultivating the power of law is insufficient to reach a higher level.’ Nie Li thought inwardly, ‘However, the power of law has a profoundness of its own. If I can combine it with the power of heaven and cultivate it, perhaps I’ll make an entirely new breakthrough!’

Nie Li inwardly thought, ‘Furthermore, the power of law can be cultivated. It’s at an even higher level than soul force. It can enormously increase my cultivation. However, the power of heaven can only be cultivated after I make a breakthrough to Legend rank.”

Thinking about it here, Nie Li had all kinds of ideas in his head. ‘I’ll first convert all the soul force in my body into the power of law, before anything else!’

Nie Li once again, entered into the altruistic state.

After seeing Nie Li start his cultivation again, Yu Yan became immersed in her thoughts. She could not see what was going on in Nie Li’s head, and always felt that Nie Li was an extremely mysterious person.

After Nie Li pondered awhile, his eyes suddenly lit up, ‘Got it, I wonder how Goddess Yu Yan will thank me for this.’

Although the feel of the skin is the same as human’s, Nie Li’s sharp perception was able to sense that the structure of Yu Yan’s divine body is, in fact, different to a human’s.

Even though he had only touched Yu Yan’s smooth back, and the amount of time he was in contact with it was very short, and he had insight to the profoundness of the power of law. Based on his knowledge from his previous life, he had an idea that will allow Yu Yan’s divine body to recover and quickly increase the speed of the accumulation of her Divine Spark.

Nie Li slowly got up, jumped out of the water and quickly got dressed.

Nie Li opened his eyes, looked at Yu Yan and asked, “Sister goddess, why is your face black?”

“It’s nothing.” Seeing Nie Li’s innocent face, Yu Yan took a deep breath and calmed her heart. Although she is a goddess that has lived for tens of thousands of years, her life was filled with constant cultivation and feeling the law between the heavens and earth. Her thoughts were simpler compared to people who try to outwit each other.

Although Nie Li had touched her divine body, she didn’t want to pursue it.

With a thought in Nie Li’s heart, he sort of understood. Goddess Yu Yan was probably depressed because he had touched her body earlier.

However, if he didn’t touch her divine body, he wouldn’t be able to tell the structure of it. Nie Li does not have any profaning thoughts, so he can have a clear conscience.

Nie Li looked at Yu Yan and seriously asked, “Sister goddess, I have an idea that could help you reconstruct your divine body and leave this Black Spring. Do you want to give it a try?”

“A kid actually says that he’s able to help me reconstruct my divine body.” Yu Yan smiled, looking at him with disbelief. Even if Nie Li does have very a noble bloodline, to reconstruct a divine body is very difficult, it’s not something an ordinary person could do.

“I seriously can.” Nie Li seriously said.

“Stop coming up with nonsense, and continue your training!” said Yu Yan.

Since Yu Yan doesn’t believe him, Nie Li could only helplessly let it go. He can only wait and see if he can make Yu Yan believe him in the future.

Yu Yan said after pondering while, “After soaking for a long time, the strength of your physique became very fast. You might even be able to have a physique of a Legend rank expert in three months time, it’s even faster than I could’ve imagined. Since that’s the case, let’s seize the moment and try to sense the law!”

Although the time wasn’t long, if Nie Li is able to sense the power of law, even if it’s just a trace of it, then he should be able to understand the direction of cultivation and be able to break through Legend rank within a hundred years and wield the law.

“Okay then, how do I sense the law?” asked Nie Li. Although he has a little understanding towards the profound nature of law, when it comes to cultivating the power of law, he still knows nothing much about it.

Yu Yan pondered for awhile and said, “I don’t know which power of law are you more suitable with, so you can try and sense the Law of Light!”

The power of light is second to the power of Primal Chaos and slightly stronger than Darkness, it’s also easier to sense.

“Okay.” Nie Li nodded his head, sat on a huge stone and closed his eyes.

“With my guidance, the process of you sensing the law might be faster than others. Now, learn how to empty your mind.” said Yu Yan, teaching Nie Li with patience.

Nie Li closed both of his eyes and slowly emptied his thoughts.

“The power of law exists everywhere. It’s a very profound existence. You have to sense it with your heart. Now, imagine that you’re in a piece of darkness, not even able to see your fingers or hear a sound. You’re in an endless darkness. There’s a trace of light, allowing you to feel a trace of warmth……” Yu Yan’s voice was so calm, it’s as though she’s singing a lullaby.

Nie Li followed Yu Yan’s instructions. He imagined himself in a piece of darkness, his heart looking forward, and imagined him seeing a trace of light.

“Sensing the power of law is an extremely difficult process. You have to use decades of time to empty yourself and let your heart become pure and clean like the heavens and earth. The power of law will then sense your sincere heart and accept you!” Yu Yan said slowly. Her thoughts drifted far away. At that time, she’s still small girl wearing a ponytail, with her father and mother teaching her how to sense the law. In a blink of an eye, tens of thousands of years have passed. Her parents are already dead, she couldn’t even remember the smiles on her parents anymore.

Under the baptism of time, it made that beautiful memory disappear without a trace.

While looking at Nie Li sitting on the stone, Yu Yan smiled. Who knows how long Nie Li will need in order to sense even a trace of the Law of Light. Perhaps months, years, or even longer.

“Sensing the trace of light, giving me warmth……” Nie Li followed Yu Yan’s words and used his heart to sense it. He felt himself entering into an endless darkness, in that darkness, a trace of light appeared like a fire sprout.

A sense of warmth overflowed his body.

This is the Law of Light? Nie Li thought inwardly as he continued to feel its existence. He could only see a white light gathering more and more, brighter and brighter, hotter and hotter. Nie Li felt as though he had been surrounded by the sun.

“Urghh!” Nie Li issued a miserable shriek as he suddenly opened his eyes. He felt very hot, his entire body felt as though it was being boiled by the flames as he quickly jumped into the Black Spring.


The moment the Black Spring came in contact with Nie Li, it immediately raised a layer of steam.

“What’s going on?” Yu Yan thought that he could continue to train in the power of law for a long amount of time. She never thought that Nie Li would suddenly scream as though he had gone crazy and jump into the Black Spring.