Chapter 196 - Give it a try

Chapter 196 - Give it a try

Fire Spiritual God? Nie Li recalled the Snow Wind Spiritual God that was summoned in the City Lord’s Mansion. At that point of time, Nie Li had curiosity towards the Snow Wind Spiritual God. The Snow Wind Spiritual God only had a trace amount of thoughts and already had such frightening strength, reaching the pinnacle of Legend rank.

Nie Li previously thought that the Snow Wind Spiritual God was a creature from a different world. However, this woman claims to be a Spiritual God. Could she be the same as the Snow Wind Spiritual God, the same kind of creature?

He pondered in his heart. This woman should be an expert that has reached the Heavenly Fate realm. Once a Legend rank steps into the Heavenly Fate realm, their lifespan would be endlessly extended. Unless there is some kind of special situation, they won’t die. Upon reaching that level, no matter how many Legend rank experts there are, they won’t be able to become a Heavenly Fate realm expert’s opponent.

Just like before the Age of Darkness, thousands of Legend rank experts ganged up against a demon beast that stepped into the Heavenly Fate realm, but that only led to the great disaster of humanity.

Emperor Kong Ming, Spiritual Gods, the Temporal Demon Spirit Book…...there are still too many mysteries in this world. Perhaps this world is even more complicated than Nie Li saw in his previous life. Nie Li could sense that this woman that self proclaimed herself to be a Spiritual God isn’t the same as those experts in his previous life that stepped into the Heavenly Fate realm.

Yu Yan’s image looked at Nie Li, showed a faint gentle smile on her face and said, “We’re the Spiritual Gods of this world, in control of all kinds of Laws in the heavens and earth. I am in control of fire, it’s just that my physical body has been dissipated. My Divine Spark has been destroyed, becoming extremely small clusters of dust that has scatter to every corner of this world. However, we, Spiritual Gods, are indestructible. After a few tens of thousands of years, my Divine Spark will gradually re-gather together and reform my physical body.”

Indestructible Spiritual Gods?

Nie Li frowned his brows. Even if it’s a Heavenly Fate’s expert, they would not be able to reform themselves back together after having their bodies shattered into clusters of dust. Just what is a Spiritual God?

Seeing the doubts in Nie Li, Yu Yan said, “Spiritual Gods are the gods of this world. Every main world can only have thirty-six Spiritual Gods. One subsidiary realm can only have one Spiritual God. They wield one law from the heavens and earth. All Spiritual Gods represent the world’s laws.”

“Since ancient times, among the thirty-six Spiritual Gods in our main world and all the affiliated seventy-two Spiritual Gods from the subsidiary worlds, one-fourth are represented by humanity, two-fourths are by demon beasts and one-fourth is by other living creatures. They are the powerful rulers of this world.” Yu Yan slowly said, “In order to contest over the laws, the tribes that we have control of unfolded an endless amount of killing. In the end, many Spiritual Gods were extinguished. Some were like me, and had their Divine Sparks destroyed and physical bodies cease to exist.”

“We wield the laws of the heavens and earth. Such as myself, I control the Law of Fire. Only when I’m truly dead and have lost the control over the Law of Fire, the next one can take over the Law of Fire and become the new Fire Spiritual God.” said Yu Yan.

“Tens of thousands of years ago, the demon beast clan tried to kill all the Spiritual Gods of our human clan to gain control of our laws, which is why they launched the battle against the human clan. Although we combined our strength and utterly defeated the demon beast clan, we suffered casualties and were nearly exhausted. My dispersed Divine Sparks can sense that a Spiritual God has been born in the demon beast clan and is trying to destroy the heritance of my human clan. Pity that my Divine Spark has only been gathered to a third of the original. If more Spiritual Gods have been born in the demon beast clan and are in control of all the laws, then the human clans will be exterminated.”

“My Divine Sparks can only be in the Black Spring as it slowly waits for the rest of my Divine Sparks to gather. Once I leave, the group of pinnacle level Legend rank demon beasts guarding the Black Spring will do all they can to stop me and destroy my physical body.”

Hearing Yu Yan’s words, Nie Li roughly understood the concept of Spiritual Gods. The Spiritual Gods probably have a route of cultivation of their own, allowing them to breakthrough into the Heavenly Fate realm and merge with the laws from the heavens and earth. With the heavens and earth still existing, it will be hard to destroy them.

Tens of thousands of years ago, both the human clan and the demon beast clan had a huge battle, exhausting lots of Spiritual Gods on both sides. This is the reason why the Divine Continent doesn’t have anymore experts that are able to reach the Heavenly Fate realm.

Nie Li wondered how these mysterious cultivation techniques are like and couldn’t help being curious about them.

Yu Yan’s gaze looked into the distance as she sighed, “While waiting for my Divine Sparks to gather, the heritance of the human clan will probably be destroyed!”

Hearing Yu Yan’s words, Nie Li smiled and said, “The human clan’s heritance will never be destroyed, Goddess Yu Yan doesn’t have to be afraid of that.”

Yu Yan sighed, her gaze fell onto Nie Li and said, “Among our human tribe’s Spiritual Gods, there’s a supreme expert that wields the law of Time and Space known as the Time and Space Spiritual God. Before the human clan’s Spiritual Gods were utterly destroyed, he used the Law of Time and Space and entered the vast river of Time and Space, strumming both time and space. It affected the past and the future and, therefore, saved our human clan. We have no idea what arrangements the Time and Space Spiritual God made and I can only wait quietly. You’re the first person that had entered the Black Spring.

Nie Li’s brows twitched. There’s actually a supreme expert that is in control of the time and space and is able to enter into the flow of time and space? Nie Li realised that although he had reached the pinnacle of cultivation in his previous life and has entered into another realm, he still has many things that he doesn’t understand about this profound world. Especially the law of time and space.

Could that Time and Space Spiritual God be related to the Temporal Demon Spirit Book?

By right, his cultivation in his previous life surpassed the Heavenly Fate realm; however, regarding the law of Space and Time, Nie Li only has bits and pieces of knowledge about it. The law of Time and Space is one of the most mysterious things among the universe.

Yu Yan said that he was the first one that entered the Black Spring, could his presence here be the arrangement of the Time and Space Spiritual God? Or perhaps it’s the result from the Time and Space being strummed?

Thinking about the Temporal Demon Spirit Book and that Emperor Kong Ming, there was too much doubt in his heart.

In his previous life, he had unintentionally opened this world and went to another realm; therefore, there are many things that he doesn’t know about in this world.

Although Nie Li has his doubts, he realised that some of the profound and mysterious stuff are being unfolded slowly in front of him. Nie Li can only miss the big picture and see a little of it. However, that little is enough to ignite an endless curiosity, causing him to want to know everything.

When he has sufficient strength, he must unfold all of the profoundness before heading to the other realm.

“Then, what can I do?” Nie Li asked, looking at Yu Yan

What Yu Yan is curious about is that when an ordinary kid hears what she said, one situation is that they wouldn’t be able to understand any of it. If they did understand what she meant, their reaction would be extremely shocked. However, Nie Li appeared to be very calm. Although he did frown and ponder, he did not have any shocked expressions on his face. It’s as though he understood everything.

“I want to pass on the power of laws to you. As to how much you can comprehend and reach what level, that will have to depend on yourself!”

Calming her mood, Yu Yan slowly said, “Among the twenty-seven Spiritual Gods in our human clan, there are six that have thoroughly fallen. The remaining have their Divine Sparks scattered, some with unknown status. If you are able to comprehend the laws of the six experts, they’ll naturally be the most suitable and easiest.”

“Oh? What laws are they?” asked Nie Li, having his heart moved.

Although cultivating the law is definitely not comparable to the [Heavenly God] technique, understanding a little about the methods of law is definitely not anything bad.

“I want to train the strongest law.” Nie Li said, after pondering awhile.

Yu Yan’s eyes looked deeply at Nie Li and said, “The stronger the law, the harder it is to cultivate. Everyone can only cultivate one law, don’t bite off more that you can chew. Cultivating the most suitable law for yourself is the best choice.”

Nie Li pondered, since he will definitely continue his [Heavenly God] technique and is only curious about the training of the laws, he continued “I’ll still choose the strongest law.”

Yu Yan looked at Nie Li a little helplessly. He is, after all, too young. He probably has to bump against a wall before knowing that the laws are not so easy to cultivate.

“Among the six dead Spiritual Gods, the strongest are Light, Darkness and Primal Chaos, these three laws. Among them, I have personally witnessed the fall of the Primal Chaos Spiritual God. However, the Primal Chaos Spiritual God is the strangest existence, who knows if he had any backhanded methods. The remaining three are the elemental laws, Earth, Lightning and Gold law.”

“The most important in comprehending the laws is to sense them. I will teach you the method to sense them.” Yu Yan said, “However, sensing the laws is extremely difficult. You might need to seclude yourself here for twenty years before you can sense a trace of a law.”

“Seclude for twenty years?” After listening, Nie Li bitterly smiled. If he secluded himself for twenty years and doesn’t go out, it’d still be a problem for Glory City exist.

“Twenty years is already very short. Back when we sensed the laws, we used at least fifty to sixty years before we were able to comprehend even a little of them. Furthermore, back when we were sensing the laws, the power of laws was at it’s most majestic moments. The power of laws now is already a lot thinner than before.”

Nie Li shook his head and firmly said, “I can only give it a try. At most, I can be here for one month's time, then I will have to leave. I still have some things that I have no choice but to attend to.”

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Yu Yan sighed as she shook her head. Even if he had her guidance in a month’s time, Nie Li won’t be able to sense the laws. Even sensing a little might be extremely difficult. However, since she has stayed in this Black Spring for a countless amount of time, she had nothing better to do.

“Okay then, you can give it a try.” Yu Yan helplessly said. She only had a little of her broken soul in the Divine Spark, she can’t stop Nie Li from leaving.

In his previous life, Nie Li walked upon a different cultivating route, having no relation with the laws. However, in the methods of cultivation, one connects to ten thousand others. Nie Li didn’t believe that he would need twenty years to cultivate the power of laws.