Chapter 195 - Fire Spiritual God

Chapter 195 - Fire Spiritual God

‘Three sealing inscription patterns with the Lighting attribute and six Sacred Flame offensive inscription patterns. It’ll be disastrous if these explode. I have to break the offensive inscription patterns before I open the sealing inscription patterns!’ Nie Li thought inwardly in his heart as he started to get busy.

The complex level of these inscription patterns was even causing trouble for Nie Li as he continued to try breaking it.

‘I wonder who laid this thing down, the one doing it should have a cultivation above Legend rank. They must be trying to conceal something by laying down such a complex inscription pattern!’ Nie Li guessed in his heart. If an expert of that level is trying to conceal something, then casually taking the thing from within would have huge benefits for Nie Li!

Nie Li deduced these inscription patterns again and again as he slowly broke them. His every move was very careful, because these inscription patterns are extremely dangerous. Even a Legend rank expert would be easily killed if he carelessly activated them.

Calculating these inscription patterns is a very complex process. A Legend rank Inscription Pattern Master is even rarer than a Legend rank expert. Before the Age of Darkness, Being a Inscription Pattern Masters was a very respected job. And the one that laid these inscription patterns before him was above Legend rank!

Nie Li couldn’t help having some anticipation. Just what kind of treasure is inside this cliff wall?

The inscription patterns were being broken by Nie Li, one by one. First, he broke the six offensive inscription patterns, then the three sealing inscription patterns.

The three sealing inscription patterns were even more complex than the offensive inscription patterns.

‘I never thought that there would be someone from the human tribe that was actually able to reach the Heavenly Fate realm in this world.’ Nie Li thought to himself. Originally, the thought that only demon beasts can reach the Heavenly Fate realm in this world. He never thought that there was someone from the human tribe that was able to reach the Heavenly Fate realm as well.

After three hours, Nie Li managed to finish breaking the three sealing inscription patterns.

When he finished breaking the inscription patterns, the cliff wall started to tremble.

The wall gradually opened up. Looking into the opening, Nie Li saw that it’s a serene and deep cave. The cave is damp, droplets of water would fall to the ground, converge together and became a stream of water.

He has no idea where this deep cave leads to.

’It’s as I thought, something is being concealed here. This should be where they stored their treasure.’ Nie Li hiddenly thought in his heart. A capable person is always daring. After surveying his surrounding and confirmed that there was no danger, Nie Li walked inside.

Droplets of water were falling from the top of the cave, giving off a clear and crisp sound that echoed far into the deep cave.

Every step that Nie Li took was particularly careful. The surrounding walls were filled with offensive inscription patterns, if he ignited any of them, he’d be a dead man. If it wasn’t for the fact that he can tell what these inscription patterns are, even if an expert like Ye Zong was here, there would only be death.

’A large amount of effort was needed for just these inscription patterns. Just what, exactly, is so formidable in this cave?’ Nie Li couldn’t help anticipation rising in his heart.

At the corner of the cave, there’s something that was emitting a dazzling light. Nie Li took few steps forward, towards the direction of the light. His eye sight also began to expand.

This is a huge cave, filled with purple crystals the size of the lower half of a millstone. He has no idea what those are, nor how they were emitting faint purple light, illuminating this cave, when there is no light to shine onto them.

In the middle of this cave was a huge pond. Black coloured spring water was coming out from the top, but the pond wasn’t overflowed. Who knows where it was flowing to.

Nie Li surveyed his surroundings. After confirming that there wasn’t any traps in the surrounding area, he walked up to it in relief.

The surrounding area of the Black Spring also has a mysterious inscription pattern array, supporting a huge barrier.

‘Could it be that the treasure is inside the Black Spring?’ Nie Li thought in his heart. He has to break the barrier before he can see if there is any poison in the water so he can make a decision.

He looked over his surroundings again, there practically isn’t any visible exit.

Suddenly, Nie Li noticed that beside the Black Spring, there was something underneath the rock wall. With a move of his heart, he followed the rocks that were on the edge of the Black Spring. Nie Li slowly climbed over and landed on a flat rock. After examining it awhile and confirmed that there wasn’t any danger, Nie Li had his eyes on a pile of bones.

There were fragments of six corpses. The bodies have already rotted away, leaving only a few remnants of bones behind. These bones have also pretty much decayed.

But even so, Nie Li could still sense a rush of energy.

This energy seems to be similar to soul force, but it also seems to be a level above soul force.

He examined the remaining bones. There were many items dispersed around here, various kinds of armours and weapons. But, of course, they have all been covered with a layer of dust. After looking at the inscription patterns on these armours and weapons, he realized that they all seemed to be Legend rank items. There were dozens of items left behind by these people.

These armours and weapons were greatly damaged, but he can touch up a bit and they should be good to use again.

“Legend rank armours and weapons.” said Nie Li, sweeping his eyes over these corpses. He has no idea who they were. Taking a dead person’s items can be considered as a little bad luck; however, these items cannot be wasted. Nie Li placed all the armours and weapons into his interspatial ring.

After searching over the corpses a little more, Nie Li realised that there were interspatial rings on the fingers of these people. He removed the interspatial rings from them and gave searched their insides. Inside every last one of these interspatial rings has the space of a few hundred meters in circumference. Sure enough, they really are Legend rank experts. Even the interspatial rings that they used are good items. Nie Li exchanged one of the interspatial rings on this finger.

Although time inside the interspatial ring flows slowly, the food, and elixirs have all completely rotted away.

Aside from food and elixirs, Nie Li still discovered a wasted demon crystal.

Items like demon crystals will waste away to such degree after a few hundred years. If they are placed in an interspatial ring, tens of thousands of years may have passed. Could it be that these guys are people from tens of thousands of years ago?

Nie Li was surprised in his heart. Aside from the wasted demon crystal, Nie Li found quite a bit of good stuff inside. There’s a set of Wind Spirit Armour inside the interspatial ring that is suitable for himself. This set of armour is as thin as a cicada’s wing, extremely soft and the size is adjustable. After wearing it, even a Legend rank expert wouldn’t be able to easily break through the defence of this armour.

A pinnacle Legend rank expert would have their attacks reduced by at least ninety percent. Furthermore, this thing can be worn on the inside and not be noticed by others!

This is a good item!

Just this Wind Spirit Armour alone is already worth the trip!

Although a long period of time has passed, the Wind Spirit Armour was placed in the interspatial ring and didn’t show any signs of damage. It can be worn straight away. Nie Li removed his outer clothes and put the Wind Spirit Armour on, then he put his clothes back on. He didn’t feel even a little discomfort while wearing it.

Nie Li lightly smiled. With this Wind Spirit Armour, he will have even more life guarding capital.

After searching awhile, and unable to find anything else, Nie Li walked back to the Black Spring. The barrier on the Black Spring isn’t going to be easy to break; however, to Nie Li at least, it’s not an impossible task.

Through the barrier, Nie Li could sense some kind of majestic energy being accumulated inside.

This kind of energy, if he can absorb them and train, he might be able to breakthrough to Black Gold rank in one go! With a move of his heart, Nie Li hurriedly looked for some methods to break through the barrier around the Black Spring.

‘This inscription pattern array should’ve been laid down by those dead people. This barrier can maintain the energy inside to limit the amount of energy being dispersed. Just what were these people trying to conceal?’ Nie Li thought in his heart as he sat down and began calculating a breaking method.

No matter what they were trying to hide, it’s impossible to stop him with just this inscription pattern array!

Just when Nie Li sat down and was preparing to break the inscription pattern array, a faint figure slowly appeared above the pond. It’s a beautiful woman with an unparalleled appearance. She looks to be roughly around twenty-five or twenty-six years old. She’s wearing a black muslin, has slender long brows, and clear eyes that showed an indescribable sacred and pure look. Under the muslin, the curves of her figure could be seen.

However, Nie Li does not have any obscene thoughts, he was only quietly admiring her as he pondered. He’s wondering who this beauty is, to leave a hint of her soul here. The real physique of this beauty probably has a strength that exceeds Legend rank.

He never thought that there would be such an expert in the Divine Continent.

This lady has piqued Nie Li’s curiosity. In his previous life, when he left the Divine Continent, he thought that only demon beasts can reach the realm of Heavenly Fate.

He has no idea what this lady encountered for her to only be left with a broken soul; however, by right, even if it’s just a broken soul, it should still have its own consciousness with this kind of expert.

While Nie Li was looking at the beauty above, pondering his thoughts, the beauty suddenly opened her eyes. The atmosphere above the Black Spring instantly changed, turning into an endless sea of stars.

Her eyes are deep and moving, emitting a kind of faint light as though she could see through everything. There was also a faint flame ignited over the surface of her body, as a red layer of clouds covered her cheeks. If it’s any other person, they would definitely be attracted and be distracted by her beauty. However, Nie Li’s eyes were still calm. After experiencing a long amount of years, aside from Ye Ziyun, there is only a small amount of people that can cause his heart to palpitate.

Nie Li noticed the blazing energy covering her body. The energy seems to be a level higher than soul force.

“I have waited for several tens of thousands of years. I never thought that there would finally be people arriving here. Young man, what’s your name?” her voice was very faint, and was irregularly changing.

“My name is Nie Li.” Nie Li calmly gave an answer and said, “May I know who you are?”

She lightly said, “My name is Yu Yan, the Fire Spiritual God.”