Chapter 173 - Furious bashing

Chapter 173 - Furious bashing

Dawn slowly rose from the edge of the sky. When Ye Ziyun woke up, Nie Li was sitting cross-legged, practising. Thinking about her actions yesterday, her face felt burning hot. Looking at Nie Li’s back figure, Ye Ziyun didn’t know how to face Nie Li anymore.

She quietly began to put on her clothes. While she was in the middle of dressing herself, Nie Li suddenly turned around, lightly smiled and said, “You’re up?”

The current Ye Ziyun was stunned. She wasn’t fully clothed yet and both of her hands couldn’t hide her from Nie Li’s heated gaze, “Nie Li, you pervert……”

Ye Ziyun picked up a pillow and threw it towards him.

Her clothes were messy. Because she was not properly clothed, the clothes are slightly squeezing the two soft mounds, making her look even more attractive. The sight of her white abdomen and pure white arms made her look even more charming.

Nie Li quickly caught the pillow and rolled his eyes, “Who was it that dug into my bed without wearing anything? You actually call me a pervert…….” the corner of his mouth couldn’t conceal his smile, it’s not common to see Ye Ziyun go crazy.

“I……” Ye Ziyun felt as though she no longer had any face to face others. What exactly did get into her last night, for her to actually do such a thing? “Nie Li, if you continue to mention about last night, I won’t talk to you anymore!”

Seeing Ye Ziyun’s shy posture, Nie Li couldn't help smiling and shrugged his shoulders, “Then, I won’t mention it anymore!”

Ye Ziyun dressed herself and hastily ran out of his room with her face flushed red. At the moment, her mind was elsewhere. She originally thought that Nie Li would be like any other guy. Once they obtain what they want, they would lose interest in it. If that’s the case, she would have repaid Nie Li’s grace; however, the results were completely opposite of her expectations. Nie Li slept beside her the entire night, separated by quilt.

Ye Ziyun felt a little bewildered, why does Nie Li likes her so much? Far surpassing Xiao Ning’er. By right, he has spent more time together with Xiao Ning’er and has experienced much more together.

This mystery left her perplexed. But no matter what, Nie Li saved her father. If she was requested, one day, to return the favour, she would definitely not hesitate.

Winged Dragon Family

Ever since Xiao Ning’er returned and recuperated from the battle, her body quickly took a turn for the better. Furthermore, her cultivation had small signs of making a breakthrough. She has to admit, the [Lightning Dragon] cultivation technique is so powerful that it’s shocking. Her cultivation has already soared by leaps and bounds to 2-star Gold rank, preparing to stride forward towards 3-star Gold rank.

Everyday, her soul realm would frantically absorb the surrounding soul force. The speed is simply shocking.

It’s hard to imagine what kind of cultivation technique Nie Li gave her. Xiao Ning’er has a feeling that this [Lightning Dragon] cultivation technique won’t have any difficulty breaking through the the Gold rank, even Legend rank might not be that difficult.

Xiao Ning’er quietly fixed her gaze to the window, her mind flashed with Nie Li’s confident smile. She couldn’t help smiling, what is Nie Li doing now?

A maid hastily walked in and said, “Miss, the Patriarch seeks your presence.”

“Okay,” Xiao Ning’er nodded her head and walked towards the direction of the Winged Dragon Family's Main Hall.

Winged Dragon Family's Main Hall

Xiao Yunfeng and the six elders are all in their seats. Upon seeing Xiao Ning’er’s arrival, the six elders stood up and gave her a respectful smile.

Xiao Ning’er recalled the situation where the six elders tried to force her to give up the Purple Haze Grass. Her face went frost cold, there was no trace of emotion. She looked at Xiao Yunfeng, who is sitting at the highest position and asked, “Father, you have some matters to speak to me about?”

When the six elders saw Xiao Ning’er’s unwill to respond to them, they couldn’t help smiling in embarrassment. However, even if they have a stomach full of anger, they have to hold it down. They had already received news that Xiao Ning’er stepped into Gold rank and is already a 2-star Gold rank. This kind of cultivating speed, she’s definitely the first in the entire history of the Winged Dragon Family. According to this training speed, reaching Legend rank is just a matter of time.

Right now, how could they be disrespectful to a future Legend rank expert?

Xiao Yunfeng looked at the elders, then looked at Xiao Ning’er again. He couldn’t help sighing in his heart. It’s not surprise that Xiao Ning’er can’t be bothered to bother with them, considering what they did to her before.

“Ning’er, we have had a discussion. We old fellas have already grown quite old. I want to pass the Patriarch position over to you, what do you……” Xiao Yunfeng said, lightly smiling. Although the Winged Dragon Family has not had a female Patriarch before, Ning’er is an exception. With her talent, who would dare to talk bad about her?

“Father, I’m not interested in the Patriarch’s position, I only want to concentrate on my training.” Xiao Ning’er said, shaking her head. She doesn’t want to be like her father, having to look after so many people. Especially those with ill intentions. All she wants is to be together with the one she loves and live their lives together, peacefully.

“Since you’re unwilling, then forget it.” Xiao Yunfeng nodded his head. Naturally, he won’t force Xiao Ning’er. Right now, in this family, no one has the rights to force her to do what she doesn’t like.

“Niece Ning’er, the few of us have discussed this a little bit. Do you know that genius, Nie Li, from the Heavenly Marks Family? We heard that his power is astronomical right now, even the Alchemist Association has to listen to him. We would like to ask you if the Alchemist Association could do us a favour.” Xiao Yi said, flattering.

Xiao Ning’er coldly stared at Xiao Yi. “Does Elder Xiao Yi still remember that it was you that wanted me to take the Purple Haze Grass back from Nie Li? Now you want me to go and beg him?”

“This……” Xiao Xi was endlessly embarrassed, “At that point in time, even I didn’t know of his identity. Back then, when you bought the Purple Haze Grass for him, it can be considered that he owes you a favour.”

“Favour? He cured my illness! I have yet to even return his favour! I will absolutely not do such a thing. If you want to beg so badly, go and beg yourself.” Xiao Ning’er rejected in absolution.

Seeing that Xiao Ning’er wasn’t giving him a chance to argue, Xiao Yi felt vexed in his heart, but he didn’t dare to show it on his face. He could only apologize and said, “Niece Ning’er, don’t be angry. I’m only just casually saying it. Since Niece Ning’er is not willing, then forget it, pretend that I’ve never mentioned it.”

When Xiao Yi’s voice died out, a person barged in.

“Xiao Ning’er, you wretch, you actually seduced another man behind my back and made me a cuckold! You think that my Sacred Family is so easily bullied? Today, I want the Winged Dragon Family to give me an explanation!” The one that barged in is Shen Fei.

Although Shen Hong had made it clear for Shen Fei to not cause any trouble, Shen Fei couldn’t endure it any longer. When he found out that Xiao Ning’er returned to her family, he instantly rushed over. As a direct descendant of the Sacred Family, with his engaged fiancée mixing around with another man, how can he endure it?

Hearing Shen Fei’s words, Xiao Ning’er’s expression went ice cold. She stared at Shen Fei and said, “Shen Fei, this is the Main Hall of my Winged Dragon Family. If you don’t wish to be beaten out, get lost this instant!”

“Beat me out? It seems that your Winged Dragon Family has grown to be daring. Who was it that begged us to set up an engagement? Now that your wings have grown tough, you want to break the engagement? Fat chance!” Shen Fei pointed to Xiao Yunfeng who is sitting on the high chair and furiously barked, “Xiao Yunfeng, even if my Sacred Family is under the oppression of the Snow Wind Family, crushing your Winged Dragon Family is still possible!”

Xiao Yunfeng swept his eyes at Xiao Yi, feeling a little angry. If it wasn’t for Xiao Yi forcing back then, he would not have let Ning’er have a marriage engagement with Shen Fei. And right now, the Sacred Family still wants Ning’er to marry over to them, fat chance.

“Mister Shen Fei, this matter still needs to be discussed. I will send some men to inform Patriarch Shen Hong about it. You should return, first.” Xiao Yunfeng said in a solemn voice, a wave of imposing aura was emitting from his body.

“Hmph! Xiao Yunfeng, you think that I will leave with only your word? Today, I will bring Xiao Ning’er back to Sacred Family; otherwise, I’ll make you guys suffer!” Shen Fei furiously barked.

Hearing what Shen Fei just said, both of Xiao Ning’er’s fists were tightly clenched. She was angered to the point that her body was trembling. That marriage engagement cause her to have countless thoughts of dying, making her life ash grey. She had shed countless amount of tears in the dark. That was until Nie Li’s appearance broke her free from that bitterness. With her current talent, she no longer has to be forced by the elders in the family. However, Shen Fei still did not spare her.

Xiao Ning’er stared at Shen Fei and coldly said, “Shen Fei, today, I will challenge you. If you are able to beat me, I’ll follow you back to Sacred Family. If you lose, hmph, then I’m sorry. I want you to disappear from my sight!”

“Haha, ridiculous. Xiao Ning’er, you want to challenge me by yourself? Have you gone crazy!” Shen Fei stared at Xiao Ning’er. Seeing the coldness in Xiao Ning’er’s eyes, he looked at Xiao Yunfeng and the six elders and said, “You all have heard her, this is what Xiao Ning’er said herself. We’ll have our deal!”


Shen Fei’s body quickly underwent a transformation as he quickly merged with the Scarlet Black Tiger. After the fight with Nie Li, a shadow formed in his heart. Now, no matter who he is facing, he will first merge with his demon spirit before he does anything else. The current him is also not comparable to his past self. He has already reached 1-star Gold rank, adding in the Scarlet Black Tiger, he’s confident that aside from Ye Han, Nie Li and a few others, he doesn’t have to fear anyone among his peers. Not to mention a woman like Xiao Ning’er.

“Today, I’ll execute some family punishment!” A trace of cruel, black flames raged.

The heat wave flooded the entire hall.

Xiao Ning’er gave Shen Fei a stare from above, from the front of the stage. She never thought that Shen Fei would reach 1-star Gold rank, not to mention that the Scarlet Black Tiger is a demon spirit that has extremely powerful combat abilities. No wonder Shen Fei agreed to her challenge so quickly.


Xiao Ning’er’s body quickly underwent a transformation as she merged with her Heavenly Lightning Sparrow. Instantaneously, a light flashed that was dazzling to the eyes.

A powerful aura with several folds of strength headed towards the Scarlet Black Tiger.

Seeing Xiao Ning’er integrate with a Heavenly Lightning Sparrow, even Xiao Yunfeng, Xiao Yi and the rest felt a little surprised. The lighting flashing in the sky even gave them a sense of pressure. Previously, they had no idea that Xiao Ning’er had actually integrated with such a powerful demon spirit.

After Shen Fei merged with his Scarlet Black Tiger, he thought that he this win was already in his pocket. However, in contrast to his expectations, Xiao Ning’er had also reached Gold rank and even integrated with a powerful Heavenly Lightning Sparrow.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Bolts of lightning fell down, bombarding the body of the Scarlet Black Tiger. This instantly caused Shen Fei’s entire body to feel a little numbness.

Shen Fei barely reacted. He had greatly underestimated the strength of Xiao Ning’er. He furiously roared and breath a scarlet flame out from his mouth.

Even though the scarlet flame was shooting towards her, Xiao Ning’er was extraordinarily calm. Such a person like Shen Fei, even if he has a pretty decent talent, he’s not hard working at all, always fooling around. She won’t lose to someone like him!

The wings of the Heavenly Lightning Sparrow fanned, a thick bolt of lightning shot towards the scarlet flame.


The lightning collided with the scarlet flame, and instantly ripped the scarlet flame completely apart and quickly flew towards Shen Fei without stopping.

This is an absolute crushing defeat. Shen Fei’s strength is not on the same level as Xiao Ning’er’s.

Although they are both Gold rank, Shen Fei couldn’t even be considered average among his peers and Xiao Ning’er is an existence that can bypass rank in battle.

A tearing explosion was heard as Shen Fei was blown away, flying out and heavily smash into a pillar in the hall. Cracks appeared on the pillars and floor as he fell onto the ground.. Shen Fei immediately let out a painful whine. This lightning bolt injured him quite badly.

He never thought that Xiao Ning’er’s strength would be so much stronger than his own, completely suppressing him.

The Heavenly Lightning Sparrow is most suitable in regional area battles. The wider the space, the more combat abilities it can display. But even in this hall, it’s unable to exhibit its entire strength; however it’s still not something that Shen Fei can withstand.