Chapter 171 - Space-Time Demon Beast?

Chapter 171 - Space-Time Demon Beast?

As Nie Li walked in he quickly looked around. He was quite surprised, he never imagined that the Treasury of the City Lord’s Mansion collected so many ancient items.

“I can casually take them?” asked Nie Li, lightly smiling while looking at Ye Ziyun.

“En.” Ye Ziyun nodded her head. Nie Li saved her father, this kind of grace isn’t something that can be repaid with only a few items. Not to mention taking a few items, Ye Ziyun decided that she will agree to whatever Nie Li requests of her without hesitation.

“Then, I’ll casually take what I like.”

Nie Li stretched his waist, and his eyes fell upon some stones that were among the treasures. He extended his hand and looked them over.

When Nie Li grabbed a few of the ordinary looking stones from among the shining treasures, Ye Ziyun curiously asked, “What is that?”

“This is a Divine Guardian Rock. It’s said to have been produced in a mine that’s at the northern end of the Divine Continent, it’s currently being occupied by demon beasts. Inscription Masters would place an inscription pattern on the rock the moment they obtains it. Once it’s powered by someone’s soul force, it’ll be able to form a small barrier. Take this Divine Guardian Rock, for example. It has a Black Gold rank inscription pattern placed on it, allowing it to withstand two attacks from a Black Gold rank expert. However, the inscription pattern is worn, it needs to be repaired.” Nie Li unceremoniously grabbed the six Divine Guardian Rocks, soaked them in demon beast blood and repaired the inscription patterns. Thereafter, he placed three of the repaired rocks in Ye Ziyun’s hands and stored the other three.

“This……” Ye Ziyun looked at the three Divine Guardian Rocks in her palm, “Such precious items……”

“It belongs to your family, anyway, so why are you holding back when I’m not?” Nie Li laughed, as he continued to look around.

Ye Ziyun’s cheeks turned slightly red as she stored the three Divine Guardian Rocks.

Nie Li continued to walk around the treasury and came to a treasure mountain. How can he return empty-handed? He’s wondering if there are any Legend rank forbidden technique inscription scrolls around here? If there is any, he will definitely take them without reservation. Right now, his current strength far from satisfactory, but with these treasures, he will have more life insurance.

If anything good caught his eyes, especially those that can be utilized during battle, Nie Li will throw them into his interspatial ring without any hesitation, or into Ye Ziyun’s interspatial ring after telling her their usage.

After a while, Nie Li took hundreds of varieties of strange treasures, like a pilfering bandit.

If Ye Zong saw this scene, he’d probably have a heart attack. Nie Li is treating this place like it’s his own home.

“Pity, there isn’t anything that really caught my eye, this treasury is lacking a little!” Nie Li said, a little disappointed.

When Ye Ziyun heard this, she didn’t know what to say. Nothing caught his eye, yet Nie Li still took few hundred items!?

Nie Li found fifteen inscription scrolls that have Legend rank forbidden techniques on them. Unfortunately, they’re not very well preserved. Ten of them were ruined, but the remaining five were repairable. After Nie Li repaired the five inscription scrolls, he gave three to Ye Ziyun and stored the remaining two.

Nie Li stretched his waist. Almost everything that he can get his eyes on, has been taken. With so many treasures by his side, he felt more at ease.

Suddenly, Nie Li’s gaze fell onto a mysterious egg among what was left of the treasures. This egg is about a third of the size of a millstone, scarlet and gold in colour, with many mysterious inscription patterns on it.

Nie Li believed himself to have an encyclopedic knowledge; however, he couldn’t understand any of the inscription patterns that were on it. It’s filled with mystery.

None of these inscription patterns were familiar to him, he has never seen them before.

When Nie Li’s gaze fell onto the strange egg, Ye Ziyun curiously asked, “Nie Li, what is this?”

“I have no idea,” Nie Li bitterly smiled as he shook his head. Nie Li knows the majority of the demon beasts out there, however, he has absolutely no idea what this is in this egg, causing him to feel depressed.

The inscription patterns on this egg are too mysterious. For a moment, Nie Li didn’t dare to even touch it.

Nie Li doesn’t know anything about it? Just what, exactly, is this egg? Ye Ziyun felt a little shocked. Base on her understanding, Nie Li knows everything. Ye Ziyun believes that there was nothing in this world that Nie Li doesn’t know of.

“Then, what should we do?” Ye Ziyun asked, looking at Nie Li.

Nie Li stared at the mysterious egg. He can vaguely feel an aura coming from it, the creature inside the egg is still alive. The aura gave Nie Li a mysterious sense of pressure.

‘Just what exactly is this?’ Nie Li inwardly thought to himself.

Nie Li thought of something and, with a slight move, he converged the soul force in his soul realm into a thin thread and tried to inject it inside the egg. He has no idea what demon beast is in the egg, but once it absorbs his soul force, it will be assimilated to his soul force and will be tamed by him!

When he Injected that of soul force into the egg, Nie Li felt resistance from the egg’s aura, as though it was rejecting Nie Li’s soul force. It formed some kind of barrier and blocked Nie Li’s soul force out.

When he felt the barrier’s power, Nie Li was shocked. This is definitely an extremely high-grade demon beast, most likely not from this world!

If a demon beast has this kind of barrier energy while still an egg, it usually means it’s at least Deity rank.

Nie Li tried to inject his soul force into it countless times but kept on resulting in failure. This was a little discouraging. Suddenly, Nie Li saw the Temporal Demon Spirit Book’s remnant page on his chest was glowing with a faint light.

Could it be that this egg is drawn to the Temporal Demon Spirit Book’s remnant page?

Nie Li took out the remnant page of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book. The remnant page flew into the air and a faint white light fell onto the mysterious egg. A lustrous glow was quickly circulating the egg’s inscription patterns. It suddenly burst out a golden light that shined together with the light from the Temporal Demon Spirit Book’s remnant page.

This mysterious scene caused Nie Li and Ye Ziyun’s gazes to be a little dumbfounded.

The Temporal Demon Spirit Book?

Could it be that this egg is linked to the Temporal Demon Spirit Book?

“Demon beast, Space-Time Demon Beast…..." Nie Li mumbled. Suddenly, a strange thought formed in his mind., Could it be that this demon beast is a legendary Space-Time demon beast? Space-Time demon beasts are the most mysterious existences among all demon beasts. They are recorded in only a few documents.

Legend has it that the Space-Time demon beasts are extremely hard to capture, and the amount of Space-Time Demon Beast eggs are even extremely few. They’re not even registered in any documents.

In ancient times, there were some people that were able to find the tracks of Space-Time demon beasts. One of these demon beasts is called the Space-Time Moose. They are more common compared to the rest. Whenever someone found these demon beasts, they were usually eating grass. There would be Space-Time portals appearing around them. Once someone gets close to one of them, the demon beast will suddenly be engulfed by the Space-Time portal and disappear. They would be shuttling at some grassland in this timeline, then suddenly appear in another far away location the next moment or even disappear altogether.

Once it disappears, that particular Space-Time Moose could appear in the same location a hundred years back, or even a thousand years back because it can freely shuttle between the river of time. However, the Space-Time Moose does not make much contact with man or other demon beasts, they will also not affect the flow of history.

Aside from the Space-Time Moose, the Space-Time demon beasts that were recorded in history are the Space-Time Divine Wolves and the Space-Time Demonic Lions, the natural predators of the Space-Time Moose, as they live by hunting Space-Time Mooses.

Whether it’s the Space-Time Moose, Space-Time Divine Wolf or the Space-Time Demonic Lion, they’re not the kind of creatures that lay eggs.

The light from the remnant page of Temporal Demonic Spirit Book continues to shine on the egg. The inscription patterns on the egg would sometimes be dazzling, sometimes dull. Nie Li converged his soul force into a thread and searched for a flaw in the barrier. As soon as the light on the egg dulled, Nie Li felt a crack in the barrier and thrusted his soul force into it.


Nie Li felt as though his head had exploded. His head was starting to spin at fast speed, as though his mind was suddenly going through several centuries. All the scenes of his previous life were flashing within his head.

The mysterious egg continued to absorb Nie Li’s soul force, draining him.

When Nie Li felt his soul force was being drained, he was shocked and quickly retracted his soul force from the egg. When he sensed that the egg was no longer draining his soul force, Nie Li sighed in relief. Nie Li suddenly had a mysterious feeling. The aura within the egg seems to have grown a little stronger; furthermore, Nie Li felt a strange link formed between him and the egg.

“I’ll take this egg and slowly study it.” said Nie Li, looking at Ye Ziyun.

“Okay.” Ye Ziyun nodded her head. Nie Li can take anything he wants from this treasury.

Nie Li stored the mysterious egg in his interspatial ring. He could vaguely feel how mysterious this egg is, and was wondering if he can break the mystery in the future.

As soon as he grabbed the remnant page of the Temporal Demon Spirit Book, Nie Li and Ye Ziyun walked out of the treasury.

Suddenly, a cooing sound came from the sky. Nie Li raised his head and saw a huge bird hovering in the sky.

It’s Ancestral Founder Ye Yan!

Nie Li’s heart was moved while he watched the soul puppet descend from the sky.

Ancestral Founder Ye Yan depressingly said, “Brat Nie Li, in the future, I will not do this kind of work anymore, it’s absolutely boring.”

“Ancestral Founder Ye Yan, the members of the Dark Guild are lawless, they’re doing whatever they want. You’re helping Glory City to rid it of this tumor, it’s such a glorious and noble task, aren’t you happy?” Nie Li said, smiling.

“Even though I have been dead for thousands of years, these descendents still don’t allow me to be worry-free. Creating a Dark Guild, that’s asking for trouble!” in Ye Yan’s view, no matter if it’s the various families of Glory City or the Dark Guild, they are all his descendents!