Chapter 170 - Treasury of the City Lord’s Mansion

Chapter 170 - Treasury of the City Lord’s Mansion

Nie Li circulated his soul force. He’s using the Dao Yin Technique to slowly guide the poison in Ye Zong’s heart out. Starting from the heart, he slowly presses as he moves the poison to one of the fingers on the left hand. Nie Li then used a needle to prick the finger and saw a small puddle of black blood leaking from the wounds.

Seeing this scene, both Ye Ziyun and Ye Xiu were stunned.

Just what kind of magic is this? Ye Xiu was speechless. Is Nie Li really able to force the poison out of Lord Ye Zong’s body? Does Lord Ye Zong really have hope of being saved? Thinking about it, Ye Xiu couldn’t help feeling joy. Nie Li has really given him a huge surprise.

Nie Li continued to use the Dao Yin Technique for several hours, removing the poison from the Draconic Tongue Herb little by little from Ye Zong’s body.

Even though Nie Li’s cultivation has reached Gold rank, after continuously using the Dao Yin Technique for so long, even he was out of breath from exhaustion; however, the effect of the technique is still quite obvious. Although Ye Zong has yet to awaken, his breathing and heart rate were very stable.

Seeing Nie Li’s exhausted look, Ye Ziyun hastily got a pail of water and squeezed the towel dry and wiped the sweat off Nie Li’s face. She’s filled with gratitude for what Nie Li’s doing. It was Nie Li that pulled Ye Zong back from the death’s gates. If not for him, she would have lost her father forever.

Earlier that day, she had used words to hurt Nie Li, yet Nie Li is still selflessly helping her. Ye Ziyun raised her head and looked at Nie Li. While looking at his focused expression, her thoughts began to drift into the distance. She originally thought that she would be able to give Nie Li to Xiao Ning’er. But now, her heart has fallen into a deep contradiction and was struggling.

Without knowing when, Nie Li had stepped into her world, becoming an indispensable and irreplaceable person. If there was no Nie Li, her father would most likely leave her.

Knowing that Ye Zong will be fine, Ye Xiu immediately dispatched some people to look for Ye Han. Ye Han assassinating Ye Zong has deeply enraged him. He vowed to tear Ye Han into ten thousand pieces.

“Hooo,” after a long while, Nie Li let out a breath. Ye Zong is going to be fine. He looked over and saw Ye Ziyun by his side. She is currently supporting her chin with her hands, quietly staring at him. That gentle and quiet appearance of hers caused Nie Li’s heart to move.

When Nie Li turned around, Ye Ziyun felt as though she got exposed and her face flushed red.

Nie Li lightly chuckled, “Your father is fine, now. He’ll wake up soon!”

“Thank you, Nie Li.” Ye Ziyun’s eyes were moist with tears, “If it wasn’t for you, I have no idea what I’d do!”

“As long as it’s for you, you don’t have to consider these matters!”

Nie Li recalled something from his previous life. It was the scene of Ye Ziyun blocking the demon beast’s attack for him. He sighed in his heart, what he owes the Ye Ziyun from his previous life, he won’t be able to repay it all in this life. For Ye Ziyun, even if it means death, Nie Li will not frown for even a moment. As for the quarrel that the afternoon, Nie Li did not even put it in his heart.

Ye Ziyun lowered her head, nibbled on her lips and said, “Nie Li, I’m sorry about the matter from this afternoon. For you, it’s a simple matter of extending your hand out; but for me, you’ve saved my father. No matter what you want me to do, I will agree to it.”

Hearing Ye Ziyun’s words, Nie Li’s heart fluttered. It instantly got him to remember those scenes from his previous life. This girl, Ye Ziyun, is getting more and more charming.

Ye Ziyun’s face turned slightly red as she moved her face close to Nie Li’s and gave him a kiss on his face. Instantly, her face turned crimson.

Nie Li was slightly stunned for a moment and couldn’t help smiling. He gently took Ye Ziyun in his arms. She meekly leaned into his chest, and felt his heart thumping. The current her felt exceptionally secure. Nie Li’s broad chest gave her a feeling that she can rely on him.

Although she still feels guilty for Xiao Ning’er, Ye Ziyun made a decision.

Quietly, time passed by. Nie Li was also experiencing this wonderful moment.

In his previous life, the loneliness that penetrated to the bone marrow had instantly obtained comfort.

Ye Ziyun’s maiden fragrance was refreshing to the mind. Nie Li gently stroke Ye Ziyun’s back, feeling that smooth and delicate skin. He could feel her undulating heart beat and her somewhat irregular breath, this is indeed not a dream. I have really returned, Ziyun is by my side, standing so close.

A moment later, Ye Zong opened his eyes. Seeing the scene in front of him, he immediately sat up and slapped Nie Li’s head.

Suddenly being attacked, Nie Li let out a cry in pain and furiously said, “Hey, why are you hitting me?”

“You still dare to speak?! I have yet to die and yet you dare to bully my daughter in front of me!” Ye Zong’s face turned black as he tugged Nie Li’s ear.

“Hey, Ye Zong, you’re undiscriminating and ungrateful. It was me that saved you and yet you still hit me!” Nie Li said, depressingly.

“You deserve a beating for bullying my daughter!” Ye Zong coldly snorted.

“Hey, which eyes of yours has seen me bullying her?” Nie Li looked at Ye Zong with indignation.

“Then where have you been placing your hand?” Ye Zong snorted and picked up a nearby pillow, “You dared to bully my daughter, see if I don’t beat you to death!”

While watching Ye Zong and Nie Li’s quarreling scene, without knowing why, Ye Ziyun felt her heart filled with warmth. She covered her mouth and giggled. The white silk dress that she wore made her even more charming when she smiled.

That tender and lovely appearance made Nie Li dumbfounded.

“You’re still looking?!” Ye Zong threw the pillow at Nie Li.

Nie Li jumped and furiously stared at Ye Zong, “Ye Zong, you’re unreasonable! You’re not even letting me look at her, how is there any justice to that?!”

“Hmph hmph, in the City Lord’s Mansion, I am justice!” Ye Zong said, proudly.

“You... Ziyun, let’s go. Let’s not bother with this old rogue!” Nie Li said, looking at Ye Ziyun.

Ye Ziyun gave Nie Li a peaceful smile and said, “Nie Li, my father has yet to fully recover. I want to remain here and look after him.”

Nie Li can only depressingly sit in a nearby chair.

Seeing Nie Li’s face, the corner of Ye Zong’s mouth leaked an unnoticeable smile. His hand was slightly clenched. At that time, he thought that he had already died. The light before his eyes had slowly disappeared, and he could only hear Ziyun’s cries. He tried very hard and struggled, wishing to come back. He wanted to open his eyes, but no matter what, he couldn’t open them. He’s worried about Yun’er. Once he’s gone, Yun’er will really be all alone. He prayed in his heart, even if it’s for a day, he only wanted to take a good look at Yun’er again. However, he was helpless, slowly submerging into the terrifying darkness.

His heart has always been worried for her.

Then, all of a sudden, as though the gods have answered his prayers, strength finally returned to his body. He gradually came back. When he woke up, he secretly wiped the tears that came at the corner of his eyes. He knows that it was Nie Li that saved him.

However, when Ye Zong wanted to shout loudly to vent out his joy, he saw Nie Li gently hugging Ye Ziyun. He suddenly felt the dependance of family. That kind of quiet, even he couldn’t bear to disrupt it. The reason why he smacked Nie Li was just to express the joy in his heart.

Ye Zong has also gradually liked the company of Nie Li. There were very few people that would contradict him like has Nie Li done. Those kinds of actions made him feel close to him.

“Now you know what human relations are like. It’s a surprise that you’ve been the City Lord for so many years, you don’t even have an eye for people. You brought up a wolf and nearly lost your life.” Nie Li pouted.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Ye Zong’s expression dimmed down. Ye Han is the unhealable wound in his heart.

“Nie Li, my father is already very saddened by it.” Ye Ziyun’s gaze was filled with pleading as she looked at Nie Li.

Ye Zong recovered his calm demeanor. Afterall, he is the City Lord. Sometimes, he has to place his personal emotions aside. He solemnly said, “Ye Han has colluded with the Dark Guild and betrayed Glory City. It’s intolerable in both heaven and earth. He’s someone that has to be executed by everyone. In the future, no matter who sees him, he must be executed without any trial!” Although he felt pain in his heart, he still said it without hesitation.

Nie Li couldn’t help sighing. After this incident, Ye Han has no choice but to leave Glory City. In the future, he can only keep an eye out and be wary of Ye Han.

“Ye Han knows the City Lord’s Mansion like the back of his hand. Instead of leaving, he might be lurking somewhere. The two of you need to be careful. Yun’er, bring Nie Li to the Treasury of the City Lord’s Mansion and choose something for protection,” said Ye Zong.

“Father, your body……” Ye Ziyun said, concerned.

“I am fine, the poison from the Draconic Tongue Herb has already been removed.” Ye Zong said, shaking his head.

Ye Zong’s room has six Black Gold rank experts guarding around it, his safety isn’t a problem.

The Treasury of the City Lord’s Mansion, Nie Li couldn’t help looking forward to it. The things in the Treasury of the City Lord’s Mansion isn’t something that the Treasury of the Heavenly Marks Family can compete against.

After thinking awhile, Ye Ziyun said, “Let’s go, Nie Li, I’ll take you there.”

In this matter, thanks to Nie Li, her father was able to ride through the danger. Ye Ziyun understood her father’s meaning. Because Nie Li has such vast knowledge, he might be able to discover something in the Treasury of the City Lord’s Mansion. They are being wasted while they are left in the treasury.

While watching Ye Ziyun and Nie Li leave together, Ye Zong stared at their back figures. After a long while, he let out a long sigh. Both of his eyes stared at the ceiling. No matter what, Ye Han is still someone that he brought up himself. Ye Han’s betrayal has left a deep wound in his heart. This kind of pain isn’t something an ordinary person could understand.

Treasury of the City Lord’s Mansion, revisiting an old memory.

When Nie Li came here in previous life, the place was only an empty space, a place of ruin.

But now, it’s a hall with a circumference of a few meters. All kinds of treasures filled the place. The luster of treasure was dazzling, there’s probably over tens of thousands of treasures here.

Ye Ziyun walked to the front, turned her head back and said to Nie Li, “This is one of the eighteen Treasuries of the City Lord’s Mansion. The items here are the most precious treasures that have been passed down since ancient times.”

When the Age of Darkness arrived, countless amounts of people fled to the City Lord’s Mansion. What they brought with them were treasures from all over the Divine Continent. Among them, there are many items that have been passed down since ancient times, which have ended up in the Treasury of the City Lord’s Mansion.