Chapter 154 - Surprise attack

Chapter 154 - Surprise attack

“Father, we’re letting this go?” Sikong Hongyue asked, knitted her brows tight.

“Letting this go? I will find that kid and get him back for this matter sooner or later! They must have ran towards the wilderness direction. I’ll lead some of our people to chase after them, you will go find the other elders and watch over the territory. The Silver Winged Family has suddenly suffered a heavy blow, the enemy families will certainly make some movements. If I am unable to chase that kid down within three days, I’ll come back immediately!” said Sikong Yi, solemnly.

Sikong Hongyue nodded her head and said, “Yes, father.”

Sikong Yi rushed towards the direction of the wilderness like a comet, while Sikong Hongyue went to find the other elders.

At this moment, hidden inside a tree hole that was at the edge of the Silver Winged Family’s territory, Lu Piao puzzledly asked, “Nie Li, shouldn’t we leave?”

“That old rogue, Sikong Yi, will definitely think that we have already escaped towards the direction of the wilderness. The wilderness is flat ground, without anything to conceal in, making it too easy to be caught. So, we’re doing the exact opposite of what they expect and hide in this forest. Today’s matters will surely throw the Silver Winged Family into chaos. Now that the Silver Winged Family has suffered a heavy loss, the enemy families will definitely not give the Silver Winged Family a chance to recover and will surely take action. By that time, the Silver Winged Family will be vulnerable, so it won't be too late for us to leave.” Nie Li smiled.

“Provoking you was the unluckiest thing that that old rogue, Sikong Yi, did.” Du Ze said, smiling.

Xiao Ning’er looked at the side of Nie Li’s face and the corner of her mouth curled into a smile. Nie Li is always so different compared to others. Nie Li can come and go as he likes even inside such a huge family like the Silver Winged Family.

Nie Li sensed something and looked at Xiao Ning’er’s direction. They made eye contact and Xiao Ning’er immediately lowered her head, her face slightly heating up and was flushed with a layer of red.

Nie Li embarrassedly rubbed his nose.

Suddenly, Nie Li thought of something and said, “You guys stay here, I have to make a trip.”

Xiao Ning’er concernedly asked, “Nie Li, what are you going to do?”

Nie Li looked towards the mining grounds. If he were to make a trip now, it would be indeed a little dangerous, but after thinking about the kid’s eyes, which was filled with tears, Nie Li decided to give him a helping hand.

“Rest assured, I will definitely return. You guys have to be careful, don’t leak any traces of you being here.” Nie Li said, smilingly as he jumped towards the darkness and out of sight.

Duan Jian took a glance at Nie Li’s back figure and couldn’t help frowning. Nie Li did not say what he’s going to do, which made him faintly feel uneasiness in his heart.

The mining grounds of the Silver Winged Family is very heavily guarded. This place is often trafficked; therefore, there are many ears and eyes around. Because there are many miners inside the mine, which are just bunch of innocent people, Nie Li did not leave any Flame Explosion inscription patterns around the mining grounds. When the Silver Winged Family was sent into turmoil by the Flame Explosion inscription patterns, this place wasn’t even slightly affected.

However, the situation over at the Silver Winged Family caused this place to be in a ruckus, too. The miners were all stirred up, trying to break free from the guards.

“Kill all who move about without permission!” ordered Sikong Shou, raising his sword and slashing down. The sword aura swept past six miners, fresh blood splattered around and six miners fell resignedly onto the ground.

All the other rioting workers had fear flashing across their eyes and suddenly backed down. Sikong Shou is a Gold rank expert, they weren’t his opponent at all.

Sikong Shou’s eyes were emitting a bloodthirsty and murderous intent as he coldly snorted and said, “A bunch of garbage wants to revolt?”

The other guards raised their sharp swords, preparing to take action to deter the miners. Sikong Shou raised his head, looked towards the treetop palace’s direction, and his eyes flashed with panic. He doesn’t have any idea on what was happening, could it be that the enemy has come to attack their territory?

If it’s an enemy, the enemy is a little too strong, even the treetop palace was destroyed.

If the Silver Winged Family is defeated, then they won’t have any good time in the future!

The miners were in a ruckus. The original despair in their eyes had faint traces of hope. If the Silver Winged Family is destroyed, then they might be able to obtain their freedom back.

Currently, Nie Li has reached the edge of the mining grounds and is hiding on top of a huge tree, assessing the situation.

‘There are over two hundred people here with dozens of Gold rank experts among them, while the rest are Silver rank. There’s also a post tower over there that should be the core.’ Nie Li inwardly thought to himself, ‘All the miners here have been imprinted with the slave mark. The caster should be a Inscriptionist. Normally, an Inscriptionist can’t be too far from the slave imprinted person; otherwise, the ones who were imprinted will have their bodies exploded and they will die. Therefore, the Inscriptionist must be in that post tower!’

If Nie Li wants to set the miners who have been imprinted with the slave mark free, he has to kill the Inscriptionist!

After thinking awhile, Nie Li merged with the Shadow Devil demon spirit and move towards the post tower.

The post tower is about a dozen meters in height with the surroundings guarded by many guards, giving it some tight security. As of this moment, many of the guards were talking to one another about this entire mess. After all, such a big incident has just occurred in the Silver Winged Family’s territory, how can their hearts not be affected by it?

While their attention was being diverted, Nie Li activated void-form and slowly entered the tower.

The leading Gold rank expert raised his sharp sword and coldly barked, “Who’s there!?”

The other Silver rank guards also waved their swords, their gazes were looking at the front and were preparing to engage in battle.

However, there wasn’t anyone there, it was completely empty.

“Did I sense incorrectly?” The Gold rank expert mumbled to himself. It might be him being too paranoid. After the Silver Winged Family’s territory suffered such an attack, it has caused him to be in a state of tension.

Nie Li has already past him and slipped into the post tower.

If Nie Li were to take action, he would have already been dead.

Inside the post tower is a set of rotating stairs that went all the way up to the top. The stairs were also guarded by many guards, but they were only Silver rank.

He appeared to the side of one of the guards, Nie Li’s sickle-shaped forelimbs silently slashing across his neck. The guard gave out a silent cry as he fell onto the ground, dead where he laid.

Nie Li continued forward while concealing himself, finishing up one guard after another as he moved along the rotating stairs up to the highest level. He slightly slipped his head in and saw three Gold rank experts sitting cross-legged.They were discussing something.

“The Silver Winged Family has suffered such a huge attack, they probably won’t be able to recover themselves in a short amount of time! Big brother, what should we do?”

“As Inscription Masters, it doesn’t matter which family we go to. We also don’t have to fear the lack of food. We’ll wait and see. If the Silver Winged Family is defeated, we’ll change to a new lord!” The leading middle aged man laughed.

The two other Gold rank experts also nodded their head.

Nie Li never thought that the other party would have three Inscriptionists and they are all Gold rank experts at that. The top of this tower is filled with all kinds of mysterious inscription patterns that were filled with mysterious energy circulating within them.

Protection inscription patterns? These three guys are really insecure. They made the whole tower look like a turtle shell! And these inscription patterns, even if it’s a Black Gold rank expert, they wouldn’t be able to attack this tower from outside easily. Furthermore, these three Inscription Masters have also laid down some sort of inscription pattern that allows them to know of the outside situation.

Once the outside is under attack, this three Inscription Masters can seal the entrance. As long as it’s not a Legend rank expert, the three of them would definitely be safe and secure.

Nie Li secretly snuck in, which is why the three Inscription Masters don’t have their guards up.

‘If I didn’t sneak my way up here, even if it’s me, I wouldn’t be able to do anything to them in a short amount of time!’ Nie Li inwardly thought to himself. With a roll of his eyes, he got an idea and a smile formed on his mouth, ‘These guys imprinted slave marks on so many miners. As an inscriptionist, that’s simply devoid of conscience. You guys shouldn’t have pissed me off, ever!’

If it was someone else that was facing a turtle shell-like tower and three Gold rank experts, they might not have any good ideas on how to deal with them in a short amount of time. However, Nie Li is different. Even if the three Inscription Masters placed down many defensive inscription patterns, Nie Li can easily break them.

Nie Li started writing on the tower with demon beast’s blood, placing down dozens of Flame Explosion inscription patterns.

‘These Flame Explosion inscription patterns are more than enough to rip this turtle shell open. The biggest weakness of this turtle shell is that it’s unable to stop any impact that comes from the inside!’ Nie Li lightly smiled, then retracted the Shadow Devil demon spirit. He let out a low growl and merged with the Fanged Panda demon spirit.

“Who!?” The three Inscription Masters coldly barked, sensing something.

He was found, but it’s already too late. The corner of Nie Li’s mouth curl into a smile as the Fanged Panda demon spirit opened its big mouth and spat out a black sphere and a white sphere towards the inside of the tower.

“Quick, seal the entrance!”

“Seal the entrance!”

The three Inscription Masters hurriedly activated the protection inscription patterns, trying to close the entrance of the tower. At the tower’s entrance, a faint luster lit up. Watching the entrance as it was about to be sealed, a black sphere and a white sphere flew into the tower just before the entrance was completely sealed.

Watching this scene, the corner of Nie Li’s mouth curled into a smile and softly said, “Goodbye!”

After speaking, Nie Li jumped out from the window.

The three Inscription Masters saw the black sphere and white sphere flying in and covered their faces with fear.

“Quick, seal them with inscription patterns!”

“Seal them!”

The three Inscription Masters were instantly thrown into a mess. The black sphere and white sphere collided with each other and created a huge explosion, causing the entire tower to shake. Miserable screams came from the tower. Before the voices died down, a series of dozens of explosions sent the entire tower flying upwards several kilometers into a sky, like a gigantic firework. Then, with a boom, it was blown apart.