Chapter 153 - Divine Explosion Inscription?

Chapter 153 - Divine Explosion Inscription?

The feeling of danger lingered in his heart for a long while.

As Nie Li and Duan Jian pretend nothing happened, they continued walking until the old man disappeared.

“Master, have you discover anything?” Duan Jian asked. Nie Li hasn’t said anything for a long time now and Duan Jian could feel that something wasn’t right.

“That old man, from before, is an expert.” said Nie Li, looking into the dark sky. In this Abyss Prison realm, aside from the thirteen family’s experts, there are probably many more that are hidden out there.

Duan Jian nodded his head. He could also feel that the old man was strong, but wasn’t clear to what degree.

‘I never thought that the Ancient Array would be linked to this Abyss Prison realm. It’s such dangerous place. If I were knew this earlier, I wouldn’t have come.’ Nie Li inwardly thought to himself. He originally thought that inside this array would be a huge treasure. Otherwise, why would the Dark Guild want to claim this place so strongly? He never thought that this would be such a dangerous place.

He doesn’t want to come here again, once they return to their world, unless he reaches the strength of Black Gold rank.

“Let's talk after we save Ning’er, Du Ze and the rest!”

The stars were sparkling in the sky.

There were huge demon beasts occasionally flying in the sky and the lights from fires were flickering in the mountains. Those are signs that humans are fighting against demon beasts.

The Silver Winged Family has, as usual, guards patrol around. This is a ten thousand man family. This place has existed for thousands of years, and is one of the leading existences in the Abyss Prison realm.

Two figures appeared within the forest.

“It’s beginning.” said Nie Li, lightly smiling. Everything that he has arranged will soon give the Silver Winged Family a huge shock.

At the treetop palace, Sikong Yi was quietly enjoying wine and beauties. Since he doesn’t have much time to live, Sikong Yi no longer trained as diligently as he used to be and was passing his days casually.

“I wonder when that brat, Lei Zhuo, will be back.” Sikong Yi felt fidgety for no reason.

A maiden that was massaging his leg suddenly felt a little tired and carelessly knocked over a glass. The glass fell onto the ground, breaking into fragments and wine spilled all over the floor. Immediately, she was scared as her face ashened.

She immediately knelt down and pleaded, “Lord Patriarch, I did not do it on purpose. Please, pardon me!”

“Bitch, you actually dare to ruin my mood!?” Sikong Yi’s face turned dark as he slapped the maiden. The force from the slap sent the maiden smashed into a pillar and then she fell down as fresh blood leaked out from her mouth.

“Lord Patriarch, I did not do that on purpose. Please, from the records that I have been attending to you for so many years, please pardon me.” pleaded the maiden as constantly kowtowed, knocking her forehead, which was full of blood, onto the ground.

Sikong Yi coldly snorted, “Men, drag her out and execute her!”

It’s as though Sikong yi’s voice had come from hell. There was no trace of emotion in his words.

The maiden still continued to kowtow to seek for pardon as several fierce looking guards walked over and dragged her out.

“Lord Patriarch, please pardon me! I won’t dare to commit the same mistake again!” The maiden’s crying voice drifted further and further away.

When Sikong Hongyue walked in and heard the crying voice, she frowned for a moment, bowed her body and asked, “Father, why has your mood been bad lately?”

“Hongyue, do you think that that kid, Lei Zhuo, is lying to us?” Sikong Yi said a little furiously.

“Probably not; after all, his friends are still in our hands!” Sikong Hongyue frowned for a moment and said, “Father, you don’t have to worry so much. Lei Zhuo will definitely deliver the cure.”

The moment Sikong Hongyue’s voice died off, a huge explosion was heard and the entire tree palace began to tremble.

“What’s going on?” Sikong Yi suddenly stood up. That horrifying explosion was like thunder. It could cause the ears to sting from the sound alone.

“What happened?” Sikong Hongyue’s face also changed.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Explosions were happening everywhere within the Silver Winged Family’s territory. One explosion was followed by another in an endless cycle.

Rumble! Rumble!

The treetop palace shook so much, it felt like it would soon collapse.

“Not good, let's go!” Sikong Yi’s face changed and together with Sikong Hongyue, they flew out of the palace.

The terrifying explosions covered the entire sky followed by dazzling lights that caused the entire sky to light up. Even the other thirteen families, who were living far away, could see this scene.

Many members from the thirteen families were awakened from their dreams and looked at Silver Winged Family’s direction while discussing with one another.

“What happened in the Silver Winged Family’s territory?”

“Probably some joyous occasion and are putting on a firework display!”

“These fireworks are really frightening! They can be heard from very far away.”

Some kids clapped and excitedly cried out, “What a nice view!”

In the Silver Winged Family’s territory, the entire place became a total mess. There were guards running in all directions, unable to understand what was happening. Some of the guards had fire on their butts and were screaming as they ran to a pool.

Pshhh! Pshhh!

The pool was packed with guards. Heads were popping out of the surface of the pool. When they stripped their clothes off, they would see patches of black on their bodies. Suddenly, a huge explosion sounded and a surge of heat soared to the sky from the depths of the water.

Huge waves threw the guards out from the pool. Some of the guards were holding onto their black butts as they madly ran around in the grasslands, screaming.

“Who placed a damn Divine Explosion inscription pattern at the bottom of the pond?”

“My butt is going to be charred……!”

These guards were screaming as they ran around.

At this moment, when Nie Li, who is hiding in the grass, heard those words, he wouldn’t help smiling. Even the emotionless Duan Jian laughed.

Divine Explosion inscription pattern? Is there anyone that’s seen a Divine Explosion inscription pattern that could explode in the depth of the water? The Divine Explosion inscription pattern is made from carving Explosion inscription patterns on a special talisman rock. It can cause a small area to explode, but it’s power is very small. The Flame Explosion inscription pattern that Nie Li used is different. It can be carved on anything and once it’s activated, it has a massive explosive effect.

The Silver Winged Family’s territory was full of Nie Li’s Flame Explosion inscription patterns. Normally, these Flame Explosion inscription patterns are hidden away and would be hard to detect. The moment the first Flame Explosion inscription pattern ignited, the second, third, fourth, fifth……and many others would soon follow.

A series of explosions were occurring everywhere inside the Silver Winged Family’s territory.

Nie Li came out from the grass and said to Duan Jian, “Let’s go!”

Thereafter, with an indifferent expression, he walked towards the location that he promised to meet Ning’er and the rest.

Duan Jian was slightly stunned. Nie Li is going to go in like this? However, he still followed behind him.

Boom! Boom! Boom!

Wherever Duan Jian and Nie Li walked, there would be an explosion not far from them. There would be golden armoured guards flying through the air one by one and then fall to the side of the road, unable to move. Nie Li and Duan Jian would blatantly walk past these guards.

There wasn’t a need for them to take action personally and these guards were thrown around by the Flame Explosion inscription patterns that Nie Li left behind. The guards were laying on the ground, one after another, and were unable to get up.

In the courtyard

Xiao Ning’er, Du Ze, Lu Piao and the rest heard the explosions coming from the outside. Today is the promised time with Nie Li.

“Ning’er, Lu Piao, pack up. We’re leaving,” Du Ze said, lightly smiling.

Lu Piao excitedly jumped up, “We’ve been under house arrest for several days in this place now, I almost couldn’t stand it anymore. If Nie Li didn’t come back for us, I might’ve charged my way out.”

Xiao Ning’er looked outside, took out a map and said, “Nie Li told us to follow this route!”

The six of them ran away from the courtyard, following the route that Nie Li left them. There would be explosion not far from them and guards were being sent into the air.

Onoe guard fell in front of Du Ze, Lu Piao and the rest, giving them a scare. Just when they were about to merge with their demon spirits and engage in battle, they saw that the guard was covered in black, was lying on the ground and couldn’t stand up.

Everyone in the group looked at each other.

Suddenly, guards were falling in front of them, like dumplings, one after another and none of them were standing.

“This is too funny, haha! Every single one of them is as black as aboriginal tribes.[1. It's translated from the raw, no racism remark intended.]” Lu Piao laughed, leaping and stomping on the butt of the guards.

The group of six continued down the route without encountering any opponents. The whole Silver Winged Family’s territory has been blown into ruin.

Looking a few hundred meters ahead, in the empty ground was far away with Nie Li and Duan Jian waiting for them there.

“They’ve come.” Nie Li lightly smiled. Everything has proceeded according to his expectations.

Once everyone was together, the eight people quickly vanished into the darkness.

Currently, it’s a huge mess in the Silver Winged Family’s territory. Sikong Yi and Sikong Hongyue were skimming over the Silver Winged Family’s territory. Not long after they started to skim it, an explosion suddenly occurred, causing some raging flames to ramble around.

“Divine Explosion inscription pattern?” Sikong Yi frowned his brows awhile and then dodged the incoming flames in a flash, “No, Divine Explosion inscription patterns doesn’t have so much power!”

When Sikong Yi’s voice died down, there was a sudden series of explosions that originated from the surrounding tree trunks. Flames engulfing them from all sides. Sikong Yi let out a low bark and a circle barrier appeared, blocking the flames from Sikong Yi and Sikong Hongyue.

“Father, what happened?” Sikong Hongyue looked at the surrounding area, her face was filled with shock. Explosions were happening everywhere in the Silver Winged Family’s territory, fires soared into the skies and the guards were in a mess with miserable screams coming from them. The treetop palace was also engulfed by flames, and was constantly shaking, making it look as though it was going to collapse soon.

“It must be that kid, Lei Zhuo!” Sikong Yi’s rage surged throughout the sky. He now understood that he was tricked by Nie Li.

Sikong Yi had his suspicions about Nie Li all this time, but he never thought that Nie Li would use such method and make a giant mess of the Silver Winged Family. Sikong Yi’s expression turned dark, his entire body was covered with frightening killing intent, “Looks like I have belittled you!”

“This was done by Lei Zhuo?” Sikong Hongyue’s brows twitched, “Right, in the courtyard. Lei Zhuo’s friends are still there!”

“It’s useless. With Lei Zhuo’s calculations, they must have left by now!” Sikong Yi’s face was turning darker. He never thought that he would be tricked by a kid like Nie Li!