Chapter 148 - Raging flames of the Black Dragon 2

Chapter 148 - Raging flames of the Black Dragon 2

Sikong Jue and the rest frowned their brows for a moment, they did not understand what Nie Li meant earlier and only heard “Peng...Peng...Peng…”

“Roar!” Duan Jian’s muscles bulged up. The black gold chain that bound him was breaking at each link one by one.

This scene caused Sikong Jue and the rest’s faces to change. Just what kind of brute strength is required to be able to break free of the black gold chains?

Just what exactly is happening?

Sikong Jue suddenly understood something and solemnly said, “Quick, kill him!”

The three gold rank experts rushed towards Duan Jian, swinging their sharp swords. The sharp blades tore through the air, emitting a whistling sound.


Biting cold killing intent exploded from the three gold rank experts.


The three swords landed on Duan Jian’s body at the same time; however, only the sound of metal colliding with metal was heard. Duan Jian wasn’t wounded at all, not even a small trace of blood.

“How is that possible?”

“How is this little bastard’s physical strength strong to such an extent?” Sikong Jue and the rest were all speechless.

Nie Li, however, lightly smiled. Dragon’s blood is hidden within Duan Jian’s body. The dragon tribe has one of the most powerful physical body’s, it’s even stronger than steel. It’s absolutely impossible for a few Gold rank experts to cause any damage to Duan Jian’s body.

A ray of determination suddenly shot from Duan Jian’s eyes, his right hand gripped onto one of the Gold rank expert’s swords, gave it a pull and threw a punch over at him.


A powerful energy burst forth, with Duan Jian’s fist as the center. The energy exploded to all four directions. The Gold rank expert suffered a punch on his abdomen, causing his face to be twisted. He then flew a few hundred meters away and heavily fell onto the ground. From the looks of him, it doesn’t seem like he’ll be able to make it.

The original harmless rabbit in Sikong Jue’s eyes turned into a fierce biting tiger.

All this must have something to do with Nie Li.

Sikong Jue furiously stared at Nie Li and asked, “Mister Lei, what’s the meaning of this?”

Nie Li shrugged and said, “What’s the point of asking me, it’s Duan Jian seeking revenge against you guys, what’s it got to do with me?”

Sikong Jue draw out his big sword, he could feel the intense danger. The strength that Duan Jian has exhibited is simply too terrifying.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Duan Jian was fighting against two Gold rank experts. The attacks of those Gold rank experts didn’t inflict any damage to him. His fist and leg on the other hand, even if it’s only thirty percent of his strength, is enough for a Gold rank expert to suffer.

“Boom!” Duan Jian threw another punch, sending one of the Gold rank experts flying.

“Three more left!” Duan Jian’s gaze stared at the remaining three, especially Sikong Jue. Sikong Jue used his feet to step on his face earlier and even insulted his mother. His mother is his weak spot, “All of you have to die!”

He recalled the times when his parents were running and hiding with him. Although they were constantly in danger, it’s still nostalgic. It all ended when the Silver Winged Family’s men came. He witnessed his parents deaths while they begged those people to let him off. That kind of piercing pain isn’t something that others could understand. In his heart, his parents have the highest position.

So much suffering, pains, exile and even ridicule, he endured all of it and survived. All of this was so that he could take revenge one day.

Both Duan Jian’s eyes turned scarlet red, like a beast.

Seeing Duan Jian’s expression, Sikong Jue was frightened. He never thought that Duan Jian, who was bound by chains would suddenly break free and turn into a beast. He can vaguely imagine how frightening Duan Jian’s revenge would be, after suffering so much torture and humiliation.

Sikong Jue furiously barked, “Let's kill him together!”

The moment Sikong Jue’s voice sounded, the two Gold rank experts suddenly leaped, pouncing towards Duan Jian. The moment the two Gold rank expert leaped, Sikong Jue turned around and ran.

“Bang, Bang, Bang!”

Duan Jian and the two Gold rank experts fought.

When Sikong Jue ran a few hundred meters out, he saw Nie Li blocking his way.

“Lei Zhuo, you’re seeking death!” Sikong Jue coldly stared at Nie Li, waving his huge sword and slicing towards Nie Li.

“I don’t want to fight you, I just want to get justice for Duan Jian!” Nie Li’s body quickly underwent a transformation, and transformed into a Fanged Panda. He opened his mouth and spat out a black sphere and a white sphere.

The two spheres rotated around one another and were flying towards Sikong Jue.

Sikong Jue was surprised. He has not entered into a battle against a Demon Spiritualist for many years. The power contained in the two spheres made him feel fear and so, he immediately dodged.


The two spheres collided with each other, creating a powerful shockwave that sent Sikong Jue flying. After dozens meters, he stopped flying and his appearance was extremely horrible.

He never thought that Nie Li would be so powerful. Sikong Jue was greatly shocked. He’s been tricked by Nie Li. How could Nie Li be a Silver rank? He’s obviously a Gold rank Demon Spiritualist!

Two banging sounds were heard, along with the sounds of skull breaking. The two Gold rank experts were sent flying by Duan Jian, and they don’t look like they’ll be able to survive.

After killing the two Gold rank experts, Duan Jian landed in front of Sikong Jue,

“You……” Sikong Jue looked at the calmly approaching Duan Jian, and his heart was filled with despair. Duan Jian is like a monster, his strength is extremely frightening. It isn’t something that he can withstand.

Although Duan Jian’s steps were gentle, every step caused cracks to appear on the floor. The current him was like an erupting volcano, filled with frightening power.

“You shouldn’t have insulted my mother!” Duan Jian’s voice was so chilling cold that it sounded as though it came from hell.

“So…...sorry, let me go……” Sikong Jue said, frightened as he backed off.

“You think that I’ll let you off?” Duan Jian coldly stared at Sikong Jue and continued his pace forward. He gathered his strength into both of his arms, causing the air surrounding his arms to emit whistling sounds.

Since Duan Jian is only few dozen meters away from him, Sikong Jue’s expression suddenly turned ferocious. He took out six refined Blood Crystals and swallowed them.


Sikong Jue’s body expanded from the surging power of the Blood Crystals. His height grew several times, tearing his clothes apart.

No one would be able to absorb all of the power from six Blood Crystals in such a small amount of time, even if it’s a Legend rank expert, let alone a 5-star Gold rank expert!

Sikong Jue’s body was filled with a raging energy. He threw a punch towards Duan Jian.

Even when facing the several times larger sized Sikong Jue, Duan Jian doesn’t show a trace of fear. He threw a punch towards Sikong Jue.


The fists collided, an enormous force swept through the surrounding area with their fists as the center. “Boom! Boom! Boom!” the surrounding few hundred meters of circumference exploded.

“How is that possible?” Fear filled Sikong Jue’s face. Even after swallowing six Blood Crystals, which caused his body’s strength to reach its limit and causing his meridians to almost explode from the terrifying power, he still isn’t able to suppress Duan Jian’s strength.

“Bang! Bang! Bang!”

Duan Jian leaped into the sky and threw a bombardment of attacks towards Sikong Jue. The huge sized Sikong Jue is like a ball in the sky, being knocked here and there and then mercilessly crush into the ground.

A huge pit was created by Sikong Jue’s body.

Looking at the meteor-like Duan Jian falling, Sikong Jue gathered all his strength on his right fist and then fired a punch towards Duan Jian’s abdomen. Duan Jian was sent flying, and took several rolls in the air before landing.

This is the first time that Sikong Jue caused damage to Duan Jian.


Duan Jian wiped the trace of blood at the corner of his mouth and leaped, raising his right leg and smashing down towards Sikong Jue.

Sikong Jue was so frightened that he rolled out to the side.


When Duan Jian’s right foot landed on the ground, a huge crater was created by the explosion.

“Just what kind of frightening power is that?!” Sikong Jue was scared, his face ashened. Duan Jian is simply inhumane, his physical strength is on par with a Legend rank expert. He was losing control of the power from the six Blood Crystals, and was sustaining heavy damage to his meridians. If he doesn’t escape now, there wouldn’t be a chance to do so anymore!

Sikong Jue jumped up, and was frantically running while clutching his chest. His wound was extremely heavy. He was like a wounded dog running with his tail between his legs.

“You’re trying to run away?! That’s not going to be easy!” Duan Jian stared at Sikong Jue’s back figure. This is the enemy that forced his parents to death, how could he let him escape!

Under the excitement from the anger, the dragon blood within his body started to move.

Raging flames of the Black Dragon!

Duan Jian opened his mouth and breathed out huge black flames, that turned into a huge black dragon and bombarding towards Sikong Jue.

“Arghhh!” Sikong Jue miserably shrieked as he was swallowed by the black flames.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Black flames continued to explode, turning everything within a few hundred meters into pieces, the ground became a huge crater.

“Raging flames of the Black Dragon?” Nie Li never thought that Duan Jian would have insight on the dragon tribe’s combat abilities under this kind of situation. The might of the Raging flames of the Black Dragon is several times stronger than this Yin-Yang Blast.

When his enemy was swallowed up by the Raging flames of the Black Dragon, Duan Jian weakly knelt onto the ground, tears flowing down his face. He was like a kid, crying. The humiliation that he endured for so long has finally be released.

Within the tears, he could vaguely see his loving mother and gentle father before him. They extended their hands out, pulling him and running in the wilderness.

“Father, mother……” said Duan Jian, weeping. He extended his hands out, trying to grab them but the figures of his parents slowly faded away, disappeared into the wilderness.