Chapter 147 - Raging flames of the Black Dragon

Chapter 147 - Raging flames of the Black Dragon

“Uncle, you must be joking. How am I worthy of sister Hongyue.” said Nie Li, lightly smiling. In his mind, thoughts were processing rapidly. Now that the Stones of Light are with that old fox, Sikong Yi, he definitely won’t hand them over. How is he going to lower Sikong Yi’s wariness towards him?

Sikong Yi laughed and said, “Nephew doesn’t have to self-depreciate yourself. Although your cultivation isn’t on par with Hongyue, with your medicine refining skills, you’re definitely worthy of Hongyue.”

Are you done yet? Nie Li scolded inwardly in his heart, but showed a smile on his face and said, “Uncle can send someone to collect the herbs; however, the outside world is plagued with demon beasts, making it extremely dangerous. I’m just afraid that they won’t know the direction or will be unable to return……”

Sikong Yi frowned his brows for a moment and said, “How about this then. Nephew can go with some of my men. Since this trip can be so dangerous, I’ll send more experts to go along with you. As for your friends, they can remain here, how is that?”

Sikong Yi is ruthless! He wants to use Xiao Ning’er and the rest as hostages.

Nie Li smiled and said, “Sure, I wonder what kind of people is senior planning to escort me with?”

“Within my territory, only I alone have reached Legend rank. There are still two Black Gold rank elders, but they are tired down with their responsibilities, and are unable to leave their posts. As for how the outside world would be, I’ll send five Gold ranks to accompany you on this trip, is that enough?” Sikong Yi obviously has a bit of fear towards towards the outside world.

“Uncle is worrying too much, two Gold ranks is more than enough. The outside world isn’t as dangerous as what Uncle thought it to be.” Nie Li laughed.

“If there is only two, I will not feel assured. Let's just have five Gold ranks to accompany you on your trip.” Sikong Yi said, shaking his head. Sending only two Gold ranks, how can he be assured?

“Okay then, but I have a request.” said Nie Li after pondering for a moment.

“What request? Nephew can just say it.” Sikong Yi said, laughing.

“Because of the variety of herbs, the properties of the medicine is extremely difficult to control. I want to bring Duan Jian along, to have him test the medicine.” Nie Li said, paying attention to Sikong Yi’s reaction.

Sikong Yi lightly frowned his brows. He couldn’t figure out why Nie Li would have such an interest towards Duan Jian. This caused him to be wary. However, Duan Jian’s recent miserable scream made him believe that Nie Li is indeed testing medicine.

Furthermore, Duan Jian only has the cultivation of a 3-star Gold rank, he can’t cause any ripples.

“No problem, you can bring Duan Jian along,” Sikong Yi lightly smiled and said, “You can make your preparations, leave at the morrow. I’ll have my men bring the Stones of Light along and you can make the trip together!” In order to prevent further delay, Sikong Yi decided to take immediate action.

“Okay!” Nie Li said, nodding his head. He already has a clear idea on what to do; therefore, the time of departure can be at any time.

Sikong Yi slightly narrowed his eyes. By keeping Nie Li’s friends here, not to mention that there is a pretty lady among them, he doesn’t believe that Nie Li won’t be back for them.

Nie Li frivolously chatted with Sikong Yi, wanting to get ahold of those Stones of Light from Sikong Yi’s hands just incase. But whenever the Stones of Light were mentioned, he would divert the topic, meaning that he will not let Nie Li have the Stones of Light.

Nie Li could only give up reluctantly and bid farewell to Sikong Yi.

“Hongyue, do you think that Lei Zhuo would try anything funny?” Sikong Yi’s eyes flashed with chilling rays of light.

“Even if Lei Zhuo were to try anything funny, he’s a soft-hearted person. As long as we keep his friends here, we don’t have to be afraid that he won’t return here.” Sikong Hongyue said, recalling Nie Li’s action at the Blood Crystal Mine. She couldn’t help smiling in disdain.

He already had that kind of reaction towards a stranger, not to mention his friends.

“Then that’s good.” Sikong Yi felt relieved and laughed, “If our Silver Winged Family’s illness is be cured, what do we have to fear about with the other families? After I have unified all the families here, we’ll go take a look at the outside world.”

Although Sikong Yi fears the outside world, if it’s compared to this eternal darkness world where there is a shortage of food and suffering from the daily threats of the demon beasts, he’d still want to give it a try, if it’s possible to go to the outside world. .


“You guys remain here. We’ll take action ten days from now, at night! Once I start taking action, you guys will follow this route to escape!” Nie Li stretched open a map and told Xiao Ning’er, Du Ze and the rest.

This map was drawn by Nie Li after he returned, he already had a clear picture of the Silver Winged Family’s territory.

Xiao Ning’er, Du Ze and the rest drew a similar map into their hearts.

“This time, the Silver Winged Family will definitely be turned upside down.” said Nie Li, smiling. Everything has been prepared.

Hearing Nie Li’s words, Duan Jian, who had been in a corner practising, had traces of an abnormal ray flashing from his eyes. He has been waiting for too long for this day of revenge.

A night of silence

The next day morning, five Gold rank experts gathered at Nie Li and his friends’ courtyard.

“Mister Lei, we should be leaving.” the leading 5-star Gold rank expert humbly said. The corner of his eyes swept a glance at Duan Jian, who is sitting in the corner. His eyes flashed with a hint of disdain and smiled, “My name is Sikong Jue, I’m responsible for Mister Lei’s safety in this trip!”

“Have you brought the Stones of Light?” Nie Li asked, looking at Sikong Jue.

“I have, please have a look.” Sikong Jue took out some of the Stones of Light, and spread them out over his hands and said, “I have brought a total of fifty, they’re all in my interspatial ring.”

Nie Li gave a glance at the stones on Sikong Jue’s hands, they are indeed the Stones of Light.

When Nie Li extended his hand, Sikong Yue immediately placed the stones back into his interspatial ring, smiled and said, “Mister Lei, we should leave now.”

That old rogue, Sikong Yi, must have informed Sikong Jue to not let Nie Li have the Stones of Light. Nie Li did not mind Sikong Jue’s earlier actions and said, “Since that’s the case, let’s go!”

“Nie Li, be careful!” Du Ze, Lu Piao and bunch all said respectively.

Xiao Ning’er silently looked at Nie Li. Her eyes were filled with worry.

“Don’t worry about me, you guys remain here and train while awaiting my return!” Nie Li laughed.

Sikong Jue walked over to Duan Jian, stepped on him and coldly said, “Little bastard, get up!”

Duan Jian raised his head and stared at Sikong Jue with hatred in his eyes. If he were to take action now, with his current constitute, there is no doubt that Sikong Jue would die.

“Little bastard, you dare stare at me?” Sikong Jue then stepped on Duan Jian’s face, pushing his head ruthlessly into the ground, and grinded his foot on Duan Jian’s face, “Your mother was a shameless slut. She actually seduced people of other families and bore a little bastard like you. To be able to live till now is already your fortune!”

Duan Jian gritted his teeth. Flames of fury were shooting from his eyes.

Nie Li screamed shit inwardly. If Duan Jian were to take action now, everything would have been in vain.

Nie Li took a step forward and said, “Brother, why get angry over someone like him? It’s absolutely pointless. We still need him to test medicine. If brother were to accidentally wound him, I’ll have to give him treatment!” Nie Li passed several elixirs over to Sikong Jue.

Sikong Jue lowered his head and took a glance, quietly looking them over, then coldly snorted, “You better be honest with me on this trip, if you dare to try do anything funny, I’ll tear your skin off!”

Sikong Jue spat on Duan Jian and retracted his foot back.

Duan Jian quietly sat up, but did not say anything.

Nie Li couldn’t help having admiration for Duan Jian. He never thought that Duan Jian would be able to endure this so well. If he’s able to step past the bridge of the Silver Winged Family, his future will definitely be limitless.

After bidding farewell to Du Ze, Lu Piao and the rest, Nie Li left the courtyard with Sikong Jue. Duan Jian also went along with them with black chains tied to him and two Gold ranks following him on the left and right.

At the palace on the distant treetop

Sikong Yi and Sikong Hongyue stood there quietly, watching Nie Li and bunch leaving the Silver Winged Family’s territory, till they disappeared into the darkness.

“If Lei Zhuo brings the medicine back, kill Duan Jian immediately. If Duan Jian doesn’t get removed, I’ll feel uneasy!” Sikong Yi retracted his gaze and lamented. As a Legend rank expert, he actually bore vigilance towards a Gold rank? This caused Sikong Hongyue to feel a little surprised.

“When Lei Zhuo returns, I’ll personally end that man!” Sikong Hongyue’s eyes flashed with a chilling ray.

In the endless wilderness, the group of six were walking. Two Gold ranks expert were responsible for killing the Scarlet Ghosts on the way and the other four leisurely traveled, entering the depth of the wilderness.

The dark wilderness was frighteningly quiet. Even Sikong Jue also doesn’t dare to be relax. It’s very clear that this place is extremely dangerous and they could encounter an unimaginable danger at any time.

Guji Guji!

Screams of Scarlet Ghosts echoed the air. Although they were constantly being killed, the amount of Scarlet Ghosts gathering continued to increase.

“Damn these nasty things!” Sikong Jue snorted, feeling a little depressed. Originally, he would stay in the safety of the territory and would roll around in bed with the pretty ladies in the family. Now that he has to come out to such hellish place caused him to be angry. This is all that Lei Zhuo’s fault!

“If we don’t come up with a method to clear them out, more and more of them will gather!” said a 3-star Gold rank.

Nie Li and Duan Jian made eye contact. Since they don’t have to take action, they can just quietly watch.

“Damn!” Sikong Jue retrieved a sharp sword and entered the battle.

“Puff...puff…” Scarlet Ghosts were being split into two one after another and flew up into the air.

An intense fight broke out.

“Boom! Boom! Boom!”

Sikong Jue and the rest forced their soul force out to the maximum amount and constantly slayed the Scarlet Ghosts.

After several hours, the ground became a mess of corpses of Scarlet Ghosts laying all about. Sikong Jue and the other Gold rank experts were out of breath from the fight.

Nie Li leaned against a huge stone and had a leisure look. His expression made Sikong Jue and the rest extremely furious.

Nie Li calmly said, “It’s your turn.”