Chapter 136 - Netherlamp Behemoth

Chapter 136 - Netherlamp Behemoth

Xiao Xue was able to quickly find a common topic so she could chat with Xiao Ning’er.

Right now, Nie Li is fully engrossed in understanding this ancient array.

Beside this ancient array, there are sixteen dome-like towers. Every one of them are at least six meters tall. Every pillar is carved with extremely complicated inscription patterns. Between every inscription pattern, there seems to be some sort of unique link.

In ancient times, there were tens of thousands of inscription patterns passed down from generation to generation. Everyone knew that each inscription pattern contained its own unique power. When some inscription patterns are combined together, an unimaginable power is unleashed.

Nie Li’s knowledge towards these inscription patterns is very vague; however, due to the layout of the ancient array, one is able to obtain a lot of information. Afterall, Lord Ye Mo was able to solve this ancient array in his previous life. Nie Li also knows the trick to this array. If it wasn’t for Nie Li’s understanding towards inscription patterns, he’d be unable to solve this ancient array.

Nie Li walked to one of the pillars. He slowly touched every inscription pattern with his right hand and eventually stopped at one of the slightly bulged inscription patterns. He injected a little soul force into it.

Suddenly, this particular inscription pattern burst with a dazzling light.

This is the one!

Nie Li is a little excited. He was able to find one of the sixteen inscription patterns to solve this barrier.

The light on the inscription slowly gathered to a point and shot towards the barrier.


The barrier slightly trembled.

“What happened?!”

Everyone was slightly shocked when they saw a light emitting from the inscription and looked towards Nie Li.

The crowd was filled with anticipation because Nie Li was really able to figure out the method to open the barrier. They all grew up in Glory City, and many people came here before. However, no one was able to unlock this barrier, enter and see what’s inside.

Nie Li lightly smiled and retracted his hand. He then moved to the second dome-like tower.


The second inscription pattern was also found by Nie Li.

Thereafter, the third, fourth and fifth were also found.

Each inscription pattern lit up one after another, unleashing beams of light that settled on the barrier. Once the final light settled onto the barrier, it emitted a mysterious shine and formed into brightly coloured light spots, like an endless nebula.

“Come, we’re going inside.” Nie Li waved his hands towards the crowd.

As he was talking, the barrier slowly diminished and then disappeared.

Nie Li step into the barrier first, and was quickly followed by Xiao Ning’er, Lu Piao, Du Ze and bunch entered next, a total of eight people entered the barrier.

A moment later, the barrier reformed and turned bright again.

It was as though they had entered into an endless space.

Woosh! Woosh! Woosh!

Rays of light flashed all around them and then appeared in the middle of a worn out ancient array. The middle part looked similar to a teleportation array. The surroundings are covered with stone pillars and carved with mysterious inscription patterns.

A cold rain was dripping onto the ground. Ahead of them is an endlessly dark wilderness. The distant mountains were vaguely seen. Above them was an infinite sky.

Roar! Roar! Roar!

The sounds of monsters could be faintly heard from far away.

“Where are we?” Lu Piao and bunch shockingly asked. A moment ago, they were at Glory City. How did they arrive to such a location in just a flash?

They never imagined that the area within the barrier would be such a mysterious world.

Nie Li pondered for a moment and said, “This is similar to the Heavenly Sacred Border. This should be a space that a certain supreme expert created.”

Taking a look at the stone array, he realized that it was dull and did not emit any luster. There are several stone compartments that were originally meant to have something placed inside but they were completely empty.

They should be the Stones of Light. They have to search for Stones of Light, place them back into the compartments in order to send them back.

Guji Guji

Suddenly, a monkey-like creature appeared from far away. It doesn’t have any hair on his body, it’s skin is scarlet in colour. It has sharp pointy ears, short arms but long and slender claws, and bulging eyes were like a couple of blue jewels that were blooming with faint light.

That creature looked at Nie Li’s direction and shouted, “Guji! Guji!”

A moment later, several more creatures appeared from the wilderness, staring at Nie Li and bunch.

Seeing this scene, Nie Li suddenly felt his scalps numbing. He turned to Xiao Ning’er, Lu Piao and bunch and said, “This is a Scarlet Ghost, let’s scram, quickly.”

“What’s a Scarlet Ghost?”

Everyone was stunned for a moment; however, seeing Nie Li’s nervous expression, they immediately understood how dangerous these guys were.

Woosh, woosh, woosh! Everyone followed behind Nie Li.

“Guji! Guji!” The Scarlet Ghosts seems to have been provoked. They were frantically screaming and chased after Nie Li’s group.

The Scarlet Ghost is only a Silver ranked demon beast. It got its name from its ugly appearance. Though the Scarlet Ghost is only 1-star Silver rank, creatures like the Scarlet Ghost loves to hang out in hordes. The Scarlet Ghost from before is calling for more of its companion. If Nie Li and bunch were a step slower, they would have been surrounded by hundreds or even thousands of Scarlet Ghosts, which would be extremely frightening.

“Guji Guji.” One after another Scarlet Ghosts were leaping out from the grass, chasing after Nie Li’s group.

Nie Li let out a low growl and merged with the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit. Both of his hands were transformed into a couple of sharp bone sickles.

Pshh! Pshh!

Fresh blood splattered around the area.

Two Scarlet Ghosts were instantly killed by Nie Li.

Just when the rest were about to merge with their demon spirits, Nie Li growled, “Don’t merge with your demon spirits! Just keep running! Leave all of the Scarlet Ghosts to me!”

If the others were to integrate with their demon spirits, they would be too obvious and might lure even more Scarlet Ghosts over. Nie Li only merged with the Shadow Devil Demon Spirit because it doesn’t attract much attention in the darkness.

Everyone trusts Nie Li. When they heard Nie Li’s words, they did not merge with their demon spirits and continued running.

Creak Creak

Another series of screams came over as several other Scarlet Ghosts were killed by Nie Li. Nie Li’s sharp bone sickle is like a meat grinder. When he was killing the Scarlet Ghosts, his movements were smooth, and every single attack was an instant kill. He didn’t need to use a second attack on the same Scarlet Ghost.

Such frightening killing speed left Du Ze, Lu Piao and bunch shocked.

These Scarlet Ghosts are creatures of 1-star Silver rank, yet, they were helplessly slaughtered by Nie Li’s attacks.

Although they were all 5-star Silver rank, Du Ze, Lu Piao and bunch were be sure that if they were to really fight, they wouldn’t be Nie Li’s opponent; even if they were to gang up.

As the group madly charged forward, the Scarlet Ghosts continued to chase and scream after them as their numbers grew. They would also attack Nie Li’s group occasionally. However, in front of Nie Li’s sickle-like claws, the Scarlet Ghosts that tried to attack them were instantly killed.

“Nie Li, what’s going on? These Scarlet Ghost seem to be endless.” Du Ze said, anxiously.

Nie Li’s brows were tightly knitted together. If they were to continue on, they would fall into an endless group fight. Although their strength is superior to these Scarlet Ghosts, they wouldn’t be able to fend off all of them.

“Nie Li, look! There’s a light.” Lu Piao said, pleasantly surprised.

In the distant plains, there’s a lamp that was swaying about from the wind. Although it’s drizzling and a little misty, the light was not extinguished.

“There’s someone living here?” Xiao Ning’er confusingly frowned her brows.

Nie Li also felt a little confused. Could it be that there’s really someone living here? If not, then what’s with the light?

Suddenly, he was struck by an idea. Nie Li suddenly understood what’s going on and shockingly said, “It’s the Netherlamp Behemoth!”

“What’s a Netherlamp Behemoth?”

“Netherlamp Behemoths are extremely frightening creatures. It’s forehead would hang a lamp that it uses lure its prey. When you get close to it, it’ll suddenly open its mouth and completely swallow the prey.” Nie Li said, “It’s sharp teeth can easily crush a rock. This is a demon beast of at least Gold rank.”

Hearing Nie Li’s explanation, Du Ze, Lu Piao and bunch’s hearts trembled. They never thought that that light would be such a frightening creature. If they carelessly approached it, the consequences would be disastrous. What kind of shitty place is this? There was a crisis with every step!

Nie Li’s continued to frantically run. The amount of Scarlet Ghosts chasing them has already amounted to thousands and the number was growing as time goes by.

If this continues, it’ll be dangerous. Once they can no longer run and enter into a battle, they’ll be doomed.

Nie Li solemnly said, “I have an idea, we’ll run towards the Netherlamp Behemoth.”

“Didn’t you just say that it’s a terrifying demon beast?”

“Although it’s a terrifying demon beast, the Netherlamp Behemoth’s movements are very slow. You would only be in danger if you approach it. In this world, one subdues another. There are so many Scarlet Ghosts, yet the Netherlamp Behemoth is living just fine. The Netherlamp Behemoth is most likely the nemesis of the Scarlet Ghost.”

Du Ze nodded his head in agreement, “Okay, since we have no other choice anyways. If we were to continue running like this, we’ll definitely be chased to death by those Scarlet Ghosts.”

The group frantically ran towards the direction of the Netherlamp Benemoth.

The distance to the lamp was getting closer and closer, they were only about a hundred meters away from it. They could only see the lamp floating in the void, nothing else.

“Be careful, the Netherlamp Benemoth is hiding in the darkness. Hold your breath.”

Everyone hurriedly held their breath and slowed down their pace.

Guji! Guji!

The Scarlet Ghosts let out a weird scream as they headed towards Nie Li’s group.

Suddenly, several scarlet red tongues appeared from within the darkness, and coiled around the Scarlet Ghosts. The Scarlet Ghosts screamed miserably and were pulled by those long tongues, disappearing into the darkness.

Guji! Guji!

The Scarlet Ghosts that were left behind were all horrified by the scene and ran in all directions. Shrieks filled the skies as they scattered.