Chapter 104 - Captured for trial

Chapter 104 - Captured for trial

“Risk it all!” Shen Ming let out a furious snort and called out the Snow Bear demon spirit.

Just when his body undergo a little change, *Bang!* Lu Piao’s fist landed on Shen Ming’s abdoman. Shen Ming immediately clutched his stomach and retched, nearly vomiting his intestines.

Although Shen Ming had a high position within the Sacred Family, he was only an Elder in charge of handling affairs. He wasn’t good at battling. His cultivation had only just reached Silver rank. When he received a fist from Lu Piao, it left him lying on the ground.

Rapidly, everyone on Shen Ming’s side were lying on the ground, disordered.

The Soul Puppet flapped its wings, flew up, and landed on Nie Li’s shoulders. The reason why Nie Li and bunch were able to win so easily is because of the Soul Puppet. The Soul Puppet subdued three Gold rank experts. If it wasn’t for it, the battle would have be dragged on for quite some time.

Lu Piao stepped on Shen Ming, raised his head and asked, “Nie Li, what should we do with these people?”

“Release me! If you dare to kill me, the Sacred Family will definitely not let you off!” Sheng Ming kept struggling. Ever since he became the Main Affairs Elder of the Sacred Family, he has never received such humiliation before.

However, ever since the tournament, his position within the Sacred Family was no longer the same.

“You vicious old fart. I’ve always heard of the notoriety of the Sacred Family. You want to threaten us? We’re not afraid! If you make any noise again, I’ll bury you on the spot!” Lu Piao let out two snorts. He has been unhappy with the Sacred Family for a long time now. Stepping on a member of the Sacred Family with his foot made him feel pretty satisfied.

Hearing Lu Piao’s words, Shen Ming immediately went silent and no longer spoke.

“This old fart is still pretty scared of death!” Lu Piao said, laughing.

Du Ze looked at Nie Li and asked with concern, “Nie Li, what should we do with them? We have to hurry! If the reinforcements of the Sacred Family arrives……”

“Bring Shen Ming and that fella with us and leave the rest!” Nie Li said, pointing towards Deacon Yun Hua, who was far away.

“Why are you letting these guys off?” Lu Piao asked, frowning his brows. He felt depressed. He knocked these guys unconscious with great effort. Letting them go was a little wasted.

“I have my own plans,” Nie Li said, having a mysterious smile. “Because those three Gold rank men were wounded by the Soul Puppet, it’s impossible for them to recover their strength for the next few years or even decades! As for those of Silver rank, they don’t pose any threat to us at all; therefore, there’s no problem in letting them go.”

“Being able to capture two leaders is already quite good! Where should we go now? City Lord’s Mansion?” Du Ze asked, looking at Nie Li. Who should they give the captured Shen Ming and Deacon Yun Hua to?

Nie Li thought for a while and said, “Even if we passed these two over to the City Lord, it’s no use. The Sacred Family might even bring them back. We’ll first bring them to the Alchemist Association!”

They will pass the two men over to Yang Xin to lock up and then slowly interrogate them.

Shen Ming and Deacon Yun Hua. One of them is a trusted aide of Sacred Family’s Patriarch, Shen Hong. The other one is a small leader of the Dark Guild. Both of them will definitely have some secrets within themselves. They might even be able to reveal the actual face of the Sacred Family to the public!


The four friends moved together and carried Shen Ming and Deacon Yun Hua, who were currently tightly tied up, and headed towards the Alchemist Association.

After reaching the Alchemist Association, Nie Li and bunch handed over Shen Ming and Deacon Yun Hua over to Yang Xin to lock up and slowly interrogate.

Sacred Family

“You bunch of useless garbage! You were even unable to catch a few kids when you had so many people!” Shen Hong was seated on the high chair. *Bang!* The armrests of the chair were crushed into pieces. One can see how furious he was.

“Spare us, Patriarch! We had no idea that those kids already reached the cultivation of Silver rank! The highest cultivation had even reached Gold rank! Even Deacon Yun Hua lost by his hands. Aside from that, they have a strange bird that even three Gold rank experts couldn’t defeat!” The few men kowtowed towards Shen Hong.

Shen Hong’s face darkened. Even he did not expect this kind of situation. Who would have thought that four Gold rank experts and twenty-three Silver rank experts were unable to catch four thirteen-fourteen year old kids? Sending so many people had actually failed. One can see that the opponent is very resourceful!

What made Shen Hong furious was that Shen Ming and Deacon Yun Hua were captured by Nie Li and bunch.

Capturing two people is the same as suddenly grabbing onto Shen Hong’s vital spots!

Shen Hong has been in the Sacred Family for many years. He knows a lot of things that shouldn’t be known. As for Yun Hua, he is the connection between the Sacred Family and Dark Guild. Shen Hong would rather to have them be killed by Nie Li. Losing a Silver and Gold rank is nothing much to Shen Hong, but Nie Li and bunch captured them alive!

It seems that that brat knows something. Shen Hong narrowed his eyes. They were being filled with viciousness. Nie Li was a thorn in his flesh. He must be removed!

“You’re forcing me to kill you! You really thought that I can do nothing to you while you hide in the City Lord’s Mansion?! You have underestimated the strength of my Sacred Family!” A hint of a chilling light was released from Shen Hong’s eyes. Removing Nie Li wouldn’t be able to remove the hatred within his heart!

“Go and investigate where Shen Ming and Yun Hua are being kept! Furthermore, investigate all those who have contacts with Nie Li and their backgrounds as well! Heavenly Marks Family, don’t think that you can ignore the existence of my family while you are in the shelter of the Alchemist Association! Pass a message over the Dark Guild. They are to kill anyone from the Heavenly Marks Family, once they leave their territory!”Shen Hong’s deep eyes were emitting a chilling murderous intent.

The people that were frightened and kneeling down all answered yes.

Shen Hong thought of something, and solemnly said, “Get the two elders: Shen Xu and Shen Yuan!”


Shen Xu and Shen Yuan were both Black Gold rank Fighters. Shen Hong has already firmed his mind about killing Nie Li. Previously, several Gold rank Fighters lost in the hands of Nie Li. This caused Shen Hong to be unable to belittle Nie Li anymore.

At this moment, Alchemist Association

“Little brother Nie Li, what you’re saying is that, this Deacon Yun Hua is the link between Sacred Family and Dark Guild?” Yang Xin’s charming eyes were filled with disbelief.

“Correct.” Nie Li nodded his head.

“If so, I will definitely pry open his mouth and see what exactly Sacred Family is planning!” Yang Xin’s face was filled with a chilling expression. Glory City is their only known place to survive. If Glory City were destroyed, they will have nowhere else to go.

If anyone dares to betray Glory City, or threatens the safety of Glory City, even if they have to use everything within the Alchemist Association, they will have to kill them!

Yang Xin’s gaze fell onto the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword behind Nie Li, smiled and said, “Little brother, why are you carrying such a rusty sword? You even have a strange bird on your shoulders. If you want, Big Sister Yang can spend some money to get you a good sword! As for that strange bird, just throw it away. I’ll get you a Gold rank pet!”

Spend money to get a good sword? How much money can buy the Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword?

The power of this Thunder God’s Meteorite Sword, if a Legend rank Demon Spiritualist were to use it, is equivalent to unleashing a forbidden technique!

As for the strange bird on Nie Li. If Yang Xin were to know that the soul that is sealed within this strange bird is one of the few founders of Glory City, what would she say?

“Unfilial descendent! This is really angering me to death!” Ye Yan furiously cursed. No matter what Ye Yan said, only those with powerful soul force are be able to hear him. In the ears of an ordinary person, it’s just shrieking and tweeting.

“Nie Li, your pet seems to know how to talk. What is it saying?” Yang Xin looked at the Soul Puppet with interest. She stretched her hands out wanting to touch the Soul Puppet. Ye Yan could no longer endure it and flew out with a flap of its wings.

Yang Xin was stunned for a moment. She never thought that such a strange bird made from metal, actually looks as though it’s spiritual.

Sure enough, everything about Nie Li caused others to feel incredible.

Nie Li looked at Yang Xin and said, “Big Sister Yang, Ning'er and the rest are waiting for me outside. I’ll make a move first. If there is any results from interrogating the both of them, let me know immediately!”

“Okay,” Yang Xin seriously nodded. She did not dare to be careless, since this concerns the safety of Glory City. She originally planned on teasing Nie Li a little, but after seeing Nie Li’s rush to go back, she dropped the thought and said, “You were just ambushed outside, you might have been followed. I’ll get several Black Gold rank elders to send you back!”

“Okay,” Nie Li nodded. With the protection of several Black Gold rank elders of the Alchemist Association, even if it’s the Patriarch of Sacred family, no one could do anything to them.

After all, if Black Gold rank experts were to battle, the battle would definitely shock Glory City!

“Little brother, bye!” Yang Xin bent down, smiled and looked at Nie Li. That satin clothing of hers was tightly wrapped around that her voluptuous figure of hers. Nie Li could see a deep ravine when he raised his head. He saw the white patch and vaguely saw the red perk. The fragrant scent of a mature woman blew over him.

This woman was becoming more and more tempting. She was not wearing any underclothes!

Even the firmed minded Nie Li had his head heat up upon seeing this scene. This tempting scene, it’s the first time he’s seen this in his life.

Yang Xin wasn’t bothered by Nie Li’s gaze. She kissed Nie Li’s forehead and said, “Big Sister will visit you in a few days!”

Nie Li let out an embarrassed smile. This seductive demon is definitely doing it on purpose. He only had the appearance of a thirteen-fourteen year old kid, what does she want?

“I’m going!” Nie Li hurriedly turned around and left. If he were to stay here any longer, even breathing would be difficult.

Seeing Nie Li’s little staggering steps, Yang Xin couldn’t help holding her mouth and laughed.

When Nie Li was outside the Alchemist Association, he was able to release a breath. When he saw Xiao Ning'er and bunch, he said, “ Ning'er, let’s go! We’re returning to the City Lord’s Mansion!”

“Okay.” Xiao Ning'er obediently nodded her head.

Nie Li can feel two auras behind them. They should be the Black Gold rank experts from the Alchemist Association sent by Yang Xin to protect him. They could at least now return to the City Lord’s Mansion safely!