Chapter 10 - Book of Divine Lightning Flame

Chapter 10 - Book of Divine Lightning Flame

Seeing pieces of delicate pastries being wiped clean by Nie Li, Du Ze, and Lu Piao, the noble kids felt depressed and heart broken. Why didn't they have such treatment?

Xiao Ning'er also ate a few pieces of the pastries. Watching her leisurely eat was a sight that warms the heart and delights the eyes.

After chatting with Nie Li for awhile, Xiao Ning'er returned to her seat.

Lu Piao patted Nie Li's shoulder, winked, and asked, "Since when did you get hooked with our Ning'er goddess? Justify yourself."

Nie Li shrugged, "We're just normal friends!"

"Tsk, who'll believe that!"

Whether if it's Du Ze or Lu Piao, both of them looked at Nie Li with contempt.

"If you're just normal friends, why would Ning'er goddess make breakfast for you?" asked Du Ze.

No matter how Nie Li explained it, Du Ze and Lu Piao wouldn't believe in him. Several noble kids in the class looked at Nie Li. Their faces were full of hostility. Nie Li stole one of their goddesses. How could they give him good faces?

"Maybe she needed my help," Nie Li replied.

‘Nie Li, this brat, is actually so tight-lipped, thought Du Ze.

No matter how Du Ze or Lu Piao tried to get something out of him, Nie Li just wouldn't tell them anything. They realized that they could only, bitterly, give up. They decided to investigate the relationship between Nie Li and Xiao Ning'er.(TLN: Do note that the both of them don't "LIKE" Ning'er, they're just curious about their relationship as friends)

As the bell for lesson to start rang, Shen Xiu twisted her waist, and walked into the classroom. Unlike her usual arrogant attitude, the smile on her face looked like a chrysanthemum.

"The three of you return to your seats!" Shen Xiu said, looking at Nie Li, Du Ze and Lu Piao. There're VIP’s here to observe her lectures, naturally she wouldn't dare to be rash.

"Today I'm going to talk about Inscription Patterns. Whether if it's fighters or demon spiritists, Inscription Patterns are very important. Inscription Patterns are separated into two parts, respectively the Enchanting Patterns and the Battle Patterns. Enchanting Patterns can be inscribed on armours and weapons. As it can greatly enhance the combat abilities those armours and weapons, especially if it's used by a Demon Spiritist, they can make use of weapons and armours with Enchanting Patterns on it to release far more power than their base strength. As for Battle Patterns, they are used with Inscription Pattern Scrolls. By inscribing it onto the scroll and then activating it, can have a sudden burst of fighting power!"

The shocking thing is, Shen Xiu began saying substantial content today.

"Inscription Patterns are extremely profound and mysterious. They have been around since the Snow Wind Empire's age. They are being continuously improved on as time goes by. But during the Age of Darkness, the mainland was under the attack of many demon beasts. Glory City only managed to inherited a small portion of them, coming from three categories. Snow Wind Patterns, Sacred Flaming Patterns, War Prime Patterns. Which are the Snow Wind attributes, Fire attributes and Neutral attributes."

"Today we will be talking about Enchanting Patterns." Shen Xiu said softly, her tone became more gentle compared to the usual tone.

Outside the classroom, three elderly men sat together, listening to the lecture.

"The knowledge from the members of the Sacred family is quite profound. Having her teach these students is definitely more then enough!" one of the elderly men said with a smile. He is Ye Sheng, the vice-principal of Holy Orchid Institute.

"A few students in this class are quite good, no matter if it's Ye Ziyun, Shen Yue or Xiao Ning'er," one of the elderly men said sounding very pleased. He is a professor in Holy Orchid Institute named Lu Ye.

Other than Ye Sheng, a grey robed, elderly man sat beside them. Lu Ye doesn't know this grey robed elder's identity. This grey robed elder just casually sat down but he gives off a powerful, prestige aura, causing Lu Ye to be careful with his words when he spoke. He didn't dare to make a slight mistake with his speech.

"How is it?" Ye Sheng asked, looking at the grey robe elder.

"Mhm," Grey robed elder non-committally replied.

Lu Ye whispered in his heart, ‘What's the identity of this grey robed elder. He actually treated Lu Sheng vice-principal with indifference. His status mustn't be low. I fear that his status might even be higher than Holy Orchid Institute's principal.’

After thinking about it, Lu Ye dared not to speak any more.

The students in the classroom didn't know that there were people outside the class observing to the lecture. It was hard to imagine that Shen Xiu actually talked about some substantial stuff, so everyone paid attention and listened.

Shen Xiu slightly raised her chest. Her face, which was full of pride, and said, "Today I want to talk about Sacred Flaming Patterns! In the research on Sacred Flaming Patterns, the Sacred family is no doubt has a well-deserved lead!”

"The Sacred Flaming Patterns has 66 foundation patterns. This pattern, for example....," Shen Xiu drew a totem formed from many patterns coming together on the blackboard, "This is the Scarlet Sunburst Pattern. This pattern was created by Sacred family's first generation house master. It’s the most powerful Bronze pattern! This pattern is made up of 36 foundation patterns combined together. It’s, also the most complex pattern among the Bronze patterns. Next we'll talk about these 36 foundation patterns."

Shen Xiu began to talk non-stop.

Most of the students in the class were listening with great interest, however Nie Li was the only one not paying attention. He doesn't have any interest with these foundation patterns. Further more there are more than 600 foundation patterns in the Sacred Flaming Pattern, not 66.

If it wasn't for Ye Ziyun and the treasure in the Holy Orchid Institute, Nie Li wouldn't even be staying in the class listening to Shen Xiu's pointless teaching. In his view, her knowledge itself was full of flaws. Her lesson simply cannot be listened to. Stating that a simple Scarlet Sunburst Pattern was claimed to be the strongest bronze inscription pattern is simply bragging.

Shen Xiu's gaze swept across the students in the class, and lastly fell onto Nie Li. Previously, Nie Li contradicted and looked down on her. He even made a bet with her. She had been hating him in her heart all this time. When she saw that Nie Li was not paying attention to the lesson, she laughed in her heart. She finally found her chance! Shen Xiu continued gabble about the 36 foundation patterns. Nie Li doesn't have a single interest in it and simply lied down on the table.

At this moment, Ye Sheng Vice Principal, who has been sitting outside, wasn't very happy when he saw that. He looked at the grey robed elder beside him. There's a important figure here today to observe the lecture and that student was actually sleeping in class. He was simply throwing mud on the Holy Orchid Institute’s face. He didn't know the name of that student. if he did, he would definitely expel him from the institute and never let him back!

Seeing that the grey robed elder didn't have any reaction to Nie Li's action, Ye Sheng Vice-Principal was secretly relieved.

Lu Ye, who is sitting beside them, sternly said, "In the Fighter Apprentice class, it  would inevitably have good and bad students mixed together. I will certainly punish this student later! Parents spend so much money on him to send him to school, not to let him sleep!"

Ye Sheng nodded his head. Lu Ye knows his stuff.

Because Nie Li fell asleep, everyone saw that Shen Xiu's face went heavy. Isn't a student sleeping in class imply that her lesson is boring?

"Nie Li!" Shen Xiu spoke in a deep voice as she walked towards the side of Nie Li.

Nie Li was sleeping happily as he hadn't had any good sleep for the past week. He barely opened his eyes, seeing as he's still quite sleepy, and said, "What's the matter?"

Seeing Shen Xiu wake Nie Li up, a bunch of noble kids secretly laughed. They wanted to see Nie Li in trouble the most. Who asked him to steal the goddess of their heart from them?

"He's doomed this time!"

Du Ze and Pu Liao smiled bitterly at each other. No matter what, sleeping in class is something they didn't dare do.

Nie Li's attitude made Shen Xiu even more furious. She said in a deep voice, "You are actually sleeping in my class. Do you already know all of this stuff?"

"Yeah," Nie Li calmly said.

"You....." Shen Xiu became speechless from being choked by Nie Li's words. Since the start of the lesson Nie Li has been sleeping. He actually said that he knows it already. Who would believe in his words?

Shen Xiu coldly sneered, "Since you already know, why don’t you tell us about the inscription pattern on the board?"

Nie Li's eyes swept across the inscription pattern and said, "This is a low-graded Sacred Flaming Pattern. It can barely be considered a Bronze pattern. With 38 patterns in it's structure, it's power is weak, but if used to boil water, it would be good enough"

Hearing what Nie Li just said, the whole class started laughing.

"Haha, I almost died from laughing. He really did not listen to anything teacher said. To actually say that this Scarlet Sunburst Pattern has 38 foundation pattern in it's structure when, earlier on, teacher Shen Xiu just introduced that there are 36 foundation patterns in it's structure!"

"I laughed to the point that tears began to come out. He actually said that it's used to boil water!" one of the noble kid said while he's laughing.

While Ye Ziyun couldn't help but smile, Shen Yue became a little angry. Nie Li just said that the Bronze pattern that’s been passed down in his family is actually used to boil water. This, simply, cannot be tolerated! Among all the students, only Xiao Ning'er remained calm, Xiao Ning'er feels that Nie Li didn’t avoid doing something that would cause others to feel depressed. These people don't know of Nie Li's real talent.

At that moment, outside of the classroom, Lu Ye also laughed. "This student is really funny. That smart aleck actually said that there are 38 foundation patterns in Scarlet Sunburst's structure and even said that it is only used to boil water!"

While he's laughing, he noticed that the Vice-Principal, Ye Sheng, and the grey robed elder did not laugh. He suddenly stopped by pushing his laughter back into his stomach.

"What's so funny? The Scarlet Sunburst is indeed made from 38 foundation patterns." Vice-Principal Ye Sheng calmly said. At his and grey robed elder's level, with in-depth investigation they would find that there are 2 foundation patterns in the Scarlet Sunburst pattern that are actually not only made from 2 foundation patterns, but made from 4 foundation patterns. However, what made them feel shocked is that this information actually came from a student. Was this student randomly guessing? And for experts like them, the Scarlet Sunburst, this sort of rubbish inscription pattern, can only be used to boil water; it's actual effect in battle is very small.

A light flashed across the grey robed elder's eye, but he did not say anything and remained silent.

"Bullshit!" Shen Xiu grunted angrily. Her face turned grim. As a member of the Sacred family, naturally, she couldn't tolerate anyone degrading the Scarlet Sunburst pattern in front of them.

Nie Li did not pay any attention to the students that were laughing at him and continued,"This inscription pattern was originated from the seventh volume of the Book of Divine Lightning Fire. The original name of this inscription pattern is called Lightning Flame Burst Pattern. It consisted of 60 foundation patterns. It can be considered a little complicated, but some smart ass went and cut part of the inscription pattern, slightly changed it, and turned it into this nondescript Scarlet Sunburst Pattern. With no real combat capabilities, it could only be given to the Sacred Flame Pattern practitioners to study."

Book of Divine Lightning Fire, what is that? The students in the class looked at each other.

Nie Li actually said that the first generation house master of the Sacred family is a smart ass? Shen Xiu was beyond furious. She doesn't know of any Book of Divine Lightning Fire or what was recorded in the seventh volume of it.

"Ridiculous! Such book does not exist in the world!" Shen Xiu thought for awhile and countered. ‘What seventh volume of the Book of Divine Lightning Fire? It was probably one of Nie Li's nonsense!’