Chapter 250

Chapter 250

Reidan’s golden wheat field.

‘It’s hard...’

[Goddess' Agent]

The owner of the unique class, Damian, was working hard in the fields. He wore a straw hat to protect him from the sun and harvested wheat with a sickle, looking like the very image of a skilled farmer.

Why? Why was a pope candidate working in the fields during such a busy time? In order to explain, they had to go back in time to one week ago.

One week ago.

"You can’t enter Reidan unless you knock me down first.”

Damian looked at the strange farmer and realized that he had stepped on nasty poo.

‘It’s sad.’

Piaro. This farmer was crazy. It was an undeniable truth. He grabbed a random stranger passing by and applied for a duel. Now the farmer was acting like a gangster after being rejected?  This aggressive and stubborn temperament was far beyond the norm. He was also strong.  It was difficult to avoid a strong person who was crazy.

‘I was wrong.’

Damian sighed with regret. He came to this distant place to meet Grid. But before he could even meet Grid, he felt like reality was harsh because he was grabbed by someone crazy.

‘Sigh... I can’t avoid this fight.’

Damian had to meet Grid. It was to ask Grid to seal Lifael’s Spear. He needed to knock down this crazy farmer who was blocking the road. He decided and triggered Light's Blessing.


A golden pillar dropped from the sky. Damian’s attack, defense and accuracy instantly rose by 80%. Light's Blessing. The disadvantage was that the cooldown was long, but the effect was excellent. No, this was the strongest buff skill that went beyond excellence.

Piaro admired it. "This is truly amazing divine power!"

Damian glared at him. "I will listen to your request. Be careful not to die.”

“A good fighting spirit.”

No more dialogue was necessary. The two men immediately collided. Damian was a stable one-handed sword fighting machine. Piaro dropped his hand plow and hoe and started using his sword. The confrontation between the two seemed fierce at first glance.

The result?

Damian was defeated in 10 minutes.

"Your defense is stronger than the emperor’s royal guards and your healing power is almost equal to a priest. You are the first to stand up against me for so long. This taste... No, it will be fun to train my swordsmanship.”

Piaro’s praise followed. But Damian couldn’t hear his voice.

‘This can’t be.’

Thanks to Grid, Damian had been the Goddess' Agent until now. How many times had he won in battle? He couldn’t count the number of monsters that he had one-sidedly slaughtered.  The infamous boss monsters? He could survive their attacks for several hours.

Damian was the peak of the paladins. He had such pride. Yet he was defeated by a farmer. And in only 10 minutes!

“This is ridiculous!”

Damian was shocked. He couldn’t understand it. Surprisingly, another farmer approached him after the first battle was won. It was Kraugel, who hid his identity.

“Let’s also fight.”

“...Shit! Okay! Fight! Let's fight! Damn! These farmers don’t get tired!”

Damian was extremely agitated. Sadly, he was forced to accept the confrontation with Kraugel. The result? This time, he was also defeated. Fortunately(?), he persisted for 20 minutes this time. However, this wasn’t comforting either.


It was his second consecutive loss to a farmer. Damian was frustrated. He had no doubt that he had become a protagonist, but he was merely an extra. Piaro made a suggestion to him. “In fact... Duke Grid is currently away from here. He won’t be back for at least three weeks, so why don’t we do this task together?"



Damian couldn’t understand, so Piaro pointed to the wheat field.

“Work in the morning, spar in the afternoon.”


Why? Indeed, this farmer was crazy. Damian naturally was going to refuse. At that moment, the quest information window popped up. It wasn’t a normal quest. It was the rumored ‘hidden’ quest.

[Fun and Enjoyable Training!]

★ Hidden Quest ★

Live with the farmer Piaro in Reidan. If you join him, you can grow significantly.

Quest Clear Conditions: Live together with Piaro for three weeks. You must perfectly follow Piaro’s schedule.

Quest Clear Rewards: Strength +30. Stamina +60. Advanced Sword Mastery will rise by two levels. The skill ‘Farming’ will be obtained.


In the case of advanced Sword Mastery, a minimum of three months training was required to raise one level. This was under the assumption that they hunted without rest. Yet he could gain two levels of sword mastery in only three weeks? His stats would even increase by 90 points. This was the same as gaining nine levels.

'There is the farming skill... No, isn’t the farming skill useless?’

Anyway, the quest was too attractive to refuse. The quest name sounded unlucky, but it wasn’t bad. This crazy farmer wasn’t just blowing smoke. In the end, Damian accepted Piaro’s offer.

It had been a week since then. Damian became stronger. He hadn’t completed the quest yet, so his skill level and stats hadn’t risen. However, he sparred against the two farmers (Piaro and the still nameless person), and his control skills made a breakthrough.

Now he could hold out for 15 minutes against Piaro.

‘I should be happy, but...’

Damian was confused because he still didn’t know Piaro’s true identity. He was also worried about forgetting himself. But Damian had to meet Grid. There was no need to fret while waiting for Grid to come back. Damian cleared his mind and worked hard. He carried 10 stacks of harvested wheat on both shoulders.


Far beyond the wheat fields. A group of people seemed to be approaching. Damian cocked his head.


There had been no visitors to Reidan for the past week. Reidan was a completely isolated city. So why was there suddenly a group of hundreds? Damian questioned this.

“Very welcome guests came.”

Piaro laughed. Damian was uneasy because of his enthusiasm.


The Libra Oasis.

It was the gathering place of the seven guilds.

“They don’t have the concept of time.”

The promised time to meet had passed. Originally, the six guilds apart from the Giant Guild, who didn’t participate in this, were supposed to have gathered here 10 minutes ago. But the Ice Flower Guild, Yak Guild and Zeraph Guild hadn’t arrived yet.

The master of the Golden Guild, Seuron, complained. “Hey Zibal. How much more time should I waste? Do you think the time of our guild is so trivial?”

The Golden Guild.

It was the next largest guild after the Snake Guild and Giant Guild. Their self-esteem had recently risen into the sky. The guild master Seuron had acquired a unique hidden class. He was 70th on the unified rankings during the National Competition, and was now ranked 23rd.

The possibilities for further development in the future were endless. It was evaluated that the fighting ability of his class, ‘Soul Predator’ was much higher than Pagma’s Descendant.

“We will wait 10 more minutes. We shouldn’t act on our own.”

The guild master of the Hades Guild, Hao, also reached the limits of his patience. Hao was 16th on the unified rankings. He was a top player who Yura had pointed out as one of the people she couldn’t beat. Zibal didn’t want to have a dispute with them.

‘Anyway, Reidan is vacant.’

In fact, the Snake Guild alone was sufficient to decimate Reidan. But Zibal requested the aid of the seven guilds in order to promote their friendship. In particular, the Giant Guild, the Golden Guild and the Hades Guild. He could rest assured if he was in an alliance with them. For now.

"Okay, we’ill go trample and plunder Reidan.”

The Snake Guild had 275 people. The Golden Guild had 211 people. The Hades Guild had 70 people.

They stepped towards Reidan without hesitation. A plan to take care of Reidan’s defense troops? There was no need. An army of NPCs wasn’t a match against them. 

“Developing such a large city as an agricultural city, Grid has no talent for internal affairs.”

Zibal looked at the vast wheat fields and ridiculed. He turned his gaze towards the strongest magician in the guild.

"First of all, shall we turn these fields to ashes?”

"Leave it to me." 

The magician, Big Boy was about to summon his flames, when...

“Who are you?”


Four farmers appeared. The farmers held hand plows, scythes, hoes, etc, in their hands. One of the farmers in a straw hat spoke as he stepped forward.

“You’re filled with killing intent. Are you an enemy of Reidan?”

“Puhahahat!” Zibal started laughing. A farmer dared to question the march of this great army so confidently. "Are you like your master? Even the farmers in this area are dumb.”

Zibal laughed for a while before a cool expression appeared.


Zibal ordered. It was as easy as catching a fly. To him, the farmers were nothing but flies. Big Boy launched magic towards the farmer.

[Flame Tsunami]

In order to burn the wheat fields at once, he cast a large scale A-grade magic towards the four farmers. The tsunami of flames caused the whole area to become hot, and the four farmers would turn to ash...

“Eh? Ehhhh?”

Big Boy was shocked. It wasn’t just him. Everyone here was shocked. When the farmer swung his hoe, the fierce flames disappeared like they were a lie.

“What’s this?”

The members of the three guilds couldn’t believe what they saw. Piaro threw off his straw hat and laughed brightly. “Welcome to Reidan.”

“Get ready for battle! Heok?”

Zibal realized that something was strange and quickly ordered the guild members. But it was too late. Piaro had already approached.

“Fated to Perish.”


Thunder was heard as the hand plow moved.


The sharp end of the hand plow was stuck in Zibal’s forehead.

[You have suffered fatal damage!]

[You have died.]


The 2nd ranked user died with a single blow. The more than 550 guild members couldn’t recognize the situation properly. On the other hand, Kraugel and Damian were astonished.

“A instantaneous death skill...!”

It was a scam. Piaro was more powerful than they thought.

‘Who the hell is he?’

As Kraugel and Damian felt deep doubts, the members of the three guilds were in great confusion.

"W-Who are you?"

It was a strange sight to see hundreds of guild members step away from one farmer. Piaro introduced himself.

"I am a farmer of Reidan.”

It wasn’t a lie. Now he really was just a farmer. In fact, he received a monthly salary of 73 silver from Administrator Rabbit. It was fun to save the money. For reference, Rabbit received 5,300 gold every month.

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